Rich History of Indian Sweets: A Collection of 21 Delights

Rich History of Indian Sweets

This is a review of the book Sweet Chronicles: A Journey through the History of Indian Sweets, an anthology about the history of Indian sweets.

Rich History of Indian Sweets

The cuisine of a country is a reflection of its culture and opens a fascinating window to its history, and when the country in question is India, the myriad aspects of its history and culture are very well mirrored in its cuisine. Sweet Chronicles: A Journey Through The History of Indian Sweets, is a book that takes its readers on an exhilarating journey that explores the fascinating world of Indian sweets and their origins.

Book Review of Sweet Chronicles: A Journey Through The History of Indian Sweets

Rich History of Indian Sweets

We take a look at this book that gives a ringside view of the genesis and evolution of Indian sweets from the length and breadth of India. If you are a connoisseur of food, especially one with a sweet tooth, you are sure to find the book and this book review interesting and of course mouthwatering!

About A Journey Through The History of Indian Sweets

Rich History of Indian Sweets

The book, “Sweet Chronicles: A Journey Through The History of Indian Sweets.” is an anthology of, “sweet stories,” compiled and conceptualized by Samata Dey Bose, founder of The book has been edited by Meetu Nadir and is a collection of 21, “sweet stories,” that have been researched and written by 19 different authors. We are honoured to have our story on the birth and history of Karnataka’s popular sweet, “Mysore Pak, “as part of this ensemble.

The book has been published by Blue Rose Publishers and you can order a paperback copy right here.

If you prefer an ebook, then it is available on Kindle.

Google Play Books, click here.

For paperback on Amazon, click here.

A Peep Into Sweet Chronicles: A Journey Through The History of Indian Sweets

Rich History of Indian Sweets

We give you a peep into this fascinating book and are sure that the syrupy sweet nature of the book is sure to make you reach out for a copy of your own.

The diverse mosaic that is India is a land that is unique to our planet. It presents a rich tapestry of culture, heritage, art, and of course cuisine. The “sweets,” landscape of India is as fascinating as it is diverse. Every nook and corner of the country quite literally seems to boast of a sweet that it calls its own. The book dives into the ocean of Indian sweets and comes up with gems, some known and some lesser known, and delves into the fascinating stories behind their origin.

If it is the syrupy Rosgolla in the East, it is the richness of Ghevar in the West. If the delectable Pinni of the North bowls you over, the Hayagriva from the South is sure to stump you. The book not only acquaints you with the character of each sweet but also tells the fascinating tale of its genesis. The book traces the fascinating tale of Rosgolla and its evolution from being a sacred Prasad or offering to God at the Puri’s Jagannath temple to its current avatar.

The origin of the popular Modak which is a must during the Ganesh festival is traced back to the Ramayana, and Mahabharata. The intriguing birth of Mysore Pak in the royal kitchens of Mysore, the link of our very popular sweet Gujiya, with Turkish culture, and many other interesting sweet stories await your attention within the pages of the book, “Sweet Chronicles: A Journey Through The History of Indian Sweets.

The book is a must-read not only for those interested in food history, but anyone interested to know more about the rich heritage of Indian sweets, and their history.

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Rich History of Indian Sweets: A Collection of 21 Delights

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Rich History of Indian Sweets: A Collection of 21 Delights

7 thoughts on “Rich History of Indian Sweets: A Collection of 21 Delights”

  1. Truly an interesting anthology. I discovered three new sweets from the Southern part of India, am dying to find them in Delhi now. I enjoyed reading about Mysore Pak, well crafted.

  2. Thank Your SandyVijay for being a part of this book and the way you shared the history of mysore pak is really appreciable. It was one of my unique project so far and I am glad to have you with me. Its a well crafted review. God bless you both

  3. I am sure that the book beautifully illuminates the cultural significance and craftsmanship behind India’s diverse sweet traditions, inviting readers on a mouthwatering journey through the pages. The article beckons both culinary enthusiasts and cultural aficionados to delve into the savory stories and flavors woven within this delectable anthology.

  4. Wow, Sandy, what an incredible journey through the rich history of Indian sweets! Your blog post not only tantalized my taste buds but also enlightened me about the cultural significance and diverse flavors behind each delightful treat. Thank you for sharing your passion for sweets and for taking us on this mouthwatering adventure! Can’t wait to try out some of these recipes and explore more of India’s culinary treasures.

  5. I have a sweet tooth and cant live without sweets. The knowledge of Panch Pakwan which has have got wider now after reading this. Will definitely get this book to know more about history behind the sweets

  6. What a delightful read on the rich history of Indian sweets! This collection of 21 traditional delights showcases the diverse and sweet legacy of India. Thanks for sharing these delicious stories! 🍬

  7. I got to try some Indian sweets when my hubby’s boss invited us to dinner at their home. It was quite an experience as it felt like we were at a food-tasting ceremony with a few other colleagues/ friends cutting into pieces a small piece of sweet for us to share and taste while my boss’s wife explained more about what we just had. Love them all!

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