Travel tips for what to wear and stay trendy on your next vacation

what to wear
what to wear

what to wear

Travel tips for what to wear and stay trendy on your next vacation

Your bags are packed, and you are ready to go. There are butterflies in your stomach, you check for the third time your flight ticket printouts and the copies tucked in the luggage – all this is part of the build up for the trip that you have been planning for. Travelling is also about being on the move, geared up for bus rides and walks down busy streets where new languages punctuate the air. Comfort while travelling is very important. For a few days, you will be mobile and in different weather conditions, which means you have to get your travel wear right. When you shop for clothes for a trip the main things to keep in mind are your destination’s climate at that time of the year and the activities you will be indulging in. Here are some travel tips on what to wear and what to carry on your next vacation that you might find very handy and also make you look trendy!

Hit the Beaches in Style

what to wear

Wondering what to wear when you hit the beach? Those house shorts may not be the best choice for the sands of Phuket. Celebrate your seaside trip with some light shorts which allow good mobility. Shorts should also be of quick drying material and rugged, so that you can keep your luggage light. T-shirts are your best friend at the beach, but you can style it up with some polos and Henleys just to add that extra bit of sophistication.

It is all about comfort at the beach, but you also need to keep an eye on your gadgets and wallets. Pockets are great; half-cargos are another great option for a coastal getaway.

On the Move

what to wear

Flights are a bit of stress on the body, especially the long ones. The same goes with bus journeys. You will be sitting cramped in one posture for quite a while and may doze off in a weird position. It is prudent to give your limbs and body as much relaxation as possible and know what to wear while traveling in a plane or a bus or a car. Wear loose fitting clothes and flat comfortable shoes. Layers are good, so you can always slap on a cardigan or light sweater when the temperature gets a little nippy.

Is your vacation going to involve some traditional bazaars and dusty old towns? A money bag is a convenient way to carry around your cash. Always keep a back-up stash of cash or cards in case you end up in an adventurous situation. Travel specific toiletry bags are another great purchase to keep things organised.

Don’t let Weather Play Spoilsport

what to wear

It is important to know what to wear based on the weather condition. If you are heading to a place where it is likely to rain, then you would not want to fritter away valuable time cooling your heels in a hotel room. Be prepared for the rain, pack in an umbrella or better still rain wear so that you can move around and actually enjoy the rain. If you are heading out to a sunny place like the desert, be sure to pack in headgears like hat or cap or scarf and shades to protect yourself against the sun. If you are heading to snowy lands, you need to equipped with the right gear including warm clothing, snow boots and shades.


The Right Luggage

what to wear

Light is the word when it comes to luggage. If you want to buy fashion accessories that are tailor-made for a holiday, then khaki backpacks are a classic choice. In most cases, you have one main luggage and the smaller one with essentials that you carry around with you. Teal green and charcoal black designs from abof are ideal for rugged travel as the dark colours will hide inevitable marks and stains, which you can always take care of when you get back.


It is all about Footwear

what to wear

Considering that you are on travel, it is a given fact that you will constantly be on the move and hence it goes without saying that your footwear is going to take the brunt of the action. So be clear on what you wear. Choose your footwear with care. If your travel also involves trekking, make sure you are carrying sturdy hiking boots. If you are going to hit the beach, floaters or flip flops must find a place in your luggage. In short, dress your feet for the occasion and plan based on where you are going.

This is just a scratch on the surface when it comes to travel wear. Self-sterilising water bottles, inflatable pillows and all-in-one chargers are also extra recommendations for those going on a backpacking trip. For basic travel, comfort, lightness and storage are the priorities. Decide what to wear and always choose your clothes well and stay trendy and have a great vacation!

Look before you leave. Decide what to wear and stay trendy. Were these tips useful? Are you fully prepared for your Vacation? So where are you heading for your next vacation?


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what to wear

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79 thoughts on “Travel tips for what to wear and stay trendy on your next vacation”

  1. I’ve got packing for warm weather destinations on lock down. However, I tend to struggle packing for trips where we hit up warm weather and cooler weather spots. I also ruin my shoes when we go anywhere with rain! These tips are essential, although I’ve never tried an inflatable pillow. I am too scared I will get a tiny hole in it!

  2. These are some great tips, you need to make sure you are ready for all weather conditions where you are heading and not just assume the weather will be good for you.

  3. We travel a lot and everything you mentioned here hit the nail right on the head. When I go on a plane ride that’s longer than four hours I will definitely wear loose clothes I can find so that I’m comfortable for the entire flight. We always have light luggage because I don’t want to deal with weight issues either.

  4. Good footwear is important!
    This reminds me of when I went to Alaska last summer. I felt like I was going to be so unstylish with all the intense activity and bad weather.
    I still worked it, though!

  5. You reminded me that I need to get some better luggage. Mine is falling apart. Comfy walking shoes is a big one too–I do a lot of walking when I travel, so I need my feet not to ache.

  6. These are all great tips. I love wearing pants with tons of pockets so that I can stash any extra stuff that I don’t want to have to reach for in my backpack. I totally agree that a darker colored suitcase is a good choice since it conceals the scuff and stains.

