10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore


Must See Attractions in Singapore – Best Places to Visit in Singapore

The early morning sun shone through the window of the plane as it swerved to the right, I peered down from the window and was able to make out the shapes of fishing boats bobbing rhythmically in the water below.

I rubbed the remnants of sleep from my eyes and felt a surge of excitement. We would be landing soon in Changi Airport!

We had heard a lot about the tiny island, country-city of Singapore and when we got a chance for a short visit, needless to say,  we had jumped at it. We relive those lovely moments spent in this post as we write about the must see attractions in Singapore in partnership with Expedia.com

So here we were about to land at Changi Airport, which along with Singapore Airlines is one of the most globally recognized international brands with many an award in its kitty.

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A huge floral decoration at Changi Airport.

We had a week to explore the city and we were looking forward to it. It would be worthwhile to mention here that even if you are only transiting through Changi and have at least 6 hours to spare you can avail of a Free Singapore tour, courtesy Changi Airport. But we had 4 days in Singapore and were looking forward to experiencing the best places to visit in Singapore.

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10 Must See Attractions in Singapore

1. Must See Attractions in Singapore – The Singapore Flyer


We started our Singapore sojourn with the Singapore Flyer, visit Expedia to see more of the Singapore Flyer. It’s a good way to start because you get to see the city from a height. The flyer at 165 Metres is supposed to be the world’s largest observation wheel outside of the United States.


You enter into a safe glass capsule and the wheel starts moving slowly, the movement is almost imperceptible, till you see outside and see the height you have gained. You are treated to a panoramic view of Singapore including the iconic sights of the Merlion, Gardens by the Bay, Marina Sands etc..

The ride takes about 30 minutes. There are premium options also available like dining while treating your eyes to a 360-degree view of Singapore etc.. Trip to Singapore is incomplete without experiencing the Singapore flyer. If you just have 48 hours in Singapore, then the first place you need to head to is the Singapore flyer.

Please do refer to the official site of the Singapore Flyer for more details.

2. Must See Attractions in Singapore – The Gardens by the Bay


No Singapore Travel Guide can afford not to mention the Gardens by the Bay. It is a park that encompasses an area of about 250 acres of reclaimed land near the waterfront of Singapore. It is situated near the Marina Reservoir. The gardens are an effort by the Singapore Government to transform their city from a Garden City to a City in a Garden, by ensuring the preservation of the environment and the nurturing of greenery and flora. The garden is divided into three sections, namely, Bay Central Garden, Bay East Garden and bay South Garden. The gardens have different landscaping themes in different sections, like, tropical forests, the Orchid which is Singapore’s national flower, etc.

The place is lovely to spend some quiet time, take long strolls and in short cool off in the lap of nature. And finally what dominates the landscape of the gardens are the Supertrees, which are a tall tree like structures that tower from about 80 to 160 feet. The Supertrees are vertical gardens that house an exotic variety of orchids, ferns, vines etc.. There is an elevated walkway that connects two of the largest Supertrees where one can take a walk and take in a panoramic view of the gardens. As night descends, the Supertrees are illuminated and acquire a radiant beauty that has now become iconic with this city.

There is no admission fee for the outer gardens, but you do need to buy tickets for visiting the different conservatories or the Skywalk.

For more details please check out the official site of Gardens By the Bay.

3. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Merlion Park


Any Singapore sightseeing trip would be incomplete without a glimpse of the intriguing Merlion. The Merlion is an iconic landmark of Singapore. The Merlion which is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish is in many ways the personification of the spirit of Singapore and its history. The Merlion has become synonymous with Singapore in many ways over the years. We viewed the Merlion statue from close quarters from a boat as we cruised along the Singapore river, taking in the city’s skyline. The sight of the Merlion spewing water majestically against the Singapore skyline is indeed a sight to behold.

4. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Botanic Gardens


There are so many Singapore points of interest that will interest you but what will really enthrall you with its natural beauty is the Botanic Gardens. A beautiful garden set in verdant locations. The Botanic Garden has a long history. It was established as early as the year 1859 and has ever since been the home for the finest Flora, the garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a favorite haunt of locals and tourists alike. We had a lovely evening sauntering in the 82-hectare garden which houses about 1,200 species of Orchids and about 2,000 hybrids. One of the attractions that fascinated us at the Botanic Gardens was the VIP Orchid Gardens which has the finest hybrid Orchids named after visiting heads of state, celebrities, and other dignitaries. There are Orchids named after Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher and many others.

5. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Singapore Zoo


The Singapore Zoo is spread over 69 acres of land and has around 315 species of animals. The Zoo provides a natural habitat for the animals and ensures an open environment for them.


Moats and other hidden barriers separate the animals from the visitors. One of the highlights of the Zoo is, “Breakfast with the Orangutans”, which offers visitors the chance to interact closely with the animals.


The Zoo is a popular attraction that draws more than 1.7 million visitors annually. The zoo is an ideal place to visit while in Singapore with family and kids. There is a night safari also available which takes you into the interiors of about 40 acres of secondary forest that are adjacent to the Zoo and one can live the thrill of a nocturnal adventure of spotting wild animals in the dead of night. Singapore has so much to offer in terms of outdoor and wildlife experiences, that it is definitely a thrilling place for adventure enthusiasts. Exploring Singapore at night is altogether a different experience that one must include in their Singapore itinerary.

6. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Jurong Bird Park


The Jurong Bird Park is a giant aviary which covers an area of about 50 acres and can be considered to be one of the world’s best bird zoos. Jurong Bird Park is home to over 5,000 birds across 400 species. Bird life from across the world can be seen in Jurong Bird Park and this includes a magnificent fleet of flamingoes, penguins in specially climate controlled chambers, The Jurong Bird Park also organizes a number of bird shows that showcase the interaction of Man and Bird.

7. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Universal Studio


The place to bring to life all your Silver Screen fantasies as you ride a roller coaster of immersive and larger than life experiences. An exciting time for the entire family as you zoom through the seven zones of the Universal Studio, namely, Hollywood, New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, Lost World, Far Far Away and Madagascar. A day spent at the Universal Studios guarantees that there is not going to be even a single dull moment and you would create memories to cherish for a long time.

8. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Little India


A vibrant and ethnic historic area of Singapore that pulsates with the colors and diversity of Indian culture. Little India with its melange of temples, mosques, churches and Indian food options along with shop till you drop options is a must visit when you are here.

9. Must See Attractions in Singapore – China Town


China Town is a delightful blend of history, culture and modern cafes and stores. A walk in China street absorbing the aromas of Chinese food emanating from the wares of multiple street food hawkers and cafes is sure to remain etched in one’s memories. A place that is a slice of China is another must have an immersive experience.

10. Must See Attractions in Singapore – Sentosa Island


An idyllic haven for entertainment for the entire family. That is what Sentosa island is all about.


It is a custom built island just off the southern end of Singapore and can be reached by means of a scenic ride on a cable car.


The Sentosa island has some tranquil beaches, theme parks, museums, eating and shopping options all in a carnival kind of atmosphere. A day can be spent here with the entire family, bonding over some exciting activities.

Catch the glimpses of Singapore in our 2-minute video:

Transiting through Singapore Changi Airport: If you have a few hours of layover at Singapore Changi airport, then check out their free Singapore tour.

A little bit of Singapore history and some interesting facts about Singapore

  • It was in 1819 that Sir Stamford Raffles founded modern Singapore, the official name being the Republic of Singapore
  • The name Singapore originates from the Sanskrit language in which ‘Singa’ means Lion and ‘Pura’ refers to city
  • It is the world’s only island-city-state
  • Car buyers must pay for duties one-and-a-half times the vehicle’s market value, and bid for a Singaporean Certificate of Entitlement (COE), which allows the car to run on the road for a decade. This is to reduce traffic congestion and pollution

Where we stayed 

If you are wondering where to stay in Singapore, there are many options to suit every budget. We chose to stay at The Regent, A Four Seasons Hotel and we were not at all disappointed. The hotel is centrally located with easy access to all the sights of the city as well as to the Business areas. The hotel was an ideal and comfortable location for us to explore Singapore and enjoy the experience to the full. To top it all, Orchard Road, the shopping hub of Singapore was a walking distance!

