Incredible Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat – A Complete Guide

Modhera Sun Temple

The Modhera Sun Temple near Ahmedabad in Gujarat is a glorious example of the Maru-Gurjara style of architecture of the Chalukya era in Gujarat. Here is a complete guide to visiting the Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat, India. Read on to explore the history and architecture of this beautiful temple.

Modhera Sun Temple

About This Blog Post
Modhera Sun Temple is located at Modhera village in Mehsana district, Gujarat, India.
In this blog post, you will know all about the Modhera Sun Temple, its legends and facts, its history, architecture, sculptures and much more. This blog post is a complete guide to the Sun Temple Modhera in Gujarat that will help you plan your own Modhera Sun Temple visit with all the required travel info. It shall answer all your questions about Modhera Sun temple including visiting hours, the best time to visit, entry fees, etc.

The Modhera Sun Temple stands as a glorious paean to the effulgence in the sky, the Sun. It is a temple to the Sun God, one of the most important and beautiful Sun temples in India. It may not match the Konark Sun temple in sheer size, but when it comes to architectural design and splendour, the incredible Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat, India, is in a class of its own.

Modhera Sun Temple – Symphony In Sandstone

Mesmerizing Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat - A Complete Guide

What adds to the appeal and aura of the Sun Temple Modhera Gujarat are the many intriguing facts and myths that surround it.

There is one of the finest specimens of ancient Hindu architecture at Mundera I ever saw. It is a pagoda very similar in structure to those of the present-day, but ornamented so profusely that it is evident that the founder was determined to make it the most finished piece of work that it was possible for the compass of human art to effect.” These are the words of Colonel Monier-Williams, who was one of the first European visitors to the Modhera Sun temple, way back in the year 1809.

Incredible Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat – A Complete Guide

Modhera Sun Temple

The Modhera Sun Temple or Surya Temple Modhera is one of the trinity of famous sun temples in India. The oldest of these is the Martand Surya Temple in South Kashmir that dates back to the 8th century. The other two are the Modhera Temple in the historic town of Modhera, Gujarat, and the Konark Sun temple in the town of Konark in Odisha.

Sadly all the three Sun temples are in ruins, but still, radiate a timeless beauty that gives a glimpse of their original glory. There are other Sun temples across India, like the Katarmal Sun temple in Uttarakhand, the Suryanar Kovil in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu, and many more. Surya or the Sun was a principal deity in Hinduism and temples were erected for his worship before the 12th century.

History of Modhera Sun Temple

Gudhamandapa as viewed from Sabhamandapa
Incredible Modhera Surya Mandir

Modhera traces its origins beyond history and figures in the realms of Hindu mythology. The region finds mention in the Puranas, including the Skanda Purana and the Brahma Purana. The region of Modhera which had the ancient names of Mundera and Modherapura is believed to have been the original settlement of Modha Brahmins.

The area was also referred to as Dharmaranya during the Treta Yuga. According to Skanda Purana, after Rama slew the demon Ravana, he needed to atone for the sin of killing a Brahmin as Ravana was a Brahmin. He approached the Sage Vashishta who counselled him to do penance in Dharmaranya.

Legend has it that Rama settled for some time in a village named Modherak and did a Yajna to atone for the sin of killing a Brahmin. Modherak later came to be known as Modhera. It is also believed that he established a village called Sitapura. A village called Sitapura exists even today, about 19 kilometres from the Modhera Sun Temple.

The incredible Modhera Sun Temple is believed to have been built not far from the banks of River Pushpavati during the reign of King Bhima I of the Chaulukya (Soni) dynasty, probably in 1026-27. This fact is based on an inscription, found on the western wall of the sanctum. The inscription which is upside down, says, “Vikram Samwat 1083.”

This date corresponds to the Gregorian calendar year 1026-27. Historians are not agreed on the exact year in which the temple was built, though it is established that it was built during the reign of Bhima I (1022-1064).

The fact that during the early years of Bhima I’s reign, Mahmud of Ghazni invaded the kingdom lends credence to the fact that the date mentioned in the inscription could even be the date of the ransacking of the temple.

