A tale of a not so ordinary wedding anniversary


The road ahead gleamed in silver on account of the rain which was pouring down heavily. The headlights of the passing vehicles broke the silvery monotony with their bright yellow halos. It was quite late in the night and almost approaching midnight. I was on my way home after another breaking day in the office.

I let myself into my apartment and my wife was there as always, ostensibly glued to the television set, but I knew she always waited for my return.

She looked at me as I took off my shoes and thankfully sank into a sofa.

“Kareena got a great anniversary surprise, a diamond necklace from Malabar Gold And Diamonds“, she said.


I ignored the glint of anticipation in her eyes and said, “Oh! that’s just a commercial!”

“Did you hear about Kareena’s pregnancy”? my wife continued as if it was some earth shattering news.

I just shrugged my shoulders and using the Television remote switched from the channel that beamed boring soaps to the News channel.

She gave me a look, which clearly spoke out loudly, “What can I do with this guy”! and made her way to the bedroom.

The clock struck 12, the midnight hour. I switched off the Television set and made my way to the bedroom. She slept soundlessly like a child and the moonlight streaming through the windows lent an ethereal glow to her face. I gently shook her shoulders and awakened her. I held her hand and gently led her out of the bedroom to the living room which I had lit up brightly and decorated with flowers, a small cake with a candle, completed the scene.

She looked around and stared at the huge posters that I had put up around the room.

“Wow! what lovely scenery! and those snow-clad mountains look really amazing”.

She then looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Happy Anniversary dear, we are flying to Switzerland today for an entire week of adventure”. I whispered in her ears.

She looked at me in wonder and said: “You have been scheming behind my back”.

“But I love it”!



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18 thoughts on “A tale of a not so ordinary wedding anniversary

  1. Christina Reply

    What an amazing present. I love how it was presented too. Nothing beats a surprise trip in my books. Much better than diamonds!

  2. Jason Young Reply

    What a great story and the present is not too bad either. Not that bg a fan of diamonds but this story makes me reconsider

  3. Jacqui Odell Reply

    What a great surprise! I love it when they surprise us like that.

  4. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That’s a very sweet gesture! It’s really nice when people go the extra mile to celebrate an anniversary with their loved one. This is really nice.

  5. DogVills Reply

    Wow, what a lovely way to celebrate your anniversary. Oh, so sweet the both of you!

  6. Urvi Reply

    I love the way you wrote whole article. I still remember my surprise trip to Miami. Nothing can beat to surprise trip. Lovely

  7. Gennifer Rose Reply

    What a great anniversary gift! I always prefer adventures over objects. You will make memories that will last a lifetime. And take lots of photos!

  8. Shirley Reply

    I like Kareena Kapoor very much, she is one of my favorite. Lovely way to celebrate wedding anniversary. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ourfamilyworld Reply

    Wow, happy anniversary! Hope you will have a superb celebration there!

  10. Kelly Reci Reply

    Oh, happy anniversary! This post is so lovely, hope to hear another year!

  11. Ree love30 Reply

    I think my boyfriend needs to read this to learn a few things 🙂 what a lovely romantic story and what an amazing place to take her as a surprise! Ree love30

  12. Candy Reply

    Awe, what an awesome surprise and gift. I would be so happy and in tears of excitement. Was it hard to plan this surprise and how long did you have to keep this secret from her?

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