8 Cleanest Beaches Of India – Beautiful Beaches In India

8 Cleanest Beaches Of India
8 Cleanest Beaches Of India
8 of the cleanest beaches of India have been blue flag certified, an international benchmark for environmental, safety, and access parameters.8 Cleanest Beaches Of India

A long coastline of about 7,000 kilometres ensures that India has its share of beaches. Some of the beaches are well known and some are secluded and some have earned the distinction of being the cleanest beaches of India. When you think beaches of India, usually Goa springs to mind, but there are gorgeous beaches beyond Goa. Of course, the beaches of Goa are some of the most popular, but the beaches of Gokarna, Puri, and many other beaches across India are equally beautiful. So forget the beaches of Bali or Mauritius, head to the these 8 cleanest beaches of India.

8 Cleanest Beaches Of India – Blue Flag Certified | Top Beaches In India | Best Beaches In India

Eight beaches of India have bagged the prestigious Blue Flag tag. These beaches are relatively lesser-known and may surprise many. The beaches that have been Blue Flag international certification are:

  1. Golden Beach in Puri, Odisha
  2. Radhanagar Beach in Andaman & Nicobar Islands
  3. Ghoghla Beach in Diu
  4. Shivrajpur Beach in Dwarka, Gujarat
  5. Kasarkod Beach in Karnataka
  6. Padubidri Beach in Karnataka
  7. Kappad Beach in Kerala
  8. Rushikonda Beach In Andhra Pradesh

What Is The Blue Flag Certificate?

The Blue Flag is an international certification for beaches that is awarded by the Blue Flag Global organization that is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. To qualify for the certification, beaches need to meet numerous stringent criteria in the areas of environment, education, safety, and access. The certificate is awarded after stringent scrutiny for these criteria which not only need to be met but also maintained and sustained.

8 Blue Flag Beaches Of India | Top Beaches In India | Best Beaches In India

These beaches are the first of the 8 beaches of India that have been certified under the Blue Flag programme. Needless to say, they are among the cleanest beaches of India.

Golden Beach, Puri | Best Beach in Odisha | Cleanest Beach in Odisha

Puri Beach - Cleanest beaches of India
Cleanest Beaches Of India – Puri Beach

Puri in Odisha is famous not only for its historic Jagannath Temple but also for its pristine beaches. The Puri Beach which is also known as the Golden Beach is a beautiful beach with fine sand washed by the crashing waves of the Bay Of Bengal. A road running parallel to the beach is known as Marine Drive and is a beautiful location, for a long drive or a long leisurely walk. The beach is about 64 kilometres from Bhubaneshwar.

Nearest Airport – Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneshwar, 60 kilometres.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

Radhanagar Beach - Cleanest Beaches In India
Radhanagar Beach-Radhanagar Beach – Cleanest Beaches of India

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a honeymooner’s paradise with gorgeous beaches that attract countless holidaymakers. One of the gorgeous beaches of the islands is the Radhanagar Beach on Havelock Island. Radhanagar Beach is the stuff that dreams are made of. It is located about 72 kilometres from Port Blair. Radhanagar Beach is one such beach where one can find one of the cleanest sea water in India.

Nearest Airport – Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair, 68 kilometres.

Ghoghla Beach, Diu

Diu is a historic town in the union territory of Daman & Diu. It was once a colony of the Portuguese and has an ancient fort. About 15 kilometres from Diu, is a beautiful stretch of beach with golden sands. The beach stretches into the adjacent state of Gujarat. The beach is secluded and is a heavenly place with its clean sands and gentle waves. Ghoghla Beach is about 363 kilometres from Ahmedabad.

Nearest Airport – Diu Airport, 10 kilometres.

Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarka | Cleanest beach in Gujarat | Best Beach in Gujarat

Shivrajpur Beach-Cleanest Beaches In India
Shivrajpur Beach – Cleanest Beaches of India

Dwarka is a place that steeped in ancient history and mythology. It is best known for its Krishna temple and its association with Krishna. However, not far from the famous temple of Dwarka lies an enchanting stretch of beach that mesmerizes you with its beauty. This is Shivrajpur Beach, which is located about 12 kilometres from Dwarka and 450 kilometres from Ahmedabad.

Nearest Airport – Porbandar Airport, 104 kilometres.

Padubidri Beach, Karnataka | Best Beaches in Karnataka | Cleanest Beaches in Karnataka | Best Beaches South India

Padubidri is a small town about 24 kilometres from the temple town of Udupi in Karnataka. Padubidri Beach is about 2 kilometres from Padubidri town and is a beautiful stretch of clean sands. Padubidri Beach is one of two beaches of Karnataka that have been Blue Flag certified. Padubidri Beach is about 391 kilometres from Bangalore and about 32 kilometres from Mangalore.

