An Enchanting Stroll in Singapore’s Botanic Garden

Terra Chips
Isn’t it amazing how hunger haunts us more while traveling? What do you do to take care of those untimely hunger pangs that have an uncanny habit of making an appearance while traveling?

We for one keep a good stock of short eats, fruits, and snacks. Being vegetarians, this comes in handy for us all the more when we are traveling in a foreign country. We believe in healthy snacking but not at the cost of taste and hence try to balance this with Gourmet Snacking and are always on the lookout for something new and exciting to titillate our palates.

Terra Chips

We were in Singapore and were on a visit to the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a 150-year tropical garden and beautiful lung space for Singaporeans when we were assailed by hunger pangs. As we were bored with the sweet taste of fruits we turned towards our new travel companion, TERRA and opened a pack of Terra Original, real vegetable chips with Sea Salt.

Terra Chips

This would be our first taste of Terra Chips and our palates seemed to look forward to an adventurous experience and the colorful pack did promise an exciting gastronomic experience.


As we walked across the lush green garden and our eyes took in the beautiful sights of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, we discovered the exotic taste of TERRA chips – real vegetable chips which somehow seemed to blend in with the environment of the place that we were in.

We enjoyed the sight of the beautiful National Orchid Garden, home to more than a thousand species of original Orchids and more than two thousand hybrids. The dazzling display of Orchids of myriad colors was really impressive and left us awed.

Terra Chips


We also came to know that  many of the Orchids were named after visiting dignitaries and celebrities. We did get to see Orchids named after Jackie Chan, Shah Rukh Khan, Nelson Mandela, Prince William and many others.

We then made our way towards Singapore’s iconic tree, a tree that finds pride of place on Singapore’s $5 note. A tree that is older than the Botanic Garden itself. A tree which at an age of over 157 years has been a silent witness to the fascinating passage of history.

Singapore's iconic tree Terra Chips

We took a few photographs of the tree and resumed our jaunt in the verdant gardens as we opened another pack of TERRA Blues. Terra chips had a unique taste and were blue in color, they had the right amount of salt, not too much and not too less. The best part was they were not at all greasy and appeared quite light to eat as well.

Terra Chips

We wandered leisurely through the picturesque garden watching young couples strolling around hand in hand and with stars in their eyes, lost in each other and oblivious of the surroundings.

Terra Chips

Young school children ran after each other exulting in the innocence and fun of childhood. Some aged people were engaged in an animated discussion, presumably on politics and philosophy.


It was evening and we found ourselves in a front of a big open air stage surrounded by lush green lawns. The lawns were filled with people relaxing in the lap of nature after a hard day’s work. 

Terra Chips

We realized that a musical concert was about to begin in the natural and beautiful settings of the Botanic Garden. Soon the mellifluous notes of the musical instruments wafted through the air and the sounds and sights that surrounded us invoked in us a dream like trance. We were lost in the trance for some time but had enough consciousness to realize that we needed to head back to our hotel, also our stomachs were again crying out for some offerings. Our reliable travel companion TERRA chips came to the rescue once again as we opened the last pack that we were carrying and enjoyed some Mediterranean flavored vegetable chips, which looked colorful and tempting. The flavor was tinged with just a hint of lemon and carried an aroma of exotic herbs.

Terra Chips


Terra Chips is a sophisticated snacking experience. It is exotic. It is real vegetable chips, healthy snacking and gourmet snacking.Terra chips with its explosive colors, textures, flavors and taste made our trip truly enjoyable. Both of us dug our hands into the last packet, our senses satiated in more ways than one as we made our way out of the Singapore Botanic Garden.


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9 thoughts on “An Enchanting Stroll in Singapore’s Botanic Garden

  1. Johna Reply

    Beautiful photos! Went here actually a few years ago and we loved it. Especially my mum. Her favorite part was the orchids hehehe

  2. Marge Reply

    Haha I know what you mean. I just buy something from the street when the hunger strikes. I am flexible, I think I can eat pretty much anything. That being said, I’d love to try Terra, I haven’t tried real vegetable chips before, I’m curious about it. The Botanic Garden looks beautiful by the way.

  3. neha Reply

    I have been planning for Singapore for sometime now. Although to be honest botanical garden was not on my priority list so far. I thought it will be like any other botanical garden. But from your post it seems like it is so much more interesting. I would definitely visit here.

  4. Megan Indoe Reply

    I didn’t realize there were botanic gardens separate from the gardens by the bay! We totally missed out. The gardens look like a great place for a lunch date!

  5. Tami Wilcox Reply

    What beautiful gardens! And that stage blends in so well with its environment, too. Very pleasing photos and a great description! I’ve heard so much about Singapore, but never heard of this garden before.

  6. neha Reply

    Really glad to have stumbled upon this. I can totally relate when you say hunger haunts us even more when we are traveling.Somehow, with all that exploration, siteseeing and walking, travel makes us more hungry than general. And munchies like these help curb the sudden attack of hunger

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