Traveling to Dubai For The First Time – Things To Know

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time
Dubai is an international shopping and tourist destination. Here are some aspects to bear in mind while traveling to Dubai for the first time.
Traveling to Dubai

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time

Things To Know Before Traveling to Dubai For The First Time

Dubai is like a modern El Dorado. A futuristic city that stands high as the fulfillment of the aspirations,  dreams, and efforts of Man. Dubai is synonymous with uber-luxury in the world and an ultimate entertainment destination. Dubai is the modern version of ancient cities like Rome or Athens, crafted with passion and skill. The fact that Dubai has emerged as the melting pot of the world in the midst of the desert is a testimony to the importance of Dubai as a commercial and tourist destination. Dubai is a favorite destination for shopping and adventure. Traveling to Dubai for the first time is excitement on its own.

If you have not been to Dubai, there here are a few things to know before traveling to Dubai for the first time. Dubai is like any other destination in the world, and hence the general preparations one does for any destination holds good, apart from some specific points in keeping with local traditions and culture. Read on to know some tips for your first visit to the city of gold.

Top Dubai Experiences

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time
Traveling to Dubai For The First Time – Visit Burj Khalifa
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Dubai is a complete family getaway with something for everyone. It has a plethora of theme parks to thrill young and old alike apart from other attractions. What you want to do in Dubai depends on your own inclinations and preferences, however, here are our pick of some of the top Dubai experiences for those traveling to Dubai for the first time.

🔲 A visit to the tallest structure and building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is a must. The structure with a total height of 828 meters towers over the Dubai skyline and is an experience that most first time travelers to Dubai look forward to.

🔲 A recent addition to the attractions of Dubai has been attracting a lot of footfalls, a place that seems tailor-made for Instagram. We are talking about the Dubai Frame and are sure that Instagrammers would love to get their Dubai Frame tickets and get themselves photographed there at the earliest. The Dubai Frame that was completed in early 2018 is another landmark of modern architecture of Dubai.

🔲 The choice of theme parks in Dubai is mind-boggling and which one you want to experience depends on the time on hand, budget and preferences. However, for the sheer thrill of experiencing snow in the midst of a desert, we would recommend Ski Dubai

🔲 No visit to Dubai can be said to be complete without experiencing the wilderness of the desert. So a desert safari is a must for those for whom it is the first time in Dubai.

🔲 Dubai is a shopper’s paradise and holds specific events centered around shopping like the Dubai Shopping Festival. There are umpteen malls where one can shop to their heart’s content. The one Mall you must visit when in Dubai is the Dubai Mall which is the largest mall in the world with an area of 5.9 million square feet. The Dubai Mall also happens to house the Dubai Aquarium which is one of the largest of its kind.

🔲 Museums provide a window to the history and culture of a place. To get a glimpse of what Dubai was before the futuristic structures of the city sprang up, a visit to the Dubai Museum is definitely on the cards.

🔲 If you have time a day trip to Sharjah which is a city of culture and in many ways a contrast to Dubai is recommended.

When To Visit Dubai

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time
Traveling to Dubai For The First Time – Choose the right season

Dubai is in the midst of a desert and hence naturally summers are really harsh. The best time to go to Dubai is in the winter months. This is generally between November to April when temperatures are down. It also needs to be borne in mind by those traveling to Dubai for the first time that the month of January is a time of heavy tourist footfalls. This is because of the Dubai Shopping Festival. For those who want to visit Dubai specifically for shopping, this would be an ideal time to visit Dubai, though.

Visiting Dubai During Ramadan

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time
Jumeriah Mosque

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting and prayers in Islam. If you are visiting Dubai during this time, you do get to see a different dimension of the place. Lavish Iftaar spreads with authentic and special Ramadan dishes await you. However, during the Ramadan month eating and drinking water in public from dawn to dusk is not allowed. Most eating joints and restaurants will be closed. That does not mean you have to go hungry, you are sure to be served at your hotel.

Getting Around Dubai

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time
PC: isango Hop On Hop Off Bus, Dubai

There are various means of getting around Dubai which is convenient. One can use the excellent bus services which have air-conditioned bus stops. Taxis are also a good option and the Metro is available too. Boats can also be used for traveling between specific points. One can choose one or a combination of modes depending on budget and personal preference. Whatever mode you use, we strongly recommend for first-time travelers to Dubai to experience a Dubai Bus Tour first before exploring on their own. This is a great way to get an orientation of the place very conveniently and comfortably. We usually do this in all the big cities that we visit be it Paris, Rome, Florence, Hong Kong, or Macau.

Dubai Works on Sunday

Those traveling to Dubai for the first time need to be aware that Sunday is actually the beginning of the work week in Dubai. The weekend in Dubai is Friday and Saturday. So Sunday is actually like a Monday in Dubai. This fact needs to be kept in mind while planning your Dubai itinerary. This is an important point for travelers visiting Dubai for the first time.

Photography In Dubai

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time

Who does not want to capture travel experiences in their phones and cameras for posterity? Dubai is a paradise for the shutter-happy travelers, however, one needs to be aware that when in Dubai, do not click pictures of people around and especially women without their permission. If you do so, this is not only a breach of etiquette but you could land into serious trouble.

PDA In Dubai

You are overwhelmed by the Dubai experience and want to express yourself by a public display of your affection to your partner. Just hold your horses, PDA is frowned upon in Dubai and you could get into trouble. Though the line between what is allowed and not allowed can be thin, it is always prudent to be careful when in public places in Dubai.PDA is one of the things not to do in Dubai.

Is it safe to travel to Dubai?

Traveling to Dubai For The First Time

Is Dubai safe? If that is the question that you have, then, Dubai is probably one of the safest places to visit. Those traveling to Dubai for the first time need not have any apprehensions whatsoever. Dubai’s law and order are so well managed and strict that crimes are rare.

What To Wear In Dubai

Dubai is a modern and international destination. So contrary to myths women tourists need not wear a Burqua. However, the culture needs to be respected and dressing modestly and conservatively in public places is advised.

Eating In Dubai


There are myriad options and cuisines for experiencing in Dubai. The local Arabic cuisine, continental, Asian, and other international cuisines are on the table. But for the true traveler, tasting local cuisine is a must have experience. The famous dishes of Dubai include Al Harees which is a high protein dish made of wheat and meat specially made during Ramadan and weddings. A slight variation of this dish is known as Haleem In India which is made in the Indian cities of Hyderabad, Lucknow, Bangalore, and others during Ramadan. Hummus is another dish to try when in Dubai, this is dip made of Chickpeas and some spices. It is best eaten with the local bread or Naans.

Accommodation In Dubai

Dubai Hotels

Dubai is known for some of the most uber-luxury hotels in the world. You have the likes of iconic hotels like Burj Al Arab and Atlantis which are epitomes of luxury. But there are many more modest hotels too including most of the international hospitality brands. But if you are thinking of hostels and dormitories, these are hard to come by. For those on a budget, the best option would be to stay away from the center and use the Metro for getting around.

Dubai is indeed a modern and magical land. A land that draws visitors from around the globe like a lodestone. It is a hub of commercial activity and a paradise for shoppers and tourists in general. We hope first-time travelers to Dubai find this our Dubai travel tips useful and answer some of the questions they have. But we are always open to two-way communication and look forward to questions and other inputs through our comments section.

PinitTraveling to Dubai For The First Time - Things To Know
Traveling to Dubai

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