Sun Temple Modhera Gujarat
Sun Temple and Kund

However, it is agreed that the main temple and the Kunda were built earlier, while the Sabhamandapa and the decorative Torans were built later. These were ostensibly built during the reign of Bhima I’s son and successor, Karna (1064-1092).

Sun Temple Modhera Architecture

Sun Temple Modhera Architecture
Sun Temple Modhera Architecture

The incredible Modhera Sun Temple, Gujarat is built in the classic Maru-Gurjara style of architecture. This is an architectural style associated with the Chaulukya dynasty (Also referred to as the Solanki Dynasty) that ruled over what is present-day Gujarat and parts of Rajasthan, between the 10th and 13th centuries.

The Chaulukya dynasty had its capital in the city of Anahilvada (Patan). Maru-Gurjara architecture flourished during their rule and can be seen in many Hindu and Jain temples in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Some of the famous structures and temples of this style of architecture include the Ranakpur Jain Temple, the Rani Ki Vav of Patan, Dilwara Jain Temples, and Taranga Jain Temple, among others. One of the distinguishing features of the Maru-Gurjara style of architecture are flamboyantly decorated outer walls. The Modhera Sun temple is no exception with its richly decorated outer walls.

“Although the roofs of the buildings and the tower above the sanctuary are ruined, the harmonically balanced arrangements os the site gives the impression of an extraordinary work of art.Its size together with the extravagant abundamce of sculptural decoration is fascinating.”
Wibke Lobo in his book, The Sun Temple of Modhera-A Monograph on Architecture and Iconograph

Modhera Gudhamandapa
The Sun Temple Modhera is located in a beautiful and well-landscaped garden. A Pathway fringed by lush green lawns on either side leads to the temple from the main gate. On the way, one can observe many figurines and carving slabs excavated from the site by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Plan of Modhera Sun Temple Complex
Plan of Modhera Sun Temple Complex

The temple itself can be divided into three distinct structures, the first one you will come to is the Kund or Suryakund, which is a water body, next is the Mandapa which is also referred to as Sabha Mandapa or Rangamandapa, and the last and most important of the structures is the main shrine which consists of the Garbhagriha and the Gudhamandapa.

The Kunda or Brahmakunda or Suryakunda At The Modhera Sun Temple

Sun Temple Modhera
Brahmakunda or Suryakund at Modhera

As we walked along the path, our eyes were first arrested by the emerald waters of the waterbody locally known as Ram Kund. The green waters reflected the geometric patterns of the stairs that formed its rectangular boundaries, creating an illusion of the stairs extending below into infinity.

Sun Temple Modhera Gujarat
Ram Kund | Kunda

The Kunda, though a subsidiary attraction at the Modhera Sun Temple has a rhythm and beauty of its own which makes it stand out against the profuse ornamentation present in other parts of the temple. In size, the Kund is huge, measuring 176 feet X 120 feet. Water bodies are standard features in temples across India, they serve the purpose of bathing tanks for devotees to physically cleanse themselves, before entering the sacred portals of the temple.

But what makes the Kund at the Modhera Temple different is its intricate design. Its design is based on the classic stepwell design common to the region but seems to have taken that simple design to its zenith.

Sun Temple Modhera Gujarat
Kund at Modhera

A series of terraces and steps gradually lead from all sides to the water in the Kund. There are 108 small shrines placed with geometric precision at different points on all four sides of the Kund. These shrines are dedicated to various Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu pantheon.

Erotic carvings near Kund
Erotic carvings near the Kund

Many of these are now bereft of their deities, however, shrines to Ganesha, Hanuman, Vishnu, and other Gods and Goddesses can be seen. Panels depicting erotic scenes can also be seen near the steps leading to the Kunda.

The main shrines that can be seen near the Kunda include the Shitalamata temple, the Temple of Vishnu, Ganesha, and Shiva.

The Torans of Modhera Sun Temple

Torans of Modhera Sun Temple
Torans of Modhera Sun Temple

In the centre of the Kund on the western side of the rectangular structure, steps lead upwards to the Sabhamandapa or Rangamandapa. One would need to pass between two ornate pillars to enter the Sabhamandapa. These ornate pillars are all that remain of what must have once been a grand Toran, or welcome arch. The top portion of the arch is missing.

