A Home Away From Home in Goa at OYO Home

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India


Goa! This simple three letter word seems to store within it oodles of magic. Goa is not just a place, it signifies a celebration of life to millions. Goa is like a multi-splendoured flower with different hues and fragrances, some known and some unknown. On the one hand, its gorgeous beaches weave an irresistible charm while its churches evoke a sublime bliss. The vibrant music of Goa makes your body and spirit dance in a joyous frenzy while its natural landscapes soothe your frayed nerves

The different dimensions of Goa whizzed through my mind as I waited for a delayed flight to be announced. Destination Goa.

As I boarded the flight, I had a pleasant premonition that this Goa trip would be different.

That thought turned out to be prophetic as my stay in Goa proved. This time was different from my earlier experiences of staying in Goa. On our earlier visits, we had stayed in some of the best hotels in South Goa. We had stayed in cottages by the sea and experienced the serenity of Bogmalo beach, but this time the experience of our stay in North Goa was on an altogether different level.

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family – OYO Home Goa

OYO Home Goa

We stayed at OYO Home -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa. Dona Paula with its romantic aura also happens to be one of our favorite areas in Goa.

OYO Home – What is the Concept

OYO Home is a new concept from OYO, one of India’s largest Hospitality company. The basis of the concept is the availability of unutilized and locked homes across the popular holiday destinations of India like Goa, Udaipur, Shimla, Pondicherry, Coorg, Nainital, etc.. OYO has tied up with the owners of such properties to refurbish and transform them into high-quality living spaces as well as manage the operations. This translates into a win-win situation for both OYO Home and the Homeowner. For OYO Home guests this means a unique option of where to stay in Goa and other destinations. It means a home away from home with an exclusive privacy that no hotel offers, the freedom to actually ‘live’ in the destination with a home completely at their disposal for the period of their stay. Some of the features that make the OYO Home concept unique and appealing are:

  • Privacy and exclusivity
  • Opportunity to experience life like a local
  • More private space at the disposal of the guests
  • The freedom to go and come at will, just like your own home- #StayYourWay
  • Well designed thematic homes that are appealing and at the same time homely
  • Ideal for families, group of friends, or couples looking for a close bonding during their stay
  • The OYO Homes are independent self-serviced villas and apartments managed by OYO with the OYO team facilitating a pleasant stay
  • Each OYO Home has a Captain who is responsible for the maintenance of the property and settling in the guests.

Watch our video on OYO Home of Goa – #OYOHome #Goa #StayYourWay

The OYO Home we Stayed In: OYO Home Goa -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa

OYO Home Goa

We stayed in a gorgeous OYO Home – 11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa. The property has three bedrooms, a living and dining area as well as a kitchen. A wide range of adventure activities in Goa is one of the attractions that Goa offers and this element of adventure has been woven seamlessly into the design of this OYO Home. The theme of diving has been incorporated into all aspects of the design of the home in a fascinating and delightful manner. The decor, the colors, and other design elements simulate an underwater ambiance which is so enchanting.

The Living Area

OYO Home Goa

The living area has been designed with hues of blue and has lots of space. The vastness of the sea simulated with the large open spaces and the blue.

OYO Home Goa

The seating in the living area mimics the seating on a boat. A great place to relax with a book or lounge in front of the television set. There is a raised deck to rest your back as you fiddle with the TV remote. Definitely, a place to chill and chat or plan for the day’s adventures.

The Dining Area

OYO Home Goa

The decor of the dining area too is in keeping with the diving theme. But what we really loved in the dining area was the unique design of the dining table. The dining table does not have any legs! It is suspended in mid-air and in fact if you look closely it looks as if the table is upside down. It really gave us a kick in having our breakfast on this unique legless table.

The Bedrooms

OYO Home Goa

The water and light effect at sea is simulated using tie and dye curtains which allows light through the windows in an ethereal glow. One of the bedrooms with a blue roof actually gives the feeling that you are lying in the blue sea. A suspended lamp gives the illusion of a sea creature.

