8 Most Romantic Monsoon Destinations in India

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations

Romantic monsoon destinations in India

The fragrance of the earth kissed by the raindrops of the first showers of the monsoon is an intoxicating experience to the olfactory senses. The sound of the rain falling on the dry soil which has been waiting like a besotted lover for over a year is indeed music to the ears. Dark clouds flitting busily across the sky, bolts of lightning dazzling brilliantly, thunder claps triumphantly announcing the onset of the monsoon, Cuckoos singing ecstatically and peacocks dancing with gay abandon. The scene is nothing short of heavenly. It is time for the primordial dance of nature to send the world into raptures. The Monsoon has arrived. Farmers heave a sigh of relief, little children jump into and out of puddles, some strip to take a natural shower under the skies. The heart seems to flutter with a strange excitement and poems and songs spring unbidden to the lips.

Rains leave their silver sheen on carpets of green grass, flowers bend their stalks shyly at the touch of tiny raindrops. Towns, villages, and cities are enveloped in an aura of freshness and pristine beauty. Rains transform the world and places assume an ethereal glow, a dreamlike quality which at once spellbinds and enthralls. India, the land of the diverse and varied landscape is home to a host of monsoon destinations where the magic of the monsoons is to be seen to be believed. These destinations get a natural makeover during the monsoons and promise an enchanting experience to visitors.

Here is a list of the 10 most romantic monsoon destinations in India where one can head over to and experience the hypnotic magic of the rains.


monsoon destinations

Agumbe is one of the sought after monsoon destinations in the state of Karnataka. Agumbe is a small village with a population of about 500 people, situated about 100 kilometers from Mangalore in the southern state of Karnataka. It is also sometimes referred to as, “The Cherrapunji of the South”. It lies in the Western Ghats which is a declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pristine environs of Agumbe come to life in monsoon much like a painters painting taking shape on the canvas. Waterfalls cascade in full flow and rivulets meander tantalizingly while the green vegetation seems to rejoice in the monsoons. One of the places to visit on a clear day when the rains have subsided is the sunset point which is situated very near the Agumbe village and gives a view of the sun setting over the Arabian Sea.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Agumbe

The nearest airport is Mangalore and one can stay there and visit Agumbe. But it is recommended to stay in Agumbe or in Udupi or a nearby village in a homestay to really get an authentic experience of the monsoon in Agumbe. Agumbe is situated about 360 kilometers from Bangalore and is well connected by road.


monsoon destinations

Cherrapunji, the monsoon destinations in Eastern India is one of the places that is synonymous with rains. Anyone who has paid attention in their Geography classes would be aware of the significance of Cherrapunji. We all know Cherrapunji, situated in the North-Eastern state of Meghalaya as the wettest place on earth. However currently, that distinction is held by the neighboring village of Mawsynram. But still, Cherrapunji holds the record for the highest rainfall ever in a calendar month and year. It is quite interesting to note that Cherrapunji receives rain in the mornings, leaving the land rain-washed and glistening in the afternoons.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Cherrapunji

Guwahati in Assam is the nearest airport to Cherrapunji, situated about 181 kilometers away. One can travel by road from Guwahati to Cherrapunji by hiring a cab or taking a bus.


monsoon destinations

Chikmagalur is another monsoon destinations in the state of Karnataka. Walking in the rain, in the midst of coffee plantations is indeed an exhilarating experience and that is what awaits you in Chikmagalur. A town nestled in the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range of mountains, Chikmagalur is an ideal getaway during any season, but during the rains, it acquires a luster that is indeed dazzling. Chikmagalur’s picturesque locations and the weather is a magnet that draws visitors to its fold. It is also a gateway to hill stations like Kudremukh and Kalasa and provides some lovely hiking trails.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is a town in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. The nearest airport is about 150 kilometers away in Mangalore. Chikmagalur is well connected to Mangalore as well as Bangalore by road. Bangalore is at a distance of about 250 kilometers.


monsoon destinations

Goa needs no introduction! The name is enough to conjure up exotic images of long stretches of beach lined with palm trees. Come monsoon, the magic of Goa goes to a different level altogether. Apart from the beaches, this is the time to head towards the jungles of Goa for trekking and chasing waterfalls. The romance and the rhythm of Goa become irresistible as the rains fall and thus it is one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Goa

Goa which is an Indian state sandwiched between two other states namely Maharashtra and Karnataka is well connected by Road, Rail, and Air to the major cities of India. Goa’s Dabolim airport has domestic as well as International flight services.

