Genting Highlands Attractions – Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

Genting Highlands Attractions

The car hugged the road as it smoothly negotiated the curves as we climbed about 6,000 feet above sea level, leaving the Kuala Lumpur International Airport far behind. Our destination was the Resorts World Genting. The landscape and the weather had undergone a dramatic change. We could feel the nip in the air when we stepped out of the car for a brief moment.

Far above we could see some of the Genting Highlands attractions rising from the ground, enveloped in an ethereal mist. A brightly colored gondola glided high above us and slowly disappeared into the mist. The greenery around and the mist combining with the cool weather gave the moment an Alpine dimension and memories of Switzerland came flooding to the mind.

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The Genting Highlands Attractions 

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Genting Highlands Attractions

It was really marvelous how an entire resort city had been developed in the mountains. But what was even more incredible was the fact that the concrete structures blended seamlessly with their natural environs as if the designers had painstakingly handcrafted them and molded them seamlessly with the surrounding natural environment.

As the car spread towards the Resorts World Genting, Malaysia thoughts turned to the man whose dream and vision combined with his determination to give shape to what we saw in front of us.

That man was Tan Sri Dato Seri (Dr.) Lim Goh Tong. A legend in his lifetime and an inspiration to millions. It was incredible how this man who was already in his fifties virtually singlehandedly transformed the mountain in record time. It is said that he even dodged death six times and donned multiple hats working as a labourer, project manager, financial controller, engineer, and much more all rolled into one to get the access road to the Genting mountains ready in an unbelievably short time.

Genting Highlands Attractions

In his own words “When I make a decision & believe strongly that it is the right one, I will go head on with it, no matter what odds I am up against . . . Once a decision is made with sound reasoning, the rest is hard work, determination & perseverance to see it through to fruition.”

We were excited to see the brainchild of this remarkable man and experience the many indulgences that it promised as we arrived at the Theme Park Hotel Genting Highlands which was the first hotel that was built in the Genting Highlands and has now taken on a newly refurbished and quirky avatar.

Genting Highlands Attractions – Resorts World Genting, Malaysia – Demystified

When you hear about a place, you imagine and think about it, and your mind delves into the visual imagery of the place. But it is only when you actually get to the place and feel its vibes that you realize the real experience of the place. The same is the case with Resorts World Genting which was originally known as Genting Highlands Resort. What we experienced at the Genting Highlands attractions was beyond the frontiers that our imagination had taken us.

Genting Highlands Attractions

The Resorts World Genting is unlike any resort one would have imagined, it is an integrated resort which has within its fold hotels, shopping plazas, entertainment centers, theme parks, and much more. In a nutshell, RW Genting is a complete world unto itself and an enchanting one at that. There are so many things to do in Resorts World Genting Highlands and the experiences that the Genting Highlands attractions offer leave one thoroughly satisfied but asking for more. In fact, while at Resorts World Genting, it will never cross your mind as to what to do in Genting Highlands since you will be spoilt with various options available out there.

Another unique attraction that is going to add another feather to the cap of Resorts World Genting is the 20th Century Fox theme park which adds to the existing Genting Highland Theme Parks. This Genting theme park will be the first of its kind in the world and would be one more of the Genting Highlands Attractions to look forward to.

A popular quote goes like, “Malaysia, simply Asia”, but our experience at the Resorts World Genting prompts us to coin another one, “Resorts World, simply the world”. The presence of many of the major global brands from across the world and across verticals vouches for this with the Genting Highlands attractions providing a truly international experience.

Resorts World Genting Malaysia – A Bouquet of Stay Options

Staying at the Resorts World Genting, at a vantage height of 6,000 feet above sea level with spectacular views of rainforests and valleys that stretch down languorously towards Kuala Lumpur is an experience in itself.

The Resorts World hotels are in themselves Genting Highlands attractions with their immaculate design and history and a visit to these are to be included in the list of things to do in Genting Highlands.

One is spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a hotel at Genting. On offer for your stay at the Resort World Genting are 10,000 hotel rooms across a variety of hotels. Resorts World Genting, Malaysia is equipped with over 10,000 rooms spread across seven hotels.