How we got around 

If you are wondering how to go around Singapore then there are many options available. Singapore is relatively small and well-connected with an excellent public transport system, as usual,  we used a combination of different means to explore the city.

  • We used the highly efficient Singapore MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). Wherever you are in Singapore, an MRT station would be easily accessible
  • As is our want, for orientation purpose we took the Singapore Hop on-Hop off tours
  • We also did a cruise on the Singapore river and recommend this as it is a nice way to take in the sights of the city

There are many Singapore holiday tour packages available. However, one can also explore Singapore at a leisurely pace of their own without booking the entire Singapore packages as the public transport system is one of the best in the world.

Hope you loved reading our post and liked our listing of the top 10 things to do in Singapore. Have you been to Singapore? Which is your favorite attraction in Singapore? Do let us know in the comment section.


Thanks for visiting our site Voyager – www.imvoyager.com and taking the time to read our post!

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore - 4 Days in Singapore    10 Must See Attractions in Singapore - 4 Days in Singapore

10 Must See Attractions in Singapore - 4 Days in Singapore    10 Must See Attractions in Singapore - 4 Days in Singapore


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  1. Brooke Reply

    The island looks like a great side trip and opportunity to get some nature in!

  2. Kathi Reply

    I’ve seen many blogposts about Singapore, but yours is the first that actually makes me want to go there! The Botanic Gardens look so lush, and I’ve always loved a ride on a Ferris Wheel 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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    I am nearly glad that we didnt miss out too much from your top 10 list during our trip to Singapour. We only had 2 days there (Transition flight) but enjoyed it a lot. Especially the gardens ! I think we have to go back once to finish the rest of your list.
    Thank you

  5. Una-Minh Reply

    Oooh Singapore looks lovely! I must admit that I’ve previously I’ve been uninterested in travelling there but the Gardens by the Bay and the Botanic Gardens look really great. It sounds like it’s more than just a city! I heard that they’re obsessed with cleanliness!

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    When I travel I like to be a full-on tourist, so I want to try out all of these places. The Singapore Flyer looks quite fascinating, and the zoo is always a must see. Great list.

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    • Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay Post authorReply

      I loved Garden by the bay and Sentosa islands (especially the beach and the museum at Sentosa). If you visit these places on a weekday, it will not be very crowded. Universal Studios and Orchard Road (famous for shopping) are super busy, especially during weekends.

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    I’m hoping to visit Singapore in November (budget allowing!) so reading all the posts I can get my hands on. The botanic gardens, the gardens by the bay and Merlion Park good like must-do’s!

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    For me Jurong bird park tops the list. And yes the Singapore MRT is the best I have experienced. So safe and always on time.

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    I just came back from a trip to Singapore and man, I love that country, it is so beautiful and technologically advanced! Changi Airport is amazing, it’s a destination on its own. My most favorite though is Universal Studios Singapore, I had a lot of fun walking around and taking some of the rides. I wanna go back because there are many places that I wasn’t able to visit like the Botanical Garden.

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    Truly, Singapore is one of the cleanliest and stunning country in South East Asia. Some places on your list has already been penned on my bucket list and some are new to me. I haven’t been to Singapore and I was about to visit here last year, but due to unexpected situation, it didn’t push through. Anyway, I’m planning to go back next year and hopefully, I will able to visit all these stunning places on your list. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You owned a beautiful photos as well.

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    I agree…I would also say the observation deck of the Marina Bay Sands & the Night Safari. I had family living in Singapore for 11 yrs. Visited many times & loved every time I went. The Hippo hop-on hop-off tours are a great way to see the city as well. The Zoo & Botanical Gardens were always a must see for me (all 7 times I was there😉)!