  7. It is so important to pack properly for your trip. You don’t want to pack a bunch of shorts and end up stuck in a cold spell.

  8. Summer is always a huge struggle for me wardrobe-wise as everything above +23 feels too warm, so if I travel to warmer places I try to keep my outfits as simple as possible. For colder places, I allow myself to be a bit pickier. You are totally right about the footwear – an uncomfortable pair of shoes can really take a toll after walking for a couple of hours! So it’s best to make sure that you pack shoes that have been properly tested before.

  9. It’s so true that it’s all about the footwear. A lot of times in the past I tried too hard to wear trendy shoes and almost immediately regretted in. Blisters aren’t worth the trend.

  10. These are awesome tips! I always overpack because I’m afraid I’m going to need more than I do! I love vacationing at the beach, and shorts and a t-shirt are my go to items for trips there.

  11. I love the travel tips you have shared in the posts. I remember heading to the Andaman Islands without my goggles and i really struggled when i stepped out in the sun! Nowadays even the mobile Rock charger has become a necessity. Thanks for sharing a wonderful blogpost.

  12. That “look before you leave” reminder is too valuable. There was this one time when I was traveling to another time zone and had no idea what weather I’m going to go and face. And it almost ruined my whole trip. You definitely need to be prepared for how the conditions at the destination are and need to pack accordingly.

  13. Rebecca Swenor

    These are great traveling tips on what to wear when you are traveling. I know when I used to fly I would wear comfy clothes because it can be really uncomfortable sitting in one position to long. Your foot wear should fit your activities during your travels. Packing light is indeed the best way to go so it is best to mix and match your clothing. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  14. Making sure that you are ready for anything is so important. We always pack for rain whenever we travel anywhere.

  15. We leave for the beach on Monday and I haven’t started packing. I was trying to wrap my mind around the best items to pack for myself and the kids. These tips are a big help. I thought about shorts obviously but I didn’t think about having some that dry quickly.

  16. Excellent luggage tips. I think that the next item I buy will be a dark colour in preference to the light colours that I usually buy that end up looking dirty almost straight away.

  17. Great tips! I find that when I travel in summer I never plan for wet weather, for some reason that always slips my mind. Nothing more uncomfortable than wet clothes and slippery sandals in rain.

  18. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love your travel tips. This would be really helpful for first time travelers. I always travel light, that is, to my destination and then come back having to pay for excess baggage weight. 🙂 For footwear, I take one pair of formal shoes (if it is a business meeting), my sneakers and comfy sandals. Those three are a must!

  19. These are all such great tips! I actually have quite a few pairs of lightweight shoes with me always when I travel as well as extra pairs of sunglasses!

  20. Agnes Dela Cruz

    For me the most necessary thing to have when I go travel is my travel bag. I want a bag that can fits all my necessities and also a safe and waterproof bag. Come next is the clothes and other travel materials.

  21. With the amount of traveling that we’ve done in the past months, I’ve gotten used to dressing up for the “occasion”, lol. I think it’s really important that you’re comfy but still wearing appropriate clothes depending on where you’re going.

  22. Woah! I never thought that you can be stylish while traveling! I only wear jeans and shirt cos it the most comfortable get up for me for traveling!

  23. Now I am beginning to wonder whether I am properly dressed for travels or not 😛 🙂
    The accessories are indeed good suggestions for a comfortable travel.

  24. When it comes to fashion – I am all about comfort and practicality. As I stay in hostels a lot, I always pack a pair of flip-flops (for the showers and walking around), and then depending on the activities it will be either a pair of comfortable boots, trainers, ballet flats, or sandals (3 pairs in total). It took me time to work out the right balance without overpacking so this is a great list.

  25. Excellent tips 🙂 I’d love to dress for comfort but I think packing some unorthodox outfits for Instagram shots are an essential for me as well.

  26. I made a mistake of packing a down jacket without hood while hiking in Scotland—- of course, everyone knows it rains in scotland. It pays to be prepared. I should have been.

  27. I’m living in a warm country, so I am used to packing light when I’m travelling locally. I want to visit cold countries like Japan and Korea and I need to look for clothes that’s perfect for their weather. I just wish I don’t need to get a new bag because I’m pretty sure it will be bulky than usual.

  28. A very interesting article and I totally agree. Especially with what to wear on the beaches, I wore light shorts in Thailand and it was great because after being in the water they dried super fast whilst I was walking around.

  29. [sigh] I do a horrible job packing for travel. Trendy — ha — I need to do better with this for sure. Love the idea cargo pants, that would be so handy!

  30. I totally agree with comfy wear for flying and packing comfy shoes/ things for all weather types. Although I do a horrible job at being trendy and always have a habit of packing too much! Every time I pack only one pair of jeans etc I end up falling in the mud or something ends up happening haha. Good article + tips 🙂

  31. Footwear is the most important. Not only do you want to look stylish, you need shoes that are comfortable and hold up to a lot of walking.

