Truweight – Sustainable and Healthy Weight Loss Solution


Rushed days at the office, moving from meeting to meeting, skipping breakfast and lunch, gorging on junk food and countless cups of coffee. Take all this and blend it with stress and a sedentary lifestyle, what do you get?

Weight, weight, and more weight along with an unhealthy, unfit body.

Sounds familiar? Isn’t this the story with most of us?

It has been with me and I was looking for solutions, something other than excruciating physical exercises at the Gym and diets guaranteed to starve. I wanted something easy, effective and natural to not only keep my weight in check but also improve my overall health and fitness.

And then one day, I chanced upon a detox program – Truweight.

What or Who is Truweight

Truweight is a weight management company with a unique approach to weight loss. The focus here is on eating right and healthy as opposed to other methods like machines, belts or weight loss pills. Their nutritionists provide counselling on how to achieve weight loss and gain overall health and fitness in their centers.

So how is Truweight Different?

Truweight operates on the principle that nutrition is a key to weight loss and they counsel people on how and what to eat for a healthy body. They have identified 35 superfoods and their products are fueled by the nutritional power of these superfoods. The superfoods are high in fibre and  protein but low in sugar and fat. Truweight offers scientific and natural weight loss through super foods.

The superfoods include exotic ingredients like Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Basil Seeds, Apple Cider Vinegar, Fenugreek Seeds, Alfaalfa Grass, etc…

My Experience with Truweight


I received a 10-day detox kit from Truweight and I opened the box with anticipation, And was I pleased at what I saw? I was thrilled! As the box actually contained lots of food! I was happy that my weight loss program did not mean starvation and in fact it meant eating 5 meals a day!

The following are the contents of the kit I received with a brief explanation:

Two books about Weight Loss and Diet

The first book was titled “Why 80% of Dieters Fail”, which is lucid and at times funny take on dieting and experiences of dieting and makes for very interesting and informative reading. The second book  was “Ultimate Guide to True Weight Loss”, which as the name suggests is a very useful guide to healthy eating. The guide shows you how to go about your diet, what and how much to eat and much more.


Truweight Protein Rich Granola Laadoo

Thinking of calorie rich laadoos? Not to worry, these laadoos are great to cater to your cravings. These Laadoos are rich in protein and fibre and consist of oats, sunflower seeds, honey and other healthy ingredients. They taste great.


Truweight Trugreens

This makes for a healthy drink which is powered by Spirulina and includes wheat grass, Spinach, bottlegourd and gum acacia. This is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fiber.


Truweight Teatox

This is green tea added with cinnamon, Triphala and Trikatu and other herbs. A great way to start the morning and good for metabolism and detoxification too.


Truweight Granola Bar

This is a bar you can munch on during those ‘in between’ times when you are overcome by hunger cravings. It is a healthy snack consisting of oats, Jowar flakes and nutty almond pieces.


Truweight Shake-a-Day

A healthy vanilla flavor drink which contains ingredients like Cassein, Whey, prebiotic fibre gum Arabic and beneficial probiotic culture. This protein shake provides much-needed nutrients to the body.


Truweight Amla Drink

A healthy thirst quencher, a wonderful alternative to aerated drinks, this Vitamin C-rich drink is an ally in your battle of weight.


Truweight Quinoa Dal Dosa Mix

This is a ready to cook dosa mix rich in proteins. The ingredients which include Quinoa seed and legumes make for a power breakfast. img_0432
Truweight Hibiscus Tea

A healthy alternative to your morning cup of caffeine-rich tea or coffee. Hibiscus tea is rich in vitamin C and also does wonders for high cholesterol and high Blood Pressure.


Truweight Oats Mixture

A healthy alternative to chips and other calorie rich snacks this is made of oats, rice flakes, Bengal gram and other healthy ingredients. Definitely healthy to munch on.


Truweight Quinoa and Seed Mix

This is another tasty snack to munch on, it has Quinoa, Amaranth, Peanuts, flax and melon seeds and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, a healthy alternative to snacks rich in oil.


Truweight Fruit and Nut Trai Mix

Another tasty and healthy snack which packs the goodness of fruits and nuts. It is made Peanuts, Bengal Gram, Flax seeds, flax seeds, Black Raisins, Mango powder, Tomato Powder, Kiwi seasoning mix and other ingredients.

Truweight Sipper

The kit also included a Truweight sipper.


So what happened?

I incorporated all the above healthy and tasty food and drink into my diet for a ten day period. I could notice a perceptible difference in my fitness levels from the third day itself. By the end of the tenth day, I felt much lighter and my body fitter. The overall sense of fatigue that I used to get at the end of the day seemed to have vanished and I still felt fresh at the end of the day. The weighing machine told me that I had lost 1 Kg. I felt elated as I thought that I should adopt this wonderful healthy option and incorporate it into my lifestyle, it would definitely work wonders.

Truweight is definitely a sustainable & healthy weight loss solution. I was always looking for a food based weight loss program. The superfoods are fueled by the nutritional power and offer a scientific detox program. I felt that Truweight had really taken a weight off my body and mind!

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8 thoughts on “Truweight – Sustainable and Healthy Weight Loss Solution

  1. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I’ve never heard of truweight but it seems like they have everything you need to lose weight! I love that these don’t contain anything artificial.

  2. Divya @ Eat. Teach. Blog. Reply

    I bet my mom would love this stuff. She always looks to detox programs, but feels upset that she can’t indulge in Indian foods when she IS on a program. This would cater to her cravings!

  3. Carol Cassara Reply

    Truweight sounds like the perfect solution for people who’ve had a hard time dieting. It’s really nice that they have this wide range of products!

  4. kellyreci Reply

    I really loved this post. This will be very helpful for me as I am starting to go on diet. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. ourfamilyworld Reply

    Hope after I read your tips I can start to lose weight. Lol. Can’t help eating so much.

  6. Rosey Reply

    80% is such a high failure rate. It’s good to know though, so you’re careful not to be a part of that statistic.

  7. Lisa Rios Reply

    I am hearing about Truweight for the first time, but it sounds like a wonderful weight loss solution that could come handy to many. I love those Protein Rich Granola Laadoo, Amla Drink, Teatox and almost all the products are worth to try out!

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