Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Regional Indian food - Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Travel broadens the mind and I think it also broadens the taste buds, travel enables one to indulge the senses in a wide array of exotic tastes and aromas. Travel and food go hand in hand and a keen traveler would never give up the opportunity of exploring the different tastes of the region in addition to the different sights.

Having travelled and stayed for long periods in different cities of India, I somehow tend to identify cities and towns with the hallmark dishes associated with them. Many a times I play this game of thinking if XYZ city was a food item, then what would it be, and then I let my imagination take over.

In the first of a series of blogs on this food journey across India, I talk here about some of my favourite cities and towns and their associated dishes.

Bangalore—Masala Dosa

Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

The Masala Dosa is the signature food of the IT capital of the country, it stands upright and majestic against the onslaught of such aliens like Pizzas, Bergers, Hot Dogs, etc. Nothing is more satisfying to the palate than a hot crispy Masala Dosa washed down with a steaming hot cup of strong coffee. The Masala Dosa is popular throughout the country now and in fact it finds its name in the ‘List of 10 foods around the World to try before you die’, in the August, 18, 2015 issue of ‘The Huffington Post’.

The Masala Dosa is a pancake made of rice and lentils, roasted with dollops of marinated butter and stuffed with a potato and onion filling. This is eaten with ‘chutney’ or sauce made of grated coconut, chillies and garlic.

Though you can eat a Masala Dosa at any of the small and big eateries that dot Bangalore, it is recommended that you taste the ones at Vidyarthi Bhavan

Mumbai-Vada Pav

Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Mumbai is the melting pot of India, the dream city where millions come chasing their dreams and the city embraces them with open arms .If there is one common ally and support system for the millions struggling to make it in the Big city of Mumbai it is the ubiquitous’ Vada Pav’, a food for the masses and classes, a food loved by Princes and the Paupers alike, from street urchins selling newspapers at traffic junctions to the suited and booted executives hovering around Nariman point, from the dazzling stars of Bollywood to the Countless Coolies laboring hard on the platforms of Mumbai stations, everyone swears by Vada Pav.

What is this Vada Pava that has everyone in thrall?

The Vada Pava consists of two components and a couple of accessories. The first component is the Vada which is a blend of mashed potatoes, green chillies, coriander and other spices rolled into a ball and coated with a Gram flour batter and deep fried. The Vada is then placed inside a slit Pav(Bun/Bread), akin to a Burger.

The Vada Pav is then served with chutney or sauce made of chillies and garlic as well as fried green chillies, chopped onions, etc.

Vada Pav is available in virtually every nook and corner of the metropolis, but you should definitely not miss tasting the Mumbai delight at these two outlets.

Ashok Vada Pav, off Cadel Road, Kirti College Lane, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
Samrat Vada Pav, Nehru Road, Parleshwar, Vile parle(East)

Delhi-Chole Bhature

Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Delhi, is the capital of India, the seat of power from where the India is governed, a city steeped in history. A city which has been the centre of many a mighty empire in history, the longest serving Capital in the world as well as one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. So it comes as no surprise that the food of Delhi has inculcated the best flavors from across history. Though the list of lip smacking dishes is exhaustive and includes rich and varied fare, the pick of the lot is Chole Bhature, which is a complete meal in itself and can carry you through most of the day. It is actually a heavy breakfast popular in Delhi and other Northern parts of India.

The dish is a combination of spicy chick peas (Chole) served along with fried bread(Bhatura) made of refined wheat flour which has been fermented. This combination is served with the accompaniments of fried green chilies and raw onion rings. After eating this dish in case you can, you are welcome to down a big glass of ‘Lassi’, a yogurt based drink which usually comes with a sweet or salt option.

After satiating yourself with such a hearty breakfast make sure you walk around taking in the sights of Delhi to burn away the extra calories!

Chole Bhature is available in all parts of Delhi, but one of the best places to indulge yourself on some delicious Chole Bhature is:

Sitaram Ke Special Chhole Bhature Paharganj, New Delhi

Ahmedabad- DalWada

Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

Ahmedabad, the colorful and commercial capital of the state of Gujarat, India is known for the warmth and hospitality of its people and its varied street food on offer throughout the day and night.

Street food is a passion amongst the citizens of this city, age, economic status, no bar, you would find everyone making a beeline to some of the favourite food haunts in the city on a hot summer evening.

Though there is a plethora of lip smacking delicacies on offer, I prefer to write about the simple but delicious Dalwada, simply because nowhere else does this taste as it does in Ahmedabad!

Dalwadas are crispy, deep fried fritters made of soaked lentils coarsely ground and mixed with different spices. They are served with fried green chillies and raw onions.

