A Day Trip to Las Vegas

8 Fun Things to do in Las Vegas
8 Great Things to Do in Las Vegas A Day Trip to Las Vegas
8 Great Things to Do in Las Vegas A Day Trip to Las Vegas

A Day Trip to Las Vegas

A Day Trip to Las Vegas 

There is so much to Las Vegas beyond its epithet of Sin City. There are tons of cool things to see and do in Vegas, that it’s hard to pack it all into a day – or even a week, as I did! But there are some key things you’ve just got to experience for yourself, so go ahead, make a long day out of it. Tire yourself out; you can sleep tomorrow. Today is for Vegas, boys, and girls! So what to do in one day in Las Vegas? Check out my recommendation on what are some of the fun things to do in Las Vegas. A day trip to Las Vegas with lots of fun and adventure!

A Day Trip to Las Vegas – Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas

Stratosphere Thrill Rides

Day trip to Las Vegas

Start your day early at the Stratosphere, the tallest tower in all of Las Vegas. It boasts the tallest thrill ride in the entire world, which shoots you way up into the air to the tip of the needle, and way back down. The Stratosphere rides are unlike any rides you’ve ever experienced before and are awesome for the whole family. While some can be terrifying (try spinning in a circle with no floor beneath you – just open air and way, way down the ground), the three rides are way more fun than any other theme parks you can imagine.

Jump off the Stratosphere

Day trip to Las Vegas

You’re already at the Stratosphere, so now it’s time to do the unthinkable… jump off. The tower can be seen from far and wide, making it all that much more terrifying if you’re driving towards it with the knowledge you’re about to jump off the thing. That’s right, you can jump off the tallest building in Vegas. It’s sort of like bungee jumping and skydiving combined, as you’re attached to wires as you fall down, down, down, the Vegas strip below. If you love adventure then add this to your day trip to Las Vegas itinerary. Do it in the daytime for more of a scare, or at night for a beautiful view of the strip all lit up.

Valley of Fire

Day trip to Las Vegas

Not far from Vegas is the Valley of Fire, which has beautifully colored rock formations you’ll adore. Just a short drive out of town, and you’re totally in the desert – in a land that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Take a break from your crazy Vegas day, and check out the wonders that nature has given us, for a while at Red Rock Canyon.

Random Colorful Rocks

Day trip to Las Vegas

Speaking of rocks, how about the ones someone painted just outside of town? I can’t even really say rocks; they’re more like boulders. These immense painted boulders are stacked on top of each other, creating a very random scene. In the middle of the desert, you’ve just got several stacks of giant rocks somehow piled on top of each other for absolutely no apparent reason. Why? Just why? Well, I guess because it’s Las Vegas.

Famous Cars

Day trip to Las Vegas

Step a little further out of Las Vegas and you’ll find a place that has the actual car that Bonnie and Clyde died in. Not far from there, there’s another place with all sorts of cars – from the Batmobile to the car from Back to the Future. They’re real, and they’re there for you to take photos with.

So now that we’ve gotten you on a little adventure out of Vegas, perhaps it’s time to dive back in to see what the night has to offer…

Slotzilla Zipline

Day trip to Las Vegas

Slotzilla is unlike any Zipline you’ve done before! There are two different ones – one is lower to the ground and takes less time, while the other – you guessed it – is higher up and goes further. The biggest difference, however, is that the lower Zipline is just like any other Zipline – you’re sitting harnessed in. The tall one, however, you’re lying down in full on Superman position. It whisks you down Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, as you fly through a giant television screen, waving at the people below listening to music, eating, drinking, and generally enjoying life. Such is the Vegas way.

Fremont Street

Day trip to Las Vegas

Well, you’re already on a day trip to Las Vegas, why not experience Fremont Street a bit? There are a ton of buskers of all sorts to check out, live music, bars, and of course, in Las Vegas spirit, you can totally buy your drink then wander around with the open container. It’s Vegas – anything goes.

Drive Down the Strip

Day trip to Las Vegas

A day trip to Las Vegas is incomplete without driving down the Vegas strip. Of course, even if you’re not a gamer nor staying in a fancy expensive hotel, you can still experience the strip. Drive down it at night for spectacular views. I was in awe as we did, getting a glimpse of places I’d often seen photos of or seen in movies, but then they were just there right in front of me. It was certainly a sight to behold.

A Day Trip to Las Vegas

So on your next day trip to Vegas, pack it all in – even if you just have a day! You can rest the next day, or stay in a swanky hotel with the coziest bed you’ve ever slept in, getting a good night’s rest.

Now go out and fall in love with Las Vegas, just like this girl who hates cities did!

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8 Fun Things to do in Las Vegas    8 Great Things to Do in Las Vegas A Day Trip to Las Vegas      8 Great Things to Do in Las Vegas A Day Trip to Las Vegas


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31 thoughts on “A Day Trip to Las Vegas

  1. candy Reply

    There is so much much more going on in Las Vegas than wonderful hotels and playing slots. Get out and see the surrounding area and what it has to offer.

  2. Alli Smith Reply

    I’ve been to Nevada but I’ve never been to Las Vegas. I don’t gamble so I’ve never had an interest in going. I think you’ve changed my mind!

