Dudhsagar Falls – A Lesser Known Gem of Goa

Dudhsagar Falls

All of us love fairy tales, don’t we?

It was the enchanting tale of a princess that had brought me to Goa, on my way to the Dudhsagar Falls.

First, the tale. Once upon a time, there lived a princess on the edge of the woods. She was so beautiful that even the birds sang her praise and even the sun blushed and hid behind the clouds on her approach. The Princess followed a daily morning ritual. She would bathe in a serene and lovely pool in the woods, and after her bath would partake of sweetened milk from a golden jug. One day, it so transpired that she spotted a handsome prince watching her from behind some trees. Embarrassed at the invasion of her privacy and feeling vulnerable in her nudity, the Princess immediately flung the milk from the golden jug, in front of her, creating a sheet of flowing milk, that acted as a curtain, protecting her from the gaze of the Prince. Legend has it that the sheet of milk cascades down the slopes of the mountain to this day in the form of the gushing, milk like waters of the Dudhsagar falls. Dudhsagar in Hindi literally means “Ocean of milk”.

I was fascinated by this legend of the Dudhsagar falls. My interest was fuelled further by the enticing visual imagery of the falls in a Bollywood movie. So much so, one summer morning found me hopping into a cab at Bogomolla beach, Goa, where I had been camping for a couple of days. My destination, Dudhsagar Falls.

Where is Dudhsagar Falls

The Dudhsagar waterfalls, which is among the 100 highest waterfalls in the world is situated in the Indian state of Goa. The waterfall has a height of about 310 metres and an average width of about 30 metres. The falls assume spectacular proportions during the rainy season when they are fed abundantly by the monsoons, and the water cascades down in a silver avalanche, adding to the beauty of the Western Ghats.

The majesty of the Dudhsagar falls can be best viewed from a train as it passes the small Railway station of Dudhsagar. But our plans were different, we intended to travel to the base of the waterfalls.

As mentioned earlier we had been camping in Bogmalo, a small beachside village in the south of Goa, where the beach was virtually empty in the mornings. Inquiries revealed that Dudhsagar Falls was at a distance of about 76 kilometers from here.

How we got to Dudhsagar Falls
We hired a cab that would take us to Dudhsagar Falls and drop us back. The driver explained that it would take about 5 hours to and from the falls, plus another couple of hours to reach the base of the falls and spend some time there. So it was a full day outing. We set off immediately after breakfast, with the sun just making its presence felt in the eastern horizon. We made a good time as the cab made its way through a winding road, dotted on both sides by swaying coconut palms. The vegetation was lush and it seemed that trees were crying out in joy after welcoming the first monsoon showers.

We soon reached a small town called Collem where the gateway to reach Dudhsagar Falls is located. The village is on the border of the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary and Mollem National park. To reach Dudhsagar Falls we would need to either trek or hire a jeep that would take us 10 kilometres inside the National Park. Private vehicles are not allowed inside the Park. We hired a jeep and also had to hire mandatory life jackets for all of us.

Dudhsagar Falls

We got into the jeep, the excitement rising within us as we entered and passed the gates and entered the National Park. The landscape dramatically changed as we drove over a dirt trail fringed by a canopy of trees. The jeep trembled and shuddered as we drove through uneven tracks into the wilderness. Very soon we came to a small stream of water and the jeep drove right into it. The driver informed us that sometimes the streams water would almost reach the windows of the closed jeep. Of course, the route we were taking would be closed in the rainy season, during the months of June, July, and August.

The jeep slithered through another stream as we looked out into the woods beyond the side of the road, willing some wild animals to make an appearance. The driver informed us that the forest was the home for wild animals like the Black Panther, Leopard, Bengal Tiger and their ilk. A chill did go throughs our spine as we involuntarily rolled up the windows. However, the driver assured us that the animals would be deep inside the forest and never ventured till the track that we were on.

Soon we reached the point where we needed to leave the jeep behind and trek to the base of the waterfalls. After viewing some acrobatic antics by a few monkeys who lay siege to this place we started our the trek on our final leg of the journey to reach the base of the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Dudhsagar Falls
Dudhsagar Falls

The Final Trek to the base of the Dudhsagar Falls

We took in deep gulps of the fresh mountain air as we began the trek towards the base of the falls. The area was heavily wooded and sunlight barely pierced through the green cover.

