5 Things To Do Before Your Next International Travel

5 Tips For Your Next International TravelInternational Travel Checklist

5 Tips For Your Next International TravelInternational Travel Checklist

International travel checklist

5 Important Things To Do Before Your Next International Travel

Travel means different things to different people. For some, it signifies adventure while for others it may be synonymous with leisure and relaxation. Travel may mean an exotic getaway to some while others may look at it as an opportunity to get close to the local culture of a place.

International travel checklist

Whatever it may mean to you; one thing is certain – travel means movement. A movement between distinct geographical locations. The greater the distance between the two geographical locations, more complicated becomes the affair of travel planning and there would be many things to do before you travel.

International Travel Checklist

International travel checklist

International trips, in particular, bring many different dimensions into play, each requiring your attention. Here is an international travel checklist that lists out 5 important things you need to consider before you embark on your journey. This international travel checklist is something one should refer to on all international travels. Hope you take a look at these tips before traveling internationally.

Health, and Statutory Medical Requirements

International travel checklist

Your health and fitness are of absolute importance at any time, but it requires much more crucial planning while traveling. You do not want to spend your holiday cooling your heels in a hospital after all. So, getting a medical check-up done before your trip should be your priority, so that you are forewarned of health issues if any. This is especially important if you are traveling to a country with climatic conditions different from your home country or you are embarking on an adventure under extreme conditions, like a trek to the Everest Base Camp.

Another requirement that most tend to ignore, and are caught up in a last-minute scramble are various statutory requirements for vaccinations that some countries have. An example is the Yellow Fever vaccination. Many countries mandate that you are vaccinated against Yellow Fever if you are traveling to/from certain East African Countries. So before you travel ensure that you are aware of any statutory medical requirements of the destination you are traveling to. Always have health included in your international travel checklist. This is one of the most important things to do before you leave on your travels.

Travel Insurance

International travel checklist

Travel is an enjoyable experience. But, God forbid, things can go awry any time and one must be prepared for such eventualities. Sickness can ground you, passports can be lost or stolen, an accident may strike, Check-in baggage may be delayed. Really, come to think of it, there are so many things that can go wrong while traveling, with consequences that may range from mild to extreme impact. So before you travel, travel insurance must figure in your pre-travel checklist and getting overseas travel insurance is something one should not ignore. One should do a proper evaluation of requirements against the travel insurance features before deciding on the best and optimal insurance cover. Your international travel checklist cannot be complete without a travel insurance in it.

International Driving License

International travel checklist

Your international travel checklist must have international driving license included in it if you are planning to drive in the country you are visiting. Make sure you check out the driving license requirements there. The driving license issued by your home country will most likely not be valid and you may be required to take an International Driving License. It is prudent to check on this aspect before the trip to avoid being caught unawares. Checking on driving requirements must be included in your list of things to prepare before traveling.

Traffic rules

International travel checklist

If you plan to embark on a dream road trip in the country you are traveling to, it is imperative that you are aware of all the rules and regulations of that place before you travel. After all, you do not want to be booked for a travel offense in a foreign country. So make sure researching on the traffic rules and regulations in the country or countries of your visit figures prominently in your travel planning checklist.

Political Scenario

International travel checklist

One of the things that most travelers ignore is the basic political scenario in the country. Ensure you read up and study at least the latest news about your destination to avoid mishaps and conflicts. There are so many stories of travelers being caught up in the crossfire and being stranded in a foreign country because of the changes in the country’s political climate. You don’t want to get mixed up with that during your vacation. Travel safety is one of the important aspects to be considered. Hence make sure to include a basic study of the political situation in the country you are traveling to in your travel preparation checklist.

These are 5 important things to consider before you travel. If these are taken care of there is less likelihood that your travel experience would be anything less than what you imagined. It would be sunsets and roses all the way.

So travel is not that simple, especially if it is long-term. Travel packing checklists need to be made and ticked off and you need to take care of things to do before an international trip.

We hope we have been able to list some important things to do before overseas travel and how to prepare for travel abroad. For more details on various aspects of travel and how one can be prepared for any eventuality, making travel a really enjoyable experience do check out some of our posts related to these topics:

5 Tips For Your Next International TravelInternational Travel Checklist    5 Tips For Your Next International TravelInternational Travel Checklist

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49 thoughts on “5 Things To Do Before Your Next International Travel

  1. Ryan Biddulph Reply

    Super list guys. We picked up an international driver’s license back in the USA a few weeks ago. Quick trip to Triple A and now we can drive in New Zealand next month. Still due to grab a Thailand motorbike license though 😉


  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All Reply

    I know few people that put off getting vaccinations until the last minute and had a problem. I’ve never driven internationally so the driving requirements is a great reminder as well.