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    I have dreamed of a tour to Asia. Singapore will be in my itinerary for sure, if that plan ever comes in to fruition. I would love to see/visit each and every spot you mentioned in this post, except for the Singapore flyer. I would be scared to death!

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    I have been to Singapore several times now.But I never get bored of the beauty and life that happens there.I love Gardens by the bay it’s one of my favourite places to visit.There are several amazing museums there too and there’s a lake garden as well.

  39. Iuliana Marchian Reply

    I am happy that you have made it to Singapore. Did you have breakfast with the orangutans ? I wonder what exactly that means because I suppose you don’t stay with them at the same table but I’d definitely try this if I go there. Great zebras, too !

  40. Katchutravels Reply

    You have covered most of them. I visited 6 out of the 10 here. I would reccomend a few more like just using the metro rail transit for exploring the city. The Mustafa store for shopping, Orchard Street for more shopping

  41. Anne Slater-Brooks Reply

    We did the private pod on the flyer with complimentary champagne which was pretty cool but I am gutted that we did not bother with Gardens of the Bay. It had opened when we were last there but I did not bother looking into it and ever since I have just thought it looks fabulous. May need to go back

  42. Susan Reply

    I haven’t yet visited Singapore though we have friends who live there. The Gardens by the Bay would be top of my list to visit. Little India looks really picturesque too!

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    I absolutely love Singapore. I lived there for a year and still miss it. I’ve done a lot on this list and regret not visiting Gardens by the Bay. I did check out the Night Safari and that ended up being a lot more fun than expected 🙂 O! And the airport is gorgeous!! Wish all airports were like Changi.

  44. Debra Schroeder Reply

    Singapore has been on my bucket list for so long. Every year I keep saying I’ll visit but something comes up. Hopefully, next year. The Gardens by the Bay look incredible. What a fascinating light show. Sentosa Island looks relaxing.

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  46. Natasha Reply

    I don’t know why I didn’t end up in Singapore, even after living in Asia for 2 years! It always sounds like such a great place to visit. Both the tours and the transportation system sound so worthwhile to me.

  47. At The Roundabout Reply

    My mom has been to Singapore and has been raving about it ever since. This blog posts makes me understand more why she has such overwhelmed reaction about this place. I also like that you’ve provided a brief history of the place. And your photos look awesome. Nice one!

  48. Shona @ paraphernalia.co Reply

    I didn’t realise the zoo was so big and there was so much room for the animals to play. I might go on my next trip to Singapore now that I know that. The bird sanctuary is also now on my list. The beautiful flamingoes in your shot are so distinct.

  49. Ruth | Tanama Tales Reply

    Gosh, there is so much to do in Singapore! I will start by checking the airport since many sources say it is the best in the world. I would like to visit Little India (love color) and the Botanical Garden. But, my eyes are set on the Gardens by the Bay. #feetdotravel

  50. Dashin' Ash Reply

    You’re really making me feel good about the places we visited in Singapore. We were only there two days, but I did 7 things on the list! Little India and China Town were my favorites. Any the MRT is just wonderful! Thanks for sharing this post.

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    Oooh The Gardens by the Bay looks so exciting by the look of those structures! It looks super unique. The Botanic gardens look gorgeous too and would be a must see stop for me!

  52. Megan Jerrard Reply

    Love Singapore! Gardens by the Bay was the highlight of my time – we visited during the day, and then headed back for the night light show – it was incredible! I loved learning about Singapores dedication to conservation, and it was really fantastic to see such a huge concentration of flora.

  53. Blaine is Lost Reply

    Ahh! Singapore, only a few seas away from the Philippines and I’ll be able to get into the Lion City. The lists you have shared are commonly seen across social media platforms and I think I should visit all of it once I traveled to Singapore. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  54. Sarah Reply

    We visited a couple of years ago but only for 2.5 days so missed some of the attractions that you listed here – the Botanic gardens and Sentosa Island both look wonderful and would be high on the list for when we go back! We did splash out on a stay at the Marina Bay Sands though and the sunset views from the pool there were totally worth it 😉

  55. Jenn and Ed Coleman Reply

    I have always loved the Gardens by the Bay. The way that the statues, lights, and sky blend together is so beautiful. That would be my number one place off of this list.

