Top Adventure Activities in Dubai That One Must Experience

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Top Adventure Activities in Dubai That One Must Experience

Anyone who has ever set foot on the Dubai lands would tell you about how lavish and extravagant the city is. The sprawling towers, the rich, shimmering palaces of the uber prosperous Sheikhs, the gold and the ultimate tradition can blind you in a jiffy.

Getting to Dubai is quite easy as in many ways the place has become an international air hub incredibly well connected to the rest of the world with most airlines including Air Arabia flying in and out. It is terribly hard to imagine that the Dubai which was once a massive expanse of the desert has transformed into a city full of marvelous architecture, luxury, and thrills. A shout out to all the adventure seekers! Put Dubai on your adventure radar because the adrenaline rush you experience in Dubai is one experience that is going to satiate your tingling spine! Your heart will thump with excitement as you experience some of the best outdoor activities in Dubai. Don’t believe me? Read our guide to adventure and outdoor activities in Dubai to find out about the various adventure activities in Dubai and experience the best adventures in Dubai.

Adventure Activities in Dubai – Desert Safari

One of the most thrilling experiences in Dubai is the Desert Safari, as soon as you enter the vast deserts the adventure starts and the thrill courses through your being. Ride through the dunes in a Land Cruiser and explore the unexplored. The hot sun and the isolation will make you wonder about the life there. And when the sun sets the cold eerie silence can haunt you, giving you a constant reminder that you are on a land that shifts with the wind. Camping at the desert is a memorable experience. The BBQ, belly dance, hookah is quite enjoyable. Even the Camel rides and Falcon photography are an experience you cannot miss. This experience will definitely rank high in the list of Dubai adventure activities.

Even the Camel rides and Falcon photography are an experience you cannot miss.

Adventure Activities in Dubai – Challenge the Sands of the Desert

Snowboarding is passe. Sandboarding is the done thing in Dubai and has become one of the best outdoor activities one must try while in Dubai. Adventure test your skills on the sand and know what it feels like to climb Dubai’s tallest sand dune of Al Hamer in your heavy gear and soaring temperatures.

PC: thatdubaisite

Then there comes dune bashing. How many times do you get to bash a sand dune? Don’t hesitate to hop in an SUV and experience dune bashing at Dubai’s Rub’ Al Khali desert with an area of 250,000 square miles.

Or if you are a solo adventurer try your driving skills in Quad Biking through the ever-changing dunes. This is one of the best extreme sports in Dubai. Well, there is also camel polo, a traditional sport with maximum fun.

Adventure Activities in Dubai – Flying High over Dubai

PC: VitalyzdTvSecond

Adventure sports in Dubai are literally on a different level altogether. Experience the best outdoor skydiving with an exotic view of The Palm. This experience is mesmerizing. It also a thrilling experience in Dubai since the view you see beneath you is beyond description. You get to freefall from a height of 13,000 feet with a speed of 200 kmph. Dubai also offers indoor skydiving with iFly Dubai where you are raised to a height with the help of huge fans in a tunnel.


Scary! Try fly boarding, the most unique experience you will ever have.

PC: Coub

Jet stream across Dubai at a speed of 40 kmph, a sport that would give you goose bumps. When it comes to flying, Dubai is indeed an exciting place to let your imagination literally fly high. This is one of the best outdoor adventures in Dubai.

Adventure Activities in Dubai –  See all your Hot Wheels Dreams come true

There are so many adventurous things to do in Dubai and one of the most thrilling of these is related to Cars. When it comes to cars, the blood surges in the veins and the excitement is palpable for most if not all of us. And when I say Audi R8 V10, the excitement just can’t be contained. Feel the arduous power of this supercar and whizz around the track which picks up its speed from 0 to 100 in 3.9 seconds. Once in a lifetime experience is offered to you by Dubai Autodrome!

PC: TripAdvisor

This is not all, you can even experience a BHO single seater racing and channel your inner Hamilton in Dubai’s Motor City which boasts the world’s longest straight circuit.

PC: Timeoutdubai

Did I just get your nerves electrified?