  3. robin rue Reply

    I know there are some places we aren’t even allowed to travel from the US because of the political scene, so at least our country is looking out for us.

  4. Alli Smith Reply

    Before planning an international trip, I always check to make sure the place I’m planning on visiting is not on the travel advisory list. And when it comes to driving on the “wrong” side of the road, I usually leave that to my husband. It makes me nervous.

  5. Amber Myers Reply

    I’ll keep these tips in mind the next time I travel internationally. I don’t think I’ll be doing that for quite some time. For now I’ll just be traveling within the United States.

  6. Franc Ramon Reply

    It’s really important to check medical and political advisory of a place before a trip. It will help you prepare the requirements better as well as planning your itinerary.

  7. candy Reply

    We traveled in several countries by car last year and only used our driver licenses of our home country. We rented a car don’t know if that makes a difference.

  8. Kelly Reci Reply

    I never realized how important it was to have an international licence until my husband told me about it. I think it’s definitely worth the investment in time and money.

  9. Jolina S. Reply

    Thanks for this handy list. As travelers, sometimes we sometimes get a bit too confident at times and forget to check on simple things such as traffic rules, political situations and such…so it’s always good to be reminded with a checklist like this.

  10. Our Family World Reply

    We check with our health insurance provider about coverage when traveling internationally. We also research about the accredited hospitals in the country we intend to visit. Better to know what to do if something wrong happens while we are in a foreign country.

  11. Farrah Less Reply

    Planning ahead of time is so important whether you are traveling local or abroad. To avoid bad circumstances, travel insurance is a must esp. traveling abroad.

  12. Sarah Honey Reply

    This is a great checklist. It is so important to do a little research before heading overseas. We always check what’s been going on in the location we are heading to. And we also see if there are any advisory.

  13. Terri Steffes Reply

    We just started driving in Mexico. People think things like this are simple, but they aren’t. Mexican police, any police, are super sticklers when it comes to traffic violation.

  14. Mimi Green Reply

    This is a great list, registering with the State Department is a must do. I need them to know that I am visiting another country should anything happen.

  15. Pedro Patrick Reply

    At first thanks to you share this information. International travel is best travel experience for any one. I love to travel. I want to traveling on international travel but I have not international driving licences any problem for international travel?

  16. Carola Reply

    Thank you for this list! These are all very useful points. One thing I would add is that Yellow Fever vaccines are currently in very short supply – so I would even advice to get a shot now (or order a shot from your travel clinic) even if you’re not in acute need. You don’t want a missing shot to mess up your trip 🙂

    Happy continued travels!

  17. Carol Cassara Reply

    I love traveling to different countries but it’s important to make sure you’re ready and have everything you need especially the documents. I think these are all important.

  18. Rachelle Reply

    Great post! One of the things I learned the hard way was looking into the driving situation. Granted, I didn’t need an international driver’s license to drive a car in the US Virgin Islands, but I failed to research their driving culture. Imagine my shock when I got into my rental and saw a big sign that said to drive on the opposite side of the road I was used to!

  19. Renata Reply

    Thank you for this post! Great tips!! I’ve had a few of these problems before lol so its great to have a list to remind you.

  20. Candy Reply

    The last point on the checklist is so important and one that many people skip doing. I think when I was younger I never really paid attention to many of the things on this list, but now that I’m older I definitely get travel insurance now 🙂

  21. Vibeke Reply

    Such a great an essential list. I don’t even have a drivers licence so don’t think I would drive abroad at first. I think I would be too scared to drive outside my own country hehe. Travel insurance is a must-have, I never travel abroad without it. It is so important to be aware of conflicts in the countries you travel to as well. Thank you for this post, so useful 🙂

  22. Tamara Reply

    Great list! And an addition: check out if you need a visa for the destination which you’re planning on visiting! That one of the most important things by preparing your trip, together with the list you’ve created above. Thank you!

  23. Saidah Washington Reply

    Me and my husband always make sure to get out vaccinations before we go out of the country. We took a trip to Africa this simmer and it was such a fun time.

