International Kite Festival – Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

The International Kite Festival of Gujarat is an annual event that brings together kite enthusiasts from across the globe with different varieties of kites.

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

A small boy ran behind his father, or rather the father ran behind the son. They carried a spool of thread and attached to the thread, dancing merrily in the blue sky was a colorful kite. The shining eyes of the boy and the joy on his face tugged at our heartstrings. It also unleashed waves of nostalgic memories of running after kites and holding on to them as they threatened to break free and fly far away in the sky. We were in Ahmedabad, a city that is a treasure trove of childhood memories for us. Our visit to the International Kite Festival organized by Gujarat Tourism at the Sabarmati Riverfront opened the sluice gate of our memories and we were swept away in euphoric waves of nostalgia. Read on to know all about the Uttarayan festival in Gujarat and how it has assumed a global avatar as the top International Kite Festival in India and the world attracting participants from over 40 countries. This kite festival Gujarat blog will answer all your questions about Kite Festival in Gujarat.

International Kite Festival Ahmedabad – A Showcase of Culture

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

The festivals of India are in many ways a celebration of life. They are also an opportunity to recharge your batteries and reenergize yourself to face life. Festivals are the exclamation marks in what may otherwise have been a life of monotonous routine.  Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Makar Sankranti, Navratri, the list goes on and on. But as kids, the most awaited festival for us was undoubtedly the festival of kites, Uttarayan or simply Utraan. So much so that asked to write a Kite festival essay, our pens did not stop until reams of paper were filled! The International Kite Festival 2020 awakened the child within us and also the thousands that thronged the venue and transformed it into a massive celebration.

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat
The lighting of the lamp by the Governor of Gujarat

As the sun broke through the clouds and enveloped the banks of the river Sabarmati in a cocoon of warmth, the International Kite Festival 2020 got off to a colorful start.

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat
Releasing of the tri-color balloons by the Governor of Gujarat and the Chief Minister of Gujarat

The Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijay Rupani along with Gujarat’s Governor Shri Acharya Devvrat and other dignitaries heralded the opening of the event by releasing tri-color balloons that floated away into the blue skies.

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat
A parade led by vintage cars

As people waited expectantly for the flying beauties to take over the sky, they were treated to a colorful cultural extravaganza. A parade led by vintage cars had contingents from the participating countries march past the stage to the accompaniment of traditional dance and music from across the cultural firmament of India. There were Bhangra dancers who had the crowd roaring, Gujarati dancers in their colorful best swaying to the hypnotic rhythm of the Garba dance, there were Lazium dancers who enthralled everyone with their precise dance moves. As the contingents from the different countries marched in alphabetical order, the crowd joined in the dance and music with gay abandon. The Indian contingent brought up the rear as the host country to the accompaniment of loud shouts of, “Chakde India”.

Watch our full video of the colourful parade here:

International Kite Festival (IKF) 2020 Full Video of Parade

The International Kite Festival is an annual affair in Ahmedabad and brings together Kite enthusiasts from around the world. The IKF 2020 got off to a colour…

Aditya Stotram Stuti
Aditya Stotram Stuti by Rishikumars

As the sun cast its warm glow, about 200 students or Rishikumars from the Shree Bhagwat Vidhyapith, Sola chanted the Aditya Stotram Stuti, an ode to the Sun God. A massive group of 1500 school children from across Gujarat prostrated themselves in surrender to the Sun as they performed Surya Namaskar.

Cultural program
Cultural program

The stage erupted in a riot of colors as cultural programs that showcased the culture of India held the audience spellbound.

About The International Kite Festival

Kite flying
PC: Happy

The traditional festival of kites which saw young and old on the rooftops from morning to night has now assumed an international avatar. The efforts of Gujarat Tourism has made Ahmedabad a hotspot for kite flyers from across the world. With the northward shifting of the earth and the onset of Uttarayana, the world heads to Ahmedabad for an immersive experience at the International Kite Festival. The International Kite Festival 2019 had been organized at the Statue of Unity, Kevadia colony while the International Kite Festival 2020 has been organized on the Sabarmati Riverfront.

