A Fashion recipe for making heads turn


Fashion must have been existent from the time Man started using leaves and animal skins for covering and protecting his body. Initially this would have been driven by a necessity to protect oneself against the elements of nature. As Man evolved, the seeds of fashion were sown in his mind, and over time the need to look good and stand out in a crowd evolved into a passion. This passion is what we know today as fashion.

Fashion has evolved into more than a physical manifestation of the need to look good. It has become a means of expressing one’s unique personality and standing out from the crowd. The internet boom has transported fashion from designer settings right into our homes.

One company that has set out on a mission to give you a makeover that will make heads turn, is abof.

Abof offers a wide selection across the categories of Clothing, Footwear and Accessories. You may be a college going girl looking for the best ensemble to make an impact on the first day of college or you may be a Business Executive, out to impress your new boss with a suave appearance, whoever you are, wherever you are, Abof is a click away to answer to your fashion needs.

fashion                                                                                                                Credits: abof.com
So imagine you want to impress your new boss with an elegant pair of trousers and a color coordinated shirt, all you need to do is to head to the Formal Trousers, section, under the clothing category for Men. Here you will find choices from some of the best known international Brands including Louis Phillippe, Peter England, Van Heusen and others. You can do some online window shopping, before you decide on the one you would like to go with. Thinking about your budget? Don’t worry. The prices are clearly mentioned against each product and there are discounts too, which are marked clearly. If you are thinking of what shirt should be teamed up with the trouser, then you have valuable tips not only on this, but also on what shoes would complement the trousers that you select and what belt would complete the ensemble. If you are thinking about the best fitting, Abof has a solution for that too! There is a 3D trial room which should smoothly iron out your worries.

Abof has more to offer than just clothing, footwear and accessories. It offers a valuable insight into fashion trends and provides tips that ensure you are always one step ahead of the pack.



21 thoughts on “A Fashion recipe for making heads turn

  1. star lengas Reply

    That’s so cool they have a 3d layout to virtually try on clothes, I wish more online shops had that option!

  2. Veronica Reply

    I love men’s fashion and I love choosing new items for my husband. I have never heard of Abof before, but I am definitely checking them out! Thank you

  3. Sheri Reply

    This sounds great and I love the idea of a 3D tool to help put outfits together. I love well-dressed men and although I had not previously heard of Abof, I will take a look at their site.

  4. Blair Villanueva Reply

    Men’s fashion just like women’s, are more on showing your individuality and personality, which helps the person boost their confidence. That 3D Room seems very interesting and fun!

  5. Ann Reply

    I’m a big fan of simplifying the process and this definitely seems to do that! I’ve used similar services for myself and I love what the pros come up with. Things I wouldn’t have considered , but they look good. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Liana Reply

    That’s so cool and I love the idea of picking through this tech invention in 3D! You gotta need some help sometimes!

  7. Jay Reply

    I shop from Abof and I could say I’m very pleased with everything that I buy so I can only encourage people to spend money (yea… little bit more) but at least you know that the quality is guaranteed. Anyways, the article is well written and I have enjoyed reading it! Cheers!

  8. indian supply Reply

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  9. indian supply Reply

    Every Young lady, Women & Girls are Fond of Shopping.
    For an Auspicious Occasions Like Festival, Wedding Ceremonies Engagements Ceremony

  10. indiansupply Reply

    Men’s fashion just like women’s, are more on showing your individuality and personality, which helps the person boost their confidence. That 3D Room seems very interesting….

  11. neha Reply

    A 3D trial room is such an upcoming and great concept. Everyone needs it at times!! I guess Abof has taken a leap with providing this option to the shoppers.

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