Today, one can only imagine the grandeur of the Toran, however, based on the architectural style, it can be safely predicated that the Toran would have looked like the existing Toran in nearby Vadnagar or those found in the Dilwara Jain Temple at Mt. Abu in Rajasthan.

Toran at the side of the Kund
Toran at the side of the Kund

Remains of another Toran, again just two pillars can be seen towards the right of the Kund. Considering the perfect symmetry of design that the craftsmen who fashioned the beautiful structure displayed, it is also likely that there must have been another Toran towards the left of the Kund.

The Mandapa or Sabhamandapa or Rangamandapa of Modhera Sun Temple

Sabhamandapa at Modhera Sun Temple
Sabhamandapa at Modhera Sun Temple

For a moment, let us travel back in time to a time when the Sun Temple in Modhera was in its full glory. Imagine visiting the temple, after purifying yourself by bathing in the Kunda, and also praying at the shrines of Ganesha and other deities. You will then, ascend the stairs that lead to the Sabhamandapa, and passing through the magnificent Kirti Toran you will enter the opulent Sabha Mandap.

Inside Sabhamandapa
Inside Sabhamandapa

A.K. Forbes in a book, titled, Ras Mala-Hindoo Annals of The Province of Goozerat In Western India, in 1887, write; “the dancing hall, called Sita’s Choree, and the holy tank called Ram Kund, were famous places of pilgrimage for the Visnuvite ascetics.”

Pillars at Sabhamandapa
Beautiful Pillars at Sabhamandapa

The beauty and grandeur of the Sabha Mandapa are breathtaking. The magnificence of the elaborate design strikes you, and you wonder at the exquisite craftsmanship of the men who have chiselled poetry in sandstone. The Sabhamandapa is, without doubt, the most spectacular structure within the incredible Modhera Sun Temple complex.

The Sabhamandapa is believed to have been built after the main shrine or Garbagriha and scales the pinnacles of excellence with respect to its design and the artistry of its builders.

Pillars at Sabhamandapa
Pillars at Sabhamandapa

The Sabhamandapa has 52 beautifully carved columns ( 52 pillars in Modhera Sun Temple ) that are interpreted as representing the 52 weeks of the year. The pillars are profusely embellished with carvings that depict episodes from the Puranas including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Bhima lifting elephant
Bhima lifting elephant

The figure of Bhima lifting an elephant with his bare hands stares at you from one column while on another the fearful Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu is depicted.

Modhera - Narasimha
Narasimha Avatar

It is believed that the Sabhamandapa had a pyramidal roof, which sadly does not exist today. Inside the Sabhamandapa the ceiling which is walnut-shaped is supported by eight pillars that are placed in an octagonal shape.

Modhera Sun Temple Images
Ceiling of Sabhamandapa and Gudhamandapa and pillar at Sabhamandapa

The exterior walls of the Sabhamandapa are decorated with beautiful carvings, of Gods and Goddesses, dancers, and other divine beings. The shape of the structure resembles a parallelogram with serrated edges that form recessed corners. This renders the Sabha Mandapa with a star-like shape, this is clear when viewed from the top.

Ceiling of Gudhamandapa
Carved Ceiling of the Modhera Sun Temple

The Sabha Mandapa is on a central axis with the Gudhamandapa and the Garbagriha. The Sabhamandapa is not connected to the Gudhamandapa, but the rear door of the Sabhamandapa is aligned with the door to the Gudhamandapa.

The Gudhamandapa and The Garbagriha of Sun Temple Modhera

Gudhamandapa as viewed from Sabhamandapa
Gudhamandapa as viewed from Sabhamandapa

Standing behind the Sabhamandapa on the westernmost side is the Gudhamandapa along with the Garbagriha. The Gudhamandapa is surprisingly bare from the inside with pillars supporting the ceiling. Both the Gudhamandapa and the Garbagriha are rectangular and are equal in proportion.

The idol which occupied pride of place in the Garbagriha is missing. Legend has it that the idol of the Sun God was made of Gold and was resplendent with a diamond crowning its head. The central axis of the temple is structured in such a way, that during the equinox, the first rays of the Sun would kiss the waters of the Kunda, and pierce through the Sabhamandapa and the Gudhamandapa, and fall on the diamond that rested on the crown of the deity, Surya.

