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Putting on a new pair of glasses or sunglasses is a simple way to completely transform your look – just like a new hairstyle. –Brad Goreski

Eye wear including sunglasses and optical glasses are now not only a means of protection and correction but they have emerged as a great fashion statements. As soon as you put on your eye wear you put on an attitude. I too love to flaunt my eye wear, especially when I am traveling, and I do have a good collection of them.

Recently I was sent a pair of sunglasses by Winkk to review and here are my thoughts:

Winkk Eye Wear




The sunglasses arrived in a neat little white cardboard box with the word WINKK printed prominently on it. The sunglasses themselves were housed in a hard case with a soft velvety outer covering.


What I loved about the case was that it came with a small hook which you could latch on to your belt.



This was so convenient for me especially while traveling or taking pictures.

The Sunglasses


Winkk        Winkk


I found the glasses very light to wear, unlike some I had in my collection which looked good on me but were a tad bit uncomfortable. The vision through the glasses was clear and I felt pretty comfortable. Looking into the mirror, I liked what I saw. I felt the styling was perfect.

Winkk has sunglasses as well as spectacles for men and women, The Company was established with a vision to demystify the process of buying eye wear and make it as simple as possible. Their approach gets the final product straight into the hands of the end-user,  bypassing traditional distribution systems in a transparent and honest manner.  It is quite convenient to buy Winkk eye wear online from the convenience of one’s home.



The Pricing

I always thought that to buy stylish eye wear one needs to shell out a bomb, but to my pleasant surprise I found that Winkk had exploded this myth too! They offer elegant, stylish and contemporary eye wear below the Rs. 2,000 mark. So what this meant was that one could augment their eye wear collection without busting the bank.

Some other Salient Points

  • If you are looking for spectacles, then Winkk will give you a total price which includes the cost of the prescription lenses as well as the frame
  • All lenses are made with impact resistant Poly carbonate and coated with non-reflection and scratch resistant material
  • The latest trends and styles are followed and new collections are introduced every six weeks which is driven by a “Zara style” inventory management system
  • When you buy a pair of Winkk eye wear, a pair is donated to someone in need

The Range


Winkk has a varied range of eye wear on offer for men and women. The Sun wear range for women comes in some lovely colors that include Black, Purple, Brown, Blue, Pink, Mercury and Cream. The frame can be selected from plastic, metal or mix of both. I prefer a mix one because it combines the steadiness of metal with the lightness of plastic. The sun wear comes in different shapes too ranging from Aviator, Wayfarer, Round, Square , etc. A similar range is available for Optical glasses as well. The Men’s eye wear too has a similar range with some variations in the availability of colors.

Simplicity of Buying


Buying online seems to be really convenient on the WINKK site. They have a section called CUSTOM EYES where one can upload a photograph and submit their preferences. After that the Winkk team uses the best of facial recognition technology as well as fashion experts and sends out a report within 24 hours. The report is specifically customized for your needs and has the recommendation for the perfect pair of glasses for you.


One can also browse through the standard range of eye wear available on the site which are clearly displayed with the price tag for each. There is the availability of a chat functionality too for any assistance that may be required while shopping. All the products come with free shipping and also a 14 day no questions asked returns policy.

Summing up

I am pretty much careful and very particular when it comes to choosing and buying eye wear. There are many things I look into before finalizing on a particular pair of eye wear. Right from the visual appeal of the eye wear, how it looks on me, how comfortable I feel to the cost. I weigh everything before taking a decision. I felt the Winkk sunglasses to be really value for money.



Winkk eye wear brand makes shopping for optical products easy, economical and fun. The eye wear, be it sunglasses, frames or the lens or spectacles is not only fashionable but also affordable. Winkk offers uber-chic eyewear (spectacles/sunglasses). Do check out Winkk’s story here.

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48 thoughts on “Trendy Winkk Eye Wear – Sun Glasses and Opticals

  1. Divya Reply

    These are great! I’m always looking for new sunglasses as it’s one of the items that either goes missing or breaks somehow! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Emma Oxley Reply

    they look great- I’m always on the lookout for a really comfortable pair of sunglasses. Will go and check the page out now!

  3. Daria Reply

    Good looking sunglasses! Nice pick. It’s good to know they are lightweight as I think that is really important.

  4. Jimmy and Tina Reply

    They look like really nice sunglasses. I have tried to wear glasses with metal rim by they always seem to pinch my nose so I have to wear the plain plastic frames with no nose squeezes.

  5. Isaly Holland Reply

    I liked the style of these sunglasses! I wearing eyeglasses already, I wonder if they have a style of normal glasses too — that way I can switch brands. Great blog.

  6. Karlyn Cruz Reply

    I really love wearing a sunglasses especially when we are traveling! I love those designs but mostly I like cat eye sunglasses.

  7. kelly reci Reply

    This is perfect for me! I’m always on a travel and I usually lost my sunglass everytime I travel. The case is perfect for me! Will just simply attach it in my belt or at my bag! thanks for sharing

  8. neha Reply

    Great post. sunglasses are a must have for every traveler. And you have got some really useful tips on how to buy one.

  9. Rosey Reply

    It’s important to like what you see in the mirror. It’s also important to protect your eyes. So win-win for you. 🙂

  10. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Sounds like a great brand of sunglasses! They have a lot of products to choose from as well. That’s amazing!

  11. Chloe Reply

    Ooo these are some groovy sunglasses, I haven’t heard of this brand before but they sound like they are great quality!

  12. Jenni Petrey Reply

    They look very stylish. I love the look. Just a shame that I need to wear prescription glasses.

  13. mhaan a Reply

    I wear glasses for 10 years now, I tried different styles as my eyes checked on a yearly basis. This is my first time to hear this brand and I would love to try the one with the blue frame. I will definitely check this out. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oindrila Reply

    I’m a big big fan of eyewear. I tend to collect them all the time and these look so cool. 😃

  15. Vibeke Reply

    These sunglasses looks awesome and great quality. I love more the “cat eye” and vintage styles though, but they have always broke so early. I should get one of these 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  16. Keith Haney Reply

    I am a sucker for a cool pair of shades. I am afraid to spend to much on them because those are the ones I will lose and that would be heartbreaking.

  17. Mihir Reply

    Sunglasses are really important for me because I have to travel a lot for my education and all stuff

  18. Gina Reply

    The best point about Winkk Eye Wear was the fact you can easily attach it to your pants. I’m always losing my sunglasses, so if I can attach them, that would be amazing. I like that they’re light because the last thing anyone wants is for them to be so happy they’re slipping down your face.

  19. klaudia Reply

    The lady’s sunglasses on the top image are really pretty. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with your currency, so I can’t really work out the prices, will try to find out online. May I just say that I love the header image on your home page, what a brilliant collage is that!!!

  20. neha Reply

    These sunglasses are really pretty. It’s so true that sunglasses just transform your look so much. And then there are particular shapes that suite particular face. You have given a very balanced review here, I will need to check some of the models online, as I really like them.

  21. Marge Reply

    These eyeglasses look cool! I like the yellow lining in particular, makes the glasses all the more interesting. I haven’t checked out Winkk yet but it looks like a good investment. Eyeglasses are important when traveling.

  22. you.theworld.wandering Reply

    Wink eyewear looks so fab! I love sunglasses that look great and are comfortable too. I like th fact that the ranges change ever 6 weeks!
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering

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