The International Kite Festival 2020 has attracted participation from over 40 countries and is organized from the 7th to the 14th of January. The festival venue has many stalls that showcase the handicrafts and textiles of Gujarat. Pavilions dedicated to themes that include, 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi, and the Statue of Unity, has the attention of visitors riveted.

Our Experience At The International Kite Festival 2020

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

With adrenaline pumping in our veins, we ran like kids towards the massive grounds where the kites were being flown. The grounds stretched out like a mammoth billiard table with its green top covering. One side of the grounds was bordered with colorful stalls that included craft stalls, Kiteist stalls, and food stalls.

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

They were of all shapes and sizes. Some were huge with colorful designs and a team struggled to get the massive beauties up in the air and keep them there. Then there were the nimble and light ones that danced merrily in the sky.

International Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

There were sculpted kites, there were kites with messages, flying dragons from China, fighter kites from Brazil, and many more. Cartoon characters, historical figures, fictional superheroes, all danced merrily in the sky painting it with the colors of love and harmony.


The Sabarmati Riverfront is brimming with enthusiasm and passion for kites and this comes across as we speak to some of the participants who manage to get in a few words while keeping a wary eye on their kites up in the sky.

Laurent from France
Laurent from France

Laurent has come all the way from France and his happiness is evident as he gives a broad smile. “It is an amazing festival, many people, many friends, a big party”! he signs off with another broad smile that seems to reflect the atmosphere at the Sabarmati Riverfront.

Gus from Brazil is dressed in colorful attire and informs that he has come with his fighter kites that are similar to those flown in India. “It is kind of a dream coming here, this is the second time for me and the people are so welcoming and helpful, I love it!” says Gus flashing a smile that is infectious.

Kite festival

An exuberant Jay Soni has come from  Patan with his Kite flying group called Aryan Group. He says that he comes every year, as he literally juggles with a crying toddler in his arms, but his passion for kite flying is unflinching!

We run after a man wearing a bright-colored sombrero. He is flying what looks like a Chinese Dragon. “I am from China, my name is Tass”, he says, running to keep the mischievous dragon afloat in the air.

Hiral Pandya from Anand
Hiral Pandya from Anand, Gujarat

A bubbly young girl gives us a smile befitting a model advertising a toothpaste brand. “My name is Hiral Pandya, I am from Anand, the city where Amul Dairy is located”, she says, her shining eyes highlighting her pride in the city she hails from. “Kite flying is our passion and we participate every year”, she says as she flashes another of her trademark smiles.

Bob from the UK
Bob from the UK

Bob from the UK gestures with the five fingers of his hand repeatedly to show the number of times he has participated in the International Kite festival. Manuela from Germany who is flying a cute bird-like kite that resembles Pikachu, says it is her second time at the International Kite Festival and she loves it.

Kite festival

The ground is abuzz with activity. Young, old, men, women, mingle and entangle as they run about with eyes in the sky. Individuals, groups, couples all have a kite attached to their strings. The sky is transformed into an exhilarating mosaic of colors. There is music too which seems to synchronize with the kites that dance in the sky. The excitement is infectious and one does not want to leave. We have a feeling that this is just the beginning. The thrills are sure to build up and rise into a crescendo over the next few days as the festival draws to a close. But alas the constraints of time draw us reluctantly away and we make our way towards another adventure waiting for us in the beautiful state of Gujarat. After all, we were there to spend a few days in Gujarat!