Jog Falls

monsoon destinations

Monsoon is the best season for waterfalls. They are at their spectacular best during the rains as they cascade down in majestic style. Jog Falls has the second highest waterfall in India. Jog Falls is in the state of Karnataka and is one of the ideal monsoon destinations. Here the waters of the river Sharavati come plummeting down from a dizzying height of 830 feet. The waterfalls at Jog are actually 4 distinct falls known as Raja, Rani, Rocket, and Roarer. Jog Falls is situated in Shimoga District of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Jog Falls

Jog Falls is situated about 340 kilometers from Bangalore and about 200 kilometers from Mangalore. The nearest airport is Hubli which is about 130 kilometers away. Jog Falls is well connected by road to the major cities of Karnataka.


monsoon destinations

Lonavla in the state of Maharashtra is one of the monsoon destinations that is a popular weekend getaway. Perched in the western ghats and almost equidistant from Mumbai and Pune is Lonavla, a picturesque hill station that acquires a hypnotic magic during the monsoons. Hundreds of small and big waterfalls cascade down the ghats in scenic splendor. Lonavla also happens to be famous for its Chikki, a sweet made of Jaggery and groundnuts.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Lonavla

Lonavla is situated amidst the Western Ghats at a distance of 96 kilometers from Mumbai and 64 kilometers from Pune. Lonavla is well connected by road and rail to both Mumbai and Pune. A rail or road journey over picturesque landscapes of the western ghats takes you to the picturesque getaway of Lonavla.


monsoon destinations

God’s own country comes into its own during the monsoons and the beautiful state of Kerala which I am talking about seems to dance to the music of the rains. The backwaters, the coconut palms, and the paddy fields seem to erupt in celebration as the rains pour down from the heavens. One of the most popular monsoon destinations in Kerala, the southern state of India, is Munnar. Munnar with its wide expanses of tea plantations, wildlife sanctuaries, picturesque valleys, and mountains wraps itself in a coat of romantic intrigue, come monsoon. The fragrance of rain blend with the aroma of exotic spices to make the air you breathe into an exhilarating intoxicant. Munnar is a hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala and nestles in the majestic western ghats.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Munnar

Munnar is about 130 kilometers from Kochi which has an international airport. It is well connected by road to Kochi and other major urban centers of Kerala.


monsoon destinations

If you drive for about 3 hours covering a distance of about 135 kilometers from Bangalore, you reach a small village called Shivanasamudra. Here the river Kaveri takes the plunge in the shape of twin waterfalls. The twins are known as Gaganachukki and Bharachukki. It is interesting to note that Asia’s first hydro-electric power station was built here and is still functional. During the monsoons when the Kaveri river is in spate, the Shivanasamudra walls roar and cascade down a precipice in spectacular glory thus making it one of the popular monsoon destinations in Karnataka.

monsoon destinations

How to get to Shivanasamudra

Shivanasamudra is located in the Mandya district of Karnataka, the southern state of India. Shivanasamudra can be easily reached by road from Bangalore. The Karnataka State Tourism Department also organizes conducted tours to the falls during the monsoon months.

The rains are here in all their majesty, the sky has turned dark and there is a nip in the air. It is time to pack your bags and head out somewhere to dance in the rain. We have quite a number of romantic monsoon destinations lined up for you, take your choice and head out to Agumbe, Cherrapunji, Chikmagalur, Goa, Munnar, Lonavla, Shivanasamudra or Jog Falls to soak in the beauty of nature in the rains.

Which is your favorite monsoon destination? Which are the monsoon getaways that your recommend? Do let us know through the comments section.

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monsoon destinations   monsoon destinations   monsoon destinations

monsoon destinations   monsoon destinations   monsoon destinations

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84 thoughts on “8 Most Romantic Monsoon Destinations in India

  1. Alli Smith Reply

    All of these photos look dreamy and I can tell they are romantic destinations. I would love to visit Jog Falls! The photos are incredible.

  2. Punita Malhotra Reply

    My next monsoon dream destination is Maharashtra, and that too by road trip. That area really inspires me to go visit. Coracle boat rides are also on my wishlist !

