Sheesh Mahal

How we were bowled over by the Romance of the Palace of Mirrors in Jaipur

Sheesh Mahal

The King was inside the Sheesh Mahal or the Palace of Mirrors. It was an enchanting night and outside the stars twinkled in the cloudless night. The palace was lit with earthen lamps which flickered gently in the air as their feeble flames transformed into brilliant light as the intricate mirror work that adorned the roof and the walls reflected their light. The atmosphere inside the palace matched the magical night outside. The King was with his favourite queen and they were immersed in a deeply romantic and personal moment.

It was then that the beat of drums from afar broke the magical spell. The King instantly stood up alert and shouted orders to his bodyguards who stood discreetly outside his chambers. In a matter of minutes, the tranquility of the palace was shattered with the cry of soldiers ready to ward off the sudden attack from an enemy. An enemy had been spotted from one of the observation posts on the fortress wall that surrounded the Palace and ran for miles. An elaborate system of communication through a relay of drumbeats from the observation towers that interspersed the wall ensured that the Palace was forewarned of the impending enemy attack in the dead of the night.

“And down here is the Magic Flower”, the voice of the guide broke through the layers of fertile imagination that seemed to have taken over my mind.

We were in Amer Fort, one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and the most romantic Palaces of Rajasthan which has been home for 28 kings. Amer Fort is also known as Amber fort and within its folds that spans an area of 4 Square Kilometres lies the small town of Amer. The place is located about 11 Kilometres from Jaipur, the Capital city of Rajasthan, India. Sheesh Mahal at Amer Fort in Jaipur , Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful palaces in Rajasthan. It is a magnificent piece of architecture with with beautiful paintings and carvings embedded with colorful stones and mirrors.

To rewind a little bit we were in Rajasthan to revel in its forts, palaces, folklore and dance, cuisine and of course the desert sands. We hoped to cover the cities of Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Ajmer and Udaipur in the course of our 10 day Rajasthan odyssey. The first leg of our rendezvous with Rajasthan had started with Jaipur, and of course, we proposed to end it with Jaipur too.

Sheesh Mahal

We moved towards Amer fort after having checked into our hotel.

So having set things straight, we joined ranks with hundreds of tourists on their way to visit Amer Fort. We had no qualms about appearing ‘touristy’, as you cannot afford to miss the chance of seeing the amazing Amer Fort and Palace, when in Jaipur.

What is the Amer Fort

Amer Fort is a  UNESCO world heritage sites and probably the most romantic Palaces of Rajasthan. Amer Fort is also known as Amber fort and within its fold that spans an area of 4 Square Kilometres lies the small town of Amer. The place is located about 11 Kilometres from Jaipur, the Capital city of Rajasthan, India. The Palace ensconced by the fort is a stunning example of the opulence and royal tastes of the Rajput kings of Rajasthan. The palace is constructed using marble and red sandstone and is a virtual poem in stone that tells a story of a glorious past. The palace consists of four levels and each one of them has a courtyard.

The main segments of the Palace are a hall for public gatherings, which is known as Diwan-i-Aam, a hall where the king used to entertain close associates and this is known as Diwan-i-Khas.

Two other structures separated by a well laid out Mughal style garden are the Sheesh Mahal, also known as Jai Mandir and the Sukh Niwas or Sukh Mahal. It is indeed fascinating to note that an ingenious system of cooling was used to keep the Sukh Niwas cool and protect the royal inmates from the scorching heat of the desert. Obviously, the royalty of Jaipur enjoyed the comforts of air-conditioning much before the world even thought about it!

The Sheesh Mahal or Palace of Mirrors

This is a beautiful building which was built by the King Man Singh during the 16th Century. It is a mosaic of dazzling glass and mirrors that are inlaid into the walls as well as the roof. Clever use of coloured foil with paint and convex lens has given shape to a dazzling structure that is truly stunning. If one were to travel back in time and be able to see the Sheesh Mahal as it must have looked in the 16th century, it would indeed be a heavenly sight as the mirror work and flickering candles create a kaleidoscopic effect.

Coming back to the present, it is really sad to note that the exquisite artwork in the Sheesh Mahal has not withstood the ravages of time and has deteriorated and must be a shadow of its past glory. However, the authorities have been working on restoration to ensure that the palace is at least partially restored to its original grandeur. Within the Sheesh Mahal, the walls are embellished with relief panels beautifully carved in marble.

Back to the Magic Flower

“And down here is the Magic Flower”, the voice of the guide broke through the layers of fertile imagination that seemed to have taken over my mind.

This was the point where we were awakened from our dreams of the Sheesh Mahal of the 16th century.

A small panel at the base of one of the marble pillars that grace the Sheesh Mahal is unique and a special attraction of this building. At first sight, the panel looks like a carving of two butterflies. However, it was not as simple as it looked. Our guide covered different portions of the carving with his hand, and lo and behold! the carving seemed to assume different avatars. One dexterous shift of the hands and we were staring at a fish tail, which quickly changed to a lotus flower and as quickly transformed into a sinister hooded cobra. One more swish of the hands and we looked at an elephant’s trunk which changed to a Lion’s tail in no time, the lion’s tail turned into a cob of corn which finally changed into a deadly scorpion waiting to sting an unsuspecting passer-by!

