PLANET App: Live Your Travel Dreams with Unparalleled Power

Living Your Travel Dreams

PLANET App is a useful financial app from L&T Finance that ensures a digital loan process experience for consumer and two-wheeler loans.

PLANET App: Live Your Travel Dreams

An innate curiosity, an urge to explore our planet, is what fuels travel dreams. Travel means different things to different people, however, at the core, travel is all about living your dreams. It is about walking along an endless stretch of white sand at a gorgeous beach that you have always thought about. It is about waking up on an exotic island, a place you have always yearned to go to. But travelling to your dream destination is easier said than done.

Give Wings To Your Travel Dreams

PLANET App: Live Your Travel Dreams

There is no limit to travel, quite literally, the World is your Oyster! But alas! travel cannot be merely done on the wings of imagination or through wishful thinking. Traveling the planet requires planning and the most important aspect of planning is budgeting. You need to have money in the bank to plan for your vacations, after all, travel costs are burgeoning. Holidays do not come cheap, flight costs have skyrocketed, and luxury hotels too are expensive. In general, if you are looking for the perfect holiday, you need to be able to finance it.

But what if because of some contingency, your allocated travel budget has been diverted elsewhere, and you realize that you are short on funds for the upcoming holiday that you have been planning for a long time? Will you have to cancel your travel plans or postpone it indefinitely?

PLANET APP – Enabling Travel Dreams


You need not cancel or postpone the holiday that you have been looking forward to, PLANET APP is there at your fingertips to assist you and solve your financial woes in a jiffy. What is PLANET APP? How can it come to your rescue and help in salvaging your holiday plan and give wings to your travel dreams?

PLANET is Personalized Lending & Assisted NETworks, a state-of-the-art app from the prestigious house of L&T Finance. PLANET APP offers a quick and seamless solution for availing loans and also keeping track of them. It ensures a completely digital experience like never before. Consumer loans and Two Wheeler loans are just a tap away with the PLANET APP from L&T Finance.

Why PLANET App – What’s Different


You may be thinking, what’s the big deal, just another finance company, but think again! PLANET APP, an award-winning app ensures that your loan application is processed within 7 minutes!

Say, you need a consumer loan to part finance your vacation. The entire loan process is completed with 4 easy steps, without leaving the confines of your house, and without cumbersome and complicated documentation. The entire process is digital and done through the PLANET APP. And all this within an astounding time of just 7 minutes!

Download the PLANET App here.

Once you have downloaded the Planet App, you just need to do 4 steps for availing of a consumer loan and embarking on your dream vacation.

  1. Enter personal details
  2. Choose offer details
  3. Digital KYC
  4. Bank Details and Esign

Other Features of the PLANET App

Planet App

The PLANET App is feature-packed and is perfectly aligned with the vision of L&T Finance to become a top-class digitally enabled retail finance company. Just look at what the PLANET APP has!

  • Consumer Loans for Weddings, Vacations, Education, Home Renovation, Appliances, and more
  • Two Wheeler Loans
  • Ease of management of personal data like address change, etc.
  • Secure transactions through PIN and Biometric login
  • Access to Credit scores and wellness insurance for self and family
  • Easy Mandate swap in case you are changing your bank
  • Feature to check Mandi prices for farmers availing Rural Finance
  • Streamlined loan repayment process in the PLANET app

The PLANET APP Advantage

PLANET APP is the official app of the well-known and trusted NBFC (Non-Banking Finance Company), L&T Finance. The fact that the app has seen more than 3 million downloads in a short time is a telling testimony of its popularity and benefits. Also, with a total loan facilitation of more than 1650 crores INR, PLANET APP has established itself in its niche.

Another unique aspect of the PLANET APP is its geo-agnostic nature. What that means in simple terms is that irrespective of your location, you can use the app seamlessly.

PLANET APP is extremely user-friendly and is available in your language, it comes in 10 regional Indian languages apart from English and Hindi. With a 4.4 rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.3 rating on the App Store, PLANET APP has got the approval of users in a big way.

So, the next time you are in a fix and find that you are strapped for cash and feel that you may have to drop your vacation plan, you know that the PLANET APP is there, and funds are just a tap away.

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You can also download the app through below QR code:

Planet App QR Code

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PLANET App: Live Your Travel Dreams with Unparalleled Power

PLANET App: Live Your Travel Dreams with Unparalleled Power

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  1. I was not aware of this app and it’s features. I am amazed to know that the loan will be processed in 7minutes. Will definitely check it out

  2. Great to know that the loan application is processed within 7 minutes.
    Got to know the details about this planet app & how seamlessly it works. I am interested in two wheeler loans.

  3. Perfect holiday, finance is an important part of it. I was totally unaware of this app looks to be pretty well made to suit the travelling needs and planning a trip. Shall use it the next time I want to travel.

  4. Wow, now no more postponing the travel plans because through this App its so easy to get travel loans. I love the fact that its user friendly and loan application is processed within 7 minutes.

  5. Your article on the PLANET App was captivating and inspiring. I loved how you highlighted its features and emphasized how it can help users fulfill their travel dreams. The enthusiasm in your writing made me excited to explore the app myself. Great job!

  6. Financial Advisor won’t recommend loan for travel as this may increase the burden in individuals life. This is completely personal and individual choice. For those who prefer the loan, this seems to be great option.

  7. I did not know about Plannet App, but it seems like an amazing app to use for an easy loan process. I would definitely check it out and forward it to other friends who need any assistance regarding a loan.

  8. This is completely new information for me, it is good to know that a brand trusted for generation is here to make the holidays more comfortable. 7 mins to process application is an amazing TAT

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    Ohh!!! I heard about the app for the first time. It seems quite interesting. I like the way you highlighted each and every needed stuff about the app. It helps people like me to know about the app. It looks a good to go medium for travel enthusiastics.

  10. I think a loan for travel is a little extra incentive we should go to places we can afford planet app seems good for people who wanna take incentive for travel

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