Traveling With A Smartphone That Is Secure


Traveling With A Smartphone

There are plenty of reasons to take a smartphone along on your trip, and we cannot deny that a smartphone can make everything easier in different scenarios. It helps us to plan, to stay in contact with our loved ones, to find the best places to eat, to drink, to visit, and a lot more.

We are aware that a smartphone should have determined features to help us in every situation we can experience on a trip, it is because of that we are bringing to you some basic things you should check on while choosing your smartphone.


First, there is the charging capacity, this is basic, there will be times when you will be using the smartphone all day, and during all those long travel hours away from charging points you will need a phone with good battery capacity. Just imagine if you are alone and lost, you’ll need to make a call or send a message, on emergencies like that luckily only your cellphone can help you.

Storage, this point here depends a lot of the brand you are buying. It is said that the ideal storage space should be at least 32 GB. As you can imagine while we are on a trip there is not a thing we do not want to capture for our memories, and that converts on hundreds of pictures taken with our smartphone, which once again makes it almost mandatory having a cellphone with a great capacity of space storage.

Then, as you should know another important thing to have in mind is looking for a mobile that is capable of capturing all those amazing moments we live during our trips, and here is when we should check on what kind of camera it has.


Camera quality is the key. A smartphone can have tons of storage capacity but without a high quality camera, we have nothing. A smartphone needs to take good photos and videos, at least outdoors and preferably in challenging conditions. It should also have a great color saturation and white balance in almost any conditions.

The list can go on and on, and we can continue mentioning a bunch of qualities that the smartphone you travel with, should have. However, we cannot finish this article without mentioning something even more important than the facts, we talked about before, and that is SECURITY.

When you are away from home you take along with you all your basic information like files and photos stored on your phone, for example there are times all this data is uploaded to the cloud, without you even noticing it or giving any permission to it. That is why it is excessively important having your data saved from getting into wrong hands.

Don’t forget that internet experts have given some advice about connecting to a free Wifi network is dangerous and exposes all of our data to possible hackers.


Unfortunately, at the moment the only “security feature” we can find on the smartphones that the market offers to us, is not enough.  As we have seen, most of them have based their system protection on softwares and the fingerprint scanner in some cases. Even though some of them are good we don’t realize that when they try to encrypt our data and other important information, they have access to them as well, which means you’re already being exposed. In addition, let’s not forget that the majority of times they all end up being hacked.

In the end, you would think having all security features in one smartphone, is almost impossible, right? Apparently not and there does exist a solution for this!

PRIVAT smartphone

PRIVAT smartphone is not only a high-quality smartphone that offers all the features mentioned before like: a high camera quality for photos and videos; but it also guarantees 100% privacy protection of the user’s photos and videos. In addition, PRIVAT has an Anti- espionage system with physical disconnection of the microphone and GPS as well.


Without mentioning, it is the only smartphone in the world that works with a security system based on hardware, NOT software. PRIVAT is soon to be released in the international INDIEGOGO platform and it promises to be a HIGH END SECURITY SMARTPHONE.


PRIVAT has two independent mainboards, one for the smartphone and the other for the independent camera. Furthermore, each one has its own operating system with an internal memory and an expandable SD slot.

You can also physically disconnect through a switch the GPS module, cameras and microphones.

The use of PRIVAT could be useful for the famous artist, business men, politicians or simply everyone who needs to keep high control of his private data through an unbreakable system.



The first switch allows you to change of “mode”, it has 3 positions.
– The first position is a normal mode: the smartphone is working just as any other smartphone.
– The second position shutdown any microphone and camera of the smartphone
– The third position is the most innovative, it trigger an independent camera in the smartphone so you can shoot and store photos and videos away from Android. It is a physically independent piece of hardware separated from the smartphone mother board.

The second switch allows you to disconnect the GPS without the option to activate it back from android so you are free of precise geolocation tracking.

PRIVAT Full specifications:





Watch this video:

Nowadays “gadget theft” is a very common issue, and even though we cannot avoid facing those problems, we can prevent them. So whether you are planning to start your travel adventure near your city or outside the country, you should always be conscious about all the important and valuable information you are carrying on your cellphone.


In conclusion, it is definitely worth travelling with your smartphone. Not only because it is considered a necessity for most people who love traveling, but also because you deserve being able to capture all those precious moments and experiences you live while you are traveling. Share those memories with your friends and family on the social networks you want, feeling SAFE and keeping your files SECURE, while you are doing it.

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Like anything, be cautious of your surroundings. Travel Safety and its awareness is a must when you are traveling. With some precautions taken, you can enjoy every single moment while traveling!