Theme Park Hotel

Genting Highlands Attractions

We stayed at the Theme Park Hotel which was like staying in a slice of history as this was the first hotel that came up on Genting Highlands. It is definitely one of the Genting Highlands attractions not to be missed. It is a vibrant and quirky hotel that has been fully refurbished. It is a perfect hotel for families and couples and has an underlying theme of fun which is visible in the line drawings, cartoons, and hand-written signs that dot the hotel. A long corridor with multi-hued windows connects the different wings of the hotel with hopscotch drawings scrawled on the floor adding to the quirkiness.

Genting Highlands Attractions

The Theme Park Hotel has 500 rooms including four honeymoon suites that have been interestingly designed based on the different stages of courtship, starting with romance, blossoming into a courtship which results in a proposal and then culminates in a wedding and honeymoon.

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First World Hotel

Genting Highlands Attractions

Another hotel that will rank high on the list of Genting Highlands attractions is the First World Hotel Genting. It is the world’s largest hotel in terms of the number of rooms. The hotel now boasts an astounding 7,351 rooms. The rooms are spread over three colorfully designed towers. The hotel allows an express hassle free check-in through self-check-in kiosks that dispense key cards within minutes.

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Genting Grand

Genting Highlands Attractions

The Genting Grand hotel towers over the landscape of Resorts World Genting and in many ways is a visual icon of the place. This Genting Highlands attractions is one of the structures visible from far below and serves as a kind of insignia for RWGenting. It is a five-star hotel which also houses the Genting Club as well as a spa. The hotel has 427 rooms including luxurious and well-appointed suites.

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The Crockfords hotel with 115 bespoke luxury suites is a grand example of uber-luxury. The suites of the hotel which is flower themed have all feather pillows and duvet covers made of 100% Egyptian cotton and are equipped with a private steam sauna. This hotel which is the ultimate in luxurious indulgence is something not to be missed among the Genting Highlands attractions.

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Genting Highlands Attractions

The hotel that literally takes luxury to new heights is the five-star Maxims hotel with 753 rooms and 92 exclusive suites. The hotel is an embodiment of classy elegance with a ‘Garden in the sky” theme running through the 18th floor that houses exclusive suites like the penthouse which has a bathroom that incorporates a vertical garden. Ultimate dining experiences await the classy restaurants that serve Japanese, Chinese, and Western cuisines.

Resort Hotel

The Resort Hotel is a Four Star hotel and a hit with families out to experience the joys of Resorts World Genting. The hotel has 834 rooms that include standard, deluxe, and superior rooms. One of the highlights of the Resort Hotel is a steamboat themed seafood restaurant.

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Awana Hotel – Awana Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands Attractions

The Awana hotel Genting is a charming Four-Star hotel nestling in the midst of nature at 3,100 feet on the way up to Resorts World Genting. Flanked by a beautiful and expansive Golf course the hotel is a favorite haunt of nature lovers. The towering structure of the hotel is a visual delight and is one of the Genting Highlands attractions that dominate the skyline. 

Genting Highlands Attractions

A 130 million years old rainforest nearby affords ample opportunities for hiking and trekking.

Genting Highlands Attractions

We had a nice walk around the Golf Course followed by a leisurely lunch at the in-house restaurant called Rajawali which serves a sumptuous buffet spread.

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Genting Highlands attractions – An Indulgence For The Senses

The Resorts World Genting is a place that guarantees that you will never have a dull moment. Be it kids, families, solo travelers, or couples, there is something to entice and engage everybody. The Genting Highlands attractions hold the promise of great times for all.

Genting Highlands attractions – The Visitors’ Galleria, An Inspiring Story

Genting Highlands Attractions

It is but fitting to start your exploration of the Genting Highlands attractions with a visit to the Visitors’ Galleria. This is exactly what we did. The Galleria unfolds the riveting story of one man’s grit and determination that fructified into what we now know as Resorts World Genting, one of the best resorts of the world.

Genting Highlands Attractions

The history of Resorts World Genting and the saga of Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Lim Goh Tong comes alive as you see the priceless photos and various trophies that are showcased in the Galleria. One can also buy a copy of My Story which is the inspiring autobiography of Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Lim Goh Tong.

Genting Highlands attractions – Fun and Frolic For Kids & Families

The attractions that lure kids and also bring out the kid inside adults are many and promise lots of fun and frolic all around. Here are some of the places that we experienced.

