Vypin Lighthouse

All about a Tuk-Tuk ride and a Lighthouse

We were in Kerala, God’s own country for a week and were having an amazing time in this enchanting land of swaying coconut palms, backwaters, and the sea. We were camping in Cherai, a small beach town near to the city of Kochi. After a lazy first half spent gorging on some authentic Kerala food and lazing in the pool at the boutique resort called Le Petit Elephant, we inquired about any nearby attractions that we could visit quickly in the afternoon. We were told that we could visit a Lighthouse which was about 24 Kilometers away as well as a Fish Park and we would just need to take the straight road that ran parallel to the beach. We were also warned that the road was not that good in parts. The options to reach the lighthouse included hiring a bike or calling for an autorickshaw or Tuk-Tuk. The laziness of the day had got into our bones. Hearing that the road was not too good, we were not up to driving. So we settled for the Tuk-Tuk.

So off we went hurtling along the road that ran parallel to the sea to visit the famous Vypin Lighthouse. It was afternoon and the waves of the Arabian Sea rose and crashed languorously on the sand. After driving along the Sea for some distance, the Tuk-Tuk driver took a left turn and moved in a direction that led away from the sea, this was ostensibly to avoid the bad stretch of road ahead and to connect back at a later stage.

Vypin Lighthouse

We let out a shout of excitement as the road wound between water bodies on either side, these were the famed backwaters of Kerala. The water looked crystal clear and serene and was surrounded by coconut palm trees which threw their shadows on the tranquil waters.

Vypin Lighthouse

The Tuk-Tuk then hit the main road that led to Kochi and we traveled on this road for about 15 odd kilometers before again turning right and traveling through narrow lanes and small villages finally reaching the Lighthouse.

We were in for a surprise. We had imagined an old, dilapidated structure,  a Lighthouse that had withstood the vagaries of time and stood as a silent sentinel, witness to the ebb of time. A structure that had acted as a beacon to ships out in the high seas for years together.

Vypin Lighthouse


Vypin Lighthouse

The structure that stood in front of us was a modern one that jutted out proudly in front of the sea. We entered the gates of Vypin Lighthouse after buying tickets which are priced very nominally.

We entered through a small door and were advised to take the lift.

Vypin Lighthouse

A gleaming high speed lift awaited us and we were whisked to the top in seconds. We emerged out of the Vypin Lighthouse to a spectacular and panoramic view. We walked around the circumference clicking pictures of the view. Though we were high up, there was absolutely no sense of vertigo as the space for moving around the tower was quite large and also the safety railings were quite high.

We first looked out towards the Arabian Sea, the horizon looked foggy beyond the beach and we could see some paddy fields just before the start of the beach.

Vypin Lighthouse

On the Northern side of Vypin Lighthouse, lush green plantations stretched out as far as the eyes good see and enthralled us with their beauty. Picturesque houses and a church nestled amidst the greenery.

Vypin Lighthouse

As we looked towards the western side of Vypin Lighthouse, we saw a neat little temple, symmetrically designed in the ancient architectural style of Kerala.

Vypin Lighthouse

A road ran parallel to the beach leading towards the southern side of the Vypin Lighthouse and vehicles which looked like miniature models ran on it.

Vypin Lighthouse

We spent about 30 minutes enjoying the views and breathing in the sea breeze that blew atop the tower before we took the lift to descend to ground level. The good thing was that there was hardly anyone around and we had the tower to ourselves.

Once out of the tower we noticed a glass covered kiosk that resembled an ATM center, our curiosity drew us inside. We discovered that this was an information kiosk with a touch screen. The system provided interesting information about the lighthouses across India as well as Naval museums. A great place for kids to learn about Lighthouses and their history and evolution.

We took another look at this modern and efficient lighthouse that must be instilling emotions of joy, hope and anticipation to sailors in the high seas every night.

Vypin Lighthouse

Vypin Lighthouse

We were back in the Tuk-Tuk and the driver now maneuvered over impossible stretches of road skillfully as we held on for dear life. After what seemed like hours of driving to nowhere, we reached the Fish Park. Unfortunately,  the Park was closed. We were told that one could have a boat cruise at the Park and watch jumping fishes at close quarters. A meal of fish, freshly caught from the backwaters was also on the cards. We took a few pictures of the fish park which looked serene and got back to our Tuk-Tuk to ride back to our hotel.

