Travel Tips For The Philippines – Essential Philippines Travel Tips

Travel Tips For The Philippines

Check out this blog post for some important travel tips for the Philippines and things you should know before visiting the Philippines.

Travel Tips For The Philippines

What vaccinations do you need? Is a Visa Required? How do you behave respectfully towards Filipinos? I’ll tell you that and much more in my travel tips for your vacation in the Philippines. In this article, we are going to discuss the most important travel tips for the Philippines and things you should know when you are planning a visit to the Philippines. As we are going to learn, Cebu is one of the biggest cities in the Philippines.

Travel Tips For The Philippines – Essential Philippines Travel Tips – What to know about the Philippines Before Your Trip

Travel Tips For The Philippines

Are you planning a trip to the Philippines, but you don’t know much about the country? I will explain to you about immigration, security, mobility on-site, and other exciting topics. With my Philippines travel tips, you are prepared for your vacation! So read on this blog post to know some of the best travel tips for the Philippines.

Travel Tips For The Philippines – All You Need to Know Before Your Trip To The Philippines

Below are travel tips for the Philippines you should use when travelling to the Philippines for you to experience a smooth visit to this beautiful country.

Travel Tips For The PhilippinesInteresting facts about the Philippines |  Travel Hacks When You Visit The Philippines

Before you fly to a foreign country, you should look at the country itself. So before travelling to the Philippines you should know a few things like Where is the Philippines located? How many islands belong to the island state, and what language do they speak on-site? I’ll share here a few travel tips for the Philippines.

The Philippines – Location

Travel Tips For The Philippines - Essential Philippines Travel Tips

The Philippines are a Southeast Asian country in the Pacific north of Indonesia and east of Vietnam.


Travel Tips For The Philippines

7,641 islands belong to the Philippine island state, which with 343,448 km² is the second-largest archipelago and fifth-largest island state in the world.


There are over 170 languages spoken in the Philippines, including various Filipino languages, including Spanish, English, and Chinese. Tagalog and English are used as the official language, while English is used as the official and business language – so you don’t have to worry about communication. As a rule, most people understand English.


The Philippines are mainly Catholics, making them the only Asian country where the Catholic religion is most of the population.

The currency of the Philippines

Travel Tips For The Philippines
Travel Tips For The Philippines – Philippines currency

The Philippine Peso (PHP) is used to pay – 1 euro is about 58.53 PHP.

Time zone of the Philippines

The island state is in the UTC + 8 zone, which means that the country is 6 hours ahead of us in the German summer and 7 hours after the time change in winter.

Best travel time to the Philippines

The climatic zones of the Philippines have very different conditions. However, in most regions, there is the dry season from January to March, and you can still have a good holiday in the Philippines until May. If you are travelling to Cebu then plan your trip during the winters.

Philippines vaccination

If you are travelling to the Philippines then it is good to know about the vaccines that are required. As with most countries in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is also recommended to have all standard vaccinations such as tetanus, diphtheria, measles, and a few more. If you have been to a country threatened by yellow fever before, this vaccination is also required. Frequent travellers should generally have a hepatitis A vaccination; hepatitis B and rabies can also be useful.

For more information, contact a tropical medicine specialist. To protect yourself against dengue fever transmitted by mosquitoes, cover yourself with adequate mosquito repellent.

Security in the Philippines

According to current information from the Foreign Office, you should refrain from travelling to some areas and regions. This includes the south of Palawan. You should also not visit some other regions that are not typical tourist destinations at the moment. You can see which these are at the Foreign Office. You can find more detailed information on medical advice, entry, and security on the Federal Foreign Office website.

Mobility in the Philippines

Travel Tips For The Philippines
Travel Tips For The Philippines

Many Philippines vacationers come to the country to discover as many different paradisiacal spots as possible with island hopping and to relax on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Depending on the islands’ distance, you can easily travel from one island to the other by speedboat or ferry. Even domestic flights are possible, but not always favourable. Besides, the experience at sea is much more authentic.

For distances of around 100 kilometres within an island, there are also long-distance coaches with low prices, which also offer you the opportunity to admire the landscape during your trip.

For example, if you are looking for aircon buses, you will also get comfortable seats and air conditioning. Jeepneys are ideal for inner-city mobility and stop everywhere – you get in.

Filipino culture

The Philippines has an eventful history. Influences from the Spanish and American colonial times are still noticeable today.

During the Second World War, the Japanese occupied the island nation. Only after the war in 1946 was the Philippines declared independent by the Americans.

Behaviour rules

Respectful interaction is part of everyday life. The Philippines are friendly people and they expect the same treatment from tourists. I visit the Philippines to remain respectful to fellow tourists as well as the locals.

The left hand is considered “unclean.”

You don’t eat the plate empty.

The hustle and bustle and stress are foreign words.

In particular, in urban areas, the Philippines are very western-oriented, while the more rural regions still cling to their traditions. If you want to get to know the country’s culture, I recommend you to visit the big cities of Manila or Cebu City and travel to small towns. For the majority of Catholics, Christian holidays, in particular, play a significant role.

But the Filipinos can also celebrate properly, so it is worth stopping by, for example, at the Sinulog in Cebu, the largest festival in the Philippines. The next event will take place on January 16, 2022, and celebrated with rhythmic dances and music on the street. Carnival too one celebrates in the Philippines: Check out the impressive parades with the pompous costumes of the MassKara Festivalin October in Bacolod City on Negros. In Manila, the Chinese New Year is also a huge event – in 2021, it will take place on February 12.

With these Philippines’ travel tips, I think you have all the essential information you need for your trip to the Philippines. Hope this blog post about travel tips for the Philippines will help you while travelling to the Philippines.

Cebu is a fantastic city with amicable people. We would highly recommend visiting the city any day. For people who love experiencing different cultures, Cebu is the place to visit. With the above tips, you should enjoy your visit to Cebu and not experience shock on arrival as we have highlighted the most essential travel tips for the Philippines.

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PinitTravel Tips For The Philippines - Essential Philippines Travel Tips

Travel Tips For The Philippines

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