Dudhsagar falls

We crossed a small wooden bridge with a rivulet meandering seductively below. We clambered over some rocks for a few photo ops and generally enjoyed the trek revelling in the wilderness and the beauty of nature at its best.

Dudhsagar Falls

After a couple of kilometres, we reached a spot where we could behold the falls. A railway bridge spawned across the falls, giving it a unique, romantic charm. As if on cue, we heard the siren of an approaching train and soon a train rumbled across the bridge against the backdrop of the waterfalls. The scene before our eyes was straight out of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie.

Dudhsagar Falls

Here is our video of Dudhsagar falls:

We were now almost near the base and came across a scattering of rocks of different shapes and sizes, we needed to climb over these rocks and then descend over to reach the pool at the base of the falls. The rocks were slippery, so we carefully negotiated the rocky path and were soon slipping into the cool waters.

Dudhsagar Falls

The water was not more than 6 or 7 feet as the monsoons had not set in, we were informed that the water in the monsoons was as deep as 25-30 feet and not safe for swimming.

Dudhsagar Falls

However, we had our life jackets on as a mandatory requirement and we swam towards the rocks where the falls plummetted and crashed from a height of 310 metres. After all, not every day do you get the opportunity to stand under such a natural shower.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

The water of the pool was so cool and refreshing that the heat of Goa in summer was relegated to the inner recesses of our minds. We frolicked and played in the water like babies, to our heart’s content, before reluctantly stepping out of the pool.

Dudhsagar Falls

We retraced the same route to find our jeep waiting for us and sank into it gratefully after some tiring activity. We were soon on our way back to Collem. I looked back as the jeep raised a cloud of red dust behind us to watch a lone monkey looking wistfully at us. “A penny for your thoughts”, I thought.

We were back in Collem and returned our life jackets and thanked the jeep driver for a great trip. We went in search of our cab, that would take us back to our digs in Bogmalo, but not before we downed a couple of glasses of fresh sugarcane juice, which tasted like manna from heaven to our thirsty palates. We settled ourselves into the cab and decided we would have lunch at one of the Spice Gardens on the way. It would be a lunch combined with a tour of the Spice garden, and we looked forward to the experience.

Do watch this video shot during monsoon when Dudhsagar falls is at full glory. Though the video is bit lengthy, it is worth a watch to get a complete view. Must watch full screen in HD mode.

Video Credit: daintellekt

Some tips if you plan to visit Dudhsagar Waterfalls

  • If you plan to visit the base of the falls, then May would be the best month, the place would be closed between June, July and August owing to heavy rains and flooding
  • One can view the falls from a train as well, but of course, this is a different experience
  • From Collem you need to take the official jeep that will ferry you to and from from the falls and is available on a shareable basis. You also need to hire the life jackets which your Jeep driver will assist you in getting
  • The rocky path near the base of the falls is quite slippery and steep in places and may not be suitable for the elderly and infirm

We sat on the sands of Bogmola beach,the waves gently caressing our feet as we thought about the story of a Princess and a Prince and a jug of milk.

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls
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73 thoughts on “Dudhsagar Falls – A Lesser Known Gem of Goa

  1. Glenda Reply

    That was such an amazing video and spectacular views. The Dudhsagar falls does look like milk coming gushing down. Thank you for sharing the Legend about the princess and the sheet of milk.

  2. Flo @ Yoga, Wine & Travel Reply

    I love the back story of the falls! What a beautiful tale. This looks like a spectacular place to visit, I do love chasing waterfalls around the world so will need to add this to my bucket list!

  3. Gina Reply

    This scene definitely looks like something out of a Hollywood or Bollywood movie. You had me hooked by telling me the legend of how the falls were formed. I can’t believe something so beautiful exists! Even though it takes awhile to get there, I would have had the same excitement as you when finally arriving.

  4. Tam Gamble Reply

    Goa is on the list of places I need to visit in the near future and this scenery is absolutely stunning. I am sure when people think of Goa they automatically imagine a golden beach somewhere but now I have seen these pictures I will definitely be visiting.

  5. Anita Reply

    It looks like a great experience. I love detailed description and useful tips. Thanks for sharing!

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    That is an absolutely spectacular view! I love waterfalls and this is one of the most impressive I’ve seen in person or on the web!