Vypin Lighthouse

Vypin Lighthouse

The sun was setting on the western horizon as we reached the backwaters again. We asked the Tuk-Tuk driver to stop as we stepped out to experience a serene sunset on the lovely backwaters. We watched in silence as a boat glided to the shore and the sun slowly faded away from the sky. We felt a strange peace watching the sun go down and we made our way back to the Tuk-Tuk reluctantly.

Vypin Lighthouse

Vypin Lighthouse

We now headed back towards the hotel, the sea to our left, we passed some fishermen weaving nylon fishing nets, we spied some bright yellow wild flowers swaying merrily by the side of the road, a couple enjoying the evening by the beach.

Vypin Lighthouse

The Kochi lighthouse which is also known as Vypin lighthouse is one destination in Kochi which should not be missed. The aerial view of coconut palms, the Arabian sea and the Vypin island itself is breathtaking!

Watch this video on our ride in tuk-tuk and the aerial view from the lighthouse.


Happiness coursed through our being as we thought about an evening well spent and looked forward to many more wonderful experiences on this trip to Kerala including the boat cruise in the Kerala backwaters!

Vypin Lighthouse

Vypin Lighthouse

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113 thoughts to “All about a Tuk-Tuk ride and a Lighthouse”

  1. I have heard great things about Kerala. Your post is very informative. As a cyclist, I would consider bicycling there, but sounds like a TukTuk would be the way to go. The video really makes me want to go visit.

  2. Took me some time to place Kerala on a map, luckily there are ways to get help to find areas. The diversity between the areas in India really seems amazing. Reading more and more about the country makes it even harder to travel there. There are just to many places to visit to be able to plan just one single trip and it is impossible to decide where to start.

    Regarding the lighthouse, is there really any better place to enjoy the surroundings than a high tower? 🙂

  3. One thing that never gets old for me is breathing in the sea breeze. Your post made me highly nostalgic of when I lived in Okinawa and I would enjoy the views from the Yomitan Light House. I’m glad the tuk tuk took you to this lighthouse so you could experience a bit of culture and architecture.

  4. When we went to Kerala, we couldn’t spend much time in Kochi. Have heard a lot about Cherai beach, the lighthouse and the views from it are beckoning. Would definitely plan now

  5. I can just imagine the smell of the sea in the breeze while you took in those views. Great aerial shots, especially capturing the houses tucked in between the trees.

  6. Excellent offbeat place. Such wonderful photo opportunity from top. I hope to get there.
    But I kept wondering why the mention of tuk tuk. I was confused whether this post is on Thailand or India. I think it is slightly misleading. Nowhere in India they are called tuk tuk, no?

  7. The shape of the lighthouse looks really interesting! The way you’re describing the Arabian Sea, the drive, the view, make me feel like I was there, too. Actually I was only once on a lighthouse, many years ago… but have “survived” numerous adventurous tuk-tuk rides already. Sounds like a great combination 🙂

  8. What spectacular views from the top of Vypin Lighthouse! I love that you had the Tower to yourselves too to really soak in the moment and capture some incredible memories!

  9. The lighthouse looks pretty cool and I think the TukTuk ride around Kerala would be exciting. I’ll actually be in Kerala next April so maybe I’ll check out Le Petit Elephant!

  10. I love those views from above, they really give us a different perspective seeing the town peek out from behind the green palms.

    It’s one of the earlier images that really had me on board with your tag of ‘backwater’ with that lone cyclist on that narrow empty lane

  11. I would have loved to have seen this lighthouse when we were in Kerala. You get a real sense of the back waters and how much water there really is. We did a backwaters cruise but I don’t think I got a sense of how how vast the area is.

  12. Kerala seems like a beautiful area to visit 🙂 Love the shots from the top, the view looks awesome! Definitely going to put this on my list of places to go for when I finally make it to India.

  13. Great views from the top of the lighthouse. Kochi’s been on my list for quite a while but haven never been able to make it. Next April seems to be the time as I have a friend’s wedding I can’t afford to miss. Until then I’ll have to keep looking at this pictures. Saving this into list of things to do!

  14. It’s always the spur of the moment ideas that turn out the best! Was a good idea to go see the lighthouse. The view from up there is incredible. Looks like you can see all around!

