Review of Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

“The property has 15 pleasantly appointed cottages with a spectacular view of the Arabian sea and is set amidst swaying palm trees. It is an ideal getaway for those seeking peace and serenity and wanting to get away from the maddening crowd”.

These or something along these lines were the words that described our temporary digs on the official website of Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa and on a few travel sites. The pictures too seemed enticing and we booked with for a 4-night stay at this place which is in South Goa. And then planned another 4-night stay at another property in North Goa.


The Cottages

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

The rooms or individual cottages at Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo which look like thatched huts from the outside are quite comfortable when you get inside. It is fairly spacious with a big bathroom, air conditioning, coffee maker and television. Each cottage has a small sit out where one can sit on a lounge chair and gaze at the sea, or so we thought. But alas, the cottages are not facing the sea and moreover they are not on the beach. The property is a little off the beach with a road running in between.

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

The cottages were clean and well maintained. Though the place was comfortable, it cannot, by any stretch be called the last word in luxury.

The Grounds

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

The cottages at Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo stand in two rows facing each other with a path in between. The site shows the path and the grounds to be covered with lush green grass, but when we were there in summer, it was plain sand and mud.

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa


There are a few palm trees that do sway and there are a few deck chairs where one can lounge, facing the sea. But there is a wall that skirts the property hence you will not be able to see it, you will end up staring at a blank wall.

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

But you can have a magical evening lying down and staring up at the swaying palms or as it gets darker, looking up at the stars and listening to the roar of the sea in the background.

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

The Food

There is a buffet breakfast that is provided that includes vegetarian as well as some non-vegetarian dishes. The buffet is laid out in a closed enclosure. After loading your plates, you can sit in the open at one of the few tables and enjoy your food to the accompaniment of the cool sea breeze and the cawing of the crows that are hovering somewhere nearby. The food is functional and filling. It usually consists of sandwiches, Paratha (Indian wheat bread) or Pooris (Indian fried wheat bread), vegetable curry, omelets, cut fruits, coffee and tea.

One interesting thing we noted were the crows that used to hover somewhere amongst the trees. We could hear them cawing, but you we used to have our breakfast without them bothering us. 

Apart from breakfast,there were not much options for lunch and dinner, especially vegetarian food. They do not have a separate restaurant so one needs to order and have the food in the cottage itself. Also these we suspect are sourced from a nearby restaurant and then served. They need to add more to their menu for vegetarians as this is definitely a minus point otherwise.


At Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo there is nothing to write home about this as when we were there we felt they were understaffed. Sometimes there would be a single person manning the reception and he would don multiple roles. You find more staff in the mornings till the time breakfast is served. After breakfast, you do not find many around, which probably means that they employ a lot of part-time help. The staff were smiling and helpful within the limits of their own capabilities. We had some questions about a trip that we wanted to make to Dudhsagar falls, but they did not seem to have the correct information and we managed fine on our own.


  • Bogmalo is a tiny fishing village located at a distance of 5 kilometers from Goa’s Dabolim  airport
  • It is situated about 5 kilometers from Vasco Da Gama
  • A pre-paid taxi from Dabolim Airport would cost you about 250-300 Indian Rupees
  • Well connected to other parts of Goa by public transport and private cabs

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo is situated in a small fishing village of Bogmalo in South Goa. The Bogmalo beach is reached by crossing a road once you come out of the property. A two-minute walk past some restaurants, houses and a small church brings you to the center of the village. From here you can hire cabs or catch the local bus. There are a few shops selling souvenirs and snacks nearby. There is a place where one can get a tattoo done as well.

The Verdict

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

We enjoyed our 4 day stay at Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, a budget friendly accommodation more because of the time we spent on the beach. Bogmalo beach bay cottages is a nice place to relax with your family. Here you can spend some time away from the crowds. The stay was comfortable and we did not have major issues. The facilities were pretty much basic and without frills. So head out to this place without high expectations and you will have a good time. The verdict is the place is an average kind, a budget accommodation though it pretends to be a luxury resort. It has a long way to go before it earns that tag.

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

Image Courtesy: A few of images are sourced from Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Tripadvisor and to depict how it appears on the web.

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58 thoughts on “Review of Beach Bay Cottages Bogmalo, Goa

  1. Helene Cohen Bludman Reply

    My daughter visited Goa last year and loved it. Definitely a place I would love to explore.

  2. Amanda Williams Reply

    I loved Goa when I visited many years ago and would like to go again some time. This place looks like a decent enough no frills base near the beach. It sounds like you enjoyed your time there. Thanks for the honest review.

  3. Sabine Reply

    This really looks like a place one should stay for a few days. They look so cute and what I like is that you have some privacy, even though the cottages are located close to one another. Also great that the food is good on the grounds. Are these cottages self catering as well?

  4. Sarah Stierch Reply

    Thanks for the honest review. The thatched look has its charm, how were they on the inside? A shame there wasn’t a food option in the evening, especially with the grounds being so expansive. It would be cool to relax with other travelers and enjoy the scenery.

  5. Jen Reply

    Wow, this is like a retreat. It’s so serene and picturesque. I do hope this is just around the corner but thanks for the review. I definitely need this ambiance.

  6. Indrani Reply

    I have always preferred south Goa to north Goa. Now I get to know of this wonderful stay option, will definitely check this out in my next visit.

  7. Sia Reply

    Ah, the cottages facing the sea sounded too good to be true! Looks rather great even without this option though. The sunbeds under the swaying palms are perfect for relaxing afternoon and I can already imagine the gorgeous sunsets and sunrises that you can get from there! Would love to visit Goa one day!

