How We Experienced Nirvana As The Sun Set In Munambam Beach

It was a special evening for us. We were in Cherai, a small fishing town very near Kochi in Kerala. The morning had seen us enjoy some breathtaking Zen moments in the Kerala Backwaters Boat Cruise in Kochi. The day was special as it was our wedding anniversary and we hoped to make the evening as magical as the morning.

We inquired about nearby attractions from the helpful staff of Le Petit Elephant, Kochi, the hotel that we had made our temporary home and were told that there was a good place where we could watch a lovely sunset. It was just about 4 Kilometers from the hotel. So the Auto Rickshaw or Tuk-Tuk which had taken us to  Vypin Lighthouse in Kochi, the previous day was commissioned and off we went spinning away to keep our evening rendezvous with the Sun.

Munambam Beach, Kochi

Munambam Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kochi. It is near Munambam Fishing Harbour in Vypin Island and off Cherai beach. This beach is considered ideal for kite flying. We reached our destination – Munambam Beach, Kochi (also known as Munambam Beach Suvarna Theeram) in quick time and were pleasantly surprised to see a newly built promenade jutting out into the sea and the Sun still high up, casting an orange haze over the place. The place was almost empty and had a couple of small stalls that sold Icecream and salted snacks. On the left side of the promenade was a stretch of beach that was invitingly empty.

We walked on the Munambam Beach, Kochi promenade for some time and as the sun started to go down the place assumed an ethereal glow. Locals now started sauntering in for an evening walk, but the place was still far from being crowded. We moved towards the edge of the promenade and watched the fishing boats slowly making their way home with their catch.

We watched the Chinese Fishing nets looming against the setting sun and casting a melancholy shadow on the sea. We watched some old fishermen with their fishing rods angling for trout, seated on the water-washed rocks by the sea.

As the Sun gradually started its descent into the sea, we moved towards the beach and were charmed by a rickety and crude wooden bench that seemed to have been designed specially to get a vantage view of the spectacular evening show organized by Nature.

After indulging in a few photo opportunities we moved further down and sank into the soft sand on the Munambam Beach. We spied a white bird playing with the waves, running with the ebb to catch its prey. It looked so busy, we could not resist a smile. Of course,  we could not identify the bird, considering that none of us were blessed with the instincts of an Ornithologist.

The sea had now assumed a golden sheen as the sun got closer and closer to it. A fishing boat sailed in a spectacular silhouette, we were spell- bound by what we saw.

Neither of us spoke, there was no need to speak. Seated on the soft sand, side by side, we watched the majesty of the sea. The waves lapped at our legs in a rhythmic fashion and ebbed away, only to return again and again. The waves dancing their perennial dance, the sun setting with an ethereal glow, the shadows of the boats in the distance. All conspired together to weave a web of magic that had us enthralled.

As we sat transfixed, gazing at the lovely panorama that was unfolding in front of us, we felt strangely elated and one with the Sea, the sand, the sun and the sky. We felt we were one with Nature and exulted in those lovely moments of Nirvana at Munambam Beach, Kochi.

We etched the name of VOYAGER on the sands in front of us and prayed that the name would also be etched on the sands of time.

The Sun, by this time,  was so close to the waters of the Sea on the horizon, that he could almost kiss them. And then the Sun disappeared behind a curtain of clouds and a pall of gray enveloped the earth. As always waves of melancholia swept over us. We got this feeling of having lost something, a part of time itself. Another day had passed into oblivion. At the same time we once again felt humbled by the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature and thanked our stars for the wonderful and magical time we had been privileged with.

The blackness of the night soon crept on us and we made our way back to the promenade which was brilliantly lit up, by this time. A few fishing boats came cruised by with their lights on. We could see the fishermen chatting animatedly and cheerfully, obviously satisfied with the work that they had accomplished for the day and happy to return home after a hard day’s work.

Do check out our video on how we experienced Nirvana as the Sunset in Munambam Beach, Kochi.

We walked to the waiting Auto Rickshaw and were transported back to our hotel in quick time. We felt richer with the magical experiences of the day and thought, “what more can a traveler ask for”?

Munambam Beach Kochi

Munambam Beach Kochi  Munambam Beach Kochi
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95 thoughts on “How We Experienced Nirvana As The Sun Set In Munambam Beach

  1. Anne Reply

    There’s nothing quite like watching a beautiful sunset to make you see the beauty in nature. Those on Indias west coast are pretty amazing too!