The diamond would reflect the light in myriad directions, bathing the entire Temple in a golden glow. Oh! what a heavenly sight that must have been!

Today, the Garbagriha lies empty, the deity gone forever. The door is closed and one can only see the Gudhamandapa, which apart from a few pillars and sculptures is plain. There is a Pradakshina path within the Gudhamandapa that circumambulates the Garbhagriha. Today it is a semi-dark passage, and visitors imagine the presence of Surya inside the Garbagriha and circumambulate in the passage with devotion.

Ornate External Wall of Gudhamandapa of Modhera Sun Temple

Outer walls of Gudhamandapa
Outer walls of Gudhamandapa

If the Gudhamandapa is spartan from the inside, this is compensated in full measure by the carvings and sculptures that ornament its external walls. As you gaze upwards, you will realize that not even an inch of the walls is devoid of ornamentation. The craftsmen who fashioned the walls have really given free rein to their creativity and imagination, and truly weaved dreams in sandstone.

Modhera - Elephants
Motifs of Elephants at Modhera

At the base of the walls can be seen motifs of elephants in a horizontal strip running across the walls. These figuratively depict the elephants as bearing the load of the entire temple on their might shoulders.

erotic sculpturess outside wall of gudhamandapa

Above the panel of the elephant- figures are represented, humans. Various aspects of human life are depicted. The process of human procreation and creation is depicted through various scenes carved in stone.

Modhera - Childbirth
A panel depicting the process of childbirth

One can see men and women in various erotic postures, women dancing, and one of the panels depicts the process of childbirth. A woman supported by other women is shown giving birth.

Sculpture on the outer walls of Gudhamandapa
Sculpture on the outer walls of Gudhamandapa

It is worth noting that though the walls are choc-a-bloc with sculptures, carvings, and other decorative elements, there is a definite method in which these have been placed. The precision and eye for detail of the craftsmen are well evident here. Though to the untrained eye this may not be immediately visible, a close inspection is sure to unveil the dynamics of the design as visualised by the craftsmen.

Sun Temple Modhera

A unique characteristic of the design on the outer walls is that the wall consists of blocks or panels which are almost square in shape. These panels consist of a central figural frieze or a horizontal sculpture. These figural friezes at the incredible Modhera Sun Temple consist of beautifully sculpted figures measuring about 1.50 metres high.

Sun Temple Modhera

These either depict the 12 Adityas, namely, Vivasvan (Surya), Tvashta, Aryaman, Bhaga, Savitr, Mitra, Dhata, Varuna, Indra, Amsa, Pushan, and the Vaman avatar of Vishnu.
The  Lokapalas or Dikpalas, the guardian deities of the cardinal directions, namely, Indra, Yama, Varuna, Kubera, Agni, etc.
The Devis, Goddesses from the Hindu pantheon, like Saraswati, Lakshmi, etc.

Modhera Sun Temple

The central figural friezes are flanked on either side by two niches. The niches on the upper side are smaller than the ones on the lower side. These have images of various gods. The niches on the lower side have images of Apsaras or Gandharvas. All the niches are framed and consist of narrow pillars, a pediment, and also a narrow canopy.

Of the virtually life-size figures that occupy the central niches, the 12 Adityas are arranged on the Western side. 10 figures depicting the Lokapalas can be seen gracing the main corners of the temple and also the deep niches of the Northern and Southern walls. The figures of 12 Devis can be seen on the eastern side.

The lower lateral niches have images of Apsaras, some hold a child, while some can be seen holding flowers or a mirror. Where the main figure is an Aditya, in some cases, instead of the Apsaras, sages are depicted in the lower niches.

The upper lateral niches depict images of Gods from the Shaivite, Vaishnavite, and Brahminical traditions.

Surya central frieze
Surya with 7 horses

An excellent example is that of Aditya (Surya) depicted with knee-length boots and a belt with a chariot drawn by 7 horses. Surya is in the central frieze (See picture above). He is depicted with 7 horses.