Genting for Kids and Genting for Family

Genting Highlands attractions – Snow World

Genting Highlands Attractions

Snow World is one of the top family attractions for a holiday at Resorts World Genting Highlands and we could see that during our visit. Small kids lined up excitedly, anticipation writ large on their faces as they waited for entry into Snow World. If you have dreamt of Switzerland and frolicking in the snow at temperatures below zero degrees, then the Snow World Genting simulates similar conditions. When we entered the Snow World clad in a thick jacket and wearing snowshoes and hand gloves, the temperature showed -7 degrees Celcius. It was quite cold inside and the scene was reminiscent of a white Christmas carnival.

Genting Highlands Attractions

An igloo, an English Tea Shop, a French Bakery, and Italian Pizzeria covered in a white carpet of snow presented excellent photo opportunities. Kids whizzed erratically on a play slide. The lighting inside Snow World gradually changed from daylight night in the half hour we spent there.

Genting Highlands Attractions

Time seemed to have moved with supersonic speed as soon it was time to come out of Snow World and we followed a bunch of kids leaving reluctantly a fairyland of snow.

Genting Highlands attractions – Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

Genting Highlands Attractions

Ripley’s has always been a source of great fascination. Still, remember a weathered and hardbound book owned by my dad which housed within its pages a world of incredulity and oddities. That book was a hardbound edition of “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. So the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium was for us to become kids again and be amazed by the various exhibits and interactive experiences.

Genting Highlands Attractions

A Ferrari Testarossa made entirely of recycled teak kitchen floors and identical to the one that Leonardo DiCaprio crashed in the movie, “The Wolf of Wallstreet”, caught our attention. As we moved forward our aeronautical instincts were stimulated by a space capsule which simulated the darkness of space. Optical illusions, trick mirrors, the fascinating laws of physics and much more kept us engrossed with childlike glee as we moved from one exhibit to the other.

Genting Highlands attractions – Jurassic Research Centre

Genting Highlands Attractions

As you enter the Jurassic Research Centre, you are greeted by the rumbling bellowing sounds of dinosaurs. A mean looking one with lifelike eyes shakes its long neck and looks menacingly at you. The Jurassic Research Centre is full of assorted animated dinosaurs of varying sizes. There are really cute babies to massive giants that give you the creeps. The Jurassic Research Centre also has an interesting section dedicated to Dinosaur fossils.

Genting Highlands attractions – Zombie Outbreak

Genting Highlands Attractions

“Help! Walking Dead Inside”, scream the words scrawled in blood red on a wall as you enter the pitch dark interiors of the scary house. You need to hold on to all your wits not to jump or shout as you move from one dark room to the other.. Blood-curdling shrieks, bloodshot eyes gazing from windows, doors opening and zombies walking in are designed to scare the wits out of you and you will feel relieved to finally walk out of the clutches of the Zombies.

Genting Highlands attractions – Sky Symphony

Genting Highlands Attractions

The people looked like little dolls striding down below around a circular stage while all around them neon lights dazzled resplendently. The scene below did have an uncanny resemblance to Times Square albeit a miniature one. We descended to Level-1 of the Sky Avenue where all the action was. A circular stage which is interestingly called Times Square stage literally occupied center stage in a massive atrium.

Genting Highlands Attractions

The atrium is the place where a spectacular show unfolds every hour. Music, larger than life visuals, graphics and 1,001 winch balls suspended from the fourth-floor weave together a story that takes one to another world of bright colors and mesmerizing music, a world that cannot be described, a world that can only be experienced. We watched the musical Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning where he wields his baton to create hypnotic music in the fascinating world under the ocean.

Genting Highlands Attractions

The other shows that play at the Sky Symphony are Forest, The Goddess, and Urban Symphony. These shows erupt into life every half an hour and raise the excitement of Genting RW to a fever pitch.

Genting Highlands attractions – Awana Skyway

Genting Highlands Attractions

Though it may be looked upon as just another means of transportation, it is one of the exciting experiences at Resorts World Genting. The Awana Skyway is a state of the art cable car service that connects the Awana station to the top of Genting Highlands. A fleet of 109 Gondolas glides up and down the mountains ferrying excited passengers. 10 of these Gondolas have glass bottoms that offer scintillating views of the rainforest below. We enjoyed riding a glass-bottomed Gondola and also stopped in between to visit the Chin Swee temple.