OYO Home Goa

The second bedroom has three beds that simulate different levels. At the bottom level is a normal bed at ground level while at the top level is a bunker style bed. The middle level has a bed with a hammock woven from cotton ropes in the center. This bedroom is very spacious and a nice place for groups or families to hang around over a game or chit-chat.

OYO Home Goa

The third bedroom is based on the thrilling concept of floating on the open sea in a raft. Lying on the bed, and looking at the blue floor simulates the experience of floating on blue waters.

The Kitchen

OYO Home Goa

The kitchen is spacious and open, it is equipped with an induction stove and a refrigerator. Cutlery and other essential utensils are also available. It was a nice experience to prepare coffee and breakfast.

The Balcony

OYO Home Goa

The OYO Home -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, has an L shaped balcony that encircles the home. Many of the rooms open onto the balcony. This was one of our favorite areas of the house.

OYO Home Goa

It was a nice experience to sit on the swings with a cup of steaming hot coffee and gaze outside aimlessly. The balcony has swings, stools, and a hammock, making it a favorite hangout spot in the house.

The Experience

We were impressed by the OYO Home Goa experience right from the word go. We were met by the OYO Captain as soon as we reached the OYO Home -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa. He helped us get comfortable in the home by showing us around. He also showed how to use the digital lock and the passcode for the same. Incidentally, each OYO Home has a designated OYO Captain who is responsible for checking in guests and ensuring they are comfortable. He also is responsible for the regular maintenance of the property.

OYO Home Goa

We had a great time staying at the OYO Home Goa and it really felt like a home away from home. We had the place to ourselves with only the housekeeping staff discreetly ensuring that the place was spick and span every day. We felt strangely free and looked forward to getting back home to the OYO home at the end of our Goa explorations each day. The best part was the spacious OYO home Goa itself which was tastefully designed and furnished and seamlessly integrated the natural elements of light and air to give a really enjoyable stay experience.

OYO Home -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa is an ideal option for families or a group of friends looking to explore Goa on their own terms.

Places to Explore Near OYO Home -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa

Being in Goa you are never far away from a beach.

  • The renowned Dona Paula viewpoint is just about 2 kilometers away
  • Dona Paula beach is about 1.4 kilometers away
  • Dias Beach is about 1.8 kilometers away
  • Marivel Beach is about 2.1 kilometers away
  • Caranzalem Beach is about 1.3 kilometers away

Restaurants Nearby

  • Samarkand restaurant located at a distance of 1.4 Kilometres
  • Hi Tide Restaurant is situated just 900 meters away
  • Siddhi Pure Veg Udupi Restaurant is about 1.4 kilometers away
  • C-Class Family Bar & Restaurant is about 2.6 kilometers

Other OYO Homes that we visited

Though we stayed at OYO Home -11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa, we had the opportunity to visit two more OYO Home properties and found them unique in their own right.

OYO Home Goa -10740 2BHK, Calangute beach, Goa

OYO Home 10740 2BHK Calangute Beach is a 2BHK apartment tastefully designed taking inspiration from nature, music, and travel. This property was brightly lit, well ventilated and spacious.

OYO Home Goa

The Portuguese heritage blended seamlessly with contemporary design to give an artistic ambiance to the property. Sitouts seamlessly integrated with nature, spectacular views and modern luxury with convenience seemed to be the hallmark of this property. At a distance of just about 4 Kilometres from the famous Calangute Beach, this OYO home seemed like the ideal home to return to after a hectic evening at the beach. The spacious apartment is ideal for a group of friends or a family.

Watch this video of  OYO Home Goa -10740 2BHK, Calangute beach, Goa.

Video Credit: OYO Home 

OYO Home Goa – 10868 3BHK Villa Calangute Beach, Goa

OYO Home Goa

If you have ever fancied staying in one of the vintage Portuguese villas in Goa, then OYO Home 10868 3BHK Villa Calangute Beach, Goa is definitely the place. A 1934 Portuguese Villa has been transformed into a spacious and luxurious  OYO Home keeping the Portuguese heritage and ambiance intact. At the same time, modern conveniences and contemporary design elements have been woven together to stunning effect.