Adventure Activities in Dubai – Dubai’s Amusement Parks-Experiences you will not forget

Adventure Activities in Dubai

After indulging in all the thrilling activities that are guaranteed to give an adrenaline rush, if one wants to slightly switch gears, the amusement parks of Dubai beckon. Dubai houses the most thrilling amusement parks in the world. But the best of them is IMG World of Adventure. It features 4 dinosaur themed zones, 28 football fields, 20 thrill rides and the world’s tallest roller coaster, you wouldn’t want to come out!

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Apart from this, Palm Jumeirah has Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark highlights incredible world’s largest waterslide Tower of Poseidon, shark-filled lagoons which offer you shark safari, zip-lining, and many major thrills to keep you entertained all day long.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

Palm Jumeirah also boasts of having a unique underwater world, that is the Atlantis Lost Chambers Aquarium. Here, you can feed fishes and enjoy the company of stingrays, sharks, seahorses and be mesmerized.

Adventure Activities in Dubai Water Sports – Dubai’s call for the Water

The one thing that you would absolutely love about Dubai is miles of white sandy beaches and the ultimate choices of water sports you can enjoy.

Adventure Activities in Dubai
PC: TripAdvisor

Kitesurfing being one of them is an exhilarating sport with a power kite.

PC: xtremewakeuae

Then comes wakeboarding which tests your strength, where you stand on a board and zip across the sea by being pulled by a small speedboat.

Adventure Activities in Dubai

If you ever wondered what it would be like to swim amongst 33,000 sharks, then you should make your way to The Dubai Mall and scuba dive with the world’s most menacing creatures.

There can never be a dull moment in Dubai. There are thrills galore waiting to entice you and ensure that you keep going back for more. I am sure reading about the thrills that Dubai has to offer you would already be thinking in terms of a flight booking that will whisk you away to the magic land that is Dubai. This post would have surely fuelled your Dubai dreams and you would be rearing to go and experience the magic of adventure & outdoor activities in Dubai. The fierce desert wind, the extreme temperatures, and the terrifying sharks will fulfill all your thrill cravings. Dubai waits to thrill.

All the thrills and adventures are sure to leave you hungry and craving for food. Do not worry, Dubai is also a haven for connoisseurs of food. Here are some great tips for eating out in Dubai.

Hope you found this guide to adventure and outdoor activities in Dubai useful. Are you heading to Dubai for adventure? Or have you been to Dubai and experienced any of these activities? Let us know in the comments section.

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Adventure Activities in Dubai  Adventure Activities in Dubai  Adventure Activities in Dubai

Adventure Activities in Dubai  Adventure Activities in Dubai  Adventure Activities in Dubai


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93 thoughts on “Top Adventure Activities in Dubai That One Must Experience

  1. robin rue Reply

    Dubai sounds like such an amazing place to visit. I have always wanted to go there and hope to get there someday.

  2. Alli Smith Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit Dubai! I didn’t realize how many fun adventure activities there was in Dubai. I saw people fly boarding in St. Martin last month and it looked so fun and a little scary.

  3. Bee Reply

    amazing. this is definitely the thrill-a-minute side of Dubai I have only vaguely heard of. I think skydiving over the city and desert looks like a must. cool list

  4. Janine Thomas Reply

    I didn’t have nearly enough time in Dubai the last time I visited. Having read this post I need to allow quite a lot more time to take in some of these fabulous activities. Thanks for a great guide.

  5. The Wise Travellers Reply

    Dubai looks a really good place to experience new adventures. Those activities look very intense and amazing.

  6. Annika Reply

    While I loved the aquarium I won’t go to any more aquariums. However – indoor skydiving – yes, please!! And driving a jeep in the desert is just the best fun ever 🙂

  7. Jeanette Reply

    I didn’t realize there was this much to do in Dubai. I have never been there but I have heard it is an awesome place to visit. Maybe someday I will get there.

  8. Ada Reply

    The possibilities in Dubai are never ending ! I was there for 2 days and I barely seen anything. Skydiving would be definitely one of the best experience people could do! The view from the sky is incredible! If I return one day I would also love go on desert safari!

  9. candy Reply

    Dubai is one of the hot spots for many people wanting to travel. My son has mentioned wanting to go. Will have to show him this post.

