Abodes that will catalyze a reconnection with Nature- Sobha HRC Pristine

Sobha HRC Pristine

We have been looking to reconnect with a Bangalore that seems to have been lost. A
Bangalore, that was known for its tree-lined avenues and quality of air, a wonderfully salubrious climate, and its gardens. A city that earned the sobriquet of, “Pensioners’ Paradise”, owing to the quality of life and the pristine environment that is provided to its citizens. However, with the rapid development and industrialization that the city has seen, that soothing touch of nature seems to be missing and can be seen and experienced only in patches. These are the oases of the modern metropolis that strive to preserve the purity of Mother Nature within the city.

Sobha HRC Pristine

Sobha HRC Pristine, Jakkur Road, Bangalore

One such oasis is taking shape at Jakkur, not too far from the airport and within the bustling vicinity of North Bangalore. This is Sobha HRC Pristine, a luxury residential project that is taking shape in a sprawling 8.5-acre land which was once a farmhouse. The land is embellished by trees that include Teak, Mango, and Silver Oak and the project plans to incorporate the natural haven of trees into their design.

The Promise of Nature at Sobha HRC Pristine

Sobha HRC Pristine

When we entered the Sobha HRC Pristine site, we immediately noticed that sound decibel
levels immediately dropped and as we walked further amidst the trees, the only sounds that could be heard were the rustling of the trees and the chirping of birds, in short, the sounds of nature welcomed us.

Sobha HRC Pristine
A long walkway completely covered by a canopy of creepers serenades you as you walk through the grounds.

Sobha HRC Pristine

Another fascinating aspect of the Sobha HRC Pristine is heritage well. This waterbody will get a makeover and get transformed into an ethereal pond with colorful fishes meandering among water lilies. The well would also be the heart of the rain harvesting system of the residential project.

Sobha HRC Pristine

The lucky residents of Sobha HRC Pristine will wake up to the soothing sounds of nature and can take a walk in the large green spaces of the project which would be called, “The Green Grove”, an area filled with the intoxicant fragrance of nature and pure air. It is heartening to note that this area would have restrictions on vehicular traffic to ensure that the purity of air is not affected.

The air and noise pollution levels at the Sobha HRC Pristine property are remarkably low and tests done there have vindicated the experience. It is really heartening to know that Sobha is seamlessly integrating its project to be in total harmony with nature and the environment and preserving the purity of the micro-environment of the project site.

Sobha HRC Pristine

Sobha HRC Pristine – An investment in Luxury Living and Coexistence with Nature

An abode at Sobha HRC Pristine means much more than a brick and mortar house. It means a completely new way of life that integrates modern luxury and convenience with the harmony of nature and the environment.

Sobha HRC Pristine

The project will have 395 dwelling units which include 2,3, and 4-bedroom apartments, 4
Bedroom penthouses, and 4-bedroom row houses.

The amenities that the residents will have access to include a Promenade, a meandering stream, Garden Grove, Step Plaza, Senior Citizen’s Cabana, among others.

For the residents with an adventurous and sporty streak, there will be the availability of a Play Ramp, Tunnel Base, Climbing Wall, Skating Rink, Maze Garden, Cricket Pitch, Tennis Court, Half Basketball Court, Outdoor Fitness Corner etc.

Sobha HRC Pristine

We seemed to have found the Bangalore of yore that we were looking for in this micro-
environment of the Sobha HRC Pristine project in Jakkur. A place where the swaying branches of countless trees greet you and beckon you to enter a pristine haven of nature. Owning a home here would mean nestling once again in the soothing arms of nature, away from cacophony and pollution of the city, but still within striking distance of all the conveniences of city life. In essence, the lucky residents of Sobha HRC Pristine would have the best of both worlds. A great home and living in the midst of nature can be found at Sobha HRC Pristine apartments and Sobha HRC Pristine row houses.