Genting Highlands attractions – Arena of Stars

A sprawling 45,000 square feet atrium and the venue of vibrant musical performances is the Arena of Stars. The amphitheater is the venue for musical performances and has reverberated to the music of legends like Lionel Richie, Deep Purple, Olivia Newton-John and many others. The Amphitheatre was an open-air one when it was built but owing to the weather in Genting, it is a closed auditorium now and has state of the art sound and light systems and has a seating capacity of 6,000. Enjoying a musical at the Arena of Stars is indeed a promise of great and rocking times.

Genting Highlands attractions – SeniKome Peng Heng

Genting Highlands Attractions

SeniKome Péng Hēng is a fascinating center that showcases the culture and arts of the three states Pahang, Terengganu, and Kelantan. These three states are situated on the Eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The SeniKome Péng Hēng or East Coast Arts and Cultural Center is a place that brings alive ancient heritage and culture.

Genting Highlands Attractions

Exhibits include the art and handicrafts of the region, musical instruments of the region are also on display as well as ancient toys used by the indigenous people.

Genting Highlands Attractions

The ancient art of storytelling, Shadow Play also finds expression in Senikome Peng Heng. The place is a treasure trove for connoisseurs of culture and heritage.

Genting Highlands attractions – Chin Swee Temple

Genting Highlands Attractions

A beautiful and mystical Taoist temple, the Chin Swee temple is a place of great serenity and calm. Even though there were many people swarming the place to click selfies against the colorful and instagrammable backgrounds that the temple offered, it still had an aura of tranquillity. A nine-storey Pagoda looms into the sky, the top storeys obscured by the mist that hung over the temple.

Genting Highlands Attractions

A huge statue of a sitting Buddha lends a sense of calm to the place as one looks down to beautiful views of the valley below. The sight of gondolas gliding up and down the hill add a surreal feel to the temple.

Genting Highlands attractions – Awana Bio Park

Genting Highlands Attractions

If you thought that the Resorts World Genting was only all about the high life, great shopping, luxury hotels, and great food then think again. There exists a 130 million-year-old rainforest right next door for you to explore. No Genting Highlands tour would be complete without a visit to the Awana Bio Park. The park offers visitors a chance to give oneself up to the charms of nature. It is not your run of the mill safari or trek but hikes that educate you about the flora and fauna of the place.

Genting Highlands Attractions

What is fascinating about the Awana Bio Park is that it makes use of technology to disseminate information in a smart way without in any way interfering with nature. If you are on a trek and see an exotic tree and want to know about it, all you need to do is scan the QR code that is there on the tree with your smartphone to get information about it. The Awana Bio park is home to one of the most fascinating specimens of plants, the Pitcher plants. Treks at the Awana Bio Park are designed to suit the fitness and interests of the visitors.

Genting Highlands attractions – Food – Ecstasy For The Epicureans

Genting Highlands Attractions

The Resorts World Genting offers a feast for the palate with cuisines from across the world. The best of Oriental cuisine is served by restaurants like Ming Ren and Genting Palace which take Cantonese cuisine to a fine art while Imperial Rama fuses the best of Thai and Chinese cuisine.

Genting Highlands Attractions

For those who swear by Continental cuisine, there is La Fiesta that serves Spanish cuisine with elegance and Motorino laying out the best in Italian cuisine.

Genting Highlands Attractions

Restaurants like the Food Factory and Rajawali spread out huge buffets that at once baffle and tempt diners with their vast array of dishes. Whatever your taste you will find a place that suits your palate at the Resorts World Genting. Whatever the ambiance, be it the casual chic of a Cafe in Paris or the bonhomie of a club in England, you are bound to find it at the Resorts World Genting. In fact, every meal when at the Resorts World Genting poses a problem. The problem of deciding where to eat, as the choices are many and varied.

Genting Highlands Attractions

Vegetarians and Vegans too need not worry about food as there are many choices that cater to their needs at the Resorts World Genting. We ourselves being vegetarians had no issues and in fact savored some amazing vegetarian fare at restaurants like Spice Garden which serves Indian and Middle East cuisine, Rajawali, Food street, Food Factory, and Shri Paandi.

Genting Highlands attractions – A Shopper’s Paradise

The Resorts World Genting offers unending possibilities for shopping. International brands tempt shoppers with their wares and some offer fabulous and irresistible offers. The destinations for shopping high up in the hills and in air-conditioned comfort are as below.