OYO Home Goa

The heritage Portuguese Villa Goa can accommodate eight people and is great for a family or group of friends on holiday looking to bond together. The Portuguese architectural style that incorporates space and limits closed spaces is ideal for this kind of gathering. From the green front yard to a quirky dining cum kitchen area the Villa is fascinating in its design and concept. If the geometrical shapes on the walls is a design element that has been retained from the original decor of the house, the umbrella lamps that hang from the ceiling are a contemporary creative expression of Goa in the rains.

Watch this video of OYO Home 10868 3BHK Villa Calangute Beach, Goa.

Video Credit: OYO Home 

Goa which always has something refreshing and new to surprise. Goa, the land with a million reasons to smile was a different experience altogether on this trip. For the first time, we did not feel that we were “visiting” Goa, it felt as if we were living in Goa and Goa was indeed our home. The stay at OYO Home Goa ensured that we never felt that we were not at home.

OYO Home is a great option for families, group of friends, or couples looking for the best hotels in Goa, Goa hotels near the beach, Goa villas and holiday homes, or luxury villas for rent in Goa. The OYO home can also be considered by people looking for budget hotels in Goa who are traveling in a group as OYO home offers luxury at affordable prices as their properties can accommodate more people. Some of the most popular places in Goa are Calangute and Dona Paula. If you are looking for hotels in Calangute, Goa or for hotels in Dona Paula, Goa, OYO Home Goa has some amazing options that range from a 2 BHK apartment to a heritage Portuguese villa. If homestay in Goa was in your thoughts OYO Home has a different and unique concept to offer in its properties that will ensure a pleasant experience.

Indeed OYO is doing a good job of unlocking homes for great holiday experiences. It provides a great option for anyone looking out for the best place to stay in Goa with family.

How to Get to Goa

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Where to stay  

We recommend HotelsCombined or Agoda or Booking.com to save huge and get best deals on booking your stay in Goa. Choose any of the boxes below to book your stay in Goa:


Tours/Activities available in Goa

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Goa Tours & Activities

Book Goa sightseeing tours and attractions

Have you experienced Goa like a local? Would you prefer your own exclusive home or depend on conventional hotels in Goa? Are you looking at options regarding where to stay with family in Goa? We hope this post provides some answers if you are thinking about luxury villas in Goa and looking for charming Villas to rent in Goa. Do let us know your thoughts through the comments section.

PC: Few images are contributed by OYO Home.

We were hosted by OYO Home. However, the views and opinions expressed here are our own based on our experience.

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India    Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India

Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India    Best Places To Stay in Goa with Family OYO Home Goa, India

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85 thoughts on “A Home Away From Home in Goa at OYO Home

  1. robin rue Reply

    That is what we call a time share here in the US and it’s awesome. Nothing like having a whole place to yourself when you are traveling.

    • Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay Post authorReply

      Links to the OYO Home are in the blog post above under all the 3 properties mentioned.
      You can choose the one that you like and see the rates, and other details. Hope that helps. 🙂

  2. candy Reply

    We are into using Airbnb and have enjoyed them. This sounds like something we would enjoy doing with the whole family.

  3. Amber Myers Reply

    These do look like some comfy homes. We might have to look into staying in an actual home the next time we travel instead of a hotel.

  4. Sarah Honey Reply

    This looks like a great place to stay. It had all the comforts of home. We sometimes enjoy staying at VBRO houses. It’s really nice to have a kitchen for longer stays.

  5. Terri Beavers Reply

    I’ve never experienced Goa like a local or a tourist. I didn’t even know this place existed. That’s why I love following your blog. I see so many new places to add to my bucket list.

  6. Jeanette Reply

    I have never heard of this place but I would love to go there. It looks beautiful and I love how it increases its own culture.

  7. Farrah Less G. Reply

    This is the first time I heard about this place. Your review makes me want to check it out and see it for my self. I am a quite traveler and I love visiting place I haven’t been through.

  8. Natalie Reply

    I have not heard of Goa prior to coming across your post! I would love to experience the tour with Viator, I’ve only had good experiences with that company!

