How will the travel industry evolve in 2018?

travel trends

Travel Trends – How will the travel industry evolve in 2018?

“Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times” – Anonymous

Travel is an inspiration. When people come across an inspirational travel quote, it reveals to them the exciting moments that highlight the hidden secrets about travel, adventure, and life.

travel trends

The world is connected more than ever now. That’s why more and more people are traveling around the world. Travel itself has become a trend. There are many social media pages and blogs that write about travel. But travel trends are also changing with a fast-moving world. Seasons, festivals, holidays and many other factors drive and evolve travel trends. Every year people welcome the New Year with the hope of discovering a new place.

Avid travelers are curious to know what 2018 has in store for their wanderlust. What travel trends will prevail? Will the hot destinations fizzle out or tech-developments like travel and current location tracking apps be on the rise?

We will reveal in this article how travel industry will transform this year.

Exploring the Polar Deserts

travel trends

Polar deserts are the aridest regions of the world. With less than 250mm rainfall a year and a temperature below -10 degrees Celsius, these are the places of extreme weather conditions. It may sound like a solitary lifestyle but travel trends suggest that travelers will be visiting the icy poles in record numbers this year. Polar deserts can be found in just two regions of the world: The Arctic and Antarctica. These areas may seem remote and inhospitable to ordinary tourists, but that’s not quite so!

The polar expeditions to the Arctic or Antarctica are organized in abundance by special tourist companies. Usually, there are extreme weather conditions for the most part of the year with a period of 9 to 10 months without any sunlight at all. But there are a couple of months in a year with nearly 24 hours of daylight during warmer months, tourists can come in flocks and enjoy the rare beauty of nature. That will be a one-time life experience to have in the year 2018. But if you are an extreme sun worshipper, then visit places like Morocco, Joshua Tree, and Death Valley to experience a true summer experience.

Gear up your travel with location tracking apps

travel trends

No one can imagine a travel without a cell phone today. When you are traveling, the smartphone is your prime device to navigate, translate, and stay in touch with friends and family. But there are many challenges that come during the travel. You may face scarcity of internet or even lost in case you do not have a map. So before you head out for a travel, having a current location tracking app such as Xnspy on your mobile can save you in many ways.

The foremost feature of using such apps will be having a virtual protection around your loved ones. Phones keep all the personal information of a person, there is credit card information, passwords, emails, personal data, and much more. If a phone is lost during a travel or a thief gets a hand on it, there is hardly anything that you can do to protect your privacy. But a monitoring app for Android LG phone can be your savior in this situation. Apps like Xnspy allow the monitoring person to remotely lock the cell phone. And if you think that there is a risk of an information breach, the app allows you to remotely wipe the device which will delete all the information on the phone. And not to mention the comprehensive location tracking features, they can never let you go off-track if you are traveling alone or in groups.

Medical Tourism will be on the rise

travel trends

U.S. citizens will travel out of the U.S. for more than just a holiday or business. After Trump’s travel ban, Las Vegas Shootings, and unfriendly airlines, the travelers will be heading more to the Asian and European regions not just for traveling but for medical reasons as well. According to a Patients Beyond Borders report, close to one million Americans went outside the U.S. last year for medical treatment.

As the Millennials grow older, the health insurance is becoming increasingly unsure day by day. It could be this year that this apparently emerging trend finally becomes a reality. Many American-trained international doctors are leaving the country in large numbers. The Boomer generation is now opting for economical cosmetic surgeries and to save some pennies on the dollar in exotic locations with first-rate medical care. Many places in the world are offering cheap medical tourism. Places like Thailand, Malaysia, Panama, and Colombia are to name a few. The medical and tourist attraction of these regions will charm many tourists this year.

Traveling with Strangers

travel trends

Travelers have grown tired of “olde worlde” consumer-driven and commercial vacation experience. Usually, during the vacation season, the only locals that travelers meet are associated with the local tourism service sector. But people are now seeking out for real-time experiences where they can associate the emotional bonding that has been missing. Travelers will be looking for more local and authentic travel experiences that are more immersive and participatory. People are open to trusting strangers in strange islands. No matter if they have a current location tracking app, they want to be a part of an experience which is free of just selfies and social media updates. A true immersive feeling. You can call it transformational travel.

