Awana Bio Park – Resorts World Genting

Awana Bio Park
Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Jungle trek in Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Nature trek in Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Conservation trail in Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Hiking in Awana | #travel #AwanaBioPark #trek #jungle #trekking #hiking #rainforest #wildlife #nature #gibbons #Malaysia #GentingHighlands #ResortsWorldGenting #FamilyTravel #LuxuryTravel #AdventureTravel #Genting
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Awana Bio Park
Jungle trek in Awana Bio Park – Resorts World Genting, Malaysia
Nature trek in Awana Bio Park – Resorts World Genting, Malaysia
Conservation trail in Awana Bio Park – Resorts World Genting, Malaysia
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Somewhere Inside The Awana Bio Park, Genting, Malaysia

Awana Bio Park
Inside Awana Bio Park

She was a beauty and irresistible with a curvaceous body and lips that glistened with drops of moisture. There she stood in the middle of the rainforest, alone, beautiful, vulnerable, and so inviting. The urge to feel the softness of her lips urged the hunter on, he slowly crawled towards her, feeling the contours of her body and finally reaching those divine lips. As he felt the moistness of the lips, he realized there was something fatally wrong. But it was too late by then.

The hunter had become the hunted as he slipped and fell into what looked like a pool of watery and syrupy liquid. He was drowning, a victim of his own greed and temptation. He tried to grip the walls that surrounded the pool, but all his efforts were in vain as they were slippery and he fell again and again into the syrupy liquid.

He was surely and truly trapped. Slowly the last signs of life ebbed away from him till sweet oblivion put a full stop to his short life.

The pretty temptress must have smiled inwardly as another victim succumbed to her charms, enabling her to satisfy her basic instinct.

We gazed at the temptress. She indeed looked so beautiful and harmless.

Awana Bio Park
Pitcher Plant at the Awana Bio Park

She was a Nepenthes or in more simpler terms a tropical pitcher plant in the Awana Bio Park. Pitcher plants had always fascinated us. A botany lesson learned long back in school had been dedicated to the likes of the Venus Fly Trap and other pitcher plants who were carnivores and depended on small insects trapped in their pitchers for their food. We had never seen a pitcher plant before and it was a thrill to see these amazing plants in the flesh that brought forth the intricate magic of nature at its best and also gave complete reign to our power of imagination.

Inside The Fascinating World of Awana Bio Park, Resorts World Genting, Malaysia  

Awana Bio Park

Awana Bio Park – A Park With A Difference

On our recent visit to Resorts World Genting in Malaysia, we were fortunate to visit the Awana Bio Park, a 130 million-year-old rainforest, that is what the Awana Bio Park is. A place that takes you into the wilderness of nature which is just at an arm’s length of an urban center. Its uniqueness lies in this fact and also the fact that it is not a place for a typical safari in the wild or a hike in the mountains. It is more of an immersive education of the complete ecosystem of a rainforest. An understanding of the flora, fauna, and wildlife of the forest and how they maintain the fragile ecological balance of the region. The Awana Bio Park is also a “Smart” forest, where technology integrates seamlessly with nature in an obtrusive and subtle manner to give visitors a better understanding of the rainforest.

Awana Bio Park
QR codes on the tree in Awana Bio Park

As you walk along the trail in the Awana Bio Park you notice QR codes on the trees and all you have to do is just scan them to get information about them. And yes you need not worry about connectivity, the  Awana Bio Park is probably the only one of its kind to have complete internet connectivity and your wi-fi shall be alive and kicking.

About Awana Bio Park

The Awana Bio Park lies in the rainforest that stretches across the mountainous slopes that lead to the Resorts World Genting. It graces the slopes from about 914 to 1,828 meters above sea level. The rainforest is made up of three levels. These are the upper dipterocarp which has been termed as Fashion forest, Sky forest or montane oak forest, and Chocolate forest or montane ericaceous forest. The lush vegetation of the rainforest provides an amenable environment for exotic flora and fauna, wildlife like Gibbons fill the forest with their noises while exotic birds like Hornbills and other migratory birds fill the forest with their musical sounds. Awana Bio Park is among the 55 designated IBA’s (Important Bird Areas) in Malaysia.