Also partially seen is his charioteer Aruna. Near his feet can be seen two figures, who are believed to represent his attendants Pingala and Danda. Two women depicted as standing near his feet and gazing up at him are believed to be his consorts, Rajni and Niksubha.

Figure of Agni at Modhera
Figure of Agni at Modhera

Another panel has the figure of Agni, the God of Fire in the central frieze. Agni can be identified by flames that seem to be arising from behind his head. His vehicle Ram can be seen near his feet, though the head is knocked off.

Each plate, each carving, and each sculpture that adorns the outer walls of the Gudhamandapa is an exquisite testimony to the genius of the craftsmen who shaped them and the vision of the people who envisioned them.

Interesting Modhera Sun Temple Facts | Modhera Sun Temple Mystery

Modhera Surya Mandir

  • The Modhera Sun Temple is located near the Tropic of Cancer at a latitude of 23.5835° N, 72.1330° E, the latitude through which the Tropic of Cancer passes is 23.4999° N, 85.4866° E
  • The design of the Sun Temple in Modhera is such that during the equinox, the very first rays of the morning sun illuminated the image of the Sun God in the sanctum
  • The sun shines on the top of the temple during the summer solstice without casting any shadow
  • The image of the principal deity, Surya, is missing from the Garbagriha or sanctum sanctorum
  • In the sculptures of the Sun God, Surya, at the Modhera Sun temple, he is depicted as wearing boots, which is believed to be a Central Asian influence
  • An inscription on the back wall of the temple which is inverted has the date, “Vikram Samvat 1083”
  • The Sabha Mandapa inside the Sun temple in Modhera simulates the illusion of a star owing to its architectural design consisting of a series of recessed corners

IncredibleModhera Sun Temple Light Show

Modhera Sun Temple Light Show
Modhera Sun Temple Light Show | Sun Temple Modhera illumination

The night view at Modhera Sun Temple is spectacular. The spectacular grandeur of the Surya Mandir can be best witnessed after 3 pm. The Modhera Sun Temple light show or the illumination at Sun Temple Modhera is breathtaking.

Modhera Sun Temple Timings And Other Information

Modhera Sun Temple History

  • The Sun Temple Modhera timings are 7 AM to 6 PM
  • Photography is allowed at the Modhera Sun Temple, however, tripods are not allowed
  • The best time to visit Modhera Sun Temple is during the winter months, from October to March when the weather is pleasant
  • Visiting the temple during the Modhera Dance Festival in January is also a great option
  • You would need at least half a day to fully appreciate the splendour of the temple, if you are keenly interested in art and architecture, a full day at the temple is recommended
  • There is a Modhera Sun Temple Museum run by the Archaeological Survey of India within the Sun temple premises that is worth a visit
  • The incredible Modhera Sun Temple can be easily visited on a day trip from Ahmedabad
  • When darkness envelops the Modhera Sun Temple, it erupts in brilliance and glitters and sparkles like a jewel, try to be at the temple after dusk to see it brilliantly illuminated

Modhera Dance Festival

Modhera Dance Festival
Modhera Dance Festival | Uttarardh Mahotsav | Modhera Utsav      PC: Gujarat Tourism

The magnificent Sun Temple of Modhera provides the perfect backdrop for the annual Modhera Dance Festival, also known as Uttarardh Mahotsav or Modhera Utsav. The event is a grand celebration of traditional dance and music, not only of Gujarat but of the entire country. The three-day festival attracts performers spanning different styles and genres from across the country. The festival is held in the month of January to coincide with the conclusion of the Uttarayan Festival, the famous Kite festival of Gujarat.

Modhera Sun Temple Images

Here is a collage of Modhera Sun Temple images.

Incredible Modhera Sun Temple Photos
Incredible Modhera Sun Temple Photos

Places To Visit Near Modhera Sun Temple

You can visit Modhera Sun Temple as a stand-alone day trip from Ahmedabad, or combine it with other places in the vicinity.

Rani ki Vav, Patan
Rani ki Vav, Patan

There are many places rich in history and heritage near Modhera that should figure in your Gujarat itinerary. Here are some of the places to visit near Modhera on your Gujarat trip.