This is really magic we thought as we looked at the innocuous looking magic flower.


Where to stay:

Hotels are aplenty to suit every budget in Jaipur, the hotels range from palaces converted into hotels to budget and mid -range hotels. The big name hotels like Ramada and Four Points By Sheraton also have their presence in the city.

Where to eat:

There are many restaurants in and around Amer Fort. Click here to find out about some of the best places to dine.

Tips for a great experience in Amer Fort:

  • The Amer Fort is open from 8 AM to 6 PM, make sure to go there early and preferably on weekdays to avoid crowds and really enjoy the experience of seeing this beautiful fort in detail
  • The best time to visit Amer Fort is between October to March when the weather is cool
  • Enjoy the sound and light show at the Amer Fort. Click here to check out the timings


The treasures of the Amer fort are innumerable. As you walk on the cobbled stone paths, every turn, every nook and corner unveil a gem of artistry and innovation. Do join us as we saunter through the Amer Fort lost in time and bewitched by the beauty of the fort and its treasures on our voyage of discovery in our upcoming posts.


Sheesh Mahal    Sheesh Mahal


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111 thoughts on “How we were bowled over by the Romance of the Palace of Mirrors in Jaipur

  1. I’ve never been to Jaipur before and I’d love to see this palace in person. The details are simply amazing and it’s going to be quite an experience for sure!

  2. Wonderful peek into the history and the grandeur of India. Do take your time to revel in the beauty of the place which was once upon a time accessible only to the king.

  3. I think it’s great that you weren’t worried about appearing ‘touristy’ – some things are touristy for a reason! And the beautiful buildings here clearly show that! It’s a shame that the artwork has deteriorated but just imagine what it would have looked like back then!

  4. The intricate detail in the design is unreal and it’s probably even better in person! I think this will be my next to-go place in Asia. I’d love to visit India.

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  8. The palace of mirrors was one of my favourite sights in India. Pictures can’t really grasp the beauty of it, but the story about the king and queen really highlights the romance of this place. I wish I had known the little details while I was there – like the shifting butterflies!

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  13. I loved Amber fort so much that I felt that I had more time to spent as I had scheduled this just before leaving Jaipur. Sheesh Mahal was my favourite part obviously! I can understand your imagination! I can happily be a tourist here!

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  15. I’ve heard a lot about the Palaces of Rajasthan, and how incredible the whole region is, though hadn’t heard of Amer Fort. I would love to visit – it’s funny, I’m currently watching a TV series about Louis the 14th, King of France who commissioned the palace of Versailles, and he also commissioned a huge hall of mirrors, it’s funny how even though from different times and different cultures, side of the world, the royal mind thinks alike!

  16. Such grandeur! The palace is jaw dropping in its beauty. It is sad though that there are places in it that needs restoration. Hopefully, it gets to be brought back to its old world splendor!

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  25. Yes, been there, done that! 🙂

    You have described it so well that I want to go there again! Yet to write about it though it’s more than 3 months now.
    We liked the intricate detail in design. Loved the mirror work. It’s interesting to see how people try to capture themselves in those mirrors. 🙂

  26. Wow, it sounds amazing there! I’m so intrigued by the panel that you mentioned at the base of the pillar which changes forms. Definitely have to see this!

  27. I’ve never been to Jaipur though a very close friend traveled there a few weeks back. She gave me a lot of glowing recommendations about it. I haven’t seen her photographs but yours definitely talk about the charm that the city has.

  28. Wow, Amer Fort is stunning! I really can’t imagine how much time this must have taken to design and build. I can imagine how amazing it must have been when it was first built!

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  30. The details in the forts in Rajasthan are just incredible! I’m disappointed now that we didn’t make it to Amer Fort when we were there. It looks amazing! Great to hear that restoration and preservation is a priority there.

  31. Nicely described and stunning images mate! Amer fort is best architectural site i have ever seen, especially sheesh mahal. It is most beautiful and incredible piece of art. Gone were the days when people can see sheesh mahal from inside. Now it is restricted.

  32. I went here years ago and loved it. Your post took me right back there and to the experience. The only regret I had was not being able to stay there longer to explore. I love the detail and you are so right, wouldn’t it be great to travel back in time and be able to see it in its full glory.

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  37. I’m not usually much for palace tours, but this one sounds like it was really interesting. A talented guide can really make a big difference.

  38. I am always a big fan of yours. How you channel your thoughts towards your photos are really deep and how you write is very detailed that it makes me wanted to pack my stuff and wanted to join you when you amble around. Anyway, the place is really romantic and I like how you included all the necessary information about the past history of the place which makes it more interesting. I’ll surely bear this in mind and Hopefully, I could visit here as well if I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing!

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