  2. Carrie @ Two Small Potatoes Reply

    I’ve always loved that time in the morning when the sun first peaks over the horizon and right before it goes to bed at night. It’s the best time to catch amazing light for photography and it’s really magical somehow. When you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature and in the company of someone you love, those moments are the really special ones in life.

  3. Tatum Skipper Reply

    I am seriously a sucker for sunsets. The colors and feeling it gives off when watching really makes you just stop and think about how beautiful life can be. I now see why you “experienced Nirvana” here because the views are just breathtaking. Not to mention how serene it feels without even being there!

  4. Melissa Reply

    There really is something special about a sunset. Growing up in Florida, I’ve seen a ton of them, but I watched one last night and couldn’t tear my eyes away. Nice job capturing the feeling with your words, and you have some beautiful photos, as well!

  5. melbtravel Reply

    Oh my sunset on Munambam Beach looks so beautiful, I want to visit. I love the detail of your experience I felt like I was there too 🙂

  6. Megan Indoe Reply

    What an incredible sunset. There’s something about a really special sunset that leaves an imprint in your brain forever. Our nirvana sunset was in Cambodia on the island of Koh Ta Kiev. Thanks for taking me with you and letting us experience this amazing sunset with you.

  7. Dane Reply

    The color of a good sunset is always so beautiful! Some of then are just more memorable than others and this sounds like one of those times. Sounds like really incredible memories! ☺

  8. Luca Reply

    Everything seemed so calm and peaceful, warm colors and no crowd, it must have been a real transcendental experience for sure.
    About the bird, I’m no ornithologist either, but it could be a heron. Or maybe its cousin 😀

  9. [email protected] Reply

    What a wonderfully romantic way to spend your wedding anniversary! It’s hard to beat the feeling of watching a sun set peacefully and then fading away on the horizon. Oh and I love the look of those Chinese fishing nets!

  10. Marla Daye Reply

    Your article made me feel as if I was there with you. This sounds like such a peaceful and humbling experience in nature. I love when that happens. I love to be one with nature. This sounds like it was a beautiful memory. So happy you could have such a nice anniversary!

  11. Candy Reply

    What a beautiful evening watching the sunset. I can’t remember the last time I flew a kite and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when you mentioned that this beach was considered ideal for kite flying. Lovely photos too!

  12. Paige Wunder Reply

    This looks very dreamy! Everything about this post says nirvana and peace. In fact, I feel more peaceful now having read your beautiful descriptions and seeing the warm glow of the photos. The Chinese fishing nets are quite beautiful and it sounds like the two of you had such a romantic day on this beach.

  13. Vibeke Reply

    That must be the perfect place for romantic travel such as anniversary! There is something magical about beautiful sunsets. Love it! Great post!

  14. Ashwathy Manimala Reply

    Omg! you were there in my native place. I love kerala and i love to listen about it from all the peoples who have visited kerala. I loved this post, i would read it again and again. I am so happy that you loved the time spent in kerala, india. I am gonna share it all my friends. I am insanely in love with this place #Kerala 😊. Will check all your post 😊

  15. Garth Reply

    You can’t beat a good sunset! One of the joys of travelling for us brits, as we don’t get them that often here. We need to get to Kerala one day 🙂

  16. Colby Reply

    First of all, happy belated anniversary :). This place truly sounds wonderful. I love those moments where no words are needed and you can just sit and take everything in.

  17. Andrea Broom Reply

    I wanted to say first of happy belated anniversary! It sounds like such a romantic way to celebrate. Sunsets are breathtaking. Love the photography so much.

  18. Isi Reply

    How insightful and feels like traveling there while reading. How a great place to spend time. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Emma Reply

    I can see why you felt that way! That sunset is absolutely stunning and everything looks so peaceful! Kerala looks like a really magical place!

  20. Simona Reply

    Kochi looks amazing! As a perfect place to spend time as a couple. I am also in love with sunsets at the beach, so much that actually during our NYE trip in Khanom I just didn’t made not even one photo of it. I was so absorbed in the moment, that it just skipped my mind to catch it on camera but it will remain in my memories forever. Hope to visit Kochi one day and experience the fisherman throwing their nets in a sunset light.

  21. Oana Reply

    This sunset is simply amazing, your photos are great. There is something so calming about a sunrise/sunset that gives me chills. Great post!

  22. Indrani Reply

    What a dramatic setting in natural environs! I could gaze on for hours here. The silhouette of fishing net looks great!