  56. Fiona Maclean Reply

    I loved Singapore, especially the Gardens by the Bay – at night they are so beautiful. We went to the River Safari too and saw the pandas – a highlight for me.

  57. AHMED IJAZ Reply

    Great post! One of the few posts that’s perfectly crafted about Singapore. I’ve been to Gardens by the bay on an 8-hour stopover in Singapore and it was an amazing experience, it was totally worth my time and all that energy.

  58. Vanessa Reply

    We absolutely loved Singapore’s Botanical Garden – it was such a great break from the density of the city. We also loved Changi’s over the top displays – we were there just before Christmas and there was a holiday themed gigantic pineapple!

  59. Lara Dunning Reply

    The Gardens by the Bay and the Botanical Gardens would be at the top of my list. I haven’t been yet, but Singapore is on my list.

  60. carla Reply

    Reading this made me realize I miss Singapore. I lived there for 6 years! Yes you are correct, this tiny country-state has so much to offer. A visit soon is in order!

  61. Kavey Favelle Reply

    I stopped in Singapore briefly a few decades ago and did a short half day tour. Can see we missed a lot of the attractions, I’m especially interested in the Botanical Gardens and of course those iconic metal “supertrees” in the Gardens by the Bay.

  62. Danijela WorldGlimpses Reply

    You had just enough time to see a lot of things. And you did. 😉 Didn’t know about that free Singapore tour if you have six hours at the airport though, that’s useful to know. I loved the city and it’s so much more than just a layover, right! 🙂

  63. Suruchi Reply

    A Great Informative post. We haven’t been to Singapore till now as always heard it is quite expensive. Your post and pictures have first time increased our urge to visit Singapore. The little India is really fascinating.

  64. Carol Perehudoff Reply

    Wow, this is a great list of things to do in Singapore. I’ve heard so much about the zoo, but I’d never heard of the Singapore Flyer, so next time I’m there I think that would be fun to do, and I’m glad it’s so easy to get around by MRT.

  65. Danik Reply

    Singapore is high up on my list. Small country with lots of things to do and see here (and thats what I like) and this post has given me some ideas to think about. If its like Hong Kong then I will need at least two – three weeks here 😀

  66. Samantha Reply

    This is a beautifully constructed and diverse list of things to do in Singapore! I like how you rounded it out with some interesting facts about the city. I am the type of person who likes to do EVERYTHING so I would need a big chunk of time to see everything I would want!

  67. Lydia Smith Reply

    So much to explore in Singapore. The jurong park tops my list, then the Gardens at Bay. I’d be sure to visit all of these places if I have the opportunity

  68. Karla Reply

    I really want to do the Marina Garden Bay and watch the lights go on at night. I’ve been to singapore but that was in 2009, Might as well go again. I also want to see Haji Lane.

  69. Tracy Reply

    Having just been to Singapore for a second visit I second your choices! The night zoo is a must – we loved it! We still have not visited Sentosa! Maybe next time! We loved Gardens by the Bay which were new since our last visit!

  70. Carmen Baguio Reply

    Wow! There’s so much to do and see here! I love ferris wheels. I imagine the view is extraordinary! We also try to see botanical gardens whenever we can. Pinned this for our future trip!

  71. Jo Reply

    Okay I thought I covered them all but I only did 5 off this list so looks like its time to go back esp for the Universal studios. I also want to try iFly and Singapore keeps introducing cool new attractions each year. Its def a place to revisit.

  72. Kerri Reply

    I will admit to not being wowed enough by Singapore yet to make a decision to use it for anything other than a short stopover or a transit point but you make a very strong case. I love the Gardens by the Bay. The light show just seems like such an incredible thing to see and of course I do love getting up high in any city I visit so the observatory wheel would be just the thing. Thanks for taking the time to record what Singapore has to offer, It’s articles like these that are indeed very useful for convincing me otherwise.