  9. Alli Smith Reply

    That dining room is so beautiful and unique. I’m in love with that table. These are all wonderful options and would truly feel like a luxury vacation.

  10. Sarah Bailey Reply

    What a great idea from OYO – I really hope it helps bring more people to the area, as well as help the people who own the homes in a small way as well.

  11. Emily Reply

    Wow, what a stunning place to stay! I want to be relaxing on that hammock that was on the patio, that is how vacations should be spent!

  12. Anosa Reply

    Whenever I travel I love to live like a local than always being a tourist, goa and oyo home sounds absolutely incredible

  13. Linh Reply

    OYO Home is such an original idea! I really can’t wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Ridima Reply

    I always used to stay in cheap hostels or lodges in Goa…trying to save money for booze…!! but you seem to open a new option for me.and that too in my budget. kudos!

  15. Eloise Reply

    I love blue so it seems the interior has been designed to my taste 😀 It’s very elegant indeed.
    It’s impressive that there are four beached less than 2km away. Such a great location!
    I like having a “home” when I stay for a few night in one place. It’s a lot more comfortable than a hotel and it provides more flexibility too! It can also be an opportunity to live a bit more like locals.

  16. Yogita Reply

    I can not wait to visit Goa. One place I have always wanted to go. Love all the ideas and tips you have on this blog. The accommodation options are a great help. Love the colors

  17. Turtle Reply

    Thanks for the information about this Goa hotel. It seems like there’s a lot to choose from for people interested in spending some time there. Is there a particular part of Goa that is the best to base yourself in to explore the area?

  18. Mary Reply

    What gorgous properties these are! My only experience in Goa was 1 day spent during a cruise ship stop in the early 90s! So, Goa is definitely worthy of an extended return visit especially if I can stay in accomodations such as these. I need to comment though about that unique upside down table… did you find that you hit your elbows on the legs? I think that would be my issue and I’d spill my cereal all over myself! LOL

  19. Vibeke Reply

    Nicely written. Would love to stay in a place like this. Looks very spacious and elegant. So cool it is a hammock on the balcony. Love the concept as well. I hope I make it to Goa one day.

  20. sumit walia Reply

    the house has actually been done in a very thoughtful and elegant manner , i am sure that you had a great time over there … the description of the house too has been elaborate and maintained throughout the article . Nice indeed

  21. Paige Wunder Reply

    I can certainly see why you should call this a home away from home! I would love to sit on the balcony in those swings. I bet that’s the best spot to catch a sunset or like you said, sit with a hot cup of coffee!

  22. neha Reply

    Nothing beats the experience of living like a local and experiencing the culture first hand. Oyo have been doing a great job over past few years it seems with Oyo rooms. This one looks so elegant and comfortable, neat and clean. Will have to give it a try next time we head to Goa

  23. Laura Reply

    The OYO Home looks so colorful and chilled out, which is exactly how I picture Goa! I haven’t been to Goa yet (or India at all!) but this seems like it’d be a perfect spot to go with a few friends or my boyfriend. I love that little chair swing – so cute!

  24. Roneth Politud Reply

    Such a lovely place. I like how they design the place. Looks really modern and colorful. I haven’t been to Goa but I think when I’ll visit, I’ll consider this place. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  25. Claire Reply

    That house is stunning! I can’t believe it wasn’t being lived in – it seems such a waste, so great that Oyo helps to do it up and makes use of the space, it is definitely a win-win for the homeowner, Oyo, and you of course if you get to stay in such a gorgeous home!

  26. Krupa Reply

    Like the way you have written the concept of OYO homes ! Gives lot of information to the readers! Never tried OYO before , but I will make sure in our next visit to go we book oYo Home.

    • Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay Post authorReply

      Hey Kenneth, if you love beaches, Goa should be the on top of list. It really depends on what you like – beaches or mountains or heritage or history and also depends on how long you are in India. Do reach out for any info. 🙂

  27. Christine Reply

    This is such a great idea! And the first time I’ve heard. It sounds like the improve version of airbnb. And the assigned captain is a nice touch! Is it self catering apartments though? Or the “captain” acts as butler?