Nearest Airport – Mangalore International Airport, 25 kilometres.

Kasarkod Beach, Karnataka | Best Beach in Karnataka | Cleanest Beach in Karnataka | Best beaches South India

The coastal belt of Karnataka is home to many beautiful destinations that include ancient temples and beaches. Places like Gokarna, Karwar, St. Mary’s Island, Udupi, etc., are well known. A lesser-known place is the Kasarkod Beach near Honnavar. The beach has shot into the limelight after becoming blue flag certified, the second beach along with the Padubidri beach from Karnataka to be so certified. Kasarkod Beach is about 4 kilometres from Honnavar, 178 kilometres from Mangalore, and 475 kilometres from Bangalore.

Nearest Airports- Mangalore International Airport, 180 kilometres.

Goa International Airport, 182 kilometres

Rushikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh | Cleanest beach in Andhra Pradesh | Best Beach in Andhra Pradesh | Best beaches South India

Rushikonda Beach-Cleanest Beaches In India
Rushikonda Beach – Cleanest Beaches of India

Vishakapatnam is one of the cleanest cities in India and is home to some lovely beaches that fringe the Bay of Bengal. One such enchanting beach is Rushikonda Beach that is dubbed as one of the virgin beaches of South India. Rushikonda Beach is located about 8 kilometres from Vizag or Vishakapatnam. The beach is pristine and is very well maintained by Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation.

Nearest Airport – Vishakapatnam International Airport, 22 kilometres.

Kappad Beach, Kerala | Cleanest beach in Kerala | Best Beach in Kerala | Best beaches South India

Kappad Beach-Cleanest Beaches In India
Kappad Beach – Cleanest Beaches of India

Kappad Beach near Kozhikode in Kerala is a historic beach. It is believed that Vasco Da Gama first landed on the shores of India at the Kappad Beach. The beautiful beach is embellished with rocks and hills that give it a very picturesque beauty. It is one of the nicest beaches in India. Kappad Beach is located about 18 kilometres from Kozhikode.

Nearest Airport – Kozhikode International Airport, 42 kilometres.


Blue Flag Certification | Rushikonda Beach Video

8 Blue Flag Beaches of India – Rushikonda Beach, Vishakapatnam

Recently 8 beaches of India got Blue Flag Certified. This coveted international certification is given to beaches that meet stringent criteria of environment…

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Travel Tips On What To Carry – Beach Vacation Packing List 

We hope you liked our post about the Blue Flag certified cleanest beaches of India. These beaches are indeed some of the nicest and top most beautiful beaches in India. The good news is that this is only the beginning and many more of the beautiful beaches of India would be Blue Flag certified in the future. This of course means the availability of more environment-friendly and clean beaches for responsible and nature-loving travellers like you. Do let us know your thoughts and also do subscribe to our blog for more interesting travel stories and tips. Follow us on our social media platforms to stay abreast of our latest updates.

Pinit8 Cleanest Beaches Of India - Beautiful Beaches In India

8 Cleanest Beaches Of India

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  1. Its really good to know that 8 beaches in India have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag. I really want to visit these beaches with friends. And we already made plans for next year.

  2. I have visited Puri beach and it is definitely one of the cleanest beach I have ever seen. I believe Goan beaches are more hyped up, and they definitely lack cleanliness big time. I will like to check the other beaches too mentioned by u.

  3. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually thought of visiting a beach if I head to India! I love the look of Rushikonda Beach with it’s waves and blue water – it really does look nice and clean. This is a fantastic list of beaches for sure!

  4. These beaches are beautiful. I hope many of us take a cue and keep our surroundings clean to maintain our beaches. Beaches always give me a positive feel. Living in Mumbai I am so used to of seeing the muddy beaches but when I saw a few in South and interior of Goa I was amazed watching the nature’s delight.

  5. I have been to Puri Beach several times during my childhood , it’s vast and clean 🙂
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  10. Clean beaches are a testimony to good environment in coastal areas . Great to know about the India’s cleanest beaches.

  11. I have been to a couple of these places and can vouch for the cleanliness especially down south, most of them are less explored by tourist may be thats the reason, otherwise it would be like goa everywhere. Great list , gonna book mark it for future

  12. Mumbai is a beach city but we all know it can get filthy. The beaches in Ratnagiri are far beautiful and picturesque. However I am eyeing the Andaman and Diu beach. Perhaps soon

  13. Ahh !! Again a great blog to read this weekend. You really do great and awesome research while writing an blog and thats very impressiable. I have been to kerela and karnataka but not to these beaches. Would love love love to visit this beaches too.

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