Awana Bio Park
Inside The Rainforest

The Nepenthes or Pitcher plants are indeed the showstoppers of the Awana Bio Park. These exotic and unique plants are nurtured with love and care under a conservation project. The rainforest is home to three main species of Pitcher plants, N. Ramispina, N. Macfarlanei, and N. Sanuguinea., apart from other hybrid varieties.

Trekking At Awana Bio Park – Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

Our Experience At Awana Bio Park

Awana Bio Park
With Eddie and Pam at the entrance to the Awana Bio Park

On hearing about a trek in the rainforest at Awana Bio Park, I was reminded of an epic trek done a year ago in the rainforests of Rwanda for a rendezvous with the famed mountain Gorillas at the Volcanoes National Park. However, the Awana Bio Park was a totally different experience, unlike any trek or hike that we had done.

Awana Bio Park

We were met by the erudite Eddie Chan and his wife Pam Ang who showed us through the Awana Bio Park and explained its uniqueness and their vision for it. The passion that Eddie displayed for the rainforest was infectious as we hung on to every word he spoke about his beloved rainforest.

Awana Bio Park

Eddie and pat Ang of Treks Nature organize treks for visitors to the Awana Bio Park. The best thing is that the treks are customized looking to the interests as well as the fitness levels of the visitors. There is an Easy Trek which as the name suggests is easy and convenient for children and senior citizens which lasts about 30 minutes but gives an enthralling introduction to the natural wonders of the Awana Bio Park. Then there is the Nature Trek that takes nature lovers into the lap of nature inside the rainforest which lasts about an hour. Finally, there is what is called the Eco Trek which lasts for about 2-3 hours and takes one right into the heart of the rainforest with possible wildlife encounters and the opportunity to see exotic flora and fauna.

Awana Bio Park
Mahogany Tree at the Awana Bio Park

“This is Optimus”, said Eddie pointing to a massive tree that stretched high into the skies as we craned our necks to see the top. Of course, Optimus is the name given to this majestic tree whose common name is Mahogany and scientific name is Aglaia. The important denizens of the Awana Bio Park have been affectionately given names and Optimus is one of those.

The time we spent at the Awana Bio Park was something really worthwhile. Never in any hike or trek had we gained so much knowledge and insight into what constituted the forest. It was a really enlivening and enlightening experience at the Awana Bio Park. The only regret was owing to time constraints we could not explore its treasures thoroughly. But we hope to get back another time to experience this wonderful movement to bring nature closer to people and reconnect them literally to their roots.

Listen in to Eddie Chan talk about the Awana Bio Park here.

Awana Bio Park

The Awana Bio Park is part of the amazing rainforest estimated to be a 130 million years old situated on the mountain slope that lead to the Resorts World Ge…

If you are heading to Resorts World Genting, do enjoy the high life, the global shopping experiences, and cuisines from across the world, However, do earmark some time to a different world, a world filled with the chatter of Gibbons and chirping of birds, a world where nature makes its presence felt in the silence of the rainforest, the world of Awana Bio Park.

We were hosted by Resorts World Genting, Malaysia. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own.

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Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting
Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Jungle trek in Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Nature trek in Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Conservation trail in Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting, Malaysia | Hiking in Awana | #travel #AwanaBioPark #trek #jungletrek #jungle #trekking #hiking #rainforest #wildlife #naturetrek #nature #gibbons #Malaysia #GentingHighlands #ComeOnUp #ExctingThingsAreHappening #YouMatter #ResortsWorldGenting #FamilyTravel #LuxuryTravel #AdventureTravel #Genting
Awana Bio Park - Resorts World Genting

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29 thoughts on “Awana Bio Park – Resorts World Genting”

  1. These plants are amazing and worth learning all about. This park sounds wonderful. We would enjoy spending the day visiting

  2. Very cool about the Pitcher plants. I saw them in Newfoundland and had a similar reaction. Thx for the terrific post about Awana Bio Park. I’ve not yet been to Malaysia, but this would certainly be a good reason to go there.

