Gira Waterfalls Saputara – Amazing Gira Falls Dang Gujarat

Gira Waterfalls Dang, Gujarat

Gira Waterfalls Saputara is in Dang, Gujarat. Read all about the best time to visit Gira Falls Dang, entry, timings, and fees.

Gira Waterfalls Dang, Gujarat

Waterfalls are not what comes to mind when you think of Gujarat. It is more likely that you will think of heritage, cuisine, Garba, and the Rann of Kutch. However, a visit to the Gira Waterfalls near the town of Waghai in the Dangs district of Gujarat is sure to change your mind. Gira Waterfalls Dang, also known locally as Gira Dhodh is located quite near to Saputara, Gujarat’s only hill station. Saputara To Gira Falls Distance is about 49 kilometres.

If Saputara is known as, “Gujarat’s Aankhon Ka Tara,” which roughly translates in English as, “Apple of the eye,” then the Gira waterfall Dang must be the “Jewel in the crown,” of Gujarat and the Dangs district. This post is a complete guide to visiting the Gira waterfalls Dang, which you must include in your Saputara itinerary as it is one of the attractions that must figure in your list of places to visit in Saputara and the Dangs district.

Gira Waterfalls Dang Gujarat – A Picturesque Spectacle

Gira Waterfalls Dang, Gujarat
Gira Waterfall

If you love to feel the cool spray of a waterfall on your face and hear the roar of a cascading waterfall, then you will definitely fall in love with the spectacular Gira waterfalls of Gujarat. The Gira waterfalls impress you not so much with their height, which is modest, but with their width, and their picturesque backdrop. So much so, that the Gira falls are referred to as the “Niagara of Gujarat.”

About The Amazing Gira Waterfalls Saputara | Gira Falls

Gira Waterfalls Saputara
Gira Waterfalls Dang Gujarat

The Gira waterfalls are located near the town of Waghai in the verdant district of Dang in the state of Gujarat in India. The Ambika river plunges down a bank of boulders from a height of about 75 feet to form the Gira falls.

Though in terms of sheer statistics, the falls may not be as impressive and well known as some of the other waterfalls in India, like the Dudhsagar falls near Goa, the Jog falls in Karnataka, or the Athirapally falls in Kerala, however, once you visit the Gira waterfalls, you shall be blown away by its magical grandeur.

Visiting The Amazing Gira Waterfalls Saputara | Gira Falls | Gira Dhodh

Green fields near Gira Waterfalls

A 100-metre walk on a path that cuts through lush green fields takes you near the Gira Waterfalls Dang from the parking lot. There is a restaurant near the parking lot that serves Gujarat and Dangi Thali with other items from Indian cuisine. A makeshift barricade gives access to the path that leads to the waterfalls.

Shops near Gira Falls

As you near the waterfalls, you will notice shops set up by local tribals selling handicrafts made from Bamboo. Colourful flowers, bamboo show pieces, bags made from bamboo cane, lamp stands, flower vases, and much more will vie with each other to grab your attention. Incidentally, the Dang district of Gujarat has a tribal population of over 98%.

Gira Waterfall Viewpoint
Viewpoint at Gira Waterfall in Saputara

You will soon reach the actual viewing point of the waterfalls, from where you shall have your first sight of Gira waterfalls Dang at some distance. The waterfalls present a pretty picture framed against the sky, and cascading down the boulders. The water plummets down from around 75 feet in two distinct sections. In parts the cascading water looked like milk, while in parts it had assumed a brown hue, probably owing to the soil that it was bringing in its wake.

Refreshments near Gira Waterfalls Saputara
Shops near Gira Falls Waghai

If you want to go up close to the waterfalls, you can do so, well almost! A flight of steps beside the viewing point leads down and connects to a rocky path that leads to the base of the Gira waterfalls. This path is flanked by shops selling souvenirs, snacks, and bamboo crafts.

The sound of the waterfalls up close is sure to send waves of excitement through your being. The water falls down and forms a stream. Visitors are allowed only to the edge of the stream and cannot get into the water. There is a rope that clearly marks the boundary for visitors. Getting into the water is strictly prohibited, and the authorities have put up boards that clearly mention this, in fact, you would be breaking the law if you did so, and would attract stiff punishment.

Gira Falls Gujarat
Gira Waterfall Gujarat

There are boulders on which you can climb to get a better view if you are sure-footed and adventurous-minded.

One can spend hours just watching the waters slide down the rocky face and meander on their way further. The milky-white water, the green backdrop, and the blue skies present a beautiful mosaic that seems straight out of a painting.

Right next to the viewing point there are a few shops where you chill over a cool drink or tender coconut. You can also shop for souvenirs, and also take home the famous Jaggery and Honey of the Dang district.

