Review of Joo Joobs Travel Wallets

Review of Travel Accessories – Joo Joobs Travel Wallets

Travel is always such a liberating experience. We always love the feeling of freedom as you step out of your comfort zones and get lost in new worlds, new adventures, and new experiences. A strange exhilaration seems to take over your entire being and you revel in the freedom of travel. It is so good to travel with the freedom of a bird and without a care in the world.

But as liberating as it is one also needs to be grounded while traveling. There are so many practical realities that need to be considered and taken care of. There is so much more to travel than just giving free reign to your imagination.

The most important, in fact, we would say vital consideration while on the go, is the safety of all your personal documents. By personal documents we are referring to Passports, Visas, all personal identification documents, tickets, cash, etc.. These needs to be protected against the vagaries of the weather, theft, loss, and damage. It is essential to pack smartly.

We are always on the lookout for a reliable ally for the protection of our valuable documents and accessories. Recently we were happy to invest in personalized leather wallets from Joo Joobs and have found the wallets not only extremely rugged but also elegant and stylish. The fact that we have our initials monogrammed on the wallets adds a touch of class to these accessories. You can check out the site of Joo Joobs here.

Here we share our experiences of using the wallets and what we find good about them.

Leather Travel Wallet

Joo Joobs

We chose the Leather Travel Wallet for Vyjay, and it came stylishly embossed with the initials VR. The wallet is made full grain distressed leather and is lovingly crafted by hand. The Travel Wallet can hold two passports and 4 credit cards. Coming in a size of 4” by 5.75”, the wallet is extremely handy and convenient to handle. At the same time, the wallet is durable and is a great help in keeping our travel documents and cards organized and easily accessible. This is so important to ensure that we do not rummage through our bags for our documents at immigration counters.

 Joo Joobs

Though we had only our initials on the wallets, there is an option to customize your wallets, one can choose to also add a name, or a quote etc..

iPhone Wallet Case

Joo Joobs

We ordered the iPhone Wallet Case for Sandy as she was looking for some protection for her iPhone which was getting a bit battered by all the traveling around. The handmade iPhone Wallet Case is made from high-quality distressed leather. The Wallet has a soft silicone snap-in case which is so convenient. In addition to the iPhone, the wallet has slots for credit cards and place store some cash bills. Sandy’s initials came embossed on the inside of the wallet.

Joo Joobs

The Wallet also has a strap which ensures that there is no chance of the phone or the other contents slipping through. The iPhone Wallet cases are available 5, 6, and 7 versions too.

How Did we Find the Joo Joobs Wallets

The fact that the wallets are handmade ensures that each product that comes out of the factory is unique. We find the wallets to be of good quality leather and extremely durable. The customization that is available is another unique aspect of the Joo Joobs Wallets. The pricing of the products are very reasonable when you look at the quality on offer, we found the products great value for money.

About Joo Joobs

The hand-crafted leather products from Joo Joobs comes from the exotic land of Chiang Mai in Thailand. The products are the labor of love of a family of leather craftsmen who look upon their work more as an art and a passion and each stitch of the leather is more of a penance than work for them.

We now continue to travel like free birds not bogged down by worries of misplacing documents or losing credit cards, safe in the knowledge that our valuable documents are safely ensconced in the warmth of leather wallets meticulously handcrafted by people who look upon their work as art.


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18 thoughts on “Review of Joo Joobs Travel Wallets

  1. Adriaan Van Niekerk Reply

    I will definitely give one of these wallets a try. Especially the leather travel wallet for my passport and credit cards. Currently I just shove everything into my carry-on and I guess that is an accident waiting to happen. Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Vibeke Reply

    I love wallets like this. So handy. However, I used to have one with a phone in Ecuador and the whole wallet got stolen with all my cards and my phone. It can be a bit risky. But if you travel to safe places without risk of robbery and you don’t lose your stuff all the time I would definitely have one. I might only get the passport one as I don’t have a proper wallet for it and it almost gets folded xD.

  3. Paige Wunder Reply

    These are absolutely amazing. I’m actually in Chiang Mai now, I’ll have to check this company out while I’m here. I love that they can be personalized as well. That makes them extra-special. I would want the passport one that way everything I NEED is all right in one spot. I’m always digging around in my bag for that pesky passport. Ha.

  4. Ozzy Reply

    Right time, right choice! I was just thinking of getting a wallet that would endure the test of backpack travel. Would love to have the leather wallet with passport holder. Personalized and engraved wallet sounds too tempting to pass on. 🙂

    A great review, I must say!

  5. Candy Reply

    These wallets look very durable and the designs are simple and sleek. I always need some type of protection for my phone, so the iPhone wallet case would my first chose. I also like that they can be personalized 🙂

  6. Natasha Reply

    I really love the iPhone wallet case. I like the idea of having my phone and credit cards all in one easy to find place. If I don’t keep things organized, I quickly lose them and that is so stressful when traveling!

  7. Veronica P. Reply

    That’s wonderful wallet! Is there a way to affix your phone or do you just put it inside?

  8. Rahul Khurana Reply

    This looks like a really good option. The design looks simple and the overall finishing done is perfect. Phone wallets are in high demand these days and this has space for all your travel documents, makes it even better I think. Nice find. 🙂

  9. Abhinav Singh Reply

    I did not realize the importance of using a passport holder until I started using one myself. It has helped me organize my travel documents with ease. The designs you have shared are quite useful ones.

  10. Natalie Reply

    These wallets are beautiful! My preference would be the one that holds passports. That would be perfect for traveling.

  11. Marvi Reply

    Wow! Those travel wallets looks super sturdy and of high quality! I’ve always been on the lookout for wallets like this as I find my existing wallet a bit bulky and generally impractical to use when I travel. Great review!

  12. shere Reply

    they look very nice and also very convenient. I normally have a case for my mobile, so having some space for cards would be great

  13. Vlad Reply

    The travel wallet sounds great, I love the idea of having all your travel documents handy. I love how stylish both the wallet and the iPhone case look.

  14. knycx.journeying Reply

    Great looking and classy and I love leather cases. I, myself, have one travel wallet made by a local tiny manufacturer and it’s made of cork, paper tissues, and other eco-friendly materials. yet, it’s durable, water-resistant and stylish. I love it. @ knycx.journeying

  15. SindhuMurthy Reply

    Keeping the travel documents safe and handy at the same time are the most critical aspects when it comes to travel. I always tend to carry a multipurpose sling bag with multiple compartments to carry stuff while traveling and at times it becomes quite annoying to search for the documents from the plethora of stuff in the sling. Looks like it is high time I invest in a good travel wallet which will help in better organizing my documents and Joo Joobs definitely looks like a good choice.

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