15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Here are 15 hacks for getting the best deal on flights, that will enable you to save substantially on your air tickets.

15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Travel does not come cheap, and the more you travel, the more you end up spending. One of the major expenses in your travel is your flight tickets. Here are 15 hacks for getting the best deal on flights. We are sure you would be happy if you are able to save on your flight ticket, read on to know how you can save on flight tickets when you travel next.

15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

If travelling is part of your job and is funded by your company or client, you may not be too bothered about the expenses. However, if you are spending your own money for funding your travels, then we are sure, you would be looking to save wherever possible on your travel. It could be in terms of deals on hotels, deals on activities, and most of all good deals on airfare. If you are looking for travel tips to save money on your flight tickets, these 15 hacks for getting the best deal on flights are sure to be useful to you when planning your next travel.

Research Is Key – 15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

It is never a smart thing to book the first option that comes your way. You need to research and do your homework before you arrive at a decision and make your booking. There are many sites and apps that you can use to compare the prices of different airlines and different options.

Spread Your Net Wide – 15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

There are available a plethora of fare engines that can help you locate the best deal for you, irrespective of your origin and destination as well as airlines.  These include the likes of Skyscanner and Google Flights. Check the fares on these fare engines. It may be worthwhile to also check the airline’s website, as they may be having a sale on available exclusively on their own site.

Look Out For Deals | Sales – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

There is a lot of competition for business among the different airlines and this augurs well for the consumers. More competition means more competitive prices and more sales and deals. So look out for the airline ticket sales and move quickly to be able to avail of limited offers on fares. You can also use certain apps which will keep a watch on the airline fares on your behalf and send you notifications when they drop below a level that you can yourself set.

Travel Off Season – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

If it is a planned trip, it is best to travel during the off-season. Ticket rates are bound to be at the lowest during this time. On the contrary during the holiday seasons like Diwali or Christmas, almost everyone will be planning their holiday and airfares are bound to go north. Plan to travel at a time when relatively lesser people are travelling and you will be bound to get a good deal on your airfare.

Timing Matters – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Flights that take off and land late in the night or in the wee hours of the morning are generally cheaper, as many do not prefer them. If you are fine with the odd timing of your flights, you can book them and save considerably on your airfare.

Plan In Advance – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” this adage also applies to the booking of your air tickets. The earlier you plan your travel and book your air tickets, the cheaper the fares will be. Ideally, you should be booking as soon as the booking opens to get the best rate. The nearer the date of the journey, the more expensive the air tickets will be, so plan and book well in advance.

Pricing Engines & Cookies – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

If you are checking the price for your flights’ on price engines and doing that repeatedly, you will notice, that the more you look at it, the prices tend to increase. This happens because they are backed by powerful and intuitive algorithms, that sense an increase in demand and the prices are spiked up.

Go Incognito – 15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Intelligent airline pricing engines along with cookies that are now in your system can prevent you from getting a cheaper fare. You can overcome this issue by deleting cookies, however, it is better to go incognito, and check the prices through an incognito window.

Importance of Flexibility – 15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Are you truly flexible with your travel plans? So flexible, that you are ready to travel to the destination to which the cheapest air tickets are available? On any day and during any month? This kind of flexibility will definitely get you cheap air tickets.

Most if not all price engines have the feature where you can input your origin city and destination as, “any,” this will throw up many options out of which you can choose the least expensive. Similarly, you can sort based on the cheapest month, and decide on the cheapest month and cheapest destination to travel.

Error Pricing – 15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Despite technological advances where intelligent systems can recognize more activity in your browser and trigger price increases, errors do happen. These usually happen because of input errors, e.g. instead of $2000, the price may have been input as $200. This is what is known as error pricing which may occur due to system glitches or human error.

This results in dirt cheap tickets available online. However, the errors get corrected fast and so the duration of the availability of such cheap tickets would be fleeting. There are apps available that actually specialize in tracking error fares, and if you are registered with such an app, you would get notifications about error prices.

One Way Ticket – 15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

The general perception is that return tickets are more economical than one-way tickets. This may not always be true. In certain cases, you may find that a one-way ticket actually works out cheaper. So ensure to check out this option too while booking, who knows, you may hit pay dirt!

Concessional Fares – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

Many airlines offer concessional fares to certain categories, like students, senior citizens, defence personnel, and so on. If you or any of the people travelling with you fall under any of these categories, you can avail of the concession and save on your flight expenses.

Alternative Airports – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

If you are travelling to a city that has multiple airports, for example, Dubai, or Paris, you may want to check the flights for all the airports. You may find a better deal simply by changing the airport. This could be because of the demand and supply rule, and you could end up benefiting.

Budget Airlines – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

It also makes sense to book your tickets with a budget airline if you have the choice. The no-frills flight will definitely end up saving a substantial amount of your money, which you can use elsewhere.

Travel Agents – 15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

We are all used to booking our air tickets online through our laptops or smartphones. However, sometimes, it may pay to go old-school and check up with a travel agent. Some airlines do offer better fares through travel agents, than what can be found online.

So the next time you travel, make sure you have the best deal on your airfare. These hacks are sure to help you save big on your airfare. We hope you find these hacks helpful. Subscribe to our blog for more informative and useful travel content, and connect with us on our social media handles too.

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15 Tips For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

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15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

15 Hacks For Getting The Best Deal On Flights

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