  3. Jenny Finney Reply

    I absolutely loved Vegas, when my husband and I visited a few years ago! But all we did was walk up and down the strip, visited Freemont Street and did a tour of the Hoover Dam.

    I would love to dive off of the Stratosphere, as well as the ride!

  4. Pam Wattenbarger Reply

    That Slotsville zip line looks like a lot of fun! Especially the one where you are laying down like SuperMan.

  5. Amber Myers Reply

    I’ve always wanted to go to Las Vegas. One day, I hope. This all looks like fun. My daughter would love the rides. I’d be too afraid.

  6. Dina Demarest Reply

    I have never been to Vegas. I have been planning to add it to my to do bucket list and by looking at all you can do it looks like I need to add it soon.

  7. Heather Reply

    I haven’t been to Vegas in a couple of years. It looks like its time to go back, but I don’t think I could ever do those stratosphere rides. NO WAY!!

  8. Marjie Mare Reply

    I went to Las Vegas this past October and seeing your post, makes me want to go back right now.

  9. Ricci Reply

    I’ve only been to Vegas once and all I saw was the strip! I would love to go back and explore the surrounding area!!

  10. Farrah Less G. Reply

    We always have a blast every time we go to Vegas. We stay at Stratosphere Hotel 2 years ago but I didn’t got a chance to try their Thrill rides. Those are breathtaking!

  11. Marysa Reply

    That Stratosphere ride looks terrifying! Lol, no thanks, I’ll pass on that! But the rock formations and colorful rocks look amazing, and it is nice to go somewhere there are so many things to see.

  12. Tami Reply

    Oh, a trip to Las Vegas without the kiddos would be refreshing. I’m especially interested in seeing the Valley of Fire in person.

  13. Angie Reply

    I haven’t been to Vegas in soooo long! My bf and I are talking about going this Summer, it could be fun!

  14. anosa Reply

    wow, a day trip to Vegas! I would love , love, love,love to have the opportunity to go just for the day.
    I always use booking.com and late rooms for my bookings.

  15. Lois Alter Mark Reply

    Las Vegas is so much fun and, as you showed, there’s so much to do other than going to the casinos. I’d love to visit Valley of Fire and see all those colored rocks next time I’m there – it’s good to get a little nature in when you’re in a real city setting!

  16. chloe lin Reply

    Las Vegas is so cool. I’ve seen it many times in movies but I haven’t been there. Now I know there are so many other activities apart from casinos, I’m totally going there!

  17. Anu Reply

    Valley of Fire and colorful pink rocks look fascinating. Any idea how they get that lovely powder pink color? Are these specific rocks or all rocks have color there.

    Just the thought of jumping from that height gives me goosebumps – wonder how you jump. Scary.

  18. Anne Reply

    I can’t imagine visiting Vegas for a day as there’s so much to see. I thought I would hate the place but fell in love with the adults playground. Definitely need to go back though as the zip wire is calling me

  19. Danik Reply

    Looks like there is more to do in Las Vegas than just the hotels and gambling places. Fantastic read and some good tips here.

  20. Megan Jerrard Reply

    What a fabulous day in Vegas! I love that you’ve highlighted so many cool adventurous things to do – I feel as though people think it’s just a place to gamble and drink, and sleep the day away. Would love to jump off the Stratosphere, and visit the Valley of Fire. I’ve been to Vegas a couple of times, and really enjoyed the day trip we took out to red rocks.

    Such a great city for photography too – you got fabulous photos of the lights of the strip!

  21. Anf Braybrooke Reply

    Fantastic blog! I’d love to jump off the Stratosphere – at least, while sitting here miles away from it. Not sure I’d be able to pull myself away from the roulette tables long enough to actually do it, should I actually make it to Vegas!

  22. Rhonda Albom Reply

    LOL – Our visit to Vegas a few years ago was completely different. No way I am going on the tallest thrill ride in the entire world. (I am a chicken). The Valley of Fire is more up my alley. Of course, we drove the Vegas strip.

  23. Nisha Reply

    Happy New Year! I can see that Las Vegas is not all about casinos. These rides are defintely for the faint hearted 🙂 I am not sure if I want to be on that.
    As you say we will try to pack it all during our visit to Las Vegas. 🙂

  24. melody pittman Reply

    I haven’t been to Vegas in so long and you certainly caught my attention. We had a trip planned for Christmas but traded it in for a Disney cruise. I haven’t done the Stratosphere ride yet, though I know it is quite old. Definitely a thrill for the Vegas strip! 😉

  25. Cat Reply

    The last time I was in Vegas, I only explore the strip. There are so many other fun things you can do outside Vegas. Next time, I would love to travel a bit further and visit Valley of Fire!

  26. David Elliott Reply

    That zip line does sound awesome. I think I could do the roller coaster up there at the Stratosphere but I don’t think I could do the bungee jumping. That’s just not my thing I don’t think. Id probably pass out before I got to the bottom.

  27. Suruchi Reply

    Vegas is high on our list and a dream destination too. Loved there are so much to explore and see. Jumping from stratosphere will be crazy. The Fermont street, driving down the strip, Valley of fire everything looks amazing. Pictures are great too.

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