  24. Silvia Reply

    What a great list! I’ve been wanting to do more international travel this year and this will help me be more prepared!

  25. Nathan Reply

    Taking the necessary precautions like getting travel insurance and the necessary vaccinations is absolutely essential in ensuring that you are covered no matter what happens. It gives you that peace of mind and prevents a heavenly vacation from morphing into your worst nightmare! 🙂

  26. Claire Reply

    These are all vital things to bear in mind before travelling! Especially regarding travel insurance; when I went to Peru I had to make sure my cover including trekking over 4000m, so as you say, places like Nepal and other high altitude destinations need special consideration. The political climate too can change very quickly, so reading the news is super important!

  27. Umang Trivedi Reply

    Good compilation. The traffic rules is something which we might take lightly, but its very important to be wary. Subconsciously, we drive anywhere like we drive in India.

  28. Doreen Pendgracs Reply

    Great list of travel tips. Travellers must be aware that rules and requirements are always changing these days. So it’s best to check with government and airline travel sites to ensure regs haven’t changed since your booking was made.

  29. Punita Malhotra Reply

    Pre-planning is always such a critical part of everything in life, including travel. Unfortunately, the checklist has to include the last point that you mention…checking the political situation of the destination. Thankfully, technology has made it all very simple.

  30. Kimberly Erin Reply

    People always underestimate the importance of travel insurance, they always assume that it is something they do not need. But I have run into a few situations over my travels where it has been worth while!

  31. danik Reply

    Good tips here. Its surprising how many travelers forget to check their documents or forget them and only finding out at the airports :O

  32. Tamara Elliott Reply

    It’s funny how many people overlook traffic rules- myself included! I know lots of people who got speeding tickets on the autobahn because of the misconception that there is no speed limit on it.

  33. Marissa Reply

    I always get travel insurance for international trips now, as I’ve had too many injuries happen that almost made me go to the hospital. An international driver’s license is a smart idea too, as you never know when you’ll want to rent a car and if that country requires it.

  34. Vanessa Reply

    I totally need to update my travel checklist – it makes life so much better and easier. I hate feeling like I’m disorganized at the last minute.

  35. Paula - Gone with the Wine Reply

    Excellent tips! I feel like so many people forget the importance of the insurance, and then loose so much money when they fall ill abroad. Also the political background is important today.

  36. Christina Reply

    The vaccinations are super important and glad we did it to be safe. you never know how easy it could be to get sick. When we drove through Italy we read up a lot on the driving rules. theynhad so many different signs and ways for interpreting things. These are great tips and I completely agree they are essential.

  37. Megan Jerrard Reply

    These are fabulous tips – I thankyou especially for highlighting the need to research the political situation, because you’re right, I think this is something that people really underestimate the importance of. I’ve heard so many stories of people doing stupid things – like publiclly complaining in Thailand recently when the King passed, or taking photographs of military buildings in Turkey during a coup. And people should be really careful about what they say on social media about a political situation when they’re in a country. It’s a really really good point!

  38. Tala Valino Reply

    The political scenario is one of the most important things to consider that I think most people forget to look into as long as they see that there are tourists visiting a certain country. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Great post! 🙂

  39. Anu Reply

    I am not too sure about the travel insurance. You have no choice where it is mandatory but for the rest of the places, I wonder if you know of anyone who benefitted from buying travel insurance. I am not aware.

  40. Harsh Reply

    We love doing road trips internationally and always check driving requirements beforehand. In Sri lanka last year needed IDL for road tripping and were on point because of prior planning. Great tips!

  41. Lydia Smith Reply

    I couldn’t agree more with with these 5 checklist, there may be others, but these 5 are extremely important and are in order. The health insurance is even the major for me. I’ve come across traveler without that and I can’t imagine how they do that. What of something happens? And the political situation is just too necessary to help you have a nice time in your new home. Thanks for sharing these tips with us. Very valuable.

  42. Edith Reply

    These are all great tips! When we first started traveling, we weren’t careful enough and things like missing a flight for visa mistakes would happen. Now we are more careful. Unfortunately, we didn’t come with an international license on our trip around Asia, but so far we haven’t been asked for it. When we are back in the US we will get one!

  43. Carol Colborn Reply

    This list is great…a few things,but monumentally important. Thanks for including political research. I didn’t do this before and had gotten air tickets to Tunisia before I found out people were being warned of travel there because, only 4 weeks prior to my intended visit, there was a massacre of tourists.

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