  • Patan, the ancient capital of the Solanki dynasty, is the place where the famous Rani Ki Vav is located
  • Bechraji, known for the famous temple of Bahuchara Mata
  • Siddhpur is a town known for its holy Bindu Sarovar (Matru Gaya), and the beautiful Havelis of the Dawwod Bohra community
  • Vadnagar is a historic city with many ancient temples including the Hatkeshwar Temple, it is also the place from where Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India hails from

Modhera Sun Temple FAQ

Modhera Sun Temple Photo
Modhera Sun Temple Photo

Where Is Modhera Sun Temple Located?
The magnificent sun temple in Gujarat is located in the town of Modhera in the Mehsana district of Gujarat, India.

What is the Kunda in the Sun temple of Modhera?
The Kunda is a rectangular water tank reached by steps located in front of the sun temple. It is known as Surya Kund (also known as Rama Kund ). There are 108 small shrines on the steps of Surya Kund108 small shrines on the steps of Surya Kund.

How Old is Modhera Sun Temple?
The Sun temple of Modhera is almost 1,000 years old.

What is the best time to visit Modhera Sun Temple?
The best time to visit the incredible Modhera Sun Temple is in the winter months, from October to March.

What is the name of the festival held in Modhera?
It is the Uttarardh Mahotsav ( Modhera dance festival ) named after the sun moving northward at the end of winter.

Which is the deity in the Modhera Surya Mandir?
The Modhera Surya Mandir, as the name suggests is dedicated to the Sun God. However, the image of the deity is missing and there is no worship done in the Modhera Sun temple.

Who built the Sun temple in Modhera?
The Sun temple in Modhera was built during the reign of the Solanki king, Bhima I, however, there is no record of who the architect of the temple was.

Is there a Shitalamata Temple at Modhera?
A small shrine of Shitalamata is situated near the Ram Kund in front of the Sun temple.

How To Reach Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat


Incredible Modhera Sun Temple
Incredible Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun Temple Location and Address 

Click here for the direction map.

Modhera Sun Temple Location and Address
Modhera Sun Temple Location

Sun Temple Modhera
On Mehsana – Becharaji Road Highway,
Modhera 384212

  • The magnificent Sun Temple of Modhera is located in Modhera, in the Mehsana District of Gujarat, India
  • Modhera Sun Temple is about 99 kilometres from Ahmedabad
  • Modhera is at a distance of about 82 kilometres from Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat state
  • Modhera is about 35 kilometres from Patan where the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Rani Ki Vav is located
  • Modhera is about 61 kilometres from Vadnagar
  • The Little Rann of Kutch is about 119 kilometres from Modhera

Getting To Modhera Sun Temple By Air

The nearest airport to Modhera is the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad, at a distance of about 94 kilometres. Ahmedabad is well connected to national and international centres. You can fly to Ahmedabad and travel by road to Modhera, either by hiring a cab or by bus operated by GSRTC (Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation).

Getting To Modhera Sun Temple By Rail

The nearest railway station to the Sun temple in Modhera is Mahesana Junction. The distance is about 29 kilometres. If you prefer train travel, you can travel till Mehsana and then proceed by road.

Getting To Modhera Sun Temple By Road

A good network of roads connects Modhera to other parts of Gujarat. You can easily travel from anywhere by road to Modhera including Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

If you have beautiful Modhera Sun Temple in your itinerary and are planning to travel to Modhera, you can book your flight tickets right here through Cleartrip or Makemytrip or CheapAir or Priceline   and fly to Ahmedabad. If you are thinking of a  road trip from Ahmedabad, do check out the rental car and bus options.

Where To Stay When Visiting Modhera Sun Temple

Fortune Landmark Ahmedabad Hotel Review - Accommodation
Fortune Landmark Ahmedabad Hotel Review – Accommodation

You have the option of staying in Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar in any of the hotels according to your budget and preference. If you want to experience a slice of the rich heritage of Ahmedabad, you can stay at the House of MG. If your preference is a contemporary business hotel, Fortune Landmark on Ashram Road is a good option.

If you want to stay in Gandhinagar, there are many options including the Gift City. You can also choose to stay in Mehsana or Patan.