If you get a dish of hot dalwadas along with a steaming hot cup of ginger tea on a rainy day, probably you would achieve a gastronomic nirvana.

Best Place to taste Dalwadas is  Gujarat Dalwada  Address: Park Avenue, Opp Parimal Garden, Chimanlal Girdharlal Rd, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380006

Have you ever tasted Indian spicy food? What is your first reaction? Indulge your taste buds in some exotic experiences!

Enjoy the tastes and aromas of these dishes till our next blog post which will concoct some more cities and dishes from different places.


64 thoughts on “Indian food you should definitely try in your lifetime

  1. Renne Simpson Reply

    I’d like to go back to India and try more food. When I went there several years ago, I had a very low tolerance for spicy food, so I missed out on a lot of tasty food. I’ve worked on it though over the years, and now I can eat spicy food without feeling like my mouth is completely on fire. Would love to go back and give it another chance!

    • Voyager Reply

      Wow! I know it is not easy to try Indian food if you are not used to spicy stuff. But if you can eat spicy food then Indian cuisine is definitely a must try for the taste buds. 🙂

  2. Marta Reply

    I was in India a few years ago and absolutely LOVED the food. I haven’t tried all of these but I am definitely going to try source them out as they look delicious! My biggest discovery during my trip there was paneer: I know it’s something really obvious for many but for me, it was a real revelation

  3. Ajay Sood Reply

    As an Indian, love the food listed here 🙂
    Some more of my favourites are:
    1. Pav Bhaji
    2. Poha-jalebi
    3. Thickened milk-jalebi
    4. Chaat

  4. Kevin Wagar Reply

    A few years ago I moved to an area with a huge Indian population. The restaurants and food have been one of the best parts of our new city!

  5. melody pittman Reply

    You’re killing me! Indian might be my very favorite cuisine and your pictures rock! I love curries best but really just love Indian food regardless. I am a big cruiser and often pass up the fancy steaks and seafood options for the Indian meal (usually vegetarian) of the night or just drop by the buffet because they always have a huge selection.

    • Voyager Reply

      Wow, that’s interesting Melody! 🙂 Which curries are your favorite and what other Indian dishes do you like?

    • Voyager Reply

      Thanks Allison. 🙂 Dalwada is quite tasty. Do plan a trip to India and enjoy some of the best cuisines in India!

  6. Ami Reply

    Adding to your list –
    Sabudana vadas in Mumbai. Also, the sandwiches at Mithibai college…awesome. Also, try the Bisi Bele Bhath in Bangalore.

    • Voyager Reply

      Yes Ami, there is quite a long list of Indian dishes that are worth trying out. This post was the first of the series!

  7. Sabine Reply

    Indian food is always a great idea 🙂 The dishes you selected look really awesome and tasty. Great choice 🙂

  8. Elizabeth @ Compass & Fork Reply

    I love this. I like how you tie the dish to the city. Som much of India’s food is regional and there is so much variation. I think it would be a great country to travel around just eating!

  9. Menorca Reply

    I often tell people that my favourite cuisine is always Indian:)followed by Mexican though!I so love Chole Bhature and Masala Dosa and all the Chaat!!!!

  10. Saiful Islam Opu Reply

    Oh, such a delicious post! ha ha ha 🙂
    Indian foods are always interesting though a ‘lil bit of hot & spiced. I would recommend you to have Bangladeshi ethnic dishes that are really awesome!

  11. Jordan Reply

    All look amazing – And don’t forget the humble chai …though not a food, still delicious!

  12. chandi Reply

    I like the way Indian food changes based on the region. I had very different (and much spicier) food in Tamil Nadu than I did up in Kashmir, for example. It was all good but unfortunately, I also got a lot of parasites and bad stomach problems during my 6 months there. I think in fact Indian food works best for me when I have it somewhere like London!

  13. Subhadrika Sen Reply

    Aah, I guess you have summed up all the street food flavours of india in your post. I was looking forward to see the pan Indian Phuchka, gol Gappa, Pani Puri as well in the list. Also, Rosogolla of Kolkta is very famous although its not street food, but strictly street food Dudh Cola is amazing (a drink made of Cola and Milk ) . Also, you might want to try Chilli Ice Cream from Bombay. 🙂

  14. Chris Reply

    I’ve had a lot of Indian food in my time, but can gladly say I’ve never had the pleasure of anything from your post (I say pleasure, as it means there is so much more to look forward to)!

    Once again, thanks for taking me to the sub-continent through your writings.

  15. Ami Reply

    Nice one. Glad that I have tried it all. Though I would recommend the Ghughras in Ahmedabad. Have you tried those?