  10. Our Family World Reply

    Wow! I did not know there were so many fun activities you can do in Dubai. I would like to try sand boarding. However, the swimming with the sharks thing is not my jam. I’d leave that to the more adventurous types.

  11. Mimi Green Reply

    I so want to visit Dubai. I definitely want to do the dunes and the camel rides. Also I need like a photographer every step of the way. Shopping is an absolute must.

  12. Cheryl Reply

    I never would’ve thought of a desert safari in Dubai. It looks like so much fun!

  13. Marysa Reply

    Sounds like there is plenty to do! I think I would enjoy the waterpark most, but there are definitely numerous thrill-seeking activities too!

  14. Jenna du Preez Reply

    We loved Dubai when we visited. We did a lot of the same things you did as well. I really enjoyed the 4X4 in the desert! So much fun and your pictures captured it perfectly!

  15. neha Reply

    Never knew Dubai has so many adventure activities to try 🙂 really excited to try out some of these in future. Since I am really very close to planning out a trip to Dubai with my friends. And we are also looking for other activities to do apart from adventure ones. Any suggestions?

  16. Anosa Reply

    I went to Dubai in July for my 30th birthday and the only thing I did was chill at the bar and beach and drink my lights out. I did briefly go to Palm Jumeirah which was lovely

  17. Agnes Reply

    What an awesome list! I have never really been attracted to Dubai. I like more nature and all those massive buildings and luxury has never caught my interest. But with so many fun andventurous things to do, I might reconsider it. I think I would love to try out all of the activities .

  18. Brian Reply

    If I had to pick one, it would be the amusement park. Haven’t yet been to Dubai, unless you count layovers at the airport.

  19. Sarah Reply

    I didn’t have the time or money for this in Dubai but I can imagine the desert sports would be really fun to partake in! Personally though…. it was too hot to be outside! 😉

  20. Danik Reply

    I love to do some four wheeling in the desert and slide the car up and down the dunes. That would be the number one thing for me to do in Dubai! One day! One Day! Great post.

  21. Debra Hawkins Reply

    I have always wanted to go to Dubai! It looks like such an incredible place to visit!

  22. amit Reply

    Would love to soundboard in Dubai, I’ve snowboarded and even volcano boarded on my travels but sandboarding will defo be next. If’s funny in my 6 years of constantly traveling the world I’ve never actually been Dubai, even my stop over flights haven’t been there yet. I must go soon, definitely bookmarking this post for future reference.

  23. Tracie Howe Reply

    Woohoo! These activities sound like so much fun! I think the only one I’d skip is fly boarding. Everything else sounds like a blast. Thanks for sharing!

  24. candy Reply

    As I kept reading, the activities gradually become more adventurous! Or to some extreme 🙂 I have never heard of fly boarding and that sounds both exciting and scary. It’s so awesome to see another side of Dubai.

  25. Erica M Poyauan Reply

    these are all must try activities but if I could have a day to do something in particular i’d love quad biking through the dunes… It must be very challenging but I really want to try it! Next is sky diving! omg! I really want to do this on my birthday !

  26. allseasonasia Reply

    I nearly miss an opportunity to visit dubai on the way back from Qatar. Still I wish to go Dubai. Probably the new year of 2018 would be in Dubai.

  27. Ambuj Saxena Reply

    I did most of the activities last time in Dubai but couldn’t do kite surfing. Desert safari was really thrilling and so was the Ferrari park rides!

  28. Marge Gavan Reply

    I’m pretty sure these adventures cost a whole lot of money hahaha…

    I am not an adrenaline junkie but some of these adventures I’d be willing to try like the ATV ride over the sand dunes and the fly boarding, oh my that looks scary, but I still want to give it a try. I have fear of heights and I’m not sure if I can do a skydiving. They say it’s one of the best adventures in Dubai, and my friends have all been aiming to go there just for skydiving. I kinda want to do it but I am not sure if I could overcome my fear.

  29. Izzy Reply

    OMG!!! Skydiving over The Palm is now my bucket list! I had no idea there this many adventure travel opportunities in Dubai! I honestly have never heard of fly boarding before this post. Really great list!