You can book Hotels in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Patan or any destination right here through any of the options here –  TripAdvisor or Cleartrip or  makemytrip or  goibibo or or  HotelsCombined or  Agoda  and save a lot by getting the best deals on booking your stay.

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Book a Day Trip to Modhera from Ahmedabad

If you wish to have a guided tour from Ahmedabad to the magnificent Modhera Sun Temple in Gujarat, then you may choose one of these tours:

  • Click to book Patan and Modhera Sightseeing tour from Ahmedabad
  • Click to book Private Tour: Patan Modhera Day Trip from Ahmedabad
  • Click to book Private Tour of Stepwell, Modhera Sun Temple & Patola saree weaving by car

Travel Around Gujarat

There is so much to see and experience in Gujarat. If you prefer package tours and looking for these, you can plan your Gujarat itinerary and book your  Gujarat trips, right here.  So go ahead and book online places to see in Gujarat and popular activities in Gujarat and cover attractions in Gujarat.

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We hope you are as mesmerized reading about the majestic Sun Temple of Modhera and looking at the beautiful Modhera Sun Temple images, as we were when we visited it. We are sure that you shall find the information that we have shared useful for planning your own trip to this historical monument of Gujarat. We hope that this Modhera Sun temple blog post serves as a detailed guide to visiting the Surya Mandir at Modhera.

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Modhera Sun Temple , Gujarat

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Incredible Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat – A Complete Guide

Incredible Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat – A Complete Guide

37 thoughts on “Incredible Modhera Sun Temple Gujarat – A Complete Guide”

  1. Oh my gosh!! The carvings are just breathtaking. I can’t imagine how long it took them to do all of this and not with modern equipment. Just beautiful.

  2. Beautiful. I am amazed by the temple. All the work that went into it! Wow. This would be so impressive to see in person.

  3. Wow this is a complete guide to visit modhera sun temple in gujrat. I am planning to visit Gujrat this summer. will surly visit this temple and keep all suggestions in mind suggested by you in this post.

    1. Bedabrata Chakraborty

      In contrast, I have been to the Modhera Sun Temple. Yet, reading this post was a complete revisit. I learnt so much more in this piece. Now I want to visit Modhera again!


    The Sun Temple is so beautiful. It has so much detail to it. It must have taken ages for all the sculptures and carvings. I’d love to see that myself. Wow!!!

  5. Wow! That looks like a really amazing place to visit! I’m sure being there is a really wondaful experience.

  6. I’ve never been to Modhera Sun Temple before, I really wanted to visit this really amazing and a wonderful place.

    1. There is no doubt why Gujarat has become a world heritage site. There is so much to see and appreciate. I am in love with this sun temple, there is no way I am going to miss this rich architectural site on my next visit to Ahemadabad.

  7. The grandeur and amazing architecture of this sun temple has always amazed me. Thanks for the detailed information about it. It’s surely on my travel list this year.

  8. Such an extensive guide about Modhera Sun Temple. I surely want to visit this amazing temple as the architecture is stunning. I love visiting temples because of the architecture and history and this temple seems to have both. I am definitely adding this for my next visit to Gujarat.

  9. Wow! I am totally digging the details and pictures of Modhera Sun Temple. On my next visit to Gujarat, which hopefully will take place after the pandemic is over, I plan to explore the temple in all its beauty. I also hope to witness the light show and dance festival once I’m there.

  10. I.lovee the details you have shared about how to reach and stay. The architecture of this temple looks simply mindblowing and I love to be an Indian where such places exist.

  11. I have never been to Modhera Temple but read a lot about this. My son wants to visit this place. This is a helpful guide to visiting Modhera Sun Temple. Whenever I am visiting Gujrat, I will definitely visit this temple and keep all of your suggestions in mind from this post. Saving it ✌

  12. Such a detailed blog on this. A great blog for the traveler. gonna share with my friends who love traveling and those who’re staying in Gujrat.

  13. Wow Sandy Vijay, this is such a beautiful Modhera Sun Temple. I wasn’t aware of this place till now. the architecture of the temple is so beautiful and ancient. Loved reading about it and fascinated by the light show at the temple.

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