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Travel Vignettes through pictures

Travel Vignettes through pictures

Travel is like a many splendoured flower. The fragrance of the experiences are manifold and go beyond the mere visiting of destinations and the indulgences of one’s adventurous streak. Travel is rich in serendipity and provides many opportunities that give simple pleasures. A slice of life of a city, the innocent smile of a child, the vulnerable and heartrending look of a street seller, and many moments like these that get frozen in time, tell their own stories. Ever bend we turn around, every airport, railway station and bus station that we pass through hold innumerable stories, just waiting to touch us.

Here are a few travel vignettes brought alive through pictures. These are treasures of experiences, most of them momentary from our travels across the World. These kind of small experiences and sights are the kind that keeps travel memories alive for posterity, long after the trip is done.

When we stepped into the timeless magic of Jaisalmer fort when we were on a road trip to Rajasthan, we were immediately met by these lovely women dressed in their colorful traditional attire and engrossed in their work. As we looked at this women, many questions swam through our minds, how did these women live? what was the story of their life? What made them laugh? What made them sad?

Rajasthan Travel Vignettes

In the very same Jaisalmer fort at some distance, we were greeted by this little bundle of energy who seemed to be oblivious of the teeming crowds and without a care in the world.

Rajasthan Travel Vignettes

As our bus weaved through the mesmerizing natural beauty of Rwanda, our eyes froze on this scene. A woman who seemed so much in harmony with the nature surrounding her. Where was she off to in the wilderness?

Rwanda Travel Vignettes

In the coastal town of Gokarna in the state of Karnataka India, there is an old and sacred temple dedicated to the Hindu elephant God Ganesh. A group of local women dressed the traditional way sell flowers to visitors to the temple.

Gokarna Travel Vignettes

It was early morning as we stepped onto a deserted beach at Cherai, just off Kochi in India. The waves of the sea rose and fell in rhythmic motion on the pure sands. The early birds were out in search of worms. A small group of fishermen were off on an early morning expedition in search of a rich haul. As we gazed at the boat slowly disappearing into the cloudy haze on the horizon, we wondered about the people on board. We thought about their families, their kids, what they had for breakfast and lunch, did the children go to school? The questions whirred in our minds as the boat moved away in search of its catch.

Cherai Beach Travel Vignettes pictures


We invite you to share your thoughts on any of the pictures that you see here. What are your thoughts when you look at these tableaux of life that have been frozen by these pictures?

Do share your thoughts with us through our comments section, we would love to hear different perspectives of these pictures and the stories behind them.


39 thoughts on “Travel Vignettes – A Photo Blog”

  1. That’s a lovely idea for a blog. 10 years of travel have taught me many life lessons and left me with lasting impressions such as those you have shared here. My most favourite image is the one from Rajasthan. I simply love the people from this state.

  2. Love see the landscape from other countries, buildings they live and work in. The clothes the women especially wear. So bright colorful and loaded with jewelry. Children playing is always fun to see.

  3. This definitely gives me a good idea of what it looks like in that area of the world. There are so many beautiful colors that they have there. It’s definitely an interesting place and maybe at some point I will go check it out!

  4. I genuinely enjoyed this approach of presenting a travel vignette from different places. I would like to give you a suggestion though. What if all the images told a story of its own? Say if every image has a connecting element or a focal point, individual pictures can tie themselves into a bigger painting as a whole. Just an idea.

  5. Such beautiful pictures to complement a country and its beautiful people. I love the colors and their joy. What a wonderful community to visit in travels.

  6. These are beautiful pics! I have a friend in Rwanda right now, who has been completely amazed by the country and the people, so I was drawn to that one- great work!

  7. These are all such great pictures, but I really love that one of the child with the umbrella and the gathering storm clouds. It looks like something you’d find in a museum!

  8. This life looks so simple. Maybe we need to simplify our lives a little bit to remember to enjoy the beauty of this world and it’s unique places (as seen here) and not just chase fame and fortune.

  9. What amazing pictures! I have not done a lot of traveling so it is pictures like this that allow me to see other part of the world. I hope to start traveling more soon!

  10. These pictures are amazing! They truly show the culture – seeing all of these different places never, ever fails to amaze me! Love these shots, I’m so glad you shared them!!

  11. I love your people photography – the women at Jaisalmer fort is quite a captivating photograph. I’m still amazed at the invention of the camera to be able to freeze and preserve forever a moment in time. It gives us such insight, though I agree that they serve the purpose of raising intrigue as well, and I too have many questions after seeing your photos, like , how did these women live? what was the story of their life? Etc.

  12. Behind every photo there’s a story behind. This is especially true in your post! I love the insight you share which helps us to understand the culture and the people better!

  13. I think this is true joy of travel. It gives glimpses into other people’s worlds and a reminder of what is good about our own. Travel creates such a rich tapestry in our loves. I’m so desperate to go to Rajasthan

  14. I love the concept of your blog. I think it’s amazing to sit back and observe what travel has taught all of us. I like the idea of your blog post it seems I was with you while you roamed in Jaisalmer and in all foreign destinations.

  15. This has been such an insight into the lives of people from different places. It is actually pretty interesting to just watch locals go about their daily life while traveling. Really enjoy reading about your travels, quite interesting. Keep traveling, keep us motivated! Cheers

  16. I love how photographs capture a moment in people’s lives… a small snapshot of their existence! I loved the photo of the woman with the umbrella in Rwanda – really striking and beautiful, yet stark. I wonder where she was going?

  17. Your memories are so colorful and full of experiences. I like the women from Jaisalmer very much. Although it is clear that they don’t come/are from a wealthy family, they still wear jewels and take care of how they are dressed. This tells a lot about their customs and tradition that are strongly rooted in their lives. Congratulations for these memorable photos. This way we can have a more deep glimpse of your experiences.

  18. The photo of the woman with the umbrella is just amazing. Nothing is staged but it looks perfect. I bet she has a wonderful story. I hope you were able to chat with some of the locals and hear more about their lives.

  19. Beautiful emotions and moments captured in your pictures. Although I am more into landscape photography once in a while i like to capture people too. Your photoblog really brings alive a day in a life of India vividly.

  20. I love this idea of travel vignettes. I have some from every place and you are right about one instantly transporting themselves with those pictures. You have indeed inspired me to do a post like this though I keep adding these to my instagram.

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