  30. Iuliana Marchian Reply

    This is a good list of adventures you can do in Dubai. Unfortunately I am not very friendly with water, so I skipped the water adventures. I insisted on going to the desert safari, which is the choice not only of tourists but also of expats living there. The dune bashing was exiting, I swear I had never done such thing before but the amount of tourists was increasing and becoming very crowded. Don’t forget the inside skiing in Dubai Mall – with 25 C degrees outside during Christmas, seeing a ski slope and even ski there is an adventure.

  31. Lee Reply

    Desert Safari very famous I must say though i haven’t been to Dubai. And jumping off the plane is also a must as I have seen it to my few friends who lives there.

  32. Veronica P. Reply

    I went to Dubai several years ago but I was more into night clubs and beach clubs. However, I really want to experience a lot of activities there.
    I will probably never dare to try skydiving, but I definitely want to do all the desert adventures.

  33. Blaine is Lost Reply

    Wow, I have a lot of friends in Dubai and most of them already tried these attractions. Most of them tried skydiving and I want to experience it too. I never knew that you can scuba dive in Dubai mall haha. That’s interesting.

  34. Kavey Favelle Reply

    Wow, you really had such an activity-filled trip, so many different sports and adventure activities, had seen sandboarding and of course going up in a helicopter for the view but didn’t know about the racing, the sheer variety of watersports and that freefall thing!

  35. Ozzy Reply

    The only activity I could indulge in Dubai was the desert safari some 20 years ago. But seems like it has changed a lot. Would love to get lost in the different activities for sure!

  36. Johna Reply

    Wowww so many things to do in Dubai! Heard its quite pricey to visit though. Sky diving is on top of my Dubai bucket list, one of the reasons I wanna go hehe.

  37. Ruth Reply

    Yikes! I had no idea Dubai was such an adrenaline filled city. All your photos look awesome! I am interested in doing the desert safari (may be to extreme for a scared cat like me) and one oh the aquatic activities. #feetdotravel

  38. Claire Reply

    I had no idea there was so much to do in Dubai for an adrenaline junkie! I went a few years ago & did a dune safari which I loved! Sky diving would be awesome to try there too – maybe next time!

  39. Cat Reply

    I’m in awe. This would be so amazing if I could check all of these off my to-do list. This is a fabulous article for the adventurous spirit! Thanks for sharing!!

  40. Shona Reply

    There’s also ballooning over the desert. While not as adventurous as the rest of your list it really shows Dubai in an amazing light. 🙂

  41. Muryan Reply

    Admittedly, Dubai is not really on top of the list of my go-to places, but one day I would want to experience all these, especially the skydiving. The views are insane!

  42. Orsi Reply

    ahh, incredible views! I have so many friends living in Dubai and got so close to visit like three times but something always happened haha Fly boarding looks hilarious but I am not sure I would have the courage to try it 😀 Thank you for sharing all these fun ideas! Pinned!

  43. Brianna Reply

    I knew about Dubai’s luxurious side but had no idea about all the adventure activities. I think I would go for scuba and the falconry experience.

  44. Elaine Reply

    It is amazing how much there is to do in Dubai. My nephew visited last year. He enjoyed riding the quads (four-wheelers) over the sand dunes more than anything. It is another bucket list destination.

  45. Aleah | SolitaryWanderer Reply

    I never thought of Dubai as an adventure place. I thought it was all about Burj Khalifa LOL I would love to go diving, quad biking, and skydiving! That is, if I can afford them. I heard Dubai is crazy expensive.

  46. Jennifer Reply

    Dubai has always been I city I’ve wanted to visit. But there are more things to do here than I expected. I definitely want to race around the desert!

  47. knycx.journeying Reply

    Dubai is a modern cities with cutting edge infrastructure and archhitecture nowadays that makes it so exciting. I agree that the dessert adventure is fun and stay until the evening at the tent for the fore dance show and ride a camel! The waterparks are so diverse that I loved visiting that with kids and have fun too! @ knycx.journeying

  48. Sreekar Reply

    Did that desert safari. It was pretty crazy and included dune bashing, falconry, belly dancing and awesome Kebabs. Dubai sure has a lot to offer!
    Loved the dune bashing especially. Got a great video out of it too. Will post it sometime on my blog too!

