Incredible India – Independence And After

Incredible India

At the stroke of the midnight hour, on the 15th of August, 1947, when the world slept, a nation called India awoke to freedom.

A nation was born! A nation that was unique in its diversity but bound by the threads of a common culture coursing through the veins of its people. A country that is now revered as Mother India.

That nation was INDIA, a country whose riches and culture had drawn people from all corners of the world like a magnet and had turned itself into a melting pot of diverse religions, cultures and ethnicity.

India is a country which is home to nine religions of the world. The people of the country communicate through 22 official languages and 1652 dialects.

This post is dedicated to this wonderful country that I call my home, and is an attempt to present the rich diversity of the country as well as dispel many myths associated with it. 70 years is a very tender age for a nation but the country has made gigantic strides since the day it shook off the shackles that bound its very existence.


Kanya Kumari, India

India is not a land filled with snakes and snake charmers, we do not ride on elephants to work and India is not all hot and humid.



Incredible India has made rapid strides in technology and science and various other fields, its educational institutions are at par with World standards and even excel them. The IT industry is well known and sets its own benchmarks. Its revenue for the year 2015 was approximately 150 billion USD. The country has over a billion mobile phone users and close to 300 million internet users. Many of the giant global companies are today headed by Indians. These include Microsoft, Pepsico, Google, Mastercard and Adobe.

The Diversity and Variety of India

Stretches and stretches of sand welcome you as you are serenaded by the sweet folk songs of Rajasthan in the west.


deserts of Rajasthan

As you travel up north into Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh, white blankets of snow greet you with a draught of cold air.




The spirit of the Buddha touches your heart and soul at Bodh Gaya, the place where Buddha achieved enlightenment in the east.


Incredible India

The hallowed mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier await to bless you at Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa in the west.


St Francis Xavier Church


The peace and tranquility of the North Eastern states enthrall you with their mesmerizing natural beauty.


Incredible India

The vibrancy and adrenaline pumping pace of the cities like Mumbai, make you fasten your pace.




You stare in awe at the carvings, paintings and sculpture at the Ajanta & Ellora caves and wonder about the artistic skills of the people who made them long, long ago.


Incredible India


The mellifluous notes of the flute emerge from the lips of the flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia and dance to the rhythmic beats from the Tabla of the music maestro Zakir Hussain.

India is a country that today dances to the different and wonderful genres of music which are steeped in great tradition and heritage and the dances themselves are varied and rich as the music.

If you are down south in India one of the dances that will catch your eye is the classy and elegant Bharatanatyam .


Incredible India

And if you head up to the north of India, jive to the vibrant dance steps of the Bhangra dance.




To sum up, this is just a slice of India. Volumes would not suffice to write about the sheer range and variety of the country across all areas, whether it be food, music, dance, culture, climate, geography, etc.. India is like a multi flowered garland with beautiful and exotic flowers all united by a common string.


Incredible India
On the occasion of the 70th Independence day, my heart goes out to all the countless people, known and unknown who have sacrificed their lives for the country. A big salute to the armed forces of the country who relentlessly keep a vigil and protect the nation.

These are just a few glimpses of what India has to offer. If you are looking to experience India and its cultural diversity, you must visit Incredible India. If you are planning to visit India then check out how to get a tourist visa for India.

Happy Birthday, India!

This article has also been published on Huffington post. Please check here.

Incredible India

Incredible India


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42 thoughts on “Incredible India – Independence And After

  1. Maria Reply

    Happy Birthday, India! India is such a diverse and interesting country that has been high on my bucket list. My husband went a few years ago and his stories and pictures really got me excited to see this beautiful country with my own eyes!

  2. Naomi Reply

    I’m surprised India is only 70 years young but with such rich and ancient history! Happy birthday

  3. Chris Reply

    It plays out like an advertisement by the Indian Tourism Board!

    Showcases the country and its diversity so very well, whilst giving us teasers of its highlights 🙂

  4. Milana Reply

    I can’t believe the country is so young! India has so much to offer, it’s truly the perfect travel destination. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    I didn’t realize that India is celebrating 70 years of independence next year. Thanks for sharing that info and all your wonderful photos. I will get to India someday, but it is not on my immediate radar.

  6. Brian Reply

    I was invited to go to Dehli in January. I’ve never been to India before. Still deciding whether or not I will go.

  7. Erika Bisbocci Reply

    Beautiful ode to India on the country’s birthday! I’d love to visit India, but find that there are so many places to visit in the country that just imagining a trip can be overwhelming. Your post is a reminder of India’s geographic and cultural diversity.

  8. Cynthia Reply

    Happy Birthday India! What an intriguing country with a rich diversity in culture, history, food, …. Looking forward to visit you soon!!

  9. Chloe Reply

    What a lovely post about an incredible country. I forget how huge and diverse it is. Can’t wait to make it there one day!