  15. Sounds like you had another fun adventure in Kerala! Lighthouses are one of my favourite things so that in itself would’ve made the trip for me, but you packed in so much more. Keep on travelling & sharing!

  16. We find the best places when we ask the locals where we should visit – often they are places that aren’t found in any guidebooks or online searches. This lighthouse was a gem of a find. Such stunning views!

  17. I’ve always wanted to take a Tuk Tuk! I adore lighthouses; we always stop along the east coast USA in little towns so I can get out and visit the lighthouses. They’re so pretty!

  18. What a lush area! Going on a tuk-tuk ride there would be fun. A visit to the lighthouse sounds like a great idea and something I’d like to do – it’s perfect for soaking up those views!

  19. Kerala looks like a lovely place to visit. I have heard so many funny stories about riding in a Tuk Tuk and I think when they hit the main road with traffic I would be having my heart racing 🙂 Just for the adventure I would give it go anyway.

  20. Thanks for sharing an area I was not familiar with. Looks like India has a lot of hidden gems to explore. Your pictures caught the essence of the area very nicely and the Tuk Tuk looks like fun!

  21. Did not know about this lighthouse in Kochi. Seems like an interesting thing to do. Maybe the next time I am there, will look it up. Thanks for sharing it.

  22. Kerala is such a wonderfully lush place and your photos from the lighthouse really show it off. I especially liked the shot looking down into the traditional temple. I missed the lighthouse when I visited Kochi a few years back but I’d love to return with my kids – I bet they’d love it!

  23. I’ve never been to India but it is definitely on my travel bucket list. This city looks beautiful – will definitely keep this in mind once I start building that India itinerary!

  24. Definitely not an old, dilapidated structure!! The aerial view of coconut palms, the Arabian sea and the Vypin island itself looks surreal … I would love to visit! Thanks for the introduction, Kochi is on the list!

  25. Sadly Never been in India…yet. Kerala from your pictures looks wonderful…I really love lighthouse, I have a giant one in my city, that’s is pretty famous…it’s called Capo Caccia, have a look ;). Anyway..the TukTuk ride there was surely a good experience, I liked that way of transportation in Thai 🙂

  26. Tuk Tuk Superstar, really nice. I fell in love with these little motor thingies on my first Thailand trip. They are perfectly made to move from A to B in many asian regions. And to reach a lighthouse with a Tuktuk is obviously also not something that you day by everyday 🙂
    Nice post, was fun to read and thanks a lot for sharing!

  27. A wonderful adventure and some absolutely stunning views of the area! Love the sunset waters and the ride along the water. I expected an old-school lighthouse too but even the modern one looks striking and has sensational views! Love your photos and experiences as always!

  28. What a lovely trip you had! The lighthouse sounds interesting and something I’d love to explore! The palm trees remind me of here in Maldives! Such a beautiful destination and one I will be sure to bookmark for the future! Thanks for the great tips!
    Kristie (you.theworld.wandering)

  29. A tuk-tuk ride sounds like THE way to go. If I am ever in that area, I am definitely going to travel that way.

  30. Never ever heard of this place before. Nice you have the opportunity to travel so much. Looks like a nice place to visit but there are so many places we want to see it is hard to choose.

  31. Wow, the views in your photos are amazing. I would like to travel to India one day and visit all of these beautiful places.

  32. I love to explore little known places. I have never been to India but if I do I know I would like to check out this area. It looks beautiful and looks peaceful.

  33. Been reading a lot about Kerala and I find it interesting. Still part of my bucket list and I am looking forward to visit it very soon.

  34. What an unusual lighthouse! You take some really amazing photos – I would love to travel to some of the places you go!

  35. What an interesting place! I love old lighthouses, I feel like they have so much history behind them. The view of the plantations is beautiful!

  36. Beautiful views! Lighthouses are nice to spots to visit any where in the world. They look like lonely night watch men, but they are a welcome sight for sailors at sea. Thanks again for sharing a part of India I wish to visit.

  37. I have always been awe-struck everytime I see lighthouses. There’s just something magical in them, especially when you see them at night with that bright light beam. Thank you for sharing yet another beautiful place in your country.

  38. Wow, that view is amazing! I love to visit light houses when I am traveling, they always feel like a great piece of history. This one is stunning!

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