How We Promoted Yoga With Affimity



“The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”… Bill Gates

The world has been shrunk by the internet today and information flies around faster than the speed of thought. Information, opinions and analysis on anything and everything is available on the internet today. Each and every topic ranging from archaeology to zoology have volumes of information and data is easily available online. The internet has become one huge mass of information and it is a veritable info jungle out there. The challenge is in finding the right information. The information that one is looking for may be hidden under layers and layers of information on topics that are gibberish for you but at the same time invaluable for someone else.

The internet has also propelled a new revolution, that of social media. Today popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest, YouTube and many others have literally transformed into virtual town squares where information, gossip, opinions, pictures, videos are exchanged at lightning speed. Everyone seems to have an opinion on everything and many of the voices get drowned in the ensuing cacophony. The urge to express oneself, talk about one’s passions, interests, and hobbies transformed into blogging platforms where people could give vent to their thoughts. There are a plethora of blogging platforms out there and each have their own features.

Being travel and lifestyle bloggers we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative ways to increase our reach and one such endeavor led us to a social networking platform – Affimity. Affimity is a next-gen social network platform that helps find and connect with people who share similar interests or passions. It is basically a social network blogging platform. Affimity connects bloggers with readers. This platform is accessible on PCs and is also available as an app for iphones and android smartphones. While you are on this site, you can also invite your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google + to this amazing platform.


We wanted to get more exposure and readership for one of our posts on Yoga and we thought that we could try Affimity. What differentiated Affimity from other platforms was that it provided a forum for posts to reach targeted audiences interested in your specific niche topics. It has segmented channels for various topics that include travel, wellness, parenting, fitness, yoga, technology and many others. People can connect with channels of specific interest to them rather than wading through layers of information. They can virtually interact with like-minded people on subjects of common interest. We found signing up with Affimity and featuring our post on their platform to be quite hassle free and the consequent benefits also manifold. We share our experience about how we featured our blog on Yoga on Affimity.

It is easy to get started on Affimity



Sign up with Affimity, it is quite simple and will not involve many steps and of course it is free.



Once you have signed up and created your profile you can start writing and sharing your thoughts, posts on Affimity. Click the icon WRITE SOMETHING which displays prominently with a + sign at the top of the page



Once you have clicked the WRITE SOMETHING icon, a text editor very similar to MS Word opens up. Here you can write/paste your article, insert pictures, ask a question to the members of the channel or even set up a poll.



Once you are ready with the content, you can save and then share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc., directly from Affimity. The sharing happens in the form of a link to your content on Affimity.


The Affimity Effect

  • We were able to increase the viewership to our post and visitors to our site
  • We had a new and targeted audience
  • The bounce rate on our site improved for us as the people who read the post spent more time on it as the topic was of interest to them

We were highly satisfied with Affimity. After all, it helped us reach out to the like-minded people out there. All the hard work of writing an article reaped fruits through Affimity!

We do feel that we can develop our network faster and get knowledgeable audiences to interact with us through the Affimity platform. Have you tried out this next-gen social platform for blogging? If not, head out to Affimity now and try. You will surely be able to connect with a massive crowd out there who have similar interests as yours! Affimity truly lives up to its tagline – Come. Engage. Belong.

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9 thoughts on “How We Promoted Yoga With Affimity

  1. Jimmy and Tina Reply

    Affimity sounds like a great way to engage with people who share the same interest! I love how connected the world is these days with technology!

  2. Emma Reply

    Never heard of affimity but it sounds like a great tool for us bloggers. A great place to find people who are really interested in your work and ready to engage! Thanks for introducing me to it!

  3. Zwitsy Reply

    I am not sure where did I hear about affimity first but I am pretty sure that I have found its functions here. It’s nice to know that there are many social media platforms are popping out these days. And not just like for dummies but for real ones with passion. I’ll surely give this a try.

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