  10. Emily Luxton Reply

    I really fell for India when I visited earlier this year. I only made it to a handful of places, though. This post makes me want to re-visit so much, especially to see beautiful Rajasthan!

  11. Chelsea Reply

    Really nice job of showcasing how diverse India actually is, despite the stereotypes. I really love your photos. And sixteen hundred dialects? That’s pretty crazy.

  12. Megan Indoe Reply

    We really want to travel India extensively for at least a year. My fiance went a few years back and this beautiful country left a huge impression on him. I really can’t wait to go and see the beauty for myself and of course enjoy the local cuisine! It was interesting to learn about the different languages, dialects, and religions in India! I am not surprised as India is so large, thanks for sharing!

  13. Jen Morrow Reply

    Happy Independence Day, India!! Many of my friends (in India and abroad) celebrated on Monday. It is easy to forget, the India has only been a country for a short time, many people are alive who remember this event.

  14. Joella (RovingJo) Reply

    I would love to spend part of a year slow traveling through India. I find the culture fascinating and the food with all its spices is delectable. I never knew it had so many varied regions with desserts, snow, cities and jungles. Thank you for sharing all the beauty and variety there is in your amazing country. Happy Roving!!!

  15. Joe Reply

    Hats off to you – you’ve managed the not inconsiderable job of summarising a captivatingly complex nation in one blog post. Great work 🙂 India, to me, is an endlessly fascinating place and my solitary trip there last year left me wanting far more, not least because, as you say, there is so much diversity to experience and explore.

  16. Joanna Reply

    India is the most overwhelming country I have ever visited. There are so many aspects to the country, so many different things to see, so many experiences to try out. I was astonished by the culture and the beauty of it, but also of the poverty. I would like to come back and explore some more. Happy independence day India!

  17. Kemkem Reply

    Happy Independence India! I have been fortunate to have visited and witnessed so many of the good and bad. It is an incredible country that reminds me of my home country Nigeria in so many ways 🙂

  18. JM Reply

    I love the exotic and diverse culture and places in India. I miss celebrating the Independence Day of India with my frienda who work in the ship. We always do have a huge celebration onboard every August.

  19. Emily kydd Reply

    Great piece speaking beyond the cliches and stereotypes about India. Such a fascinating country, I was there 2 years ago and had my fair share of love/hate moments! Would love to go back and learn more!

  20. Stella the Travelerette Reply

    I had no idea there were so many different climates in India. I have been interested in the country ever since my mom showed me The Jewel in the Crown when I was a girl. Your photo of the dancer is really amazing. I want to go to India very badly and see for myself.

  21. Danielle Des Reply

    Happy birthday India! I thought this post was beautifully written and really paints a broad picture of India’s past, present and future. Something that I continuously wrap my head around is how incredibly diverse India is. 22 official languages and 1652 dialects – wow!

  22. Traveling Tom Reply

    Only 70 years! Wow I thought we relinquished control long before! Just goes to show you learn something new everyday! India is an amazing country, one that is better off without us and one that I hope to visit someday!

  23. WhereMonicaGoes Reply

    Beautiful photos! India is on my list of next countries to visit and thank you for feeding my curiosity about the place. It seems to me that India has been around for long, but was surprised that it is young. It must be really nice to see both the old and new there.

  24. Arzo Travels Reply

    I would love to visit India- it is surely a very beautiful country and has a very long history which is more than interesting.

  25. Kenny Reply

    There is a great diversity to see and do in the country, I have only been to a small fraction of the country and hopefully to see more in the future 🙂 @

  26. Rachel Pearson Reply

    Happy Birthday India!! I love your writing style, so passionate and descriptive. I haven’t made it to India but now I know I want to go an explore the diverse landscapes and experience the different traditions. It looks wonderful!

  27. Christina Guan Reply

    Yay happy birthday to your amazing country. I loved being able to learn a bit more about Indian history and culture through your post, since I haven’t yet made my own trip there. Someday though! 🙂

  28. Justin Reply

    Wow, that is very surprising to me that India is only 70! Such a beautiful country with many sights to see! Well written piece!

  29. Salini Reply

    I loved this article as I am a traveler who only travels within India, still not able to cover every nook and corner of it. When I started traveling in India two years back, I did not know about many of the amazing destinations in India. But, once I looked closer, I was amazed, probably spell bound! I am feeling lucky that I am an Indian. Thanks for this wonderful article!

  30. Cai Dominguez Reply

    Awesome post! Thank you for introducing more information about India. I would really love to visit your country. It’s so diversified and culturally rich. Happy independence day! ❤️

  31. Katharina Reply

    I am still trying to convince my boyfriend to go to India. He is terrified of getting a stomach bug. This is a great post and it has convinced me that i need to go, whether with a travel buddy or alone

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