  8. Elizabeth O. Reply

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Bagmalo. I love how simple the cottages are. The whole place is very peaceful and it’s the perfect place for a quiet vacation.

  9. Ourfamilyworld Reply

    What a nice place to visit and staycation. I love the cottages and a beautiful view. I want to go there

  10. Theresa Reply

    Budget friendly often = OK service and OK views. It looks like a great and inexpensive place to spend a couple of days as part of a larger trip. Your review is honest and refreshing!

  11. Chris Reply

    Well here is another thing for my bucket list. I have heard so many things for Goa, but haven’t been there yet. Thanks for posting this. Seems useful.

  12. Louiela Reply

    These cottages reminds me of the nipa hut houses in Philippines and I wouldn’t think twice to stay there even for how many nights… I’ll keep this cottages who knows I’ll be able to visit India esp Goa soon,,

  13. Christina Reply

    Too bad the staff doesn’t seem to be properly employed (may it be the number, education, payment, whatever the reasons). Still looks like a great place, could easily dream away from my desk view to feel the sea breeze you so eloquently described…. 🙂

  14. Agnes Dela Cruz Reply

    I would love to ho and visit this place. I never get tired of going to the beach though we have a lot here in the Philippines. This one can be included in my bucket list.. for sure!

  15. Theresa Reply

    Thanks for your honest review. I’m curious how the inside of the cottages look like, as well as the buffet meals. Please share those too if you have any.

  16. Carol Cassara Reply

    I’ve never been to Goa before. It sounds like a great place and a peaceful one at that. It’s an awesome escape away from the city!

  17. melody pittman Reply

    Sorry to hear you had so many issues at the cottage. Namely service. That is not good at all and it is a drag having to deal with poor service on holiday. I would enjoy the foods, especially the curries and Paratha.

  18. shayan Naveed Reply

    Finally a very honest review. It’s sad when hotels/resorts market themselves as something and they are not. It’s thew worst thing to do. Always under promise and over deliver I always say.
    Is the price of a luxury or a budget place, I think I might have missed that somewhere there. If the value is there, that is fine then.

  19. Suz Reply

    What an honest review! It’s always a bit scary when booking a place solely on the Internet. Without personal recommendations I’m always afraid it won’t be anything like I thought. I would be upset had I gone and it wasn’t what I expected, but I suppose an evening laying under the stars would rectify that.

  20. verushka Reply

    Thank you for this honest review as not every place we stay at is awesome. As my mum is a vegetarian whenever we travel we try and ensure that she has food available. Incredible sunsets tho I might get rather annoyed with the crows.

  21. Adam, Bite of Iceland Reply

    Goa was a highlight of my 1-month trip to India this year. The beaches are wonderful, food so delicious and Goan people so easy-going. I just wish I stayed in cottages similar to these which you review, situated right by the beach.

  22. Ehsanul Haque Reply

    My best friend was in Goa just last week! He said it was one of the best places on his 2-month trip to India. Everything looks so serene and I loved the honesty in your review. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Mohit Agarwal Reply

    It’s great to stay in a thatched room and it would be so pleasant to lay down on the deck chair to see the night sky with background music of sea waves…but what I will miss is the variety of vegetarian food up the menu and I personally don’t like to have food within the room as it’s better served in a restaurant and we might make some new friends on the table…

  24. Neha Verma Reply

    Beach facing cottages are our most favorite in Goa…this one looks lovely and budget friendly as well. We will love to try it out on our next trip to Goa

  25. Anne Reply

    I really like the look of this place. Sometimes it is great to go somewhere cute and small although hopefully the staffing situation will have been resolved if I go. Gorgeous part of the world

  26. Gina Reply

    There’s something about the cottages that make the place so quaint and serene. At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, but I’m glad it’s so spacious and has air conditioning. I’d probably want to sit outside and enjoy the scenery as well.

  27. Divya Reply

    This looks like a nice place to visit! I love staying in cottages or cabins to get away from all the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life!

  28. Nellwyn Reply

    Thanks for sharing such an honest review. I don’t mind budget accommodations but having staff who are knowledgable about the surrounding area is pretty important to me when I’m travelling abroad.

  29. Liz Mays Reply

    I can see this being a decent spot to stay at for a budget getaway. It’s strange that there isn’t a clear spot to look at the sea from the deck chairs!

  30. Brandy Reply

    Beach Bay Cottages look like a lovely place to stay. We often stay in cabins here in New England when we travel but if we do find ourselves on the West Coast, we will have to look into these beautiful cottages. Lovely views, I would enjoy those views most!

  31. Neely Moldovan Reply

    Sounds and looks lovely! I would love to know more about it!

  32. Neha Saini Reply

    Goa is heaven. These.little cottages located on the beach side gives perfect confort and enjoyable scenario to the visitors.

  33. Saidah Washington Reply

    I love your review and your little note about their sources of the images. I would’ve loved to have seen some of your images from the actual room. So glad you had a great time

  34. Mary Reply

    I’ve never been to Goa, and by your post, I see it more as a relaxing weekend for those from the more urban areas in the region. Is it something you would recommend for an international traveler?

    • Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay Post authorReply

      The Beach Bay Cottages are definitely worth a stay and would recommend it to international travelers looking for budget hotels which is just off the sea beach.

  35. gingermommy Reply

    The location looks great but it is too bad they were understaffed. When on vacation I do not want to wait for someone to help me. Hopefully they read this and make some improvements

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