  3. SindhuMurthy Reply

    I m not surprised that many of the locations listed in the post are from the western ghats. It definitely is a delight to visit the hills during monsoons. Not to forget the additional offseason discounts we often get at the hotels and resorts 🙂

  4. Ania Reply

    I’m sure the images don’t even do it justice, looks absolutely amazing, I would love to go there.

  5. robin rue Reply

    Those all sound like amazing places to visit. I think I would be very happy at any one of them.

  6. Global Brunch Reply

    I had no idea that the wettest place on earth is located in India. Such an interesting post with so much great inspiration. I would love to do the hiking trails of Chikmagalur.

  7. Sarah Bailey Reply

    Wow what some absolutely beautiful destinations, those waterfalls are just beautiful I would love to visit myself one day I think I would start with Cherrapunji.

  8. Betty Boiron Reply

    Romantic and monsoon aren’t 2 words I would usually put in the same sentence, but your pictures and description may make me change my mind about that 😉

  9. Franc Ramon Reply

    India is a really big country with a lot of wonders to explore. It’s nice that they have a lot of romantic hotspots made even better by the weather.

  10. lisa Reply

    All of these places look amazing. I have never thought of going to India during monsoon season, but these pictures really make it look romantic!

  11. Matilda Reply

    What a great list! Had no idea India had so many romantic destinations.

  12. Lauren Reply

    I need a long vacation in India! There is so much to experience! Your pictures are so beautiful and inspiring!

  13. Danijela WorldGlimpses Reply

    I like beaches, Goa and all, but oh my – look at that Cherrapunji, or Lonavla! Waterfalls look amazing! 🙂 Just a spot where you can actually see how nature gets lavish and giving, amazing landscapes!

  14. Kevin Wagar Reply

    Romantic getaways have been hard to find since we had kids, but I’ll take Lonavla! That view is absolutely incredible!

  15. Pam Reply

    These all sound like great destinations for monsoon season. I think that I would probably head to Moa first.

  16. Dawn McAlexander Reply

    I have never been to India but it looks nice though. We did get caught in a monsoon in Roatan once. That was an adventure, but it looked nice.

  17. Debra J Hawkins Reply

    Jog Falls looks absolutely incredible! It is impressively tall. I would love to see it in person one day!

  18. Maurene Cab Reply

    Agumbe sounds like a great place though all the places you mentioned look beautiful. I should really start thinking of visiting India.

  19. Catvills Reply

    I love all the photos of the lush greenery. The waterfalls are so majestic! I would not want to go to a place where it is constantly raining, but I would love to visit this place because of the views and the waterfalls! Thanks for sharing!

  20. Maze Vietnam Reply

    Wow now I know that Asia’s first hydro-electric power station was built in Shivanasamudra. The sceneries here are so beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. These are definitely must-gos in my checklist! Thank you so much!

  21. John Reply

    All of these places look amazing, but Lonavla looks like the one I would like the most. It seems so lush! I can’t wait to visit India one day.

  22. Emily Reply

    Woah, it is all so pretty! Those waterfalls look amazing, I hope to be able to see places like this eventually. I have not gotten to do a lot of traveling but my husband and I have a long list of dream destinations.

  23. candy Reply

    I would love to visit Jog Falls. I am a huge fan of waterfalls and didn’t know that they were at its best during the Monsoon season. Glad to hear that getting to this location isn’t difficult 🙂

  24. Debra P Reply

    For someone who loves the rain as much as I do, this is a dream! I would love to visit every one!

  25. Kavey Favelle Reply

    Wow, how beautiful. Had never even thought about monsoon tourism, that there are people who seek out beautiful places where they can enjoy the coming of the rains, and the resulting verdant landscapes with waterfalls, rivers and so on. All eight look beautiful, particularly Cherrapunji and Shivanasamudra.

  26. Ambuj Saxena Reply

    An awesome list of monsoon destinations in India. Though Goa is an unbeatable destination in India for all seasons and reasons but in south India, I would love to explore Munnar once. Its been on my bucket list since eternity i think. Your blog urges me to start planning ASAP!

  27. Stephanie Pass Reply

    I love the rain. I can’t imagine having to wait an entire year for monsoon season to arrive. But, these places are just gorgeous.