What To Expect At The International Kite Festival

What To Expect At The International Kite Festival
Stall at the International Kite Festival
  • The amazing spectacle of kites of different colors, countries, and contours flying high above the skyline of Ahmedabad
  • Dance, music, and cultural programs every day during the course of the International Kite Festival
  • Shopping at the many arts and craft stalls set up by women entrepreneurs to showcase their wares
  • Local food at the food stalls
  • Theme based pavilions that showcase the Statue of Unity, 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi, the tourist destinations of Gujarat, and much more

How Uttarayan – the Festival of Kites Is Celebrated In Millions Of Homes Across Gujarat

Festival of Kites

Having spent our childhood and growing years in Gujarat, the Indian Kite Festival and its celebration is deeply etched in our psyches. For children and many adults, the Uttarayan Kite Festival is not just a two-day festival falling on the 14th and 15th of January every year. Kite flying is not restricted to the days of Uttarayan and the day after that popularly known as “Vaasi Uttarayan”, or “Stale Uttarayan”, which alludes to the flying of the remaining kites that were not used on the day of Uttarayan.


The Ahmedabad kite festival used to stretch almost for a month before the actual festival for us and we are sure it does for millions of kids today too. It was straight to the terrace after school with a kite and Firkee in hand. Oh! what glorious memories of hoisting the kite in the air, indulging in kite fighting with friends, and the feeling of triumph as you succeeded in cutting the thread of your ‘opponent’. School and homework went out of the window and what became more important than the school report was the report on Kite flying competition! As the festival comes closer, a visit to the Patang bazaar-kite store becomes the event of focus. Selecting different types of kites, bargaining with the shopkeeper, and finally lugging the kites home is in itself a thrilling activity. The Kite Bazar of Ahmedabad held a mesmerizing fascination for the young and old alike.

Manja Making Video

Kite flying is a passion in many states of India and this passion reaches fever pitch during the Kite Festival known as Uttarayan in Ahmedabad and other citi…

Once the kites are home, another critical and time-consuming task is to tie the Kinna or Kinni on each kite. After all, you do not want to waste time on the D-Day and need to be ready to release one kite after another! Getting the Kinna knot right is a secret to ensure that your kite is air-borne quickly and smoothly.

Even before the procurement of kites or simultaneously done is the all-important task of procuring the string or ‘Manja”, there is a wide variety of choices. Colorful firkees of all sizes and colors entice you, but as an expert, you know that “all that glitters is not gold”, so you may choose to buy raw reels of thread and get them colored and spiked with glass powder and egg yolk to transform them into Manja. The glass powder adds the sharpness while the egg yolk is to make the thread smooth.

Everything is set for the D-Day. One cannot sleep the night before the Uttarayan festival owing to sheer excitement, and even if you sleep your dreams are full of images for Uttarayan.

There is a flurry of activity and excitement on the day of Uttarayan. Children uncharacteristically are the first out of bed and eager to get on to the terraces and rooftops. The house is filled with the aromas of the special cuisine for the kite festival including Undhiyu, Poori, and a host of sweets made from Sesame seeds and Jaggery.

When you emerge onto your terrace, you enter a different world. It seems as if the whole world is up on their rooftops. You shout greetings to your neighbors as you plunge “excitedly into the war of kites”!

Music blares from a million speakers, kites fly high from a million houses, millions of men, women, and children, a million voices cry themselves hoarse throughout the day yelling, “Kaapyo Chhe“! The biggest kite party in the world is on!

It is non-stop kite flying for the entire day. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are on the terrace as you take small breaks in between. Usually, there is a slight lull in the afternoon as everyone is focussed on enjoying the special Uttarayan food. But as evening approaches, fresh waves of energy whip across the air and the excitement rises to a crescendo. As darkness completely envelopes the kites, it is time to fly a Tukkal which is a small paper lantern that is launched through the same string that is attached to the flying kite. Kite flying and animated discussions of the kite flying exploits continue late into the night. The festival slowly draws to a close with the experience slowly transforming into memories to be told and re-told as stories.

Kite Flying History


Though the origins of kite flying are not clearly known, it is generally acknowledged that this fascinating activity originated in China. Kite flying must have come to India with the Chinese traders. Kite flying in India was patronized by the Mughals who transformed it into a royal pastime. Over the years kite flying entered the public domain and won the hearts of all and sundry. It also soon became integrated into the culture and religion of the country.


