7 Fun And Interesting Places To Visit In Croatia

Places To Visit In Croatia

Read this blog post to know about the best places to visit in Croatia for a memorable and enthralling travel experience.

Places To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country with some of the best beaches in the world. The crystal clear waters of the beaches are enchanting. Read on to know about the places to visit in Croatia.

Places To Visit In Croatia

Places To Visit In Croatia

Great history and beautiful natural wonders define Croatia. The capital city of Zagreb is home to some of the most enchanting places and adventures every traveller dreams to have for a fulfilling experience. Here we have covered some of the best places to visit in Croatia for a memorable and enthralling travel experience.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Blue Cave of Bisevo

This is a mesmerizing place to visit which is a little troublesome to reach. The Blue Cave of Bisevo is located on the Croatian Island of Vis to which you need to ferry from the city of Split. After reaching, you need to head to the tiny fishing town of Komiza. And from there you need to again take an hour-long ride to the island of Bisevo, and you’ll approach the cave via a small rubber shaft which is just as small to enter the cave entrance.

Though it is an extremely tedious journey, the magnificent beauty makes it worth your time and effort. It looks the best during a sunny day, specifically between 11 am and 12 pm with a bright blue glowing effect, when the sun’s rays enter through the water. This was not discovered until 1884 when the entrance was blasted out with dynamite. Not an easy wonder to explore for sure, but a rewarding experience.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Podgaric Monument

This monument was built as a memorial to the 1941 Srb uprising. It is located in the small town of Podgarić on a hill overlooking an artificial lake below. This structure and many others similar to this were commissioned by Yugoslavia’s long-time dictator ie Tito. Most of them were former Yugoslavian Partisan memorials, which was the party that Tito was involved with and those who had taken over post-World War II.

These monuments do not really receive much visitor traffic but it is of historical importance as they symbolize power and victory.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Petrova Gora

This is a huge metal monument built in remembrance of the Croatian partisan victims of World War II who fought against the dictatorship. Built, in 1981, it is located atop a mountain of the same name – Petrova Gora. It is home to various other underground chambers and tunnels.

The site apparently lacks the proper legal documentation and papers, and hence it had become an easy target for locals searching for free building materials. And more recently, it has found one more practical use as a broadcasting tower for Croatian Television and T-Mobile service.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Trakošćan Castle

This is a castle situated atop a wonderful hill in northern Croatia that almost resembles a fairytale castle. It was built in the 13th century with the purpose of a defensive fortification. It has been rebuilt a number of times due to which it may have lost its grandeur to some extent. It gives a romantic appeal due to being positioned on top of a verdant forest hill.

It was opened to the general public as a museum depicting historical displays about the area and Croatian history in general. There is a man-made lake built at the foot of the hill making it’s view more similar to a fairytale storybook.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Visovac Monastery

This beautiful monastery is located in Croatia’s Krka National Park. It was built with the help of Augustinian and Franciscan monks, who used this place for solitude, to prepare themselves for a life of priesthood.

It also houses a small museum that displays historic church clothes, manuscripts, and rare books including a medieval copy of Aesop’s fables. Although it is placed inside a huge national park, it doesn’t receive much tourist attention. However, the boat ride to the place is worth it, you get a chance to feel the clear blue water of the lake and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Korenica Monument

This is again a monument that has been forgotten with respect to its historical significance. It is located in the town of Korenica – near the border between Croatia and Bosnia. It was built post-World War II remembering the victory and freedom of the people in Croatia. It represents the end of Nazis in Yugoslavia and the rule of Tito for 60 years.

To be more specific in its location, you need to head to Bijeli Potoci via the road to Donji Lapac. Most of the monument has been torn down, so when you reach there, the parts of it that are left are all that you get to see.

Places To Visit In Croatia – Zrinjevac Meteorological Column

This is a 135-year-old weather station located in Zagreb, which is known as the most beautiful park in the Croatian Capital.

This relic was built in 1884 by an amateur meteorologist and physician Adolf Holtzer. He structured a meteorological column on the north side of the square with scientific instruments to record temperature, humidity and air pressure over time. The data collected over here were used for his studies which were viewed as revolutionary at that time. It is indeed a valuable attraction for people who love to discover the most unusual places in the city.

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Places To Visit In Croatia

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7 Fun And Interesting Places To Visit In Croatia

7 Fun And Interesting Places To Visit In Croatia

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