  32. I went on a trip once and I wasn’t prepared with the footwear, meaning mine was sturdy enough for the hike, it was comfy for the walk but not for hiking. This trip, I thought about it more. I feel footwear is very important.

  33. It s important to be stylish on the beach, but those shoes are more for the office than for the beach. All I really need is a stylish bathing suit and a good pair of flip flops for a beach vacation.

  34. I always try and wear clothes and footwear which are comfortable and to the location. This week I will be in Paris wearing a suit so I can blend in with the locals and look very chic 🙂

  35. Perfect! I particularly like your luggage tips. it’s so important to travel light and pack right. And that means comfortable dress, comfortable shoes without compromising on the fashion aspect. Your tips will really come handy there.

  36. Whilst 90% of the time I am not concerned about what I would wear but more what I will be doing on my vacation I always opt for comfort of style but when achievable i go for both

  37. I pretty much agree with all these tips. Well compiled. I particularly agree with the layers bit as the temperature in a flight and outside are sometimes so drastic that it becomes very uncomfortable. Lovely post

  38. It’s always important to pick and choose the right travel wear. Could actually save your ass. And so true, don’t let the weather ruin you! Great tips you have here indeed! Tho, coming from a tropical country sometimes a bit difficult to choose a proper attire when going a winter destination! lol x

  39. Though I am not a very fashionable person. But I know many friends who like to dress well while traveling. The tips you shared here are quite handy. I need to improve my sartorial sense.

  40. Trendy on the road, this is a real challenge and struggle sometimes! With a bit of inspiration and the good advices you shared, it can be done!

  41. Great recommendations! Totally agree re packing appropriate clothing for the weather – I always make a habit of checking the weather in advance before I leave so we know how we should dress and not get stuck in any unforseen rain!

  42. I really like traveling in style even when I go backpacking. I like the tips you listed! They are quite helpful! As for me, I always bring my hat with me, it’s my personal branding for my blog photos!

  43. These are really great tips. Wearing comfortable clothes and flat shoes is such a simple tip but a great one whose wisdom will last forever. Footwear is always the biggest issue for me because I go through so many different types of places while traveling.

  44. Such great tips. I love pants (and dresses) with pockets for stashing the essentials. And I always try to wear loose and comfy clothes for long journeys by bus or plane. I have a few pairs of shoes that are great for travel. I can’t believe I did 10 miles while touring temples!!

  45. These are all so true! I wore a short sleeve shirt on the plane because we were going somewhere hot (we normally go somewhere cold) and I didn’t have a sweater and I was freezing! Always bring a sweater!

  46. Definitely agreed! Your gear and clothing can make or break your trip. I always have to have shoes or sandals I can walk in, a scarf for covering up or staying warm, and leggings for the plane!


  47. Totally agree. I really need to take this advice! Having lived out of my backpack for 6 months my choice of clothing is killing me right now. Time for an update while I’m back stateside for a few weeks I think!

  48. Hi Sandy! Thanks for sharing those useful tips. There is no better investment than good shoes and a backpack for travel. Really – I have seen to many people around with flip flops, and that is not that kind of footwear that makes it possible to walk kilometers!

  49. Yea, we went to Europe for three weeks and I had a reaaaally hard time narrowing down what to pack, especially when it comes to footwear AND looking fashionable! Best thing I ever bought was this awesome super versatile coat that looks great and works in all weather. Great tips here too though,will remember them for next time!

  50. I must admit I am not a trendy person at all – I dress for practicality but always add some bright colours or accessories from my travels like handmade earrings – they’re my travel must-haves!

  51. Looking nice is always a great thing. I tend to go with solid colors, normal jeans, a decent pair of shoes, and make sure my clothes can be put together in a number of different combinations. When it comes down to it, I’m not to concerned with trends while traveling. Traveling is my job…so I want to be comfortable while I work. 🙂

  52. This is a great list but for me it’s all about the shoes. A wise man once told me that the 2 things to spend all your money on is shoes and a bed. He said Your on your feet most of the time and sleep the rest on the time. Lol. I do SO much walk when travelling that damn good shoes are a must. Having feet flatter than a duck doesn’t help hahahaha.

  53. Annemarie LeBlanc

    These are all great tips. When I travel abroad, I usually check the weather forecast for the month so I can plan ahead. I mean, even if I am traveling to some tropical country, you’ll have to be prepared for rain, even in the summer. It is always best to do your research. Soaking wet in the rain wearing your trendiest beach attire is not cool.

  54. Some great tips there. We usually check out the weather conditions before we head to any place. Travelling light is the key and carrying the right kind of shoes and clothes is something which can make or spoil your trip.

  55. I pack my wardrobe based on where I am going. If it’s super casual then that is what I take… I love comfy easy to wear clothes when I travel. As for the luggage thing, for me I love carry on so I can get up and go.

  56. I think the tips are spot on, for me it’s about packing practical clothes that will suit the various activities we are doing and the climate we are visiting. I don’t mind about looking trendy or not though, as long as I don’t look too crazy!

  57. All the tips mentioned here are so relevant. Packing appropriately, according to the destination and weather conditions is important to avoid inconveniences later. Winter travel is the most challenging.

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