Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls

Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls - Voyager Travel Blog

Summer is in the air, the air packs a hot punch and the mouth gets parched and thirsts for water.

In such hot climes, thoughts of the gallons and gallons of water hurtling down a ravine and the cool spray as the water drops hit you, come as a welcome respite.

This is exactly my condition as I write about our  – Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls. 

This is a beautiful waterfall that is not very far from Bangalore which is the capital of the southern state of Karnataka in India.

Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls - Voyager Travel Blog


Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls

The falls are located in a small town called Shivanasamudra, which is situated on the banks of the river Kaveri.  The place is set amidst lush greenery and the river Kaveri after winding its way through the Deccan Plateau, plunges downhill into a gorge. There are in actual fact two waterfalls which are about a kilometre apart, one is called Bharachukki and the other is known as Gaganachukki. Together these falls are popularly known as Shivanasaumdra falls, after the town where they are situated.

Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls - Voyager Travel Blog

Watch the splendid Shivanasamudra falls. Here is our short video on Shivanasamudra falls. Please watch in HD on full-screen:

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How to Get there

Shivanasamudra is about 120 kms from Bangalore and 65 kms from Mysore and is an ideal weekend getaway from the concrete jungles of these cities.

Shivanasamudra Falls, Kollegal, Karnataka

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One can drive down to the place from either of these cities.

One day trips can be booked during the season (Every Sunday & holidays (During monsoon season – July to October)) to these falls. The trip covers Gaganachukki Falls, Keshava temple at Somanathpur & Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. The trip can be booked here:

When to visit

The best season to visit Shivanasamudra is during the rainy season, between July-August when one can view the majestic falls in full flow with the river Kaveri overflowing.

Some tips & facts

  • Asia’s first Hydro-electric power plant was set up here in 1902 and is still functional
  • Though this is an ideal day trip, in case you want to spend some time relaxing in the lap of nature, there is a hotel run by the State tourism development corporation called Hotel Mayura
  • If you are on a day trip, please pack your snacks and beverages, as the options here are limited
  • There is no entry fee for this attraction

Overall, we were bowled over by the natural beauty and the magnificence of the waterfalls! Which according to you is the best ever waterfall that you have seen? Would love to know.

Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls

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Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls

43 thoughts on “Weekend drive to the magnificient Shivanasamudra Falls

  1. Darlene Reply

    Wow that is certainly a beauty! And you didn’t even have to pay for an entrance fee. I haven’t seen a lot of waterfalls in my life but i’ve always been fascinated by them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      It certainly is very beautiful, free and open for us to enjoy the beauty of it. Thanks Darlene. 🙂

  2. Kat Reply

    Whoa, that is one majestic waterfalls. 🙂 Probably the best I’ve visited is Tappiya Falls in Banaue, Philippines.

  3. Marge Gavan Reply

    I have a thing for waterfalls, they are truly fascinating. Shivanasamudra Falls is no exception, it’s so amazing in pictures what more if I get to see it in person.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      The force at which waterfalls from a height is such a sight! And to see it in person is definitely a great experience.

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you Jon. We plan to visit Philippines sometime and would definitely visit some of the waterfalls.

  4. Rob Taylor Reply

    Another waterfall that just leaves me breathless. So much water. I too can appreciate this as a respite, especially in the heat. Really beautiful.

  5. Jamie Italiane Reply

    I loved the falls at Roger Treman Park in New York State because you can take a dip at the base of them and the gorge hike to them is amazingly beautiful.

  6. Ami Reply

    Beautiful captures. I always associate these falls with my college days :D. During Monsoons, they are just amazing.

  7. Cynthia Reply

    What a majestic place! I love waterfalls! Have you ever been to Plitvice Jezera in Croatia? if you love waterfalls, then that will be like a Disneyland! 🙂

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Indeed it is majectic! I have not been to Croatia and but I saw it in your post and it is splendid and we will now add it to our bucket list. 🙂

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Thank you. Please subscribe to our blog and you will not be disappointed. We will keep sharing fresh new posts every week. 🙂

  8. Ajay Sood Reply

    I have lived in Bengaluru for a cumulative 6 years, but was not aware of this beauty. Thanks for sharing, Vyjay! Maybe you could add a google map link for directions from Bengaluru!

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      That’s a good idea. Thanks Ajay. I just did that. It is indeed beautiful and one should visit this during monsoon season.

  9. Joe Reply

    What a magnificent waterfall! I love waterfalls, and one thing I didn’t realise India had was beauties such as this one…all the more reason for me to go back one day 🙂

    To answer your question about the best I have ever seen? That would have to be Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe. An obvious choice, but they are simply astonishing…

    • Voyager Post authorReply

      Glad you liked it Joe. It is wonderful. Well, I have seen pics of Victoria Falls and they are superb! 🙂

  10. Christina Reply

    I enjoy visiting waterfalls! The Shivanasmudra falls looks very powerful. It is no wonder that a hydro-electric plant was built to harness it’s power.

  11. Cass Reply

    I love waterfalls and this one is absolutely gorgeous! It must generate an absolutely huge amount of energy given it’s size!

  12. Wren Reply

    Those photos are breathtakingly beautiful. I can only imagine them in person, it must have been nearly magical. It is nice to get away sometimes and go see nature in its full glory.

  13. Our Family World Reply

    I love those photos! These are really stunning and eye-catching! I wish it’s only one drive away to be there!

  14. Elizabeth O. Reply

    That’s just for the weekend? What a beautiful view to drive up to, you’ll be at awe seeing the waterfall from a distance! I think it’s awesome to be able to go there!

  15. Divya @ Eat Teach Blog Reply

    This is so beautiful. Despite the fact that I have been to India numerous times, I haven’t visited the south. I would really love to visit this place someday. I enjoy waterfalls – being near them and hiking to them – as they are so serene and peaceful!

  16. Indrani Reply

    Almost 20 years in Bangalore now and can you believe I haven’t been to this beautiful falls! 🙁
    Your post and pictures are luring me to get to the place soon.

  17. Incomeboy Reply

    Hi Sandy & Vyjay, thanks for sharing such a lovely picture, I definitely visit this place in this season as you mentioned above, and thanks for the tips.

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