  73. Jennifer Reply

    Is that an aquarium you have pictured or can you go diving off of Sentosa Island? And I didn’t realize Singapore has so many green spaces. The two gardens look lovely and I’d definitely like to take a ride on the big wheel.

  74. Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler) Reply

    Wow, you covered the must see attractions in Singapore. I have been there a few times and have been to all mentioned except Universal Studios. All these places are a wonderful way to spend a few days there. Surprisingly, my favorite was the zoo and botanical gardens. Pinned this! Thanks for sharing 😊 #feetdotravel

  75. Travel Lexx Reply

    I really like Singapore and have been four times already so I have done a lot of the things you recommend – it’s such an awesome place with plenty of things to do – I still haven’t been to Sentosa to this day! Great list and post!

  76. Anna @ shenANNAgans Reply

    YEAS…. Singapore is one of my all time places to travel, not only for alllllllll the incredible places youve listed, but the food. Oh my goodness, the food! 🙂

    Every visit always includes the Gardens by the Bay, love the light show. And people watching in Little India.

  77. Christopher Reply

    Singapore is definitely on my to go to list. I love starting new cities from a high vantage points so you can get a lay of the land. The flyer looks like the perfect way to start. I’ve seen the gardens of the bay in another post awhile back and still find it fascinating.

  78. Sara | Belly Rumbles Reply

    OMG perfect timing, I’m off to Singapore in a couple of weeks. A few of those things are already on my list of to do. Little India looks amazing. I think I will give the Singapore flyover a miss, that would terrify me, I hate ferris wheels!

  79. Vicky and Buddy Reply

    I can’t wait to visit Singapore! I see photos of The Gardens by the Bay all the time and it just looks so amazing. I didn’t realize there was a Universal Studios there as well! Seems like Singapore has a lot of pleasant surprises!

  80. Corinne Reply

    Singapore is one of my favorite cities, and I especially love the Gardens by the Bay and the airport. Every time I go, I discover more things to do that I just love, like eating at the Hawker Stalls.

  81. Scarlett Begonias Reply

    The colors are so vibrant, and the flower gardens look like a shot straight out of Fern Gully. I would love to visit all of these beautiful destinations when we go to Singapore one day 🙂

  82. Trisha Velarmino Reply

    It’s amazing how there are little towns of different cultures in Singapore. And the gardens are really beautiful. It’s a surprise to me that they have acres of it in the middle of the city!

  83. Nathan Reply

    I only had a long layover in Singapore but I would love to go back and see more of these sites that I didn’t see before. It’s just so crazy expensive but we had fun in the short time we were there!

  84. Barry Reply

    I’ve always been a fan of Singapore and have visited many times. There are plenty of places worth seeing on your list. The Gardens by the Bay are well worth visiting.

  85. Abhinav Singh Reply

    That’s quite an exhaustive list. It is very useful for first timers like me. You also shared some interesting facts such as the Sanskrit origin of Singapore’s name and that it is the the world’s only island-city-state.

  86. Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net) Reply

    Really amping up the wanderlust with this one! We are really keen to see Gardens by the Bay, and we won’t pass up Orchid Road, for sure. 😉 Glad you included Little India and Chinatown – we always enjoy exploring the cultural neighborhoods of cities, and expect they would be great to see in Singapore. As always, great post with lots of great ideas!

  87. Ami Bhat Reply

    My favorite has been Jurong bird park here ….it is so beautifully done and those birds are a complete treat for adults and kids alike. Interestingly, Singapore is a place that I can never tire of. I would love to visit it again.

  88. Angie (FeetDoTravel) Reply

    We have been to Singapore a few times but never stayed for more than a couple of days, so there are things on this list we have missed. I’m afraid the Zoo won’t be one of the places we will visit, I know they have their place but, having seen orangutans in the wild and other “popular” wildlife, I can’t bring myself to see them in a zoo but that’s just my personal opinion. Your photos of the marina is stunning, and I love Little India – will have to check that out next time. Thank you for all the information! #feetdotravel

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