  28. Drew Espenocilla Reply

    Such a brilliant idea to make use of locked homes and refurbish them. As you said, it is a win-win situation both for homeowners and the tourism in the area.

    I particularly love the color schemes of the rooms, as well as how spacious they were. Thanks for this article!

  29. Candy Reply

    It sounds like you really get first class treatment here! It’s especially reassuring that each home is assumed a personal OYO Captain. I also love that hanging table. I’ve never seen anything like it!

  30. Ami Reply

    I have done a OYO home in Agra and loved it but this Goa one is a different ball game altogether. I love the way the interiors are contemporary but still have the Portuguese touch. And the location is prime. Good find!

  31. umiko Reply

    OYO seems like an Airbnb. My family tend to stay in places like this now as it feels like staying in your own house in a different city. I like the way they refurbished and transformed the owner’s property.

  32. Niina Reply

    OYO looks very homey and comfortable! That balcony would definitely be my favorite spot, as well, I love those swings!

  33. Danik Reply

    I usually stay in Air BNB but never done an OYO and would love to check it out. Also the main reason for doing this for me its cheaper than staying in a hotel 😀

  34. Kellyn Reply

    Thanks for sharing. This place looks like paradise. For someone like me with two children this place would be perfect. Goa is definitely at the top of my bucket list.

  35. Marvi Reply

    My preference on the places I stay largely depends on the people I go with (group or just me and my husband; family or friends). The OYO Home sounds like a truly unique accommodation and I’ll be more than happy to try it out! Good to know they have OYO captains appointed to watch over guests and I love the concept of having housekeeping staff to help with the daily upkeep of the home. Is it too expensive?

  36. Varsha Reply

    Great recommendation. I think these houses will be suitable for groups or families. Looks so cozy and easily accessible from nearby attractions. Noted for future reference.

  37. Nathan Reply

    Really love the use of colours to bring out a lovely sense of style which mimics the beaches and seas in the vicinity. Sounds like a great place to stay when visiting Goa.

  38. Dany Reply

    OYO home looks like the perfect place to stay, I loved your pictures! And I’m sure we’d definitely enjoy experiencing the life as a local while still having the freedom to come and go at will!

  39. Lydia Smith Reply

    You got me at the legless table in the dinning room. This is quite similar to some Homestays I’ve read about. I love the decor, it’s so beautiful. I’m heading over to watch the YouTube videos. I need to see this in motion.

  40. Bruce Schinkel Reply

    I absolutely love the concept of OYO Home! This is exactly the type of experience I look for when I travel. I’ve yet to visit Goa, but after this post, I definitely need that to change! It really looks like a great place to explore and relax in

  41. Hannah Reply

    I love the swing seats and hammock on the porch of this OYO property. A great feature is the upside-down table – how unique! I like the fact that the staff are attentive, yet stay out of the way. All the OYO properties you have featured are tastefully decorated, so I would definitely consider staying here.

  42. Preethika GN Reply

    I agree – the three letter word Goa brings in so much happiness and peace. The Dona Paula home looks awesome. The exterior and the interior are complete contrasts. I love the simple bedroom decor.

  43. Shaily Reply

    Wow! This looks so beautiful! I didn’t know Oyo offers such amazing home stays. Definitely a worth try experience. I’ll be opting for Oyo home on my next visit to Goa. Thanks for sharing this lovely experience and beautiful photographs. Love it!!

  44. Lianna Reply

    The places to stay look beautiful! I’ve never stayed in a home while traveling, but want to try it. I also need to look into Goa more.

  45. Linda de Beer Reply

    This is such a great concept. I would love to stay in any of these homes, but the vintage Portuguese Villa Calangute Beach is my favourite. I wouldn’t want to leave to visit any of the nearby sights. I’m bookmarking OYO Home for when I finally visit India and Goa.

  46. Val Wheatley Reply

    We visited Goa a few years ago but sadly I don’t think that OYO Homes existed at that time, or at least we hadn’t heard of it. The decor in the home you stayed in is unreal! I am determined to have a floating dining room table in my house someday. And I love the hammock in the bunk bed – what a great idea for children! We’ll definitely have to check them out on our next visit to Goa.