Whatever the new face of travel, one thing that is not going to change is the passion and insatiable thirst for discovery of travelers. How do you think travel is going to evolve in 2018? What will be the travel trends for 2018? What technology do you think will influence travel the most in 2018? Do let us know your thoughts through our comments section.


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25 thoughts on “How will the travel industry evolve in 2018?

  1. candy Reply

    We love to travel and we are very fortunate to have a son who loves to make all of our travel plans. I will have tell him about this and see what he thinks.

  2. robin rue Reply

    My stepson just spent a month backpacking through Europe with strangers. He made some new friends, but I definitley could not imagine that sort of thing for myself.

  3. Terri Steffes Reply

    I think the travel industry will need to evolve into opportunities for people to help out with building homes, schools and hospitals and in a way that still allows for sightseeing and recreation.

  4. Tomi C Reply

    I love how technology has interfaced with the travel industry. We can plan our trip from our phone and even save time and money and maximize our travel dollar.s

  5. Amber Myers Reply

    This is interesting! I’m always impressed with all these new apps that are coming out. Anything that can help with travel is a plus for me.

  6. Emily Reply

    These are all interesting things coming around for travel. We have always traveled and now that my kids are big-ish we want to do a lot more of it. I am all for making things safe and easier to travel!

  7. Sarah Bailey Reply

    It is interesting to see how travel is changing every year. I like the idea using apps more, and being able to be tracked is a good one so your family at home know you are safe.

  8. Pam Wattenbarger Reply

    I actually know several people who have gone outside the country for medical reasons. It’s definitely on the rise!

  9. Carol Cassara Reply

    Clearly, we’ll be embracing technology more when it comes to traveling. I cannot believe it’s easier to seek medical assistance outside of the country, that’s really disappointing given what’s been happening here lately!

  10. Heather Reply

    I’m sure it is constantly changing. I kind of like going some place and learning about its history and experiencing something rather than just taking a picture in front of a place. It totally makes sense to get more out of your travels.

  11. Ellen Reply

    I think evolution is part of our life. And it has a great impact on travel society with new features.

  12. Chubskulit Rose Reply

    These apps are really helpful when it comes to traveling. Hubby and I are not the best with directions so an app really saves us a lot of times.

  13. Jenn Reply

    I love how the industry is using new tech to connect with travelers. I use apps when ever I travel.

  14. Sara Welch Reply

    I know many people who have gone to other countries for medical help. I don’t blame them as there are some amazing treatments offered in other countries that aren’t offered here simply due to money.

  15. Mimi Green Reply

    I love the advances that technology offers us. I would be lost without a GPS. Also with kids, I need to be able to track them down whenever I want.

  16. Bohemian Babushka Reply

    Fascinating how the different types of travel emerge and evolve. Babushka will be looking up more information on “Transformational Travel”, gracias for the info. BB2U

  17. Hiral Amodia Reply

    I loved the concept of “Travelling with Strangers”. This should grow and become more positive in the coming years.

  18. Abhinav Singh Reply

    Very topical post. Even I have seen a surge in medical tourism. India also is one of the most favoured nations for medical tourism. For example Shankar Netralaya in Chennai attracts people from all over the world including Pakistan. Personally, I enjoy traveling with a local when in a new place. If I get to stay at a local’s house that is cherry on the cake.

  19. Ami Reply

    Polar deserts are on a rise. I for one am figuring things out on that bit. Technology too, I see is becoming integral to travel. Glad to see that I am keeping up with these trends 😀

  20. Anosa Reply

    I love atleast once a month abroad and it’s fun meeting new people seeing new places and just exploring the world.

  21. Katchutravels Reply

    I think travel in an unknown terrain is great due to translation options and maps. I wonder if google can conduct audio tours through its virtual private assistant. That would be fun. I also think rail travel will trump air travel with the introduction of high speed rail.

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