  28. Marion Halliday (Red Nomad OZ) Reply

    Haha, I’ve just returned from a trip to the dry and arid Australian Outback, so reading your picks for wet season travel was a bit of a culture shock!!! I often spend my travels downunder dodging the rain, so it’s a new concept for me to actually seek it out. I’d visit any one of these destinations just to see so much GREEEN!

  29. Nuraini Reply

    OMG… I have been to a small part of Karnataka but I did not realise how gorgeous the Western Ghats were… wow <3 haha

  30. Anne Reply

    Wow, I’ve always avoided India at monsoon time because of the rains. These falls however make me want to visit, they look incredible

  31. Vibeke Reply

    India is so diverse. Some of these places seems so lush and beautiful. I don’t like rain that much but it would be a great experience to go to these monsoon destinations. ☺

  32. Paige W Reply

    I’ve never thought of needing to pick specific destinations based on Monsoon season, but it’s a great idea! Shivanasamudra would be at the top of my list! I love waterfalls and I’m sure that the rain makes them even more impressive!

  33. Izzy Reply

    I love this idea of monsoon destinations! Really fantastic way to lens an experience specific to India! I think I would have to avoid Cherrapunjia, the wettest place on earth, cause I do not do water! And the lushness of Munnar is out of control!

  34. Jojo Reply

    Well who would have known monsoons could be a beautiful thing! The two I would want to see most is Cherrapunji and Gao for sure.

  35. Joella Reply

    Just reading your introductory paragraph made me vividly paint a picture in my mind. And it was just so beautiful and then I saw the pictures and just WOW it is like paradise. Cherrapunji reminds me very much of my birth country Venezuela. There is an area there where Angel Falls is that looks very similar. I am in awe of the beauty you have showed me and I now see India in a brand new way. Who knew Monsoons could be this spectacular.

  36. Thelittlelai: Beyond limits Reply

    Wow, I can’t stop telling wow while reading your blog post. The photos are really stunning. I didn’t know that India has all these kind of gem. The cascades are really grandiose and beautiful. They are truly a romantic place to visit and just gaze at their own innate state. What I truly love the most is the Cherrapunji. I will surely visit all of them If I get the chance. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  37. you.theworld.wandering Reply

    When is the monsoon season? I am heading to India next month to explore this beautiful country!! The waterfalls at Cherrapunji look absolutely incredible!!
    Kristie – you.theworld.wandering

  38. Fiona Maclean Reply

    Those waterfalls are all quite stunning. And I never thought of Goa as a Monsoon destination. Everything looks so stunningly green and verdant

  39. Hanne Reply

    Thanks for sharing this guide. Very inspiring and such beautiful pictures, you have shot! 🙂

  40. Lindsey Reply

    There is such a poetry to the environment of these lush wet places of paradise. It looks like an amazing experience.

  41. Gokul Raj Reply

    Experienced Goa in the rain last monsoon. Still figuring out where to go this time. This list has given me some valid options.

  42. Raymond Carroll Reply

    I like your descriptive intro – nice writing style. And your pictures are so beautiful. An original and colourful post – well done!

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    Cherrapunji wow what an amazing place. Your photograph jumped right off the screen at me. I could easily the kids chasing waves on the beach at Goa. It looks amazing reminds of some places in Australia. maybe some beach cricket coming up.

  44. oursweetadventures Reply

    I get the feeling that if I walked through the coffee plantation at chikmagalur I would not need coffee for energy any more. I imagine that pure smell of it would give me what I need. Goa…. Yes please! If there is a water fall I want to see it and Jog Falls looks amazing

  45. Danik Reply

    Cherrapunji – I so want to check out this area now! Looks totally amazing and would defo consider visiting this place when I get to India. 🙂

  46. Travel Lexx Reply

    Wow, these places look absolutely stunning! Agumbe, Cherrapunji and Jog Falls all look stunning and I would love to visit – I keep finding about new places in India from your blog and my list is growing and growing! Thanks for sharing!

  47. Karla Reply

    Your pictures of the Jog waterfall is absolutely incredible. I love it a lot. You did a good job, you make me want to book a ticket and go now.

