2016 ahoy! Where are we off to

2016 ahoy! Where are we off to

Adieu 2015 

2015 has slowly but surely faded into history and left behind lingering memories, some sweet, some not so sweet.

We step into 2016 with memories of the cool scented breeze of the Nilgiris and acres and acres of sloping tea gardens, of a road trip through the Indian state of Maharashtra to visit the shrine of a revered saint, of the amazing skyline of Hong Kong, of the lavish hotels and casinos of Macau. The mind warmly remembers the countless people with whom one bonded even though fleetingly and who touched our lives in so many ways, be it the smiling waiter at a restaurant in Hong Kong or the stranger who smiled at you and picked up the passport you had dropped at the immigration counter.

2016 ahoy! Where are we off to
Picturesque view of Ooty


2016 ahoy! Where are we off to
Tea gardens in Ooty


2016 ahoy! Where are we off to
The Nilgiri Mountain Toy train brings alive the romance of trains


Hong Kong Victoria Harbor at Night
Famed Hong Kong skyline


2016 ahoy! Where are we off to
Macau, Las Vegas of the East


2016 ahoy!

Every year is like a new leaf, green and tender, full of promises untold, of new challenges and new experiences.

We have literally turned over a new leaf at the beginning of 2016. We started 2016 by launching our own website Voyager – www.imvoyager.com . We have launched the basic version and are in the process of embellishing it and hope to give a whole new experience to readers.

What do we look forward to in 2016? Many destinations and itineraries are floating in our minds and we are still discussing, debating and researching, hope to reach a consensus soon.

2016 ahoy! Where are we off to

Will it be the magnificent and snow clad Himalayan ranges of Nepal?

Are we off to immerse ourselves in the beauty and elegance of Eastern European countries: Austria, Hungary, Prague and Czechoslovakia ?

Or will it be the mesmerizing beaches of Santorini, Greece?

Or still, will it be a long time dream of visiting Cambodia and the famed temples  of Angkor Wat?

Still unanswered questions all, but what is sure is we will visit some amazing treasures of the world and connect with some amazing people, we will go wherever our Travel Karma takes us!

Keeping watching to read about our travel stories of 2016! Do comment on your travel bucket list for 2016! 🙂


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