  47. Katchutravels Reply

    I love staying in houses in Goa which are part of a resedential colony mingling with people who live there. I usually have found the Goans to be very friendly.

    I have not stayed in either of the areas in a very long while, owing to these areas being crowded, but the rooms are very nice. Loved the blue shade in the property, and the hammocks. A nice normal house has been converted into a great living space.

  48. Suruchi Reply

    The Oyo Home concept is really interesting and I liked the way they have transformed the closed property to a bright living property. It is exactly a home away from home. The Idea of Oyo Captain is really cool too. We are surely going to check this out whenever traveling next to Goa.

  49. Vasu Reply

    Good to know tat OyO have come with this new style of acco. While this may not be a real homestay , it comes close as in “Staying in a home” 🙂 The decor is just superb and from your photos my own choice would be the Portuguese Villa Goa. 🙂
    Looks like you guys had great fun.

  50. jithin Reply

    Oyo home is a really great idea. Now travelers can stay and experience the real vibe of a place, other than staying in hotels and resorts. The Oyo homes in Goa looks stunning. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Elisa Reply

    I like the OYO concept. I guess that the owner still remains the owner and gets a commission? Because you had the opportunity to visit other OYO houses in Goa, were all decorated with the same style? Or decoration is unique? Great that you had a nice stay, in Goa!

  52. R K Nair Reply

    Thanks for sharing this concept stay. Interesting interiors. I prefer hotels when I travel to locations such as Goa considering safety and security.
    Would you consider this location safe for women travelers? Do they have security and safety features provided?

  53. Saakshi Reply

    I am pleasantly surprised to see the innovations Oyo is bringing to the table. I can’t wait to see Goa like a local.

  54. Corinne Reply

    This looks like a great way to stay in Goa. The houses look beautiful and well appointed. We’ll check it out!

  55. Manjulika Pramod Reply

    I have stayed with OYO in Goa too and I had a similar experience. It was quite good. Though if you talk about their hotels in other parts of the country, it comes with mix responses. I am glad they are trying to innovate and evolve with the changing needs of the traveller.

  56. Megan Jerrard Reply

    This is a fantastic idea! So it’s kind of like an Airbnb concept, but via a privatized company. I like that idea because it means that a certain standard of quality has to be met, and probably also means a higher level of certainty for the homeowners letting out their houses knowing that it will be well taken care of. 11323 Elegant, Dona Paula, Goa looks beautiful – I love how simplistic and modern the décor is – and I actually really love the curtains!! Such a fabulous opportunity to experience a destination as a local. Thanks for the tip on OYO Homes!

  57. Rye Santiago Reply

    How refreshing! I love the hammocks in the balcony. Goa is one of the top 3 places I wish to visit when I return to India. I’d love to see how Indian culture had merged with Portuguese influences.

  58. Divyakshi Gupta Reply

    The gorgeous blue and white decor is so soothing to the eyes and reminds one instantaneously of Greece! Did you also feel this? Loved the pictures the you shared on social media during your visit. Especially the hammock. The concept of Oyo homes is so cool. You get to actually stay in a local home rather than a hotel and get all the amenties of a hotel! 🙂 Loved the property!

  59. Chris Behrsin Reply

    Those OYO guys have done a great job of refurburshing the abandoned homes. I can imagine it feels great to stay there as well, as you’re involved in the modernisation of Goa. The houses look fantastic, like holiday villas, or homes that you can live in. We’ll definitely check them out when we finally go to Goa (a place I’ve always wanted to go).

  60. FS Page Reply

    Did not know that Oyo has started homestay facilities. Oyo Home Goa seems perfect for a homely stay. I so loved the bedrooms and the living area of this property. Never expected such luxurious stay in a homestay in Goa. Your blog sold me this property and this has to be my stay option when I visit Goa next. Thanks for the info.

  61. lisa Reply

    This was really interesting and what an amazing concept. This will change your travel experience and the home you stayed at looks incredible! We planning a 3 month trip to Goa i am going to look into this!

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