In Gujarat, kite flying captured the imagination of the masses and soon became a passion. Kites have been used in various applications across the world over the passage of time. Benjamin Franklin used a kite to conduct his experiments on electricity. Kites have been used as communication tools in war and as harbingers of love during peace. Kites were used to study the weather and wind patterns. But above all kites have fueled the imagination of mankind fulfilling a passion of flying like a bird with feet planted firmly on the ground.

Significance of Uttarayan Festival

Sugarcane harvest

Uttarayan in Sanskrit consists of two words, “Uttara” meaning north and “Ayana”, meaning movement. This denotes the northwards movement of the earth. Uttarayana comes after Dakshinayana. This denotes the end of the winter solstice and the beginning of the Summer solstice and also coincides with the harvest across India. This celestial movement and the harvest is celebrated across India in different forms and with different names. If it is Uttarayan in Gujarat, it is Makar Sankranti and Pongal in some other states of India.

The festival of Uttarayan apart from being a kind of thanksgiving for the harvest is also significant in many ways. The spiritual significance of Uttarayan is that it is believed to be a period when the cosmic grace is at its highest enabling enlightenment. Many great saints have transitioned from the physical dimension during this period. In the Mahabharata, Bhishma waited for Uttarayan to leave his physical body. Even Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment during the Uttarayana period.

The scientific significance of Uttarayan assumes greater importance in modern times. With people, especially children staying indoors glued to televisions, laptops, smartphones, and other gadgets, it is well known that Vitamin D deficiency is on the increase. Getting outdoors and flying kites is a great way to bask in the sunshine and get your dose of the scarce vitamin. It was also believed that winter is the time when people are prone to all sorts of diseases spread through various bacteria. Uttarayan heralded the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It was the time to soak in the sun and drive away all those disease-spreading germs.

Kite Festival in Gujarat – FAQ

Kite festival

In which City International Kite Festival is held?

The International Kite festival originated in the city of Ahmedabad but over the years many other Indian cities have their own festivals. These include Ahmedabad, Surat, Kevadiya, Vadodara, Rajkot, Porbandar, Jamkandorana, Dhordo, Mahesana, and Saputara in Gujarat. International Kite Festivals are also now being organized in cities like Hyderabad, Jaipur, and Jodhpur.

Which countries celebrate the kite festival?

Many countries across the world indulge in kite flying as a sport or means of recreation. It is celebrated as a festival mainly in India. Kite flying is popular in countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, UK, and France as well as  Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil, Colombia, and other countries. So Kite flying festival in different countries is now popular.

Where and when in India is the international kite festival held every year?

The International Kite Festival is held every year in the cities of Gujarat including Ahmedabad. Kite festival in different states of India is also now gaining popularity. International Kite Festival in Telangana is organized in the city of Hyderabad while the International Kite Festival in Rajasthan is organized in the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur, etc..

Why do we celebrate Kite Flying Festival?

Kite Festival in India, especially in Gujarat is celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is a community festival with entire families out on the rooftops celebrating the harvest with the flying of kites. The kite festival also heralds the onset of the auspicious Uttarayana period.

Who invented the kite?

It is believed that the kite was invented by two Chinese philosophers named Mozi and Lu Ban, more than 2,000 years ago.

What is Uttarayan in English?

Uttarayan in English simply means Northern movement.

What is Dakshinayan in English?

Dakshinayan in English simply means the Southern movement.

What is meant by Dakshinayanam?

Dakshinayanam also refers to the southern movement of the earth.

How do you fly a kite?

The answer is simple. You do not fly the kite, the wind does. If there is no wind, the kite is not likely to fly. The lighter and well balanced the kite is, the better it will fly. Once the kite is at a height, the winds there will ensure it stays adrift even if there is no wind at the surface level. If the winds are strong, the challenge is in controlling the kite. The excitement of kite flying lies in feeling the tug of the string in your hands as the wind pushes the kite away.