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50 thoughts on “Traveling With A Smartphone That Is Secure

  1. Never heard of this one before, but Privat has some interesting features! I loved its different modes, would definitely help while moving around. A free wireless charger is a good offer!

  2. Privacy is very important. I have not read anything about this new smartphone but it has a lot of interesting features. It sounds like that it has the best security that other phones do not have. I would search more about this.

  3. Wow, the different modes offered by Privat seems to be very unique. We cannot imagine travelling without our trusty cellphone, but many times we have to ensure that the mobile phone are not stolen. This just stresses us out so much, the security modes in the phone makes life so much easier.

    1. Hello
      That’s right we all need a trusty phone, and that’s what we want to offer to our users, the complete protection of their privacy and we believe it is only possible by using HARDWARE.
      We invite you to visit our site and subscribe we will keep you updated 🙂
      (Indiegogo’s platform launching date: June 12th)

      Have a nice day – PRIVAT Team.

  4. Smart phones are a part and parcel of life now a days. Good that you summarized the details here for traveling smartly with a smart phone 🙂 They are no longer just a device to carry your phone contacts, they are a gateway to so much more now a days – almost our mini world.

    1. You are right Neha, smartphones have truly become an important part in our lives, that’s why PRIVAT wants to ensure 100% protection of our user’s privacy.
      We invite you to visit our website and subscribe We are really close to PRIVAT’s release on indiegogo’s platform on June 12th, we would like to keep you updated!

      Have a nice day!
      PRIVAT Team.

  5. This phone is AMAZING! I have to admit, I don’t think about privacy enough while I travel, which I know isn’t a good thing, especially in today’s day and age with advanced technology. I love all the different modes you can set depending on how high-security you want to be. Super useful.

    1. Thank you Sally! We are really happy to see your interest on this new product. We truly believe on what PRIVAT is offering to its user, the complete protection of their privacy.
      This is so important since nowadays due to privacy and insecurity issues we are exposed to all kind of risks with our smartphones.
      We invite you to subscribe so we can keep you updated with PRIVAT’s release on June 12th!

      Have a nice day!
      PRIVAT Team

  6. I never leave home with my smartphone, so much so I have two 🙂 I have not heard of PRIVAT smartphone before but it looks really nice and slick. Sounds like it has some great features too like extra privacy options.

  7. This sounds like such an incredible device. I´m also so concerned about privacy issues, whether it´s photos and videos or accessing personal accounts like banking and such when using wifi. It sounds like this is a great way to secure everything.

    1. Hello Colby,
      You are certainly right! Nowadays privacy issues have become really common.
      We believe HARDWARE is the only way to offer our users the complete protection of their information. We want our users to have control of their own privacy.
      Find out more about PRIVAT’s release (June 12th) on indiegogo’s platform by subscribing to our website here

      Thank you, have a nice day!
      PRIVAT Team.

  8. Wow, I never heard of this thanks for introducing us. Honestly, you brought up some security points that have never been concerns of mine until now! This phone sounds like a great way to stay secure while traveling.

  9. I can truly agree with all your good points here. having a smart phone is basically a need for us especially when we are away from home. Smart phone is as well where I usually blog and publish my article cause I find it more convenient than my Laptop. Anyway, I haven’t heard about Privat smartphone and this seems interesting. Thank you so much for a writing a very detailed post about this phone. I’ll surely check it furthermore.

    1. Hello there
      We are glad to see your interest on PRIVAT’s smartphone.
      You are right, sometimes we don’t even notice how much information we are keeping on our cellphones
      That’s why PRIVAT wants its users to be in control of their own privacy, we invite you to discover more about PRIVAT here and subscribe to keep you updated.

      Have a nice day.
      PRIVAT Team

  10. Those are definitely some great points. Although I don’t work from my phone – I like to bring my laptop for that – I do access certain things on my phone that I don’t want to share with other people, especially hackers. I love the security option on the phone, though. I’ll definitely have to check into this.

    1. Hi Paige W
      You are right! We all should have the right to decide on what we want to share with other people.
      Unfortunately nowadays we are exposed to so many privacy and insecurity issues we need to prevent.
      We invite you to find out more about PRIVAT here and subscribe, we are really close to our launching date on indiegogo’s platform (June 12th).

      Thank you
      PRIVAT Team.

  11. I’ve never heard of PRIVAT, but it is worth considering for its security features. Great that it has a high camera quality for photos and videos on top of that! Thank you for this detailed review!

