Review of Hotel Europa, Florence


It was with a feeling of great relief that we looked at the signboard that glowed in the night. The signboard read HOTEL EUROPA. We had had a harrowing experience in the morning which bordered on the agony and later had some ecstatic moments in Florence. The sight of the Hotel was the welcoming sight of an oasis in a Desert.

Why we felt like this may be read in one of our earlier post:

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Our Experience in Hotel Europa

As soon as we entered the Hotel, the cheerful and helpful girl behind the Reception quickly checked us in and informed us that complimentary breakfast would be served in the restaurant in the morning from 7 AM.


We were very pleased to see our room which was quite spacious and had king size beds. The Bathroom too was big and well equipped. Our first night there, the adventures of the day had so tired us, that we immediately crashed into bed.


We stayed in Hotel Europa for 2 nights and 3 days and had a very pleasant experience. Though the hotel is not situated in Florence, it is conveniently located very near the Railway Station of Signa, just a 15-minute train ride from Florence. It is an ideal place to stay in and explore the treasures of Florence. Check out what to see in Florence if you have 48 hours in hand at your disposal.


We found that the picturesque town of Signa with a lovely backdrop of the Tuscan countryside is an ideal place to relax after spending a tiring day exploring the treasures of Florence.



The complimentary breakfast is quite fulfilling and the staff helpful. Being vegetarians, we had limited options, but were happy with what was on offer. It was a pleasure to have breakfast while admiring the wonderful view of the Tuscan countryside from the hotel’s restaurant.



About Hotel Europa

The hotel is a 4-star property and provides value for your money. It has a total of 116 rooms across two buildings which are opposite to each other. There is a choice of Standard and Superior rooms, however, both the types are elegantly done and have an ambiance that at once is soothing and relaxing.



The hotel has easy access to Florence and its renaissance treasures. Pisa, the home of the Leaning Tower is also a 2-hour train ride away from Signa. All rooms are equipped with Satellite Television and Refrigerators. The hotel also offers free WiFi.

How to get to Hotel Europa


It is very easy to get to and fro from Hotel Europa. If you reach Santa Maria Novella, the main station of Florence, you can catch a train to Signa and reach there within 15-20 minutes. The frequency of the trains is also good, so you would not need to wait long for catching a train to and from Signa. As soon as you alight at Signa, the hotel is visible from the station itself and is located right next to it.


So would we go back to Hotel Europa again?

We would love to go back to this hotel again and spend some relaxing time, probably explore the town of Signa and cycle around the countryside. We were not able to do so on our first visit as time was short and we focused on Florence.

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Review of Hotel Europa, Florence

Review of Hotel Europa, Florence

Photo Credits for this post: Hotel Europa

Disclaimer: This article is the personal opinion of the authors based on their actual experience at Hotel Europa. The opinions are independent, we have not been commissioned by the Hotel to review their property.


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48 thoughts on “Review of Hotel Europa, Florence

  1. Angie (FeetDoTravel) Reply

    This does look like a lovely hotel, I love the bathroom, it’s huge! Florence is a wonderful place to visit and the fact this is only a couple of hours away from Pisa makes it even more appealing! Thank you for this information, I have pinned this for future reference!

  2. Barry Reply

    Looks like a nice place to retreat after a long day exploring the sights. Hotel Europa looks spacious, clean and inviting. Have pinned to my Pinterest board.

  3. Christina Reply

    Hotel Europa looks like a comfortable country hotel but it seems a fair way from Florence. Did you choose to stay in Signa for a reason? It sounds like a place that might be worth exploring.

  4. GlobalMary Reply

    This hotel looks really lovely. I will take a note of it for my Italian road-trip that I am planning for the next year. I have been to Florence already, so staying a bit outside might be a good option!

  5. Richard Huckvale Reply

    This does not look like much of a hotel from the outside, but that room and bathroom look outstanding!! I LOVE THE PHOTOGRAPHY on this post! What software do you use for your picture edits?

  6. Megan Jerrard Reply

    So glad that the hotel turned your mood around! I read your previous post so I’m glad your day finally worked out!! The hotel looks beautiful – will definitely look to stay when we get to Italy next 🙂

  7. Hallie Reply

    That hotel gives me a little 70s/80s vibes with the prints haha. I love a hotel with some character and that one sure seems to have it.

  8. Danielle Des Reply

    The assortment of food (cheese, croissants etc) at the complimentary breakfast really looks like great value here. I love complimentary! Also even though the hotel wasn’t exactly in the city center of Florence, I can appreciate the Tuscan countryside (I can appreciate all countrysides!). Looks like a peaceful retreat after a long day of exploring.

  9. Nicole Reply

    Ahh I miss Florence so much! This town and the hotel look lovely! My favorite part is the view from the breakfast room, just perfect!!