  3. Learned about Genting to my friend as she is planning to go to Singapore to attend her friends wedding and also planning to visit Malaysia. Now I know why she really wants. I guess, now, its also me who want to visit the place too.

  4. It is always a great way to visit natural resorts and this Awana bio resort in Genting looks splendidly beautiful. I never saw Pitcher Plants or Venus Flytrap in real, though read about them and it would be glad to see them so close.

  5. I loved your writing style, especially the opening lines. I have seen a pitcher plant only once in one of the gardens in Singapore airport. I would love to see it in its natural habitat. I love hiking and botany both so Awana Bio Park is totally my kind of place. Rainforests are such interesting places.

  6. I was hooked on the story of tropical pitcher plant. Such a peculiar little plant. Awana bio park sounds like an interesting place to visit. I will add it to our list when we visit Malaysia again.

  7. Great introductory paragraph, definitely draws the reader in! Those plants sound incredible, would love to visit this park and learn more about the pitcher plants.

  8. Very fascinating plant you describe at the beginning! Definitely would love to learn more about the biology behind that. Looks like an amazing trek and place for a nature lover. The QR codes on the trees is a fantastic idea…and the wifi is kinda funny, ha.

  9. I loved the way you started the post! The Nepenthes are sure a seductress, though they look innocent. We saw pitcher plants on our trip to Mawlyngbna.
    Awana Bio Park looks and sounds quite beautiful and a place of our liking. Will definitely keep this place in mind on our visit to Malaysia.

  10. Tropical pitcher plant – I never even heard of this and love the story which goes with it. 😀 Loving your style of writing and the first paragraph had got me gripped. 🙂

  11. Sandy N Vijay – I love the way you guys make up your posts so interesting- Incredible.
    This one too kept me gripped till end. I have never seen something like scanning code on trees. Quite interesting and knowledgeable. The pitcher plant picture is amazing.

  12. Can’t wait to visit Awana Bio Park after reading your account. Have heard a lot about the tropical pitcher plant, but never seen one up close. It must be an enthralling experience to encounter it in person.

  13. Good to know that you had a great time in Genting, Malaysia and there is a lot to see! So many exotic and special plants we could find int he tropical forest like the Pitcher Plant, I saw the corpse lily before and seems like there are so much more to explore. 🙂 @ knycx.journeying

  14. I didn’t realise there was a Bio park in Genting. I visited Genting many years ago. From your post, it looks like much has changed. Awara Bio Park seems like a tranquil place to hike and enjoy nature.

  15. Awana Bio Park looks beautiful. The pristine nature and the tranquil vibes are an unmatched combination. I like the pitcher plant and especially the way your words have personified it. I’ve read a lot about carnivorous plants in my bio class. But I only saw them once in Singapore – the similar pitcher plants. The trek in the rainforest sounds refreshing and a great way to spot some flora and fauna.

  16. Oh wow.. I’d love to visit the Awana Bio Park when I’m in Malaysia! This reminds me of our trek at the Masungi Georeserve and it was fun too. Good to know you can do the trek with kids and older people. I’m sure my daughter will love this!

  17. Wow this sounds like an incredible experience. Malaysia has so much beauty to explore and honestly, the rainforest hasn’t really been on my travel radar. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, also loved the descriptive storytelling in this piece :).

  18. Interesting life in the Bio Park of Awana. In Borneo they cook rice in these pitchers. It is called Pitcher plant rice and is considered a delicacy.
    I hope I can visit this park. Love the soothing greenery all around.

  19. ooh man! I missed this. I know I would have loved it. The first time I saw a pitcher plant I was stunned. And I kept waiting for it to capture a fly, pity it did not 😉 . I defnitely am gonna look this one up when I get to Genting

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