Things To Do In Gira Waterfall

Places to Visit in Saputara near Gira Fall Gujarat
Waghai Botanical Garden

When you are at Gira Waterfall Waghai Gujarat, you are sure to enjoy your rendezvous with nature. The things to do at Gira falls include the following:

  • Spend time watching the spectacular waterfalls at Gira Dhodh Gujarat
  • Shop at the many shops that sell locally made handicrafts and help the local economy
  • Eat local food, maybe try a Dangli Thali that consists of Nagli (Ragi) or Rice Rotla, bamboo pickle, green vegetables, black gram dal
  • When visiting Gira waterfalls you can also plan a visit to the Waghai Botanical Garden which is about 3 kilometres away

Best Time To Visit Gira Waterfalls Dang

Gira Waterfall Waghai Gujarat
Gira Waterfall Waghai Dang Gujarat

The best time to visit Gira waterfalls is between August to November, when the waterfalls can be viewed in their full majesty. The weather is also pleasant and there would be greenery all around.

Timings And Entry Fees To Gira Waterfalls Saputara

Gira Waterfall in Saputara
Gira Falls Gujarat

Entry to the Gira Waterfalls on Ambika River in Dangs is regulated through an entry barricade. The timings are from around 9 AM till evening 5 PM. There is a nominal entry fee that you will have to pay for visiting the falls. It is best to visit the waterfalls as early as possible so that you get some quiet moments at the falls before the crowds start pouring in.

Images Of Gira Waterfalls | Gira Falls Photos

Images Of Gira Waterfalls Waghai
Images Of Gira Waterfalls Waghai | Gira Falls Photos

Here are some images that capture the pristine beauty of Gira Falls and its surroundings, that will give you an idea of the place and the experience it has in store for you.

How To Get To Gira Waterfalls Dang | Gira Waterfall Waghai

At Gira Waterfalls
At Gira Waterfall Waghai

The Gira waterfalls are formed by the river Ambika and are located in the Dang district of Gujarat. The nearest town to the Gira falls is Waghai at a distance of about 5.7 kilometres.

  • Saputara to Gira Falls distance ( Gira Falls To Saputara / Gira Waterfall to Saputara distance ) is about 49 kilometres
  • Waghai to Gira falls distance is about 5.7 kilometres
  • Surat is at a distance of about 109 kilometres from the Gira waterfalls Dang

By Air

The nearest airport to Gira waterfall is Surat International Airport at a distance of about 117 kilometres. There are flights to and from major cities of India, like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Goa, Hyderabad, Jaipur, etc. There are some international flights from places like Sharjah. From Surat, you can travel by road to the Gira falls.

By Rail

The nearest railway station to the Gira waterfalls is Waghai Railway Station at a distance of about 6 kilometres. There is a narrow gauge heritage train that connects Bilimora with Waghai. However, if you are travelling by train, Bilimora at a distance of about 65 kilometres is a better option to directly reach Wagai falls by road.

Bilimoria is a major railway junction on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai line and has trains to and from Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, and other cities.

By Road

Gira waterfalls are well connected by road. It is very near Waghai and can be accessed by the road network consisting of National and State highways.
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Where To Stay When Visiting Gira Falls Dang

Hotel Toran Saputara, Gujarat
Hotel Toran Saputara, Gujarat

There are many resorts and hotels where you can stay when visiting Gira falls. You also have the option of staying in a hotel or resort in Saputara as Gira Falls to Saputara distance is about 49 kilometres.  The Toran hotels and resorts in Saputara are also a good option for your stay.

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FAQ Gira Waterfalls Dang | Gira Falls Saputara

Gira Waterfall
Gira Waterfall Saputara

Where is the Gira Dhodh?
Gira waterfalls known locally as Gira Dhodh is located near the town of Waghai in the Dang district of Gujarat, India.

Are there any waterfalls in Saputara?
There are two waterfalls near Saputara in the Dang district of Gujarat. They are the Gira waterfalls and Girmal waterfalls.

Which river forms the Gira falls?
The river Ambica forms the Gira waterfalls as it plunges from a height of about 75 feet.

How far is Gira fall from Saputara?
The Gira falls are at a distance of about 49 kilometres from Saputara.

Is there an entry fee for visiting Gira Waterfalls?
There is a nominal entry fee for the Gira waterfalls Dang.

A visit to the Gira waterfall is nothing less than a tryst with the magic of nature. It is sure to lift your spirits, soothe frayed nerves if any, and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. We hope this post inspires you to travel to Gira waterfalls Dang and experience its magic. We also hope that this post acts as your Gira waterfalls guide and provides you with all the necessary information. However, if you have any queries do contact us.

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Gira Waterfalls Dang

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Gira Waterfalls Saputara - Amazing Gira Falls Dang Gujarat

Gira Waterfalls Saputara - Amazing Gira Falls Dang Gujarat

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