  10. Becki Reply

    This hotel looks absolutely lovely! Florence is quite near the top of my bucket list, so I’ll keep it in mind for when I go to book something! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Rebecca Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit Florence, well, anywhere in Italy. This looks like a wonderful place to stay that’s not too far. When I first saw the outside photo, I wasn’t expecting the luxury on the inside. Lovely.

  12. Gareth Reply

    Really enjoyed your previous post about the debacle with the trains but glad also you found this pleasant spot. A very enjoyable write-up and a very welcome reprieve from your previous exploits. That buffet looks particularly impressive!

  13. Kaylene Reply

    Wow, what a beautiful hotel to enhance your stay in such a stunning city like Florence. The bedroom really looks comfortable and stylish. I really want to make it to Florence on day, I’ve only ridden through it on a train.

  14. Chris Reply

    I didn’t have high hopes for the place from those first few shots of the facade…

    So glad the staff were wonderful and those views from the dining area certainly looked wonderful!

    Still, it looks a little dated and certainly not what I’d envision when thinking of 4 stars!

    Was it reasonably priced?

  15. Nancy Reply

    We have found in our travels that sometimes its a little nicer to stay outside of the major cities. With only a 15 minute train ride to Florence it might be worth it to not have the crowds and noise. The hotel looks lovely too.

  16. Lara Dunning Reply

    What a lovely hotel with a very scrumptious looking breakfast and great view. I’m always up for less crowds and noise when traveling so this would suit me.

  17. David Reply

    Florence is one of those places where there may be a lot of options, but many are quite average. This hotel looks really nice and it’s good you can catch the train into the city.

  18. Subhadrika Sen Reply

    This looks like a lovely hotel. I loved the lobby and the reception area and how the wall ad an interesting artwork. The room looks spacious and with a nice view . And I must comment, the washroom is so spacious. Long time since I have seen big washrooms. 😛 . Hope you enjoyed the hotel and the city as well.

  19. melody pittman Reply

    This hotel has their food selection and dining area going on! What epic views and such a lovely setting. Shame the outside of the hotel isn’t jazzed up a bit more.

  20. Carol Colborn Reply

    We just had a day trip to Florence last year. That was a shame. We should have stayed for several days in a hotel like this!

  21. Travel Lexx Reply

    Looks lovely and a good alternative to the hustle and bustle of the city, I am sure you saved a lot by not being in Florence itself and also got to experience a smaller town. Love the reception area too!

  22. Indrani Reply

    Mesmerizing interiors, so well done up.
    While at Florence I too stayed away from the main city, only glitch was we couldn’t drive down.

  23. neha Reply

    We are actually planning to stay here on our upcoming trip to florence. Thank you so much for sharing we know exactly what to expect from the hotel

  24. Indrani Reply

    The room is really done up well. The best part is it is near a railway station. We too search out such hotels.

  25. Kristina Reply

    What a darling little place! I love Florence, but it can be overwhelming. This would be great to go to after a long day.

  26. Nicole Anderson Reply

    This looks like a lovely hotel and well located for exploring Florence and the Tuscan region. 15-20 minutes is no time at all for the value and everything looks nice and clean. It was also reassuring to read that you would book this hotel again if you went for another visit.

  27. hey sharonoox Reply

    Looks like a nice place to stay and relax on a vacation. I’m all about complimentary breakfast. Those pastries though… Yum!!!

  28. Wren Reply

    This looks like an excellent place to stay! I love the lobby, it is so fancy!

  29. Eileen Reply

    Looks like you had a lovely stay at Hotel Europa! I love how it’s a little bit away from the bustle of the city center, it looks like a good place to relax after a day of exploring the city.

  30. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I’ve never heard of this hotel before but it sure sounds amazing. It would be nice to stay here and explore the town of Signa. It’s quiet and peaceful.

  31. Carol Cassara Reply

    It would be nice to stay here if you’re exploring Florence. I think it’s a lovely hotel surrounded by a lovely town.

  32. Travel Blogger Reply

    The outside doesn’t do justice to the inside! The inside is so gorgeous! It looks like such a great place to stay. That complimentary breakfast looks amazing too! Yum!

  33. Ashley Grant Reply

    Don’t laugh, but of everything in this post, all I want is the photo of what looked like a unicorn above the bed. I loved the colors of it, and it would just be so neat to have a piece of art like that in my apartment.

  34. kelly reci Reply

    that looks like a “feel like home” Hotel!! looks very comfortable to stay!! gonna check it out someday!

  35. Lucee Santini Reply

    Overall, it was a fantastic experience, even though we spent only few hours per day inside the hotel, being Florence, you should be outside.

  36. Julie Syl Reply

    It looks great hotel! What a wonderful place! Maybe someday I will visit there. Its really look exciting to visit!

  37. Our Family World Reply

    Very nice hotel. The rooms are spacious enough and the beds look so comfy. I will have to remember the Hotel Europa when we get to visit Italy this year.

  38. krystal Reply

    I hope to visit Europe one day. It is on my bucket list for sure!

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