  23. Ami Reply

    I can imagine how beautiful those chinese nets would look at sunset. Sigh! Something that I have been wanting to do but have not managed to. Will have to plan a vacation consciously.

  24. Sonam Reply

    Nothing beats a good sunrise and sunset.. this looks incredible. Loved reading about your experience. Thanks for sharing..

  25. Hra Reply

    Wow, i love sunsets… and these photos omg they are awesome!! This place is so peaceful… i would love to go there 🙂

  26. Sarah Ebner Reply

    Happy anniversary! I love a beautiful sunset and Munambam Beach sounds like the most perfect place to watch one. Your pictures are gorgeous and I can’t believe how empty it was!

  27. Punita Malhotra Reply

    The sunset pictures with the Chinese fishing nets look spectacular. Its so strange how each sunset is so similar, yet each is so different. And one never tires of watching a sunset.

  28. Charles McCool Reply

    Wonderful sunset photos and a sweet story. Sunsets are indeed refreshing, empowering, and inspirational. I love how you say, well write, that you did not say anything while there.

  29. Sara Broers Reply

    This looks incredible! From the sunset, the beach and your fishing photos, you have captured the experience well. I enjoy reading about your travel adventures, as you always have beautiful photos, as well as great information about the experiences you are sharing.

  30. Jan Michael De Guzman Reply

    I have been to Kochi when i was still working in a cruise and it is one of my favorite port of calls in India aside from Lakshadweep. The sunset is lovely an looks very calm and relaxing. I would love to come back there someday.
    JM | Man Of Wanders

  31. Annalise Reply

    Great blog post! I read it once and then scrolled through again to appreciate the pictures for longer they’re so beautiful! X

  32. Jenn and Ed Reply

    Happy Anniversary. Many happy returns of the day. It seems like you captured the quintessential essence of sunset in that, it isn’t the moment when the sun drops over the horizon but rather the gradual release of energy that fades into dark tranquillity.

  33. Vicki Louise Reply

    This beach and the sunset are just beautiful, and I can totally see why you had an incredible experience. These are the moments travelers live for!

  34. Corinne Reply

    I loved this beach when we were there as well. The sunsets are amazing! I would love to see the fisherman using the nets.

  35. Jesper, The Biveros Effect Reply

    There really is something captivating with the sea. Sitting on a beach watching the waves reaching the shore or the sun setting in the distance. That is really something that could get me to relax and just enjoy the moment. 🙂

  36. Nic Reply

    Loving those sunset shots, it looks like a really lovely place to both relax and also catch some of the local culture, what could be better!

  37. Brianna Reply

    Wow, I can feel the warmth of the sun in those images. What a special way to spend your wedding anniversary 🙂

  38. Soumya Nambiar Reply

    When I was doing my engineering in Kochi, we used to escape to the Cherai beach at least once in 2-3 months. It is a beautiful and secluded place. I loved all your sunset pictures.

  39. Elena Reply

    You have an amazing talent in describing your experiences. I was truly captivated with every detail, from the start to the end of the article. The photos are also great, and beautifully complete your words. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of this thrilling moment!

  40. Carol Colborn Reply

    What better way to spend a wedding anniversary than together, alone with the sand, the sea, and the sunset?

  41. neha Reply

    Love your sunset snaps. Munambam Beach looks like the perfect place to experience a beautiful sunset. Though I appreciate the beauty of sunset, somehow, it always makes me a bit sad and negative, while the next morning fills me with hope 🙂 I don’t know why though.

  42. Danijela WorldGlimpses Reply

    What a great experience for your wedding anniversary! It must have been really romantic. Love those occasional life-gifts, when everything just falls in its’ place and rewards you with a perfect scenery! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  43. Abigail Reply

    First off, congrats on the wedding anniversary! What a truly romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. That sunset view is amazing and the place just seems like something that was taken off a page from a travel guide book!

  44. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie Reply

    Sunset is really the best time at the beach. It’s usually when the temperatures are perfect and the time when the beach has the fewest people. I love how you shared a perfect moment. Great shots with the fishing boat. I’d totally love to visit Kerala someday!

  45. Jeanny Reply

    WOW!! The photos in this article are all breathtaking! Sunset is my favourite part of the day so I can totally understand when you describe it as nirvana. There is something so magical and calming when the sun sets and the stars appear. Thank you for sharing this and looking forward to your future posts.