  7. Joe Reply

    The journey to the falls is in itself quite an experience, with its lush scenery and compelling wildlife. But the falls themselves appear to be something else entirely – it’s quite surprising they’re not really all that well visited, considering they’re in one of the more popular regions of India. Great pictures – they look magnificent! 🙂

  8. Cat Reply

    Such a beautiful place & beautiful tale! Thank you for the informative post. Will definitely check out when visit India!

  9. Brian Reply

    I LOVE the shot of the train going over the falling water. It’s great that you included a video. Great how you are writing about this region that I’ve never heard of!

  10. Mindi Hirsch Reply

    I can understand why you frolicked in the water – the combination of cool water and natural beauty is definitely frolic worthy.

  11. Soraya Reply

    Wow looks incredible, especially one of your first photos of the falls going through the bridge and the train crossing. And I am sure cooling down for a swim (even with the life jackets) would have been so refreshing. I’ve never visiting India, but I would love to go one day and explore. This place sounds so beautiful.

  12. ben Reply

    Bathing in milk, now that is luxurious. Does the water flow all year round? I have a friend who is contemplating visiting Goa. I will forward this to him.

  13. Amy Reply

    What a beautiful tale behind the falls! And getting there looks just as incredible. I love the idea that private cars are not allowed as it makes for controlled access and a bit more respect to the park. Would love to visit and spend a day swimming beneath them!

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    I really love that photo of the train and the majestic mountain behind, absolutely superb. I have a few friends heading to that part of the world in the coming months so have shared it via my social media channels. Really enjoyed this post, keep up the great work

  15. Luca Reply

    During the monsoon the waterfalls seem absolutely STUNNING!! That roar, wow! That’s the period I’d like to go there, even if I think it would be harder to reach the point.
    About your trip, I didn’t know it was mandatory to wear life vests while swimming in the pool, but I guess it’s for safety reason on organized tours, isn’t it?
    Thanks for letting us know this “unknown” gem in Goa 🙂

  16. Subhadrika Sen Reply

    Dudhsagar is a beautiful place which I can say is still untouched by heavy tourism that most parts of india is inflicted with. The beauty of the waterfalls are a view that one can gaze at for hours and never get tired of it.

  17. Smidge Reply

    This looks amazing! That photo of the train going over the waterfall boggles my brain though! How does that work when the waterfall is higher?!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you It becomes quite misty when it is in full glory and the railway track is on a bridge.

  18. Ella Reply

    Oh hell yeah, I love fairytales. The story of the princess is really beautiful. Great post with amazing pictures. Reading it I always had to imagine how different the nature must be during monsoon time compared to “dry” season. But I actually don´t want to imagine sitting in that jeep when the water is that high – scary thought!

  19. Jenni Reply

    oh wow looks amazing I love waterfalls and then throw in some cute monkeys and I would so enjoy this trip. Great photos!!

  20. Angie (FeetDoTravel) Reply

    i visited Dudhsager Falls back in 2008 when I was in Goa so reading this took me right back there again! I remember a bumpy journey and a bit of a walk but it was worth it. We didn’t need life jackets back then and we do remember large fish nibbling at our toes because people were throwing pieces of banana in for them! Great memories, thanks for sharing. #FeetDoTravel

  21. Tracy Collins Reply

    Wow what a beautiful waterfall – and loved the tale of the Princess! I have not been to Goa yet but I will definitely try to see the falls when I do!

  22. Kris Reply

    Wow! I also love chasing waterfalls and I’m now wanting to do a weekend road trip while looking at your photos! I love the love story that you shared too behind the pretty scenery. 🙂 Your photos are great too, thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  23. Lisa Reply

    Great post! I love waterfalls and this one is stunning. I love that there is hiking involved to get to it. Your video and pictures captured this great adventure nicely!

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    perfect timing on the waterfalls photo while a train was passing by! I need to remind myself that there is a hidden gem in Goa that is also a must visit aside from its beautiful beach.

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    I have been to Goa several times but never to these falls and that is my greatest disappointment! Interesting fairy tale there. 🙂 These tips on how to get there are helpful. I must plan a trip exclusively for this.

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    I’m a fan of lesser known places. Great job capturing it. Now I know more about the best of Goa, thanks to you.

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    Wow, that looks like an incredible place! Swimming at the base of that huge waterfall must be amazing – and maybe a little scary 🙂 Thanks for sharing this story! x

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  29. Joanna Reply

    From the first photo you would say that it a waterfall in Norway, not in Goa. It looks absolutely stunning! I would love to do the trek that you did, I love hiking. However, I would not like to know beforehand that I might meet a Bengal tiger or a Black panther on my way. That would probably scare me for the entire day, haha.