Do you have a dream? Dream of owning a house that is in harmony with nature and the
environment? A house that guarantees a luxurious and healthy quality of life? Then Sobha HRC Pristine is working to make all your dreams a reality. For more details about how to ensure that your dream blossom into reality,  check out Sobha HRC Pristine site.

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44 thoughts on “Abodes that will catalyze a reconnection with Nature- Sobha HRC Pristine

  1. Nawal Reply

    Not gonna lie, I’m not usually the type of person to be that excited to travel to “nature” but this place just got me all pumped up idk why! I would looove to go.

  2. Stephanie Reply

    Sounds like an amazing place to visit. I love going out where you can be surrounded by nature and forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

  3. Lois Alter Mark Reply

    Though it’s a shame that a place like this is considered a rare find, Sobha HRC Pristine must be such an important project for the citizens of Bangalore. Seems like a real gem that showcases the original beauty and natural life of the city.

  4. Luci Reply

    I do dream of having a house amongst nature with trees surrounding me. I never liked the notion of living in a suburb with no trees.

  5. Liz Gen Reply

    Sanctuary such as this one is really love. Amazing place where you can get peace and tranquility connected to nature.

  6. Patricia Reply

    These pictures are awesome! I am excited to see the end result of the transformation of the well. More places should do this.

  7. robin rue Reply

    I would love to visit here. I LOVE anyplace where I can go and be surrounded by nature like this.

  8. Jenny Reply

    I love the walkway of creepers! So beautiful and to wake up in the midst of this wonderful place, would be a dream!

  9. candy Reply

    Your photos from Bangalore look beautiful. Hope they continue to preserve the beautiful nature and surrounding areas. Development is good but hope the keep the beauty of everything.

  10. Mellissa Reply

    I love that they are turning the waterbody into a ethereal pond with color fishes and water lilies. I think the pictures of it look beautiful already so I can imagine how much more beautiful it will be.

  11. Marysa Reply

    That looks like a great place. I love how much nature there is to enjoy there, and how they are incorporating it into the buildings there. I have heard Bangalore has a lot to offer, it would be interesting to visit someday.

  12. Natalie Reply

    Wow such a serene-sounding place! The residents are lucky to have a place to escape in nature nearby. Great projects in the works too, I like that they will transform the well into a pond!

  13. Aseky Bonnaire Reply

    Beautiful 😍 I’m not an Outdoorsy person, but I would love to travel here! And I love that the quality of air is great there! Sometimes it’s nice to unwind out of the city and just enjoy nature.

  14. David Elliott Reply

    I would love to see all of these dwelling places they are creating. Its so awesome what they are doing there. And it’s such a beautiful little area.

  15. Anosa Reply

    What an exciting project, I bet when it is complete this place will be amazing but still a beautiful destination even now

  16. Vibeke Reply

    Pensioners’ Paradise sounds accurate 🙂 It is so good that there are places like this for old people as well. I love going to places where it is not much noise and pollution. Wish it was more of that around.

  17. Sarah Kim Reply

    Wow I can’t believe the Sobha HRC Pristine is right near the airport but still away from the hustle and bustle. I love the variety of trees especially the Teak trees! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Bohemian Babushka Reply

    What an impressive way to incorporate the beauty of nature into public places. Hopefully the beauty and tranquilidad will make people long for more places like these. Gracias for sharing the belleza.

  19. Amanda Reply

    Wow, what beautiful photos. These places look like the perfect place to unplug and reconnect with the jaw dropping beauty of nature.

  20. Rahul Khurana Reply

    This is really good project amidst nature and it is important not to destroy the green environs. I would definitely love to see the pond when it gets a makeover. It stills looks very rustic and prettier even now.

  21. LavandaMichelle Reply

    We are certainly a nature family. We love to travel and visit natural places like this. I love your pictures and it seems like a great place to visit.

  22. angie Reply

    when I was a girl I read about the red pines in california and now I want to see these trees as well very cool for sure

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