  46. Rashmi and Chalukya Reply

    We haven’t made it to Kochi yet but the beach and the sunset vista looks absolutely stunning. The sun setting overlooking the waves crashing on the shores is a wonderful sight to behold. These beautiful moments definitely make for a memorable day to cherish, wish you belated anniversary wishes and lots of travels for year ahead!

  47. melody pittman Reply

    I’m definitely a sunset kinda gal so I enjoyed hearing how special this one was for you. And I can see why from your amazing shots. 😉 Kerala has so much beauty. I hope to see it for myself some day.

  48. Siddhartha Joshi Reply

    Such a beautiful post, your words took me with you and I also almost saw the sunset just as you did. The beach is beautiful and golden hues magical…no wonder you found Nirvana here 🙂

  49. Ashley Reply

    The sunsets, are to die for! I have felt calm and peaceful as I was reading the post. The images calmed me lols! I enjoyed reading this! Hope I can keep up with your other travel journeys!

  50. Adam, Bite of Iceland Reply

    I’ve been there last year in January 🙂 I love Kochi’s relaxing atmosphere so much! And these Chinese fishing nets are such a brilliant idea. They are also very picturesque 🙂

  51. LISA Reply

    What a great memory you will have from this peaceful sunset moment. Looks like a nice relaxing place to forget about all your troubles. Kerala looks like a special place, hope to visit one day.

  52. Joanna Reply

    That was such a romantic read. The place itself breaths romanticism and the colors of the sunset make it even better. It is indeed a place where you just enjoy the moment and don’t talk, don’t spoil the beauty of its silence. Just admire.

  53. amanda Reply

    wow this looks amazing! you got so many great shots. Light like this makes all the difference with photos doesn’t it

  54. Wanderlust Vegans Reply

    We really enjoy walking on beaches as well. Sunset is always the best for taking pictures. It is a bit sad sometimes when a perfect day comes to an end but happy as well.

  55. Elisa Reply

    what a special place to celebrate a wedding anniversary, I wish you many anniversaries (and other celebrations) like this one . .

  56. nisha Reply

    That’s an awesme sunset! Sunsets such as these often increases “Romance Quotient” of a place. Happy anniversary and many more to come!
    I vote for this place, also because, from your photos, the beaches are almost empty leaving the whole place to yourself 🙂

  57. The Travel Ninjas Reply

    What a beautiful and romantic sunset on Munambam Beach! The birds and fishing boats were the perfect accents. We’d love to see this place ourselves.

  58. Jenna Reply

    What a great way to spend your anniversary! You definitely caught an amazing sunset and its nice that it wasn’t too crowded! Great photos–looks like a great time!

  59. Megan Jerrard Reply

    Sounds like a wonderful wedding anniversary 🙂 I’ve heard so many amazing things from traveler experiences in this part of India, mainly that the nature makes for breathtaking zen moments everyday. I would love to visit and experience / witness for myself too 🙂 But in the meantime, thanks for taking us with you through your account 🙂

  60. Carmen's Luxury Travel Reply

    You managed to take some incredible photos! It still sounds like you were able to put down the camera and really enjoy it too. I love a good sunset 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  61. Global Brunch Reply

    What a wonderful way to spend your anniversary. There is something so relaxing and magical about watching the sun set over the sea. Your photos really capture that.

  62. Travel Lexx Reply

    Wow, such an incredible beach and looks you’ve shared an incredible experience together. What a sunset and what great memories! Thanks for sharing

  63. Lauren Reply

    This beach looks so gorgeous. I just love watching the sun go down. Something I’ll never grow tired of!

  64. Alessandra Reply

    How amazing it must have been to achieve Nirvana by watching one of nature’s most beautiful gifts! This is something I may try one day 🙂

  65. ejnosillA/RedefiningHERstory Reply

    This looks so beautiful. I would love to wake up to a beautiful sunset/sunrise like that! I could see myself just relaxing there and listening to the waves. Just seems so peaceful and wonderfully beautiful.

  66. Neha Saini Reply

    This sounds the best anniversary celebration. What else can be better than watching sunset with your love on the beach, enjoying the cool air breeze and spending a precious day. I loved all the pictures. Really beautiful, and wish lots of love to both of you. 🙂

  67. Marielle Altenor Reply

    Watching the sunset has always been something that leaves me in awe. It’s an amazing feeling to look at the sunset across the ocean.

  68. Toughcookiemommy Reply

    These truly are some breathtaking sights. I love how you caught the beauty of the sunset and that you were able to enjoy such beautiful moments.

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