Genting Highlands attractions – SkyAvenue

Genting Highlands Attractions

A state of the art, world-class shopping experience is what the SkyAvenue offers. Set amidst glittering surroundings more than 100 retail outlets entice visitors with their products that range from designer jewelry to international brand shoes and much more. Even if shopping is not something that gets you all excited, the SkyAvenue is sure to appeal to your aesthetic senses. The Times Square stage at Level-1 of SkyAvenue presents scintillating free-to-public shows every hour which weave the elements of light, sound, and music into a mesmerizing and spectacular performance.

Genting Highlands attractions – Awana SkyCentral

Genting Highlands Attractions

A shopping and eating area which serves visitors on the move is the Awana SkyCentral. Situated halfway to the top the place also is a hub for transportation with the Awana Sky Way as well as the Awana Transport Hub present.

Genting Highlands attractions – First World Plaza

Genting Highlands Attractions

The First World Plaza is a shopper’s delight. It is situated a level above the World’s biggest hotel in terms of the number of rooms, the First World Hotel. The  First World Plaza has retail outlets, attractions, as well as eateries that cater to different tastes and offer a range of cuisines.

Genting Highlands attractions – Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

Genting Highlands Attractions

The Genting Highlands Premium Outlets is a shopping arcade that boasts of 150 retail outlets with global brands. The likes of Addidas, Calvin Klein, Hush Puppies, Nike, Victorias Secret, Vincci, Samsonite, Citizen, and many other brands lure visitors with their timeless appeal. One can lose oneself in the shopping paradise which has everything from Footwear to Jewellery and Luggage to Home Furnishings.

And once the craving for shopping subsides one can turn one’s attention to food which is available in plenty at the Food Court as well as many stand-alone cafes and restaurants that include the likes of Star Bucks, Baskin Robbins, Juan Valdez Cafe, and many more.

Quick Facts About Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

  • The Resorts World Genting Highlands, Malaysia is located on top of the 1,800-metre high peak of Mount Ulu Kali
  • It is situated on the cusp of two states of Malaysia namely Pahang and Selangor
  • The distance between KL to Genting Highlands is about 55 kilometers and is about an hour’s drive
  • The distance of the airport of Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highlands is about 114 kilometers
  • One can take a bus to Genting from KL or hire a cab
  • The Genting Highlands weather is pleasant throughout the year
  • The temperature in Genting ranges between 14 to 22 degrees Celsius
  • The Genting Highlands cable car is a nice way to get across some of the Genting Highlands attractions

Best time to visit Genting Highlands Malaysia

Genting Highlands weather is very cool. Genting Highlands temperature ranges between 14 to 22 degrees Celsius all the 365 days a year since it is 6,000 ft above sea level. The best time to visit Resorts World Genting Highlands Malaysia is all year round.

Genting Highlands Tourism 

How To Get To Resorts World Genting Highlands Malaysia

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How To Book Your Stay When Visiting Resorts World Genting Highlands Malaysia

Genting hotels – If you are planning to visit Resorts World Genting Highlands, Malaysia then you must be wondering where to stay in Genting, Malaysia or the best hotels in Genting Malaysia. Stay options to suit your budget are available at RWGenting and can be easily booked. For the best accommodation – hotels in Resorts World Genting, Malaysia we suggest checking out our favorite sites to book here. We always use these sites to book our stay. Genting booking can be done through TripAdvisor or Cleartrip or Agoda or Makemytrip or Priceline to save huge and get the best deals on booking your stay in Resorts World Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

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Driving around Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands Attractions

If you are looking at getting the best deals on car rental in Malaysia, then you can rent a car in Kuala Lumpur to explore and experience amazing Malaysia, and in and around areas and embark on a road trip of exploration and discovery of beautiful Malaysia.

Travel, Explore and Enjoy with peace

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Bidding Adieu to Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

The few days that we spent at Resorts World Genting went off like a flash and soon it was time to bid adieu to the place. The days had flown as we slowly settled into a different world so far removed from the routine. As our car glided down the curves towards Kuala Lumpur International Airport we felt as if we were descending from heaven and coming back to earth.

As we looked back out of the window for the last glimpse of Resorts World Genting, one of the best resorts in the world, we could not help but remember the man who left his home in China at the age of 19 to sail to Malaysia and start off as a carpenter. A man who rose to become the wealthiest man in Malaysia. The man whose labor of love crystallized into Resorts World Genting.

We were hosted by Resorts World Genting, Malaysia. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own.

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Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

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