  30. Garth Reply

    Ive not heard of the Dudhsagar waterfalls before, so thanks for sharing! Never been to Goa either,would love to one day. Your photos and video are amazing.

  31. Carlie Reply

    I always love reading your travel writing, especially your creative writing like the tale of the Princess in this post. This looks and sounds like paradise. I would absolutely love this.

  32. Chandi Reply

    I was in Goa in 1989 and didn’t hear about these falls. Looks like very pretty countryside and the swimnming looks nice too.

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    Thanks for adding magic to this already beautiful place with the story of the princess! I’m fascinated, can’t wait to see it for myself.

  34. David Reply

    I love visiting waterfalls and Dudhsagar falls look incredible, especially in monsoon season. Nice legend about the origin of the falls, always appreciate some local folklore. This looks like somewhere I’d like to go if I visit India one day.

  35. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    Dudhsagar is undeniably a fairytale waterfall. We had been to Dudhsagar by train which runs along the falls. The falls are close to our hometown in Karnataka. We boarded a train and disembarked at a station near the falls and walked along the track to the falls. It was a memorable experience. 🙂

  36. Jamie Gaviola Reply

    Wow, Dudhsagar falls looks so breathtaking. I honestly didn’t know that such place existed, until I read your post, lol. It would be a dream to go there, and experience it myself. 🙂

  37. Jitaditya Narzary Reply

    I planned for Dudhsagar many times when I lived down south. After shifting to Delhi it completely slipped out of my list. But this post will probably make me do something next monsoon!

  38. Rob Taylor Reply

    I didn’t realize the enormity of the falls until the end when I saw swimmers at the base. Wow! It really is a beautiful waterfall and for sure is on our India bucket list. I’m such a sucker for beautiful falls.

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    Oh wow! I never heard of this waterfall before but it looks truly breathtaking to be honest. The way the waterfall falls down so close to that bridge is spectacular too, but I love the fact that you went to the base of the fall to explore it as good as you could. So beautiful!

  40. Shane Reply

    Love destinations with an intriguing back story! It must have been so surreal seeing these massive falls in person. I hope to make it there one day very soon!

  41. Barry Reply

    Great write up. Even though its high on my Bucket list, I’ve still not had the chance to visit Goa. Photos are spot on. I have pinned it on my travel board for later.

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    Those falls are incredible! They’re made even more special by being open to bathers. I’d love to dip in those waters and feel the fairy tale for myself.

  43. Ami Reply

    Dudhsagar is just amazing in monsoon. I wanted to see it this time too, but time was short. Hope to get there again. I am also, hoping to catch it via a train journey. Lovely pics.

  44. Liana Reply

    At first, I was wondering what the Dudhsagar Fall were looking like seeing hundred of falls before. After reading the legend, I was mesmerized by the history, and why it would be called this way. It’s something incredible to see IRL and it seems like you had such a great time getting to there! The hiking is such one of my favorite activity btw, and I’ve been and enjoying your article! One of the best guide actually regarding Goa and the surroundings!

  45. Sudhakara Reply


    We are 6 friends planning to visit dudhsagar falls on Nov.1 2016. Please let me know visiting dudhsagar falls (Via jeep or treck) is banned or not.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Hello Sudhakara, Trek might take you all few hours. Better to go by jeep and enjoy swimming under the waterfall for a longer time. 🙂

  46. Johann Reply

    I remember 10 years ago sometime in June, I happened to be on a train and clearly remember when the train stopped at Castle Rock Station. I had no clue the falls were ahead and had never heard about it either. To enjoy the chilled weather, I sat at the footboard of the train for the next few stations. A few stops away the tunnel arrived and then all of a sudden I’m at the Dudh Sagar Falls. I was elated, and couldn’t control my emotions. That was one of my first solo travels I did. What an experience! Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

  47. Ashley Reply

    I loved the story in the beginning! Tales like this always make the experience of visiting a place more intimate.

    I was surprised, once I saw the photos with the swimmers, how large the falls really were. Those are great for adding perspective.

  48. Risha Rana Reply

    Truly fantastic! Wasn’t aware of the story behind the Dudhsagar falls. It looks heavenly! Also, your way of describing the story and putting tips is commendable.

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