  48. Katherine Reply

    You’ve capture some amazing locations, I can see why you call them romantic destination. The photos really show the beauty of India. 🙂

  49. Dawn Reply

    We visited Kerala last September at the end of monsoon and thought it was an incredible time to visit. We loved Munnar, although we were there for Onam so it was really busy with tourists. Your photos are beautiful with the lush green vegetation and waterfalls. I will have to try to get to some of the other ones you listed:)

  50. neha Reply

    A very beautiful compilation of places to visit in monsoon. these really reach at their charming best during the monsoons, particularly the hills of South India.

  51. CHLOE LIN Reply

    No kidding! I didn’t know India is so beautiful! I really love nature, waterfall and hiking. Looks like heaven to me!

  52. Neni Reply

    It always amazes me how lush India is. Incredible landscape, such a fantastic nature. I hope so much I can see it myself, one day.

  53. Rachel Elizabeth Reply

    Oh my god, some of these waterfalls are stunning. I’m a sucker for waterfalls. No joke. Cherrapunji is particularly appealing to me!

  54. nicole Reply

    Wow look at all those waterfalls. I would not have guessed India from those photos. Looks like a beauitful area to explore.

  55. Skye Reply

    I haven’t been to India yet and Munnar and Goa are definitely on my list but there are some beautiful other spots here too. I wouldn’t have thought about travelling in monsoon season but it really looks so green and beautiful and no doubt lovely to watch the scenery changes with a cup of tea somewhere. Great list.

  56. Corinne Reply

    Wow! Everytime I read a post of yours about India, I learn of a new place I want to go. I love the idea of romancing during the monsoon. I love the greenery and the off the beaten track places that you write about. Beautiful.

  57. Jennifer Reply

    I don’t think I’d pair romantic and monsoon. I usually try to travel to such destinations not in the monsoon season.

    We used to live in Arizona, where we experience a short monsoon season in summertime. For more natural locations, this can be a very dangerous season since flash flooding can occur without a moment’s notice. In fact, just this week 9 hikers were killed in a flash flood because of a monsoon. Do you have to worry about the same kind of thing in India?

  58. r Reply

    OMG this is a very savage place! never been there but your sharing gave a lot of inspirations! thank you

  59. Shruti Prabhu Reply

    I love the monsoon! This post is definitely something I needed. Had never heard of Agumbe. Shivanasamudra is also something new for me. Love to discover new places that are perfect for monsoon. Gotta plan a monsoon trek soon.

  60. Guy Crotty Reply

    This is awesome. So often you’ll try and plan a trip around the Monsoon but this actually makes me want to go to India during the wet season. Most places I haven’t heard of and look absolutely stunning. Cherrapunji reminds me of a table top mountain in Venezuela which has the same kind of waterfalls tumbling down when it rains. Thanks for sharing this!

  61. Scarlett Begonias Reply

    Every one of those destinations looks so beautiful, we absolutely love hiking and waterfalls. We get a lot of rain in Oregon, but there is no lightning or thunder. Now we know where to go to experience the beauty of monsoons 🙂

  62. Stephanie (1AdventureTraveler) Reply

    How lovely the monsoons make some destinations in India so serene and beautiful. I would love to visit Jog Falls in the state of Karnataka and the beach in Goa. Wonderful photos….thanks for sharing 🙂 #feetdotravel

  63. Paul Reply

    Wow all of these places look absolutely stunning and amazing even for the monsoon season! India is so high up on our bucket list!

  64. Barry Reply

    Another epic posts about India – you guys are becoming quite the experts. Would love to visit Chikmagalur soon as it has been on my bucket list for a while.

  65. Nathan Reply

    Great photos! I’ve never heard of many of these places but I’d love to visit. They look incredible.

  66. Cai Dominguez Reply

    If I have to pick.. Ill choose Cherrapunji. This is the most stunning of all base on the photos. I cant wait to visit India. I hope to make it soon in your country 🙂

  67. Nomadic Foot Reply

    Being a India i know about most of the mansoon places in Indian but you really increased my knowledge. loved all the places you mentioned but unfortunately not been to anyone. But will do all the of them one day.

  68. Carmen Baguio Reply

    I’ve never thought of monsoon season as romantic, but you have convinced me! I would have to pick any of the waterfall destinations as the most romantic!

  69. Cindy Collins Reply

    Wow these location all look beautiful. I had never imagine India could be so lush and green. Those waterfalls are so impressive. Goa has always been on the bucket list but I will now add all those places too. Beautiful photos.

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