  12. What an awesome device with a sleek design and offering several features with come in handy when you love to travel in security and just want to make pretty pictures!

  13. Man I wish I had a better phone to use on the road. Mine dies in a couple of hours which is not useful for travel or blogging! Maybe I need to upgrade and if I do I know what I am looking for now

  14. I am definitely interested in this phone because privacy is so important! There are also many great features. Thank you for the informative post!

    1. Hi Aubrie
      We are happy to see your interest on PRIVAT smartphone, if you would like you can subscribe here that way we can let you know the latest updates of PRIVAT’s release, as we are getting closer to its launching date on June 12th on indiegogo’s platform.

      Have a nice day!
      PRIVAT Team.

  15. Your post has prompted me to think of the safety aspect a little more. Never did I realize the vulnerability of the smart phone. Will definitely be doing more research

    1. Hi Ami
      It’s true, everyday we are exposed to so many privacy and insecurity issues.
      We need to be aware and ready to avoid this problems. We would love you to visit our website and discover more about PRIVAT also you can subscribe and we’ll make sure to keep you updated with PRIVAT’s release latest news. (Launching date June 12th on indiegogo)

      PRIVAT Team.

  16. Thank you everyone for your interest on this new product, as we are getting closer to PRIVAT’s release on indiegogo’s platform this June 12th We would like to invite you to subscribe to our website that way we can keep you updated with our latest news!

    PRIVAT Team.

  17. Wow, I have never heard of this but boy it seems like it would really come in handy! I had no clue how much we were exposed to on a daily basis. Kind of scary!

  18. Oh wow I have never heard of PRIVAT before but this device is pretty awesome. It has some pretty amazing features for sure. I think that it would literally be gamechanging. The security features are things people don’t think about. I totally think I need to look further into this brand, cause I am pretty impressed.

    1. Thank you very much LYNZY & CO!
      We are really happy to see your interest on PRIVAT! We truly believe that nowadays the user’s privacy is not taken with the importance is needed. That’s why we want to make sure giving our users the tranquility of being able to protect their privacy.

      We invite you to find out more about PRIVAT’s features and functionalities here you can also subscribe to our newsletter we’ll make sure to keep you updated about PRIVAT’s latest news!

  19. I am so protective of my smartphone and its contents. I would love a smartphone that has some high end security. I want to ensure that no one is able to spy on my phone and steal some potentially highly confidential information.

  20. The PRIVAT smartphone sounds so amazing! I travel a lot, and my life is on my phone. It makes me so nervous to connect to public wifi. I like that it has 3 different privacy modes.

    1. Hello there

      Thanks a lot, we truly appreciate your interest about PRIVAT.
      We would love to keep you informed about PRIVAT’s latest updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter here Looking forward to hearing from you!

      Have a nice day.
      PRIVAT Team

    1. Hi Lili
      You couldn’t be more right, thank you for your interest about PRIVAT
      You can visit our website to find out more about PRIVAT & don’t forget to subscribe that way we can keep you updated with our latest news, since we are really close to PRIVAT’s release on indiegogo’s platform.

      Have a great day!
      PRIVAT Team.

  21. I agree, we need a smartphone that’s secure and reliable and this sounds like a great smartphone to have with you when you travel. I love that it has a private mode as well. Perfect for making sure that your information is secure.

    1. Hi Elizabeth

      We are really happy to see your interest about PRIVAT’s features and functionalities.
      As we are getting closer to PRIVAT’s release on indiegogo’s platform, we would like to invite you to visit our website & subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll make sure to keep you updated about PRIVAT’s news.

      Have a great day!
      PRIVAT Team.

  22. I will be looking forward to the release of this smartphone in the market. It does look like an awesome device. I love all its security features. That alone will make me want to buy one.

    1. Hello

      Thank you very much Annemarie! we are glad to see your interest about PRIVAT.
      We would like to invite you to subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll make sure to keep you updated about PRIVAT’s latest news.

      Looking forward to hearing from you!
      Have a nice day – PRIVAT Team-

  23. Never heard about Privat smartphones. Some of its features like mode options, security features, wireless charger have really attracted me. After reading your post, I felt this smartphone can be a perfect companion for travels. I will surely consider Privat phone while planning to buy a next one.

    1. Hello Suruchi

      We are glad to see your interest about PRIVAT. PRIVAT Smartphone campaign is now LIVE & you can visit us on We have amazing prices for the first buyers, don’t miss this opportunity and get yours at an excellent price 🙂

      Have a nice day!
      PRIVAT Team.

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