  49. Adrenaline Romance Reply

    Those adventures are amazing! We would love to try them all, especially skydiving and riding in a 4X4 on the sand dunes. We thought that Duba was just an ultramodern city; now, we know that it offers a whole lot of outdoor adventures!

  50. Abigail Sinsona Reply

    Dubai truly is the ideal destination. I didn’t realize there are plenty of adventure in store on top of the luxurious travel experiences!

  51. Tom Reply

    I do have to admit that Dubai is not very high on my bucket list for various reasons. All those cool activities are non of them though. I’d love to do some sand boarding or sky boarding!

  52. Anna Johnston Reply

    Dubai is a place that doesn’t really call me even though I have many travel hog buddies that adore the place for all it’s adrenaline highs, but it’s a fascinating place all the same and this post sums it up so well. Think my pick of activities would have to be the indoor skydiving, I’ve always thought that does look like fun.

  53. Ligia Reply

    I can see never having a dull moment there! The indoor skydiving, diving with the sharks I think will be my favorites! Being on a desert sand dune it sounds like a lot of fun!

  54. Mike Reply

    Wow great post on Dubai! I’ve always wanted to go sand boarding and ATVing in the desert! Fly boarding is also on my list! Great post!

  55. Sreeram from Backpackways Reply

    Dubai to me has always been the most friendliest countries in the Middle East. As an adreanaline junkie now you have ignited the rush in me to go visit the place and feel my adrenaline rushing every moment whilst I am there. Freefall from a height of 13,000 feet with a speed of 200 kmph… whoooo! Now that’s quite intense.

  56. Suruchi Reply

    Dubai was never on our list but all these adrenaline rushing activities sound like fun. And I only knew about some of these adventurous activities happening in Dubai whereas others like ifly are really new to me. Freefall is what we would to experience and from 13000 feet with a speed of 200 kmph will be a unique experience.

  57. Bell Reply

    Dubai is certainly a place of contrast! I think spending a night in he dessert there would be amazing, just to soak in the silence.

  58. Jessica Reply

    So many things to do! Would love to do the 4×4 tour in the dunes, it looks amazing. Never been to Dubai but it looks like a fun place!

  59. Corinne Reply

    We did a couple of adventure activities when we visited Dubai – dune bashing and sand-boarding, but hey there is so much more to do. I think I would love riding the quad bikes, but some of the other fast cars I would have to pass.

  60. Megan Jerrard Reply

    I LOVED my time in Dubai – totally agree that a desert safari should be on everyone’s list! It was such an exhilarating adventure, and then the BBQ, belly dance, hookah, was quite a lovely way to end the day. Skydive Dubai is next on my list when I head back though, I love Skydiving, but also really want a birds eye view of the Palm!

  61. Karla Reply

    My friends and I have been talking about dubai. I would go for camel ride, atv in the desert And sky diving.

    I’m really looking forward to this

  62. Claudia Reply

    Well, sign me up for just about all of these amazing adventure activities in Dubai! I’d particular love the Desert Safari and sand boarding on the dunes – both would be a tremendous rush.

  63. Kayley Reply

    Dubai is an adrenaline junkies paradise!!! While I would love to have some fun on the dunes I am so worried about it – I am such a nervous passenger! We are looking into some work opportunities for next year so this is pretty exciting to read!

  64. melody pittman Reply

    Dubai looks so fascinating. All of the adventure (and extreme) things you have listed are so popular but I don’t have a single adventure bone in my body. With that being said, I would be the one on the ground cheering everyone on and taking pics and videos of them. That is my idea of fun. Great suggestions!

  65. Nathan Aguilera Reply

    All of these look amazing but I may be too scared for the sky diving! I would love to do the Jeep safari though. I need to explore more of the Middle East. I’ve only briefly visited Qatar.

  66. Tracy Reply

    We were in Dubai in July and despite living in some very hot countries I have never experienced heat like it! It was far too hot to do anything except stay inside air conditioned buildings- next time we will go in winter!!!

  67. Rashmiranjan Reply

    Dubai a must visit place in one’s life to see some amazing modern work as well marvelous desert. The best part experience is Driving in the desert.

  68. Blair villanueva Reply

    Thanks for these amazing adventures! I wish to travel to Dubai and experience them all 🙂

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