  16. Adam, Bite of Iceland Reply

    I’m definitely a foodie and there’s no travel for me without getting to know the local culinary tradition. I was in South India for a month this year and the food was amazing. For me one of the highlights was Masala Dosa, I usually started a day with it 🙂

  17. Jessica Reply

    I love indian food but how come your list are still need to add on my to-eat-list. Haha. You are making me hungry now and want to try the Bangalore-Masala Dosa.

  18. Ess Reply

    As a huge foodie with a bias for Indian food, I can’t help but identify with this. I love Masala dosa and the Dalwadas are to live for! I haven’t tried the Vada pav but it’s definitely on my list now

  19. arv! Reply

    that’s a great list of food you have compiled! All of these are authentic foods from respective cities.It’s a great idea, to try all these, at least once!

  20. Brianna Reply

    Posts like this are SO helpful! I’m a bit of a picky eater with a sensative stomach, so I like to know what is in the dishes I eat. Sometimes restaurants only have the names of the dishes, and it’s difficult to choose what I think I’ll like. These detailed and explanatory posts are to useful to me! Keep ’em coming!

  21. Enni Maria - Denia Hania Reply

    Indian food looks super delicious and rich in flavour. I’ve only eaten Indian food once, and it was in Peru! ( so not really sure if that was pure indian). The only thing I’d be concerned about if eating in India is if that would hurt my stomach as I am quite sensitive.

  22. Melissa Reply

    What a delicious looking post! I think I’d like to try the Masala Dosa first –it looks so rich and flavorful. Overall, an awesome list…looks like I have a lot of food to try!

  23. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    Nothing can beat the Indian food for its flavor and taste. From Spicy to sweet to tangy you name it and you will find one in Indian cuisine. All of these are our favorites and can devour on them any number of times. Mumbai has much more to offer than Vada Pav you should definitely visit sometime soon 🙂

  24. neha Reply

    Indian food is the best. You left me carving for more with this post. I could do with a masala dosa or some chole bahature right now 🙂 And what about the street food? Will like to see some on your list

  25. Shane Prather Reply

    Sad to admit I haven’t had much Indian food beyond chicken tikka masala. It has the best flavor and I love spicy!

  26. Siddhartha Joshi Reply

    I actually like Chole Bhature quite a lot, but hardly ever get good stuff as I am far from North India, and one one makes them like North Indians do 🙂 However, with my mammoth sweet tooth, I often skip the main course for Indian food and jump straight to the desserts! 🙂

  27. SindhuMurthy Reply

    All my favorite foods from India in one post. Couldn’t agree more about masala dosa. I m heading right away to Vidhyarthi Bhavan 🙂

  28. Soumya Nambiar Reply

    I want to eat all of them right now. I love Vidyarathi bhavan’s Masala dosa but I love Brahmins Thatte idli too. You should also head out to VV puram for amazing vegetarian street food. Hopefully I can have Masala vada again next week since I am heading out there.

  29. Suruchi Reply

    I love Indian food for all its flavors and being spicy. Feeling hungry after reading this and seeing your pictures. Do add Kadi- chawal and golgappas to it.

  30. Raksha Reply

    Now, checking out these dishes is making my stomach growl. Adding to the list – ample of deserts – golgoppa, jalebi, gulab jamoon. Pani puri, gujarati dhokla and kerala appam 🙂

  31. Wanderlust Vegans Reply

    Before living in Birmingham UK we had never tried Masala Dosa before. There is a pretty large Indian community in Birmingham so lots of Indian food restaurants. We really enjoy the Masala Dosa and it would be nice to try it in India and see how it compares.

  32. Adam Biernat Reply

    Thank you for this fantastic post! I’m a big fan of Indian cuisine 🙂 I’ve visited India last year. I’ve stayed there for a month, so I had an opportunity to tried all these delicious things.

  33. Nadine Cathleen Reply

    I like Indian food a lot though I prefer it not sooo spicy. I am able to eat spicy nowadays but can’t handle real ‘Indian’ hot haha. We have lots of very good Indian restaurants in London! Yum Yum!

  34. Joanna Reply

    I have had some really good authentic Indian food during my three trips to India. I simply love it! I fell in love during my last trip with a homemade palak panner that I couldn’t stop eating. I still have to try the Southern dishes though, as I’ve only been tasting the north specialties.

  35. Jitaditya Narzary Reply

    As Indians I don’t have to be introduced to these. But I guess this will be a good starting point for people who are coming for the first time to India. You can add some sweets too.

  36. Jesper, The Biveros Effect Reply

    I can admit that I have never heard about any of these dishes. I don’t even think that I have seen it on menus at Indian inspired restaurants here in Sweden. I will keep them in mind in case I end up in India on a visit of the country. 🙂

  37. Nathan Reply

    These all look amazing! I would love to try all of these. I love Indian food. I just had it for dinner two nights ago.

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