What is the difference between Uttarayan and Dakshinayan?

Uttarayan indicates the moment of the earth from the winter solstice to the summer solstice while Dakshinayan is the movement of the earth from the summer solstice to the winter solstice.

What are the International Kite Festival, Ahmedabad – Dates, Venue?

If you are looking for International Kite Festival at Ahmedabad information, you should be able to find enough information in this Uttarayan blog to actually write an Uttarayan essay or Uttarayan Nibandh. The International Kite festival also known as Patang Mahotsav is held during Uttarayan Sankranti. The dates and venue may vary. It is usually held at the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad and is now also held in other cities of Gujarat.

Tips For A Safe Uttarayan – Precautions/Things To Know


Uttarayan brings with it loads of joy, thrills, and excitement, but it can also lead to untoward accidents if safety precautions are not taken, here are a few tips to ensure your safety while kite flying.

  • Protect your eyes from the glare of the sun with a good pair of sunglasses
  • Protect your fingers against the sharp Manja by wearing gloves
  • Protect your head from the sun by wearing a wide-brimmed hat
  • Be aware of your surroundings especially when flying a kite from a rooftop as there is always the danger of toppling over
  • If driving a two-wheeler, be wary of stray kites and their attached strings that could be lethal

How To Get To Ahmedabad

  • Ahmedabad is the commercial capital of the western Indian state of Gujarat and well connected with all cities of India as well as international destinations
  • Sardar Vallabhbhai International Airport serves Ahmedabad and is located about 9 kilometres from the city centre
  • One can easily get around the city of Ahmedabad by app-based cab services, autorickshaws, and the Janmarg or Ahmedabad BRTS – Bus service

You can book flights right here to reach Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India through any of these sites and save big – TripAdvisor or Agoda or CheapAir or Cleartrip or Makemytrip or Priceline.

Where To Stay In Ahmedabad

Where to stay in Ahmedabad
Fortune Landmark, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad offers a wide range of stay options from budget to luxury. We stayed at Fortune Landmark that is strategically located on Ashram Road and was at a distance of under a kilometre from Sabarmati Riverfront where the International Kite Festival 2020 was being held.

You can book your hotels/resorts in Ahmedabad or anywhere else through TripAdvisor or Cleartrip or Agoda or Makemytrip or Priceline and save huge.

Click to book the best hotels/resorts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

What You Must Eat In Ahmedabad

What You Must Eat In Ahmedabad - Gujarati snacks
What You Must Eat In Ahmedabad – Gujarati snacks/food

Ahmedabad and the entire state of Gujarat is a foodie’s paradise. Though each town and city of Gujarat has some of the other local delicacies associated with it, most of these delicacies can be enjoyed in Ahmedabad itself.

  • Undhiyu, a vegetable curry which originates from Surat and is a hot favorite during the Uttarayan festival
  • Dhokla, a dish that is synonymous with Gujarat
  • Theplas, the anytime snack
  • Khakhra, a light snack that is great to carry while traveling
  • Khaman
  • Ganthiya
  • Jalebi
  • Fafda
  • Dalwada
  • Methi Na Gota
  • Above all the famed Gujarati Thali which is an enticing melange of flavors and aromas

Attractions In And Around Ahmedabad

Adalaj Ni Vav
Adalaj Ni Vav, Ahmedabad

Gujarat offers an exciting and wide range of attractions spread across its coastline and the hinterland. If the vast expanse of the Rann of Kutch beckons seductively, the roar of the lions of Sasan Gir is not easy to ignore either. If the solemn majesty of Somnath awes, the architectural marvels of India’s first World Heritage City Ahmedabad enthralls. Here are some of the places that you should not miss when in Ahmedabad.

  • Sidi Sayyed Mosque
  • Bhadra Kali Temple
  • Adalaj Ni Vav
  • Balasinor Dinosaur Park
  • Gandhi Ashram
  • Sarkhej Na Roja
  • Sabarmati River Front
  • Kankaria Lake
  • Patang Museum
  • Calico Textile Museum
  • Jhulta Minar
  • Hathsingh Jain Temple
  • Manek Chowk
  • Law Garden Night Market

You can book an online Ahmedabad tour and can also book any of the popular activities in Ahmedabad. One can plan a tour in advance and booking online things to do in Ahmedabad and in Gujarat.

Gujarat is a complete experience for all the senses. It is a place that belies expectations and surprises you every time. It is a state where contemporary urban ethos blends with traditional and deep-rooted beliefs and values. It is a state that can make you go through the entire gamut of emotions in a day. You laugh, cry, think, smile, frown, but above all, you feel extremely loved and welcome in the state of Gujarat. If you have not experienced the hospitality of Gujarat, you have not experienced life. Though Gujarat beckons with its unique attractions throughout the year, the best time to really savor its culture is during one of the festivals, be it Uttarayan, Navratri, or any of the other numerous festivals that add color to the state.

Some Uttarayan Pics From Ahmedabad

Have you been to Ahmedabad and Gujarat? If not you must spend some days in Gujarat!

Have you felt the thrill of holding on to a kite as its string tugs at your fingertips and your heart flutters like a caged bird? Then you must experience the kite festival of Uttarayan in Gujarat.

Not able to get there, no worries, catch glimpses of the event in our video below:

Glimpses of International Kite Festival 2020

This Kite festival video is about the Kite Festival of Ahmedabad 2020. The Kite Festival is organized by Gujarat Tourism and is on at the Sabarmati Riverfron…


Do let us know about your experiences of Uttarayan and Kite flying through our comments section. Till then, “Happy Uttarayan”. Keep smiling and let your dreams and aspiration ascend the skies just like the kites flying high. If you are looking for any more kite festival information, do get in touch with us.

We were hosted by Gujarat Tourism. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own.

PinitInternational Kite Festival - Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

International Kite Festival – Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

International Kite Festival – Uttarayan Festival in Gujarat

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    Thank you for the detailed post on kite flying in our country! It’s what is sure to attract tourists, especially those interested in kite flying. 🙂

  2. A kite festival would be a great reason to visit Gujarat. So good to know there is also a parade with dancers as part of the festival. It is great that the kite festival draws participation from over 40 countries. I am sure this adds so much variety to the show. I am always amazed with the creative shapes that are created for kites. What a great guide for someone wanting to visit.

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  7. Attending the kite festival has been in my wishlist for like about 3 years now! That’s really a colorful festival. I have fond memories of Sabarmathi Riverfront! To imagine it filled with colorful kites is fascinating! Kicking off the event with vintage car rally is a perfect way to begin the event. Is Manja common in the event? There are some regulations regarding using Manja in Tamil Nadu. Nothing such in Gujarat?

  8. Wow, I can’t believe there’s such a high attendance from all over the world at this kite festival in Gujarat. It sounds amazing! The event must be great fun and super colorful. And those craft stalls look really tempting… 🙂

  9. What a fun festival to attend! I’m not surprised it’s so popular, given our childhood associations with kite flying – by the number of countries represented here, it sounds like lots of children have kept their interest into adulthood since the Chinese invented it! I didn’t realise it was so involved either – it’s almost like a blood sport, haha! And it’s nice to know if you get tired of flying kites, the food is worth going for too 😀

  10. How fun is this and super interesting to see how different countries celebrate harvest season differently. I can definitely see why it has attracted participants from over 40 countries! Love how colorful and unique some of those kite designs were too and that’s so amazing that there are stalls set up for women entrepreneurs to showcase their arts and crafts.

  11. This looks like so much fun, I would love to go to this when I am in India. The whole festival with the music and colours looks like something that everyone could enjoy. I have flown kites when I was younger and it is always fun to see